Eight-Month-Old Pup Saves Family Of Five

By Shivam B

Dogs can be your most loyal companions. They have their priorities straight. They will be the first to help in the face of danger. Recently, an eight-month-old puppy saved a family when a fire broke out in their house. Read this article to learn about Anandaveli’s courage, as she is fondly called in the family.

Image courtesy of Terence Naidu

The Family Thanks Anandaveli 

It all happened around five o’clock in the morning. The family members did not realize that a fire broke out in their house. The dog’s strong sense of smell must have alerted her. So, she warned the whole family and woke them up in time. 

She Woke Up Vimala 

The dog decided to wake up 53-year-old Vimala first. Anandaveli pulled Vimala’s hair gently. However, Vimala didn’t react at first, not knowing what the problem was. Then, the dog nibbled Vimala’s face and tugged at her pajamas. 

Vimala woke up thinking that the dog was thirsty. But she soon realized what was wrong. Seeing the house on fire, Vimala sprang out of bed. She started alerting all the family members. The youngest son of the family had to help their paralyzed father to come out of the house.

Image courtesy of Terence Naidu

Ending Note 

The whole house got destroyed by the fire. But thanks to the clever puppy, no family members got hurt. Vimala recalled how the dog was terribly sick during her infancy. She used to feed the dog with a bottle. The dog showed her gratitude by saving the family. Even though the dog suffered minor injuries, she received immediate treatment.