Silly Dog’s Hilarious And Adorable Facial Expressions Take Over The Internet

By Aakash M

We don’t even need to mention how challenging the past few years were for everyone. Finding ways to entertain ourselves while stuck in our homes with nothing to do was a tedious task more often than not. But imagine being stuck at home due to a chronic illness. It is almost always an icky, boring, and lonely time.

And that is what Kayla Harvey, a resident from Gardner, Kansas, has been dealing with for some time now. She’s often too ill to go to work, but she’s lucky to have an adorable companion. Her cuddly little dog, Penelope the Goose (yes, that’s her full name), makes her tough days a bit more bearable.

As of late, Penelope’s peculiar facial expressions and funny outfits have garnered quite a following on Instagram. The people are eating it up! Here are some of our favorite posts from the dynamic duo.

1. Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay

Take a close look at this image. Now, what are your first thoughts? We assume that most of you know of, or have at least heard of, the rap legend Snoop Dogg. Doesn’t Penelope the Goose look like Snoop Dogg here? Well, not entirely, though.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

This image is more like how Snoop Dogg would look if he were a lady dog named Penelope the Goose. That expression is so adorable. Also, did you look at the pink tag on her collar? That’s right. She does what she wants.

2. Hi, there

Goodness gracious, she’s so cute. Look at those eyes. They are so wholesome and so full of love. You can never be sad at home when you’re living with Penelope the Goose. Also, we never knew that geese had mammalian teeth.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

We have a caption that fits appropriately for this photo: Your face when you realize they weren’t waving at you. Great one, right? Although those are some really sharp canines, that smile is simply priceless! We have a lot more of these for you!

3. How could you do that?

That collar is so cool. Although she is a lil’ cutie, it gives off an aggressive vibe. Also, judging from that look, that look is judgmental. It’s an awful lot of judgment coming from a dog. She looks like she’s tired of keeping up with people.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Well, we relate to you, Penelope the Goose. We have a great caption for this image as well. It is, “Me when I don’t get my coffee.” Even looking at that photo of her giving a judgmental look makes us feel attacked. Can you relate to it as well?

4. So pretty

This photo would be captioned “Beauty and the other beauty.” That’d be a twisted version of Beauty And The Beast. Both look really beautiful here, and we can’t stop looking at this picture. Look at those eyes! Have a look.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Mom and baby both have amazing eyes. We are only confused about one thing, which is whether a filter is being used to make things better or if it is only the foundation. Penelope has a unique expression in this picture.

5. Behind the scenes

Well, she’s one busy dog. Aside from the full-time job of making her owner happy, she attends full-fledged photoshoots! Her random photos and expressions are all one thing, but posing for the camera is even better! That must be one hectic schedule.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

That wink must be something that she did for her audience behind the scenes. The whole outfit is fancy, and we must say that she looks stunning in blue feathered boa. That’s a red-carpet-worthy outfit. What a beautiful little girl!

6. Howdy!

Just when things couldn’t get any better, or just when she couldn’t look any cuter, we come across a photo of Penelope the Goose in a cowboy outfit. And boy, she’s killing it. With a face that serious, she doesn’t look like she’s simply trying on the outfit…

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

She is a proper cowgirl in that getup. It just looks authentic and, of course, really adorable. Also, whoever designed that thing took care of the little details pretty well. The hat, the logo on the belt buckle, the scarf, and the lasso!

7. Me hungry

When you look at the little creature playing around or sleeping, you wouldn’t be able to imagine that its teeth are that sharp. Well, that’s also because you won’t be able to see those teeth until you look inside her mouth. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Now you know. She’s obviously still playing around. From the looks of it, she also could be yawning. Or, she could be trying to show that she brushed her teeth. What do you think? What’s going on in this image? No matter what’s going on, it’s adorable.

8. I’m not afraid

She’s cute, she’s busy, and she’s also brave. She’s not scared of the fact that her jaw is right in the middle of the bigger dog’s open jaws. Well, it also could be that they both are chill with each other, and they’re just playing.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

From what we can see, we think that if Penelope could speak, she’d say something like “Your breath stinks” to the other dog. Or, she could be checking if something is stuck in the bigger dog’s mouth — what a fantastic capture.

9. No more

Aw, she’s dressed like a unicorn in this image! How adorable! But, like all the other images, she doesn’t seem to be her happiest self in this image. Despite how fabulous she looks, maybe she is fed up with dressing up for the day.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

After dressing up as a unicorn, Kayla might have said, “Aw, you look so adorable!” But Penelope might have annoyingly replied to that by saying, “Hey. This is exactly where I draw the line. No more. Please.” She’s the cutest.

10. Say cheese

This image shows how people smile when someone randomly comes up close to you and asks if they could click a picture of you. Well, such things don’t happen every day, but during social events, they do. Then again, with a face that cute, Penelope probably gets that all the time.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

We love the collar. Well, let’s not taco about it (See what we did there?). Jokes aside, living with a sweet, loving, and funny dog when you have chronic health issues must feel great. Fur buddies literally help you get through the pain.

11. Puppy love

Dogs are cute, but puppies are even more adorable! Kayla adopted Penelope when she was just two months old. And we can see why. Of course, she wasn’t Penelope the Goose when this photo was taken; she was Penelope the Gosling.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

She looks like one sleepy puppy. She was probably sleeping under the blanket when her blanket was (probably) pulled off. If we could caption her expression, we think she’d say something like, “What’s wrong with you? I was sleeping! Let me sleep in peace.”

12. Happy zone

Penelope looks ecstatic in this image. She must have had her favorite meal and is happily lazing around while digesting it. Also, is she awake, or is she asleep? We think she must be asleep. In that case, she must be having a “sweet” dream!

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Look at that cute gingham patterned bow collar! That’s a weird sleeping position, but hey, whatever suits her the best. Lastly, we’d like to add that her dental hygiene is on point because those teeth are great — what a cutie.

13. Living the life

The tag on her collar reads, “Feed me AND tell me I’m pretty.” That’s good, but sweetheart, you don’t even need a tag for that! She is the prettiest, and she’ll obviously get all the treats that she wants, won’t she?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

All that is really accurate, but the tag on her collar makes things even cuter. Don’t forget the blanket, though. Someone is feeling really cozy! And we can’t forget about that wink at the camera. She knows we’re all her loyal fans.

14. How dare you!

Is she angry in this image, or is something else going on here? Her eyes are wide open, and her teeth are bared. We’re confused about what’s happening here, but you know what, let’s just focus on that cute collar for once.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Her owner Kayla is a riot, having captioned this image as Penelope telling her fans that they’re “eggstra special.” We love a good pun, but looking at Penelope’s face, we’re not sure she agrees. They can’t all be winners, Penelope.

15. It’s cold

She’s covered head-to-toe in an adorable donut outfit. If this was the first picture we saw of her, we wouldn’t things could get any better. But as this list goes on, we’re seeing that it isn’t true; Penelope is a star, and we can see why.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Penelope the Goose looks really cozy in this picture…and somewhat like a seal. Well, that’s appropriate since she is a “small seal and white Italian Greyhound,” Kayla tells her fans. Forgive us for saying that the outfit here looks a little bit like a sock, though.

16. Jingle all the way

Guys, behold the cutest picture of a reindeer you’d ever see. This reindeer loves treats, belly rubs, and cuddles. She won’t pull any sleds, though. She’d instead prefer sleeping on her fancy bed while wearing one of her fancy pajamas.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Here is the perfect caption for this image: “My face after eating the carrots that I left for the reindeers.” But, Penelope looks like she’s searching for her candy cane. She shouldn’t get one, though, since those won’t be good for her.

17. So many names

There are so many things that we are reminded of after looking at this image. Let us begin with all that. First, she looks like Audrey Hepburn reincarnated (no offense to the late great actress). She just looks so adorable!

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

On second thought, she looks like a seal. A baby seal. If not that, she looks like a giraffe. If she could speak, she’d probably say, “Look, mommy. I’m a giraffe.” What if she’s both? Dograffe? The list simply won’t end.

18. Blessing your feed

The tag on her collar reads, “Teefs on point.” We’d like to add to that by saying that almost everything is on point here. Her collar, her teeth, her dental hygiene, her eyes, her smile, her expressions, the picture — everything is perfect.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

These are the kinds of photos that make us wish we could like an image more than once on social media. Sadly, that isn’t possible. Looks like we’ll just have to settle for liking it once and sharing it with all of you.

19. Out of our leagues

To those who think they’re classy and elegant, well, you are classy and elegant but have a look at this image. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call true class and elegance at its best. Go on, marvel at this beauty.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

She looks like somebody who’d order truffles with salad when they’d walk into a high-class restaurant. Those pearls suit her really well. Penelope knows her expressions exceptionally well. She knows what face goes best with which collar. She acts goofy when she’s wearing those funny collars, but look at her now.

20. Decent

There are social media photos where we all look the best versions of ourselves, and then there are the photos that you take for your passport, license, and other documents. Those photos are horrible and are often joked about as being called “mug shots” with the blank expression staring straight into the camera.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Of course, Penelope doesn’t have a driver’s license, but her face matches the one on ours. Just look at those faces! Penelope the Goose is the only person, sorry, dog in the world who’d look cute even without any expressions.

21. #Onelife

One life, that’s all we got, which is why we need to make the most out of everything. Many people fail to understand this quote, but Penelope doesn’t. She understands it really well. That’s why she’s wearing a tag that reads, “I regret nothing.”

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Why would she regret anything? First of all, she’s one of the cutest dogs walking on God’s green Earth, and secondly, aren’t our lives too short to be living with regrets? Perhaps this is the collar Kayla makes her wear after sneaking a treat from the table when her owner isn’t looking.

22. Umm.. yes

Can you guess the breed of this cute fur buddy? The collar gives us a bit of a clue. It’s true that she is not Irish; in fact, she’s an Italian greyhound. What a perfect collar to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

It looks like she was caught causing some mischief while this photo was taken. She was right in the middle of something naughty, and then she suddenly saw the camera, thus, the awkward but full smile. What do you think about it?

23. (Roaring sounds)

We can’t stop complimenting Penelope’s expressions. She’s trying to give that “fear me or face my wrath look,” and she’s doing that so well! Although, it doesn’t look like anybody’s going to be scared of her because she’s just too cute.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

We can’t get over that dragon hood she’s wearing. What’s the occasion for this outfit? Is she going to go LARP-ing in the dog park? We’d hate to roleplay against her because no one could slay that cute of a dragon.

24. Good morning sunshine

So far, we’ve seen Penelope in blankets, fabulous collars, and just being overall adorable. We thought we’d seen it all, but we’re happy to be wrong in this case. Penelope is ready for a full day, looking her best with a jacket, collar, and sunglasses. Wow!

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

She must be the most fashionable dog in the park with an outfit like that. We can’t decide what we love most: the brightly colored doggy jacket, the spikey punk collar, or the heart-shaped sunglasses! Thank you, Penelope, for taking time out of your day to show us your outfit.

25. Epitome of beauty

We have seen so many outfits till now, but we haven’t seen any like this one. This outfit is vibrant with its leopard patterns, and it has all colors of the rainbow. Also, can you believe the fuzz around the top? It looks like a wig, doesn’t it?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

We can’t get over this outfit, but we can say that it suits Penelope really well. That’s another red-carpet-worthy outfit. Imagine her stepping out of a limousine in that outfit and posing for the cameras on the red carpet. Wow!

26. Hoppy Easter

For everybody having a bad day, or for everybody having a long and tedious day, let us make things better by showing you a photo of Penelope the Goose. Or should we say, Penelope the Rabbit? Ladies and gents, here is a photo of her in a bunny outfit.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

The bunny outfit indeed suits her, but her expressions say that she’s had enough of these dress-ups and photoshoots. We understand how she feels. But, she must also be getting lots of treats. Also, don’t forget to check out that matching necklace!

27. Marvelous

The perfect caption for this image would be, “Throw sass around like confetti.” She looks like a really fancy dog that lives in one of the most upscale neighborhoods in the world, and she’s about to go for a quick walk.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

That blue outfit looks pretty thick, so it must be doing a great job at keeping her warm. We love those leg warmers as well because they’d also be doing the same thing. The color pattern on the leg warmers makes it all the cooler.

28. Book club

Penelope isn’t just pretty; she’s smart, too. She must be if she spends her downtime reading Shakespeare. We’re just kidding! Kayla is the classy one reading the classics, but Penelope styling her beaded necklace in front of a book with glasses makes her look like she’s the host of a weekly book club, don’t you think?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Here’s a random fact about Penelope. She isn’t a dog that’s always excited. Well, she is a dog, so those traits are in her nature, but she’s more of the kind that is gentle and that loves to cuddle with you while you sleep.

29. Baby unicorn

We saw one image of Penelope in a unicorn outfit, and she was mind-blowing in it. But did you know that Kayla has one, too? Look at these two unicorns showing off their matching outfits. We can’t get enough of it!

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

We all indeed love her outfits and expressions, but it looks like Penelope isn’t a massive fan of this one. She seems to be looking at something behind the camera. Maybe one of her friends is outside and she can’t wait to go play once the photo shoot is over.

30. Sock ears > everything

Watching your fur buddy dress up like that and cheer everybody up in the house during Christmas time must feel so amazing. The outfit is really impressive, and we love the way it covers her cute and tiny legs so well.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

But the main thing about this outfit is those sock ears. They change the game entirely. Her expression says it all, and it’s a lot of fun to see how those sock ears are tied to her neck with that red ribbon. It matches with the whole outfit.

31. Up close and personal

This image looks like one of those close-ups photographers take to publish that intense photo as the cover of a magazine. If not that, then those videos in which the person is speaking about a serious issue while the camera zooms in on the person’s face.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Imagine Penelope being a part of something like that. TV guys, that’s how you’ll get a huge TRP boost. Bam. Problem solved. Also, isn’t she wearing an awful lot of jewelry for her neck? Anyways, she still pulls it off pretty smoothly.

32. Whaaaa-

This photo might have been taken moments before she was about to scream (haha) or right in the middle of a nice yawn after sleep. But, we can think of many more situations that would make her open her mouth that wide.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

From the background, we can understand that it’s her house, but what if she was at the doctor’s, and the doctor told her to open her mouth for a check-up. Well, in that case, what a cooperative patient she is.

33. Time to sleep

Penelope is ready to hit the bed and clock in those crucial 7-8 hours of sleep that’s so necessary for everybody to function correctly. She’s there with her fuzzy blue blanket that keeps her warm and comfy throughout the night.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

She might have just been waiting for Kayla or somebody to tuck her in the bed so that she could call it a day and sleep, but of course, it had to be delayed because she was looking just too cute, and that moment needed to be captured. Understandable.

34. Hot dog

This might be one of our favorite Penelope pictures. Where do we even start? While she may be an Italian greyhound, Penelope is dressing up as a wiener dog. (Get it?) Secondly, that rocking collar is absolutely fabulous! And, how could we ignore the playful look she’s giving the camera?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Penelope must have gotten many treats after this photoshoot. She’s rocking the outfit and posing so beautifully. Unlike some of her other outfits where she shows us a frustrated expression, it looks like she’s enjoying this one. Sticking a tongue out might be rude, but it seems to be in good fun here.

35. How you doin’?

After looking at so many images, one thing is for sure. Penelope the Goose has a fashion sense that’s out of this world. It’s so good. Or perhaps, Kayla has very creative ways to make Penelope look cute. Which do you think is more likely?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

This outfit is a completely matched set. The leg warmers, the collar, and the tag are all matching rainbow. What a delight! We’d rate this outfit 100/10 if there were a rating system. Once again, her expression completes the outfit.

36. Good vibes only

Here is a photo of Penelope the Goose wearing a necktie that reads “Good vibes.” It’s pretty obvious that when you’re a doggo like that, good vibes will always follow you. Penelope the Goose is a good vibe. It’s as simple as that.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Here’s another random fact about Penelope. She was quite different than other puppies in her litter. While they all were wild and bouncing around, she was relatively calm and gentle, and she preferred cuddling up. Kayla was told that Penelope would be ideal for someone with a chronic illness.

37. Demodog

This is one little Demogorgon that we don’t need to fear. Penelope isn’t afraid to show off her pearly white teeth in her pictures, but this time she’s keeping them tucked away to let us know that she’s a nice little “monster.”

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Penelope must win all of the doggy Halloween costume contests. We love this one in particular because we don’t even need to make up a name. Dustin names his pet “demodog,” which is exactly what Penelope is here. Just don’t give her any 3 Musketeers.

38. Spreading positive energy

This image screams, “I’m a good boy.” But Penelope the Goose isn’t a boy. She’s a female. So, it’s “I’m the good girl.” It’s almost as if she’ll exclaim that sentence with excitement when Kayla asks her, who’s the good girl?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Her teeth almost look like fangs in this pic, and those are some pretty dangerous fangs, although it still doesn’t make a cute dog like her look even a little bit scary. We think everybody would want to hug her and shower her with affection.

39. That awkward moment

This photo can ideally be used for the “That awkward moment” meme templates. You can add anything after that. In this picture, it looks like Penelope is trying to fake a smile because she’s talking to people she doesn’t like, and somebody’s trying to click a picture.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Also, doesn’t Penelope look like Sid from Ice Age in this image? We can say that there’s an awful lot of resemblance between the character and this cute doggo. Of course, Sid wouldn’t look that good in a pearl collar. She has so many, we can’t decide which collar we like the most.

40. Party time

Penelope is going all out in this picture. Yes, we know we already showed you some of her Halloween costumes, but it would be irresponsible of us not to share this one. Once again, her teeth are on full display, and they are perfect for this scene.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

The bow tie, the wings, and, of course, the teeth are the perfect combo for this Dracula outfit. What would you call it? Dogcula? Whatever it is, we are sure that this doggy vampire won’t bite, but will in fact shower you with kisses.

41. Twinning

Kayla and Penelope are both gorgeous in this picture. They say that, after a while, pets start to look like their owners, and vice versa. This picture certainly supports that claim. They both look fantastic with matching knitted rainbow-colored snoods.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

We’ve seen so many outfits, but this one is special; it was gifted to her by a fellow Instagrammer and dog lover, @wheelingweenie. Don’t they look fabulous together? What a special present to get; a matching outfit for both you and your dog.

42. I see what’s happening here

Here is a close-up photo of Penelope wearing a beautiful bow tie. When you take a deep look into those eyes, you’ll find a lot of love, care, and many other things like that. She’s making that expression people make when they’re truly listening to somebody.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

Can you guess how many followers Penelope the Goose has on her Instagram? Here are a few hints. One, she’s really close to a milestone, and two, it’s more than what most of you are thinking. She has around 91,500 followers!

43. Peekaboo!

Imagine you’re sitting on your couch, and this cutie emerges from behind the couch for a game of Peekaboo! We bet most of you would end up playing with her and spending a lot of time with her. Who wouldn’t want that?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

It also looks like Penelope was sleeping, when all of a sudden, she smelled some steak. She’s now wide awake and ready to feast, but unfortunately, it isn’t for her. So, she’s politely asking her human if she can get a piece of it!

44. Rock star

Everyone has a favorite genre(s) of music; some love jazz while others love punk. Judging by the outfit, Penelope is a fan of rock music, and more specifically, Led Zeppelin. Maybe she’s getting dressed up to go to a concert and wanted to show her love for her favorite artist.

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

And it’s not just the bandana that we love in this photo; it’s her smile. Penelope’s smile is probably because she was listening to her favorite song. Any guesses? “Stairway to Heaven,” “Whole Lotta Love,” or perhaps “Black Dog.” Sorry for the bad joke; we couldn’t resist.

45. Fashion icon

Penelope the Goose should instead be called Penelope the Fashionista because her outfit sense is so fantastic. In this picture, it looks like she’s just about to go to a New Year’s Eve party. Have a look for yourself! What do you think?

Image Credits: Instagram/ penelope_goose

If she’s going for a New Year’s Eve party, that’s probably gonna be one unforgettable night for her, full of fun and frolic. She would probably be the highlight of the event, and everybody is going to be focused on her.