45 Adorable Images That Prove Boxers Are Not Only Great Family Pets, But They’re Also Ultimate Goofballs

By Isabel K

Boxers are bright, fun-loving, and affectionate dogs. They are also intelligent, alert, and are considered an excellent breed for guard dogs. These traits must be why they were used as police dogs not so long ago. Despite what people might think, Boxers aren’t all bark; they have an affectionate side around kids and simply love to be loved! They are energetic, and you will always have fun with them anywhere you go. Their loving nature and patience with kids make them an excellent addition to any family. We’re trying to say that this fascinating dog breed is the complete package. To share with you how amazing boxers are, here are 45 hilarious photos that prove they are the most charming and funny dogs to have at home. These photos will prove just how funny these doggos are and what hilarious situations they might get themselves into at home.

Boxers Can’t Hide When They’re Sad Or Angry

This Boxer was probably not happy about leaving the dog park so early in the day. The grim and disapproving expression on his face says it all. He would rather be out there catching a frisbee or playing with other dogs than inside that car, too.

Image source: hawk-queen/Reddit

There’s no doubt that boxers are playful dogs who have plenty of energy to burn. Giving them a taste of fun and taking it away from them will put them in a rut. This is a look that can kill. It will take more than treats to calm this cutey down. 

Boxers Love Being Outdoors

If there is one thing Boxers can do, it’s always to enjoy their precious time outside. This Boxer is getting his daily fill of fresh air in a field full of daisies. If you’re planning a picnic, don’t forget to bring your Boxer along.

Image source: ONESIXEIGHTTERD/Reddit

They will most definitely want to sit and soak up the sun with you. Always take time to smell the daisies and relax like this fella. Boxers are athletic dogs that need exercise and time outside. But be careful because they can’t handle hot weather for too long.

Three derpy dogs

Boxers are goofy dogs who love making faces even though they are just being themselves. For this derpy dog competition, we have three contestants. But the white dog is the clear winner. This shot is one of the best derpy dog pics you’ll see on the Internet.

Image source: gatorbaker79/Reddit

You won’t stop laughing when a Boxer is a part of your family. This was likely an attempt to take a typical picture, but instead, they created Internet gold. A Boxer with this much natural humor will make you question if something else is in the air.

Double Trouble

Who ate the treats? Well, these partners in crime forgot to flee after enjoying a tasty plate of cake. But how could you blame these two? Look at those eyes? The only question is who influenced who to taste the cake.

Images source: cheezburger.com

If there is one thing dogs can do, it’s to help kids get into mischief. Boxers aren’t any different when helping out one of their little best friends. They love being around kids and will protect them from anyone or anything.

Driving With Your Dog

From the eyes to the sitting position, this Boxer is ready for this trip, and there is no way you will even think about leaving him behind. But how should dogs sit? Is there a proper way? This Boxer was probably craving his bed. 

Image source: thekenturner/Reddit

There’s nothing more precious than going for a drive with your dog. This sweet Boxer didn’t know what to do with his paws without a bed there. The only thing missing in this ride is a couple of tasty treats.

A Dog And His Human Best friend

Is this dog melting? No, he is just enjoying some quality time with his human. It’s common for Boxers to love spending more time with their owners. It makes them happy and comfortable, as this furry fella feels at this moment. 

Image source: RickyMEME/Reddit

However, this photo is more of a tale of a father trying to figure out how to use his front camera. And who else would photobomb his picture but his trusted buddy? Boxers love taking photos, and they always sport the funniest and most unexpected poses.

Boxers Are Protective Of Their Toys. 

Have you ever had to struggle with a dog for their favorite ball? Like other dogs, boxers are protective. So you know it’s not going to be easy. See how this black Boxer is holding on to that ball? It’s best not to bother him right now.

Image source: Captain_Rocketbeard/Reddit

Dogs doing almost anything is funny enough, but carrying large items in their mouths is high on the list. The blank look on this Boxer’s face makes it seem like carrying around this green ball is nothing out of the ordinary.

Sit And Watch 

We’re onto the next funny Boxer. This dog loves taking a break by watching fish. Say hello to Doggie TV. Boxers are intelligent, and sitting in a chair watching fish can be an excellent way for them to relax after a full day of running around.

Image source: Senyin/Reddit

Do you like watching animals on National geographic? This Boxer is doing the same thing, just using a different type of “screen.” He can keep enjoying the fish show as long as he doesn’t try to join them by breaking the glass. 

Taking Babysitting Way Too Seriously 

How close are your Boxer and your baby? This photo proves that no lap is too small for a boxer to sit on. Maybe this is one of their favorite games, or he just needed a comfortable spot to sit in.

Image source: thepaws.net

Although the baby looks shocked, this Boxer seems pretty comfortable where he is. It reinforces the theory that big dogs think they are tiny, and small dogs believe they are huge. He is taking his babysitting job a bit too literally.

Chilling On The Roof

Boxers will always be up to the weirdest of things when you turn your back for a few minutes. See these dogs on the roof? How did they get there? And why? What’s clear is their teamwork got them the chance to play in the snow. 

Image source: Bapps12/Reddit

These boxers were most likely watching too much spiderman and wanted to try some stunts on the roof. All they’re missing is a theme song and some capes, and they will be ready to jump. At least these boxers are together in this, right?

This Dog Isn’t Sure About His Next Move

As always, Boxers have the funniest facial expressions. This one, in particular, isn’t sure what to do next with the cute cat right next to him. They might have been posing for a photo, but they were clearly in the middle of something important. 

Image source: Dr-Major/Reddit

While the cat seems to be working on a world domination plan, this Boxer knows that this isn’t going to end well. Hopefully, this tense moment will be over soon, and they will go back to being the best of friends. 

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

If you’re planning to take your dog to work, you should be ready to work without your hands. Does your Boxer like new environments? If he doesn’t, to prevent him from causing chaos, you two will need to stick together like glue all day.  

Image source: General_Pie/Reddit

This Boxer went to work with his owner, who happens to be a manager, and he was going to let everyone know who the real boss was. It’s no surprise to find Boxers on their owner’s laps. They like being carried as lap dogs while they forget how big and heavy they can get. 

Matching For Halloween?

Have you ever seen a terrified Boxer? Well, this one seems horrified that his owners decided to dress up as him for Halloween. The eyes of this Boxer say it all, right? But don’t all parents like embarrassing their kids?

Image source: imatalldrinkofwaterdontrufflemyshit/Imgur

You can’t blame him for being terrified. Waking up one day and finding your owners have a face like yours but still talk the same is scary. But it does make a fantastic Halloween idea if you want to include your dog in the festivities.

Boxers Reading About Boxers

Do dogs read? You’re probably wondering the same after seeing this picture of boxers reading a book about boxers. With one Boxer wearing glasses and the other leaning in to get a better look, they probably stumbled upon an interesting fact they didn’t know about themselves. 

Image source: JaimeCephas/Reddit

Who do you think is reading faster? If there is one thing this dog breed can do, it’s entertain. They look so serious and cute while studying. It would be no surprise that they picked up this ‘reading’ habit from their owners.

Cooking With A Boxer

Boxers love nothing better than to be carried by their owners. Lucy here is a boxer that enjoys being held like a toddler and won’t accept anything less. She couldn’t miss this chance to be carried around like a princess in the kitchen.

Image source: iamlucytheboxer/Instagram

Lucy wants to be included, and what wouldn’t you do for your Boxer? You have to have solid hands and a firm back to handle cooking while carrying this hefty dog. She loves having a front-row seat for the cooking process.

Boxer Looking Tough

Boxers can rock almost anything and look great in it. Whether it’s a pair of gloves or socks, they’ll look stunning. Just check out this Boxer in his street style attire. He looks good from head to toe and ready to break someone’s heart.

Image source: zoelin02/Reddit

The white shirt and black pants fit with the tough persona. This dog is missing a couple of gold chains or a black metal collar with spikes to tie the look together. Walking this Boxer down the street will definitely keep the heads turning.

Yoga For boxers

Most dogs love stretching. Whether it’s in the morning, after eating, or after a run, you’ll find them stretching their back legs before they can get on with their day. For this Boxer, it just happened to be one of those moments. 

Image source: Jd0077/Reddit

This Boxer didn’t want to suffer from any leg cramps; that’s why he was stretching when he got off the bed. Boxers are goofy, but it makes them even more adorable when they do things like this. At Least this one is healthy. 

Nosy Neighbor

Just like humans, dogs can be nosy too. They always like being where people are so they don’t miss out on any juicy information. Take a look at this Boxer, for example. He seems too invested in what’s going on over the fence. 

Image source: thepaws.net

From the serious look on his face to his confident pose, it is clear that this isn’t the first time he is doing this. These homeowners will need a higher fence soon because the next course of action could be jumping straight into the neighbor’s yard. 

A Thirsty Boxer

A thirsty Boxer is grumpy, which is the last thing we want. This guy is intelligent and wasn’t about to wait until he got home to quench his thirst. Boxers don’t always like drinking water from their bowls, so this must have been a treat. 

Image source: mypetwarehouse.com

Some boxers like drinking directly from the tap. This one is happy to be drinking from this fountain if his bright expression is anything to go by. Did you notice how his eyes are closed in bliss? He is content taking a sip of water at the park. 

Birthday For The Boxer

How fun are birthday parties? It’s even more exciting when it’s a Boxer’s birthday and his furry friends come over to celebrate. With those adorable eyes, he is probably waiting for his gift. His eyes seem to pose the question, “Is it a treat or a bone?”

Image source: kinda-unrelated/Reddit

This adorable Boxer is the star of the party with this cute hat. What better way to spend your birthday than with your loved ones? It seems like it’s a full-on party with his furry friends having the time of their lives in the back.  

Boxers Definition Of Comfortable

Have you ever found your Boxer in a weird sitting position? Whether it is on the couch, bed, or the floor, there are many positions that this breed of dog considers ‘comfortable.’ Here is one you’ve might not have seen before. 

Image source: insight-egypt.com

With his legs on one chair, the other two on the ground, and his head on the footrest, this Boxer knows what’s he wants. This doesn’t seem to be the first time he’s sitting like this because it seems like a regular day.  

Sleeping With Toys

Zoey here would not let anyone take her toy while she was napping. The best way to protect it was by sleeping with it. Dogs are always protective, but sleeping with your belongings is another level of being possessive. She might even be dreaming about the ball.

Image source: TOPBUNK/Reddit

The ball also happens to be a glow-in-the-dark toy. Adorable right? He is likely to wake up ready to play fetch with his favorite human in that sleeping position. But nothing can come between him and some much-needed daytime rest.

A Fun Day In The Snow

If none of the other Boxers made you smile (we doubt it), this one will. Why? Because he is so happy. See the smile on his face? All the times he spent having the time of his life in the snow were definitely worth the cold afterward. 

Image source: Tithennon/Reddit

All he is missing is the rest of the cast of Penguins of Madagascar, and he will fit right in. As adorable as he might seem, you should probably not let your Boxer enjoy the snow too much because it can cause them to catch a cold. 

Comfort Is Key

Here is another adorable Boxer enjoying his time at home. If there is one thing Boxers know how to do, it’s to find a comfortable spot to relax or sleep, whether it is on the floor, couch, or this bean bag chair.

Image source: mikegays/Reddit

He is likely fast asleep and dreaming about a bone or playing in the park in that position. But if his paw punctures the leather of this bag, it is solely up to you to clean the styrofoam mess and buy a new bean bag chair. 

Boxers Don’t Let Their Humans Go Anywhere

Boxers love their humans, so leaving for work or to the supermarket isn’t going to be easy with one at home. He seems comfortable, so this human isn’t going anywhere for a while because Boxers are known to be completely attached to their owners.

Image source: @roxyandmarlie/Instagram

Boxers are affectionate and loving dogs. They are shadows and will definitely follow you around wherever you go. Whether you are trying to work from home, do some laundry, or watch a movie, your Boxer will probably be right there with you.  

Boxers Can Take A Nap Anywhere

Have you ever fallen asleep waiting for food? Well, that’s what happened to this adorable Boxer. While waiting for his slice of pizza, he dozed off. Even though that sleeping position doesn’t look very comfortable, it seems like these special dogs can sleep anywhere if these images are anything to go by. 

Image source: jpgrowen/Reddit

But how long did he wait? Dogs are sneaky and will creep up on you when they smell food, whether it be chips, meat, or a slice of pizza. He must have waited too long and fell asleep waiting on that tasty meal that his owner made.

Dressing Up For Work

One thing Boxers know how to do is rock some designer looks. Check out this one who looks stylish and ready for work in glasses and a uniform. He looks too cool for her own good with that pose, outfit, and stare. 

Image source: gingerandmaia/Instagram

At Least the cat seems to think so. We all know chicks love a guy in uniform. This Boxer knows it, too. He even got a kiss from the cat. His new job at the construction site seems to be starting on a high note. 

Balancing The Ball

Get a Boxer if you need an endless supply of laughter in your home. They are funny, do the weirdest things, and are always affectionate. This Boxer knows how to charm his owners by balancing this red ball on his head. 

Image source: mamaneeds2rant/Wordpress

Although he doesn’t look too happy, he seems ready to enter a dog talent competition. His priceless face indicates he is waiting for the treat he was promised for doing this trick. Or, he is ready to go back to reading that book in the back. 

Boxers Love Music

Does your dog love dancing when you put his favorite song on? This Boxer is listening to good music with that smile on his face. The headphones seem to fit perfectly as well. What song could have made him this excited?

Image source: Jaytee212/Reddit

Well, that stance and look on his face prove he’s enjoying whatever tune is playing. Maybe this Boxer is listening to pop, rock, or heavy metal music. Did you know that classical music calms down dogs and makes them sleep better?

Playing With The Front Camera

How do dogs even get a hold of your phone? With their paws? We might never know this and other life’s mysteries, but at least we have these adorable pictures to keep us busy. This charming and clever Boxer accidentally turned on the front camera. 

Image source: nwuta/Reddit

Aren’t the beautiful results worth the risk of your dog breaking your phone? At first, he might have been surprised, but this Boxer knows he looks impeccable. Our random front camera pictures don’t ever look this good at any angle. 

I Believe I Can Fly

A dog with wings? No, just a boxer trying his best to see if he can fly. With his legs slightly off the ground and the look of determination in his eyes, it’s easy to think he can do it all to catch a frisbee. 

Image source: Deleted User/Reddit

He looks like he is trying to reach more than a ball or frisbee with how high he jumped. Most dogs can’t jump higher than six feet, while other, more athletic dogs can jump higher without straining too much. 

Waiting At The Window

Boxers can’t hide their emotions even if they want to. See his sad expression? This Boxer is waiting for his owner to pull up in the driveway after a long day at work. It seems like he’s been waiting for a while, though. 

Image source: Reddit/2coolMark

Boxers show love and affection to their owners. Being away is like torture, especially if you leave them home alone. With his head resting on his paw and those watery eyes, this pup is counting the minutes until his owner returns.

Playing Hide And Seek

One of the best games to play with humans and animals is hide and seek. Unfortunately, dogs don’t always have the best hiding spots when they’re indoors. This Boxer tried hiding behind a plant, but he didn’t blend in so well with his surroundings.  

Image source: holidogimes.com

Do you see a brown boxer or only the tree in this picture? With his feet planted firmly in this pot, you would think he found the best hiding place. At least this dog gets points for his coat matching the flower pot, right?

New Best Friend

This Boxer looks like a fantastic big brother staring at his new best friend in the back seat of the car. It seems like the start of a beautiful friendship between these two pups. Boxers are friendly with other dogs, especially young ones.

Image source: flowbotronic/Reddit

Who wouldn’t love to look at that adorable face all day? This Boxer is probably complimenting his new friend on that colorful bow tie, but he looks a bit unsure. What’s more precious than two pups getting to know each other and forming a bond?

Mob Boss For Halloween?

Is this Boxer making a good mob boss impression or waiting for his plan to come together? We can’t tell, but he sure looks the part. He could have been a mob boss in a previous life because his pose is way too natural-looking. 

Image source: Hotpocket1229/Reddit

Are you looking for Halloween ideas for your pet? This accessory is the perfect addition to get your Boxer ready for Halloween. He would win the best dog Halloween costume in any competition because he’s got the look down to a T. 

Dressed For The Party

This Boxer doesn’t look happy, but boy does he look adorable with those pink bunny ears. Sitting pretty in the yard, this Boxer seems like he is planning his revenge for his owner dressing him up as a rabbit for Halloween this year. 

Image source: asnowpastachronicles.com

You can always tell what a boxer is thinking. Some dogs don’t like dressing up, but with the right motivation, they can wear anything. He looks ready to hop away in anger. Having a dress-up party is just one way you can have fun with a boxer at home. 

Taking A Yorkie For A Walk

Boxers just can’t help being friendly to other dogs. Not only Boxers but other dogs, too. Here is a one helping his Yorkie friend by taking him for a walk outside. They look ready to start their journey. Don’t they make the perfect pair of travelers? 

Image source: jconstam/Reddit

The Yorkie looks cozy and ready for an adventure in that orange bag. These two friends likely go on these kinds of walks all the time. They both seem calm, waiting for their signal to leave. Set up playdates, and maybe you can recreate this moment with your furry friends.


Have you ever seen Boxers who act like twins? Well, aside from their humorous nature, these dogs can still surprise you. These two boxers seem like they do this trick all the time to get some treats or attention from their owner. 

Image source: aworkstation.com

What goofy things do your dogs do? Dogs are always doing the weirdest shenanigans. Did you know they sniff each other’s butts as a way of saying hello? These Boxers might have been caught in the middle of a private moment. 

Smile For The Camera

Trying to take a good picture of your dogs is one of the most challenging things to do. But when your dogs are cuddling, it’s hard not to take out your phone and start making memories. These dogs were caught off guard. 

Image source: lolligaggins/Reddit

Dogs will know when you are taking pictures of them. They’ve heard the clicks enough times to figure it out. With the brown Boxer protectively wrapped around the black Boxer, they seem like they’re on a movie set, especially with those beaming eyes.

Sleeping On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

What’s the weirdest sleeping position you’ve ever found yourself in when napping with your pup? We’re sure it wasn’t with your face in a dog’s butt like this guy here. You can almost hear this dog farting from the angle of this picture. 

Image source: pelerin64/Reddit

Surprisingly enough, dogs have a habit of putting their bums in their owner’s faces, especially when they’re fast asleep. They do this to their owners because they love and trust them. It’s a sign of affection and makes them feel safe. 

Tongue Curl

There are plenty of talented dogs out there. That’s why dog talent shows are so interesting. Very few people can curl their tongues, but have you seen a dog do it? When curling his tongue for the camera, this sweet Boxer seems like a pro.

Image source: zazzle.com

He’s probably done it multiple times that he doesnt even have to look straight ahead anymore. Dogs have longer tongues than humans so that they can curl them differently. They could be signaling that they’re calm when yawning or a sign of stress. 

Another Boxer On Babysitting Duties

It’s is clear that no lap is too small for any boxer. When they decide they are sitting on you, you can do nothing to stop them. This kid learned it the hard way when this white Boxer sat firmly on his chest. 

Image source: thepaws.net

This Boxer isn’t playing games either. His serious face means all business, and no one is taking him off. With that stance, it’s clear why Boxers were used in the police and during wars. They can be adorable but intimidating too. 

Hanging Out With A Girl

All boys get nervous when around girls; it’s only natural. Girls seem to have the same effect on dogs. This Boxer is having the time of his life watching videos with his favorite human. Are they watching cat or dog videos?

Image source: N9n/Reddit

By the look on his face, something must have shocked him. Dogs love watching TV and video clips. Although they process colors differently from humans, they still enjoy watching videos. That’s why you’ll find them lying comfortably in front of the TV. 

Ready To Ride

Have you ever seen a dog on a horse? It may not be a real horse, but this Boxer sure looks like he is ready to go to war on his special horse. See that determined look on his face? This might be a war he will win.

Image source: wisenuts/Reddit

It is hard to believe that this pup did all this by himself. His owner most likely had a role to play in creating this masterpiece. If the horse came to life, they would make the ideal duo if they were going off to fight. 

Relaxing After A Long Day At Work

We all like to unwind after a hectic day working or doing chores. So do dogs after a day of playing outside and hiding their owner’s shoes. This Boxer seems like she is in his element, taking a calming dip in the pool and not thinking about anything!

Image source: emily0097/Reddit

She doesn’t want to be bothered while splashing around. It looks to us like she had a hard day, and we agree that this is the perfect way to unwind. It even looks like someone did her nails. So stylish!