Garbage Bin Otter Doing Well

By Shivam B

A few days back, a malnourished otter was rescued from under a garbage bin. He was taken to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Center. They named him “Otty.”

Image courtesy of Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre

Otty Is Getting Strong And Healthy 

The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Center released a cute video to show the playful Otter. They said that Otty’s health is gradually improving. The rescuers are using a guillotine door system to move Otty between two secured care rooms. 

The rescuers move Otty out of his usual room by luring him with food. The rescuers then enter the original room of Otty. The room has pools and toys for the little guy to play with. 

The rescuers clean Otty’s enclosure and change the water in his pools while he is in the other room. After they are done, they come out of the room. The small door is opened again to let the bundle of cuteness come back to his usual space.

The people at Wildlife Haven are taking good care of the little guy. They are giving him the best treatment. The rescuers have said that he will be released in the wild once he’s strong enough. Manitoba Conservation will work closely with Wildlife Haven to find the best release site for the adorable little creature. 

Image courtesy of Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre

The End 

Otty was spotted by locals living under a bin of garbage. He stuck around until the rescuers came. When the rescuers arrived, he squeezed under a few fences and took off. They were gradually able to corner him and take him to the center.