Happy Caturday: 45 Pictures Of Truly Fluffy Cats To Snuggle Up With

By Israel O

Cats are one of the most lovable yet devious animals around the home. They are a joy to watch as they curl around every corner of the house, meow their heads off until you give them attention, and even climb up on every surface they can reach. Any cat owner or lover would be willing to put their life on the line to testify that these tiny creatures add extra glamor and warmth to any home. A subreddit called “floof” is dedicated to posting pictures of the most majestic and beautiful cats worldwide. Their owners are always proud to share photos of their precious clouds and the happiness they get from keeping these lovely creatures. If you do not own a cat yet or claim to be someone who doesn’t like cats, this article might just change your mind. Gear up for the floofiest cats on the internet!

1-The cute black void

If you didn’t know that there was a cat in this house, you might mistakenly think that this photo is a pair of eyes on a black void. The only thing giving this picture out as a cat is that long slinky tail.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ curiosityasmedicine

At a quick first glance, you’ll also think that it has no nose or mouth, but a closer look will make you appreciate its fluffy body. We also believe that only a few people can resist the call of those cute eyes. 

2- Beautiful forest cat

This majestic forest cat is called Sir Floofytail. His name and appearance are cute, but his facial expression suggests he may have a trick or two up his sleeve. On the one hand, its cute tail makes it an adorable cat to own; on the other, that killer look makes it risky. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ eWasteman

The cat’s contrasting nature doesn’t hide that it is a beautiful creature to own. It reminds us of Norwegian Forest cats, a breed of domestic cats known for their wooly undercoat adaptation in cold and challenging climates. 

3- The queen of floof

One could easily mistake this beauty for a tortoise. We said that due to the fact that it is almost retreating into its own fur. On the other hand, it looks like a giant fluffy predator is trying to devour the cat. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ 14oktober

Another look will have you thinking that a colossal furball is attacking this cat. Either way, if there were a fur contest, this queen would be the fluffiest of all. Let’s hope that it doesn’t get lost in its own fur. 

4- A beautiful composition

This cat’s body is like a work of art. It’s the composition of matching and contrasting colors that makes it stand out amongst the crowd as a beautiful cat. The rug she’s lying on also contrasts nicely with the colors on her fur. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/WifeyMommyBossy

Many factors contribute to the colors of the fur on a cat. The most important one is genetics. Cats will most likely take similar coloring as their parents in most cases. This cat seems to come from two kitties with very different coloring, making one beautiful!

5- A good samaritan

This cat was abandoned and left without water and food for a long time. Three weeks ago, it was found by this good samaritan. We can’t decide what’s cuter in this picture, the cat or the smile on their faces.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ coolhandlex

Their matching smile is indicative of their joint happiness in this picture. It also looks like they’re both singing along to a song on the radio. The lesson here is that picking up stray cats and animals is rewarding. 

6- The new feline overlord

This squirrel-looking cat looks like it’s ready to win a photoshoot contest. It is a coon or Maine coon cat, which is the official cat of Maine, a state in the United States. This cat is very similar to a Norwegian forest cat. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ mbreti3gut

The Maine coon cats and the Norwegian forest cats have similar eyes and are built for cold climates. They are also known for their majestic and scary looks, making them look like they are ready to pounce on something. 

7- Empathetic Oscar

Cats are amazing friends, mainly as they help their owners go through difficult times. They are very empathetic animals. Despite cats being known to be quite rude and aggressive, they have a gentle side reserved for their owners on a bad day.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ pschlick

We know that Oscar is an angel kitty! There is nothing better than coming home after a long day of work and having the warmth of your kitty cuddle up on you. It’s like they have an intuition and just know you need extra loving that night.

8- Cuteness alert

This beautiful little floof has learned the big eye trick from a tender age. The eyes look like it’s looking for its mummy, and almost no one can resist that cute call. The most adorable part is its fluffy body.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ IntensifyingMiasma

This kitten deserves all the hugs and happiness that come its way. The proper treatment cats often get is a little payback for the warmth they give their owners. This reinstates the fact that the reward for good is nothing other than good. 

9- We love you Maxi

Maxi is one of our most senior floofy cats on the list. Maxi has been around sharing his floof with family and friends for many years and knows that a glance with his beautiful light green eyes can get him an extra scoop of food at dinner time.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ svn_at

How can you say no to an old kitty like Maxi? You want extra food, no problem. You want to sit on the table; go for it, bud. He is the real man of the house, and we all know that.

10- Rumble the pillow

This is Rumble, and she looks like a decade-old cat owing to its majestic look and size. However, would you believe she’s just a year old! She also looks like she doesn’t need any pillows due to her fluffy and semi-wiry coat. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ TheJTizzle

We do not know the owner’s cleaning and grooming routine for this feline beauty, but we’re sure that it’s seen meticulous brushing lately. Besides, the floof is gorgeous, and we couldn’t help but notice the amazing marks on its arms.

11-Make a wish

Many people must have drawn rainbow cats when they were small, hoping that they were real. The good news is that this picture is the closest to seeing the real thing. At first glance, we thought that someone painted the poor thing. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ unchaineddegree

The fear of paint getting into her precious eyes would take the beauty away instantly. However, this picture has us thinking that this happens when a rainbow hits a unicorn kitty. The resulting beauty is impressive and majestic. 

12- Miss Universe

This feline beauty would dazzle and take the crown home if there were a Miss Universe contest for cats. She would also win the plus-size cat model of the year if she contested. Her coat is simply excellent and adorable. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ icant-chooseone

Her beautiful eyes match the coat and her gorgeous tail. It seems the owner has to invest in a lot of hand-fed food for this beauty. Let’s hope that the keepers don’t get a cat triple its size in a few years. 

13- Evolution

This picture perfectly depicts an “I captured your heart” situation before and after. As the quote goes, “he who sees a thing grow from the beginning, has the finest view of it,” the owner of this cat can best appreciate the transformation.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ purrrmaid

The cat looks like it’s apprehensive about whether it’ll be adopted or not. Within six months, the fantastic transformation it went through can be credited to the owner’s care and timely feeding. It was adorable then but breathtaking now. 

14- The chosen one

Owning a cat is usually an intentional endeavor since not everyone likes to care for these feline creatures. However, you get chosen to take care of cats occasionally, like what we see in this picture. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ hanana182

The house owner just moved in when this cat kept appearing at the window. On the one hand, this might be the cat’s house before its owner moved. On the other hand, it might just be a stray cat that needs a new home. 

15- Stormcloud

Stormcloud sounds like the best the owners could have come up with. It looks like two or three kittens are hiding within that cloud of floof. While some people believe that the cat is simply overweight, we still love it no matter what.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ ZippoS

Taking care of a fluffy cat is a rewarding job and a brave endeavor. Since cats are naturally clean and tidy creatures, you only have a little job to do concerning their well-being. As long as they’re well-fed and loved, you’re good to go. 

16- Love at first sight

Those who do not believe in love at first sight will have to rethink after seeing this picture. Let’s start with the absolutely stunning white coat that blends well with the snowy background. Then, its nose and tip of the ears are pink. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ mbreti3gut

The pink nose might result from the cold or just a natural feature. Either way, the color adds to its unique and beautiful physical form. Lastly, the blue and brown eyes contrast nicely and give it a lovely look. 

17- Too cute to be true

Most cats are cute, but some of them could be too cute to be true. This cat, named cereal, is an example. Its cute fluffiness and lovely face are its distinct features. We also notice that its grayish face and feet contrast nicely. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ patatacat

One could make three more cats from the floof on this beauty. Besides, cats with lots of floof cope well with winter since their body is built accordingly. However, it is necessary to take certain precautions to avoid them getting sick. 

18- A backup pillow

This beautiful creature could pass as a backup pillow, but the most adorable part of this picture is the fantastic cuddle that’s going on. It’s making us all envious of the relationship between the charming cat and its lovely owner. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ levyhime

That’s a good cat, ensuring that the woman has a good sleep. Staying guard against many forms of disturbances is one of the several benefits that cats do to support their owners. They also help against rats and other dangerous creatures. 

19- A happy cat

This happy feline beauty would win a photo contest effortlessly. The look of content and happiness on its face says everything about its healthy living. Its funny facial expression also says something like, “this is where I’m supposed to be.” 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ Isakitty04

On a second look, this looks like a perfect holiday picture that would make an excellent interior addition when framed on the wall. There’s also a funny similarity that this cat shares with squirrels. We think this is due to its funny tails. 

20- A supermodel

The owner of this cat has managed to domesticate a cloud. The cat’s name is Sebastian, and sometimes, the owner calls him Furry Purry. Aside from the fact that the name fits, we also think calling him Floof Master wouldn’t be wrong.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ NiceSocksLOL

The fluffy cat looks like a supermodel among its peers. Cats like these are stunning, but the work that goes into taking care of them usually goes unnoticed. The bottom line is that owning a cat is meant for the committed.

21- Someone ate her candies

This cat’s face looks like someone ate his candy, and he is asking for them back. Naturally, most domestic cats have sad faces that few people can resist. However, like Forest cats, some of them can put on a mean look when necessary. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ Madfluffs

His facial expression could also mean that he’s trying to inform its owner of its superiority over the dog. Something like: “you don’t need a dog anymore since you have me.” Let’s hope that his troubles are attended to in earnest. 

22- A squirrel or a cat?

This is indeed the night. We aren’t sure if we’re looking at a cat or squirrel. Perhaps it’s a squircat or a casquirrel. Its majestic stance and tail give off the expression that nothing can escape its watch in the dark.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ nagatofag

Naturally, cats are usually awake at night tme, making their eyes brighter than ever. This black cat would blend perfectly in the dark, and the only thing that would give its presence away are those eyes and probably its movement. 

23- A professional model

Not so many cats can pull off this stance. It looks like it’s been trained to strike that pose in front of a camera. Besides, this is more than ninety percent floof. We’d say it’s even more than a hundred percent. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ hello_zeus

Don’t be surprised that behind all that floof is a tiny little kitten. We think so due to the size of its head. However, we must credit its photogenic nature as one could almost make this a perfect holiday card. 

24- The perfect photo

If you’ve been looking for a perfect picture to put in a frame, this cat’s photo would be the right fit. She is so photogenic that it almost hurts. She also looks like she’s waiting for her partner to return home.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ lyss_is_more

The Christmas tree in the background makes this picture a strong contender for the best holiday card we have ever seen. We can even name her Santa Claws. Let’s hope that she remains in this majestic pose every year to update the family card and watch her grow.

25- The flying queen

This cat’s pose creates room for several interpretations. At first glance, we think it wants to fly out of the room. At another glance, he looks like he’s enjoying the sun. Some have also stated that this kitty enjoys a ride in his sleep.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ marie_inTO

Either way, we couldn’t help but notice the adorable and weird smile on its face. His expression also makes rubbing its little belly irresistible. However, anyone who intends to rub its belly should be wary of those tiny little claws.

26- Beautiful husky cat

Sometimes, one doesn’t know how beautiful or elegant one is until you see a picture. However, this beautiful husky might not ever see the beauty he is. Even though he isn’t aware, we all can testify to his charming looks and personality.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ qzz5028

His floof will give many other felines a run for their money. Besides, his cuteness can make us give him all he wants every day. Let’s hope that the owners see as much beauty as possible in this feline creature. 

27- Drowning in its own floof

This is Susana, and she’s about to be engulfed by her own floof. Her cuteness only overshadows her beautiful name. Her pose also makes rubbing her tiny little belly irresistible. However, doing that would be falling into a trap.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ Low_Effort_Shitposts

Most cats do not lie on their back. However, when they do, rubbing their belly would be tempting. You should be ready to be welcomed or swat at if you do. If it’s the latter, that will leave your hands very sore. 

28- Taking a nap

These two look so comfortable together on the bed. Taking a snooze with a lovely kitten gives extra comfort. The reason is that they will most likely be sleeping throughout the napping time. They will also not destroy the place during their sleep. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ adventuresoftors

While napping with a kitten, a very important note is to ensure that they have a dedicated place or corner to call their own. They love the warmth of your body. Doing this will ensure that every party has a comfortable sleep. 

29- Welcome home

Bringing a cat home for the first time is a significant milestone for both parties. To the cat, it’s the beginning of a new friendship and care from the new owners. For the owners, they should expect new and unfamiliar trends. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ HazelKathleen

Castiel and his noticeable whiskers look like he’s ready for a long-term relationship. His name reminds us of the character in the Supernatural show and movie. We hope that this little angel lives up to its name in this new household. 

30- Meet Inky

Her name isn’t Inky, but the exquisite markings on her body made us improvise that cute name for her. We are also in awe of her majestic pose, making her a strong contender for the most photogenic feline.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ NiceSocksLOL

Her actual name is Daintily, and her fluffy feet say much about her grooming. Training a cat isn’t as hectic as training other animals. Mostly because cats simply refuse to be trained! If a cat wants to knock down your brand new vase, it will do it. No matter what!

31- Frami the floofi

This is Frami, a beautiful cat with an elegant nature. He prefers to spend his time outdoors. He is basking in the sun and enjoying the fresh air. Every once in a while, he brings home a thoughtful gift for his mom and dad.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ wakeuplove

We love Frami and his “too good for you” attitude. He is so independent that he doesn’t even need your pets. He will pretend to fight you off for a bit, but it’s all for show. Frami secretly loves a good belly rub as much as the next cat.

32- Kioko the chonko

Kioko is just one giant chonky cat. If she stays on the ground like that for too long without moving, we may step on her by mistake, thinking she was a very shaggy rug. She blends well into her surroundings and gives off a very peaceful vibe.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/Admiral_Fancypants

Once Kioki gets up from that spot, we wonder how much fur will be leftover. We love floof balls as much as the next, but no one can deny the shedding that goes on. Having a cat as beautiful as this takes a cleaning commitment!

33- A floofy fellow in the snow

Seeing snow for the first time as a human is an essential and memorable milestone for many people. It’s impressive, refreshing, and intriguing. It also leaves many people in awe of nature. The reaction isn’t too far off for cats. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/semmsterr

She looks like she needs help with those little white things that keep falling on her head everywhere she goes. We aren’t worried about her getting cold as she is covered in sufficient floof. However, the wonder in her eye is worth every minute of it.

34- Two beauties

These two beauties look like they’re from the Elizabethan era. The floof on their body is enough to cover two more kittens. Thanks to their owner’s commitment to brushing their fur, these two look adorable and ready to jump into action.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/cjhamill515

Having a cat comes with certain responsibilities. One of them is brushing their fur every day to avoid tangles. Another is keeping a dedicated spot for their private business. You can tell these kitties get everything they need and more.

35- A spiritual attachment

Never reject the gift brought upon owning a cat until you give it the chance to bond with you. They have a fantastic ability to form tight bonds with their owners within a short time. Here’s an example of someone that’s witnessed this spiritual attachment.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/greek_stallion

A guy’s girlfriend gifted him a cat a year ago, and he didn’t think he was into cats at the time. One year later, he has developed a special spiritual bond with the lovely creature. Let’s hope that they spend many more years together.

36- All hail the king

This is a Siberian forest cat, also known as the Moscow semi-long hair. It is the national cat of Russia and has its origin traced to Siberia. The cat is similar to the Norwegian forest cat, an ancestral to modern long hair cats. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/mbreti3gut

Here is Alex with his adorable floof and majestic stance. Similar to his family, Alex is an energetic and athletic cat with enviable jumping ability. He is strong and powerfully built with an extra-long tail. In essence, all its body features are meant to support its agile nature. 

37- Little Lollie

This is Little Lollie, and her striking blue eyes are gorgeous. Those eyes would stand out beautifully at night. If you do not have a holiday gift idea in mind yet, a framed picture of this cat wouldn’t be a bad idea.  

Image courtesy of reddit.com/MieiM

Holiday gift ideas do not necessarily have to be things outside the box. If you have someone that loves cats, framing a picture of an adorable fellow like Little Lollie would melt their heart and speak volumes. We’d be happy to hang this baby on our wall!

38- Cute feet

The most striking feature of this cat is its fluffy feet. One could almost confuse them with a winter moon boot. Its appearance is also striking, owing to the disproportionate amount of floof on his head and other parts of the body. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/TherapistWow

The slight floof around its head makes it look very thick and adorable. The innocent look on its face would make anyone want to adopt and spoil him with attention. Let’s hope that the owners never let him of their sight, or he may come home with us!

39- The white walker

The last time many people thought of white walkers was in the famous show, Game Of Thrones, where they unleashed unending violence on the armies of the living. Today, we present to you a surviving member of the white walkers. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/lenerz

This ice-eyed cat with lovely floof distributed across strategic places on its body brings lots of attention to this kitty. The owners have to work hard at keeping this kitty humble because everywhere they go, people want to pet him!

40- A floof cloud

At first glance, this cat looks like a cloud of floof with a mouth and tail. It also looks like it was inflated like a balloon. It looks like someone put a bit too much air into this one! There is doubt whether or not we can find his paws in there.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ alphajay777

We doubt that many felines would be able to compete with this cat. Some people opine that it’s a fat cat with average fluff, but a simple look at it would reveal that this is an angel in a floof cloud. 

41- Funny antics

If we haven’t mentioned that cats are one of the most playful animals to have around, we’ve probably left out one of the most important and subtle details about these feline creatures. They exhibit funny antics, especially around their owners.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/egracef

This is a perfect example. This cat laid on its owner’s bag, probably thinking that they wouldn’t go to work if it laid there looking cute. The little drama performance could also mean that the cat asked when breakfast would be ready. 

42- Winter floof

This is not a summer versus winter floof discussion, but this beauty makes us relish winter floof more. Finally, the owners saw their beauty basking in such an adorable floof. Let’s hope that the fur will keep it warm throughout winter. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/TheJTizzle

Typically, cats try as much as possible to create a thermoneutral environment for themselves at all times. In winter, you will hardly see them play around in the cold. If they had to choose between laying in a sunbeam or laying in some snow, they would all opt for the sun!

43- Sweet face and pose

We should learn to give much credit to the keepers of these cats. The attentiveness and composure that these kitties have displayed before taking these shots are enviable. We believe it’s a result of years of mutual trust and training. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/myghostfellout

The backstory to this picture is that the little creature already has a ninety percent in the floof scale despite just joining a new household in less than a week. Let’s hope that it continues on this rapid growth path. 

44- Senior Kitty

The definition of a senior kitty has changed in more recent years. Now, any kitty between the ages of eleven and fourteen is considered senior. Any cat above 14 is a super senior kitty and should be treated as elderly. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/Gogomagickitten

A super senior cat reminds us of Grumpy Cat. Despite not being senior in age, Grumpy Cat is senior by nature. We miss those memes flooding our feeds! We are team bringing back Grump Cat. Most elderly cats are truthfully not all that grumpy, but sometimes the shoe does fit.

45- A cat on vacation

Cats deserve to go on vacations and holidays like this floof known as Gary. They shouldn’t just be caged around the home or a familiar place all the time. Here’s Gary enjoying the scenery, fresh grass, and the cool mountain air. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/vpdots

The benefits of taking your cats outdoors for a walk or change of environment are enormous. One of them is that it makes them more energetic and lively. However, don’t forget that you should take necessary precautions before taking them out of the house.