45 Derpy Pets Show Us Their Unphotogenic Side

By Ishita p March 22, 2022

Owning a pet comes with many responsibilities. But the training, furballs, and accidents are all worth it for the joy and relaxation they bring. It’s hard to have a bad day when your fur baby comes for a cuddle. You might have even heard that petting a dog can reduce stress and blood pressure! And, as with anything we love, we can’t help but take dozens (hundreds?) of pictures to document every moment. As cute as the memory might be, the picture snapped at that moment may not reflect how we felt or what was happening. As with humans, pets have a tendency to look derpy in candid pictures. And, since they can’t use the internet, we don’t think that they’ll mind us sharing some of our favorite derpy pet pictures. Keep on reading for some pet pics that are sure to put a smile on your face.

All images in this article are courtesy of BoredPanda.com

As Pretty as a Picture

Mirror mirror on the wall; who’s the prettiest of them all? Beaming with beauty and confidence, this snow-white furry friend is certainly demanding all the attention through its adorable pose. The look this dog’s pace screams, “all eyes on me!” And, indeed, we can’t resist its demand.

Photo by Chocolate Muffinz

If you’re someone who is always trying to discover unique photography poses, don’t waste your time with Instagram models; take inspiration from this pawsome poser. This cute doggo has everything right, and he’s certainly a pro at speaking with only his eyes.


We’re not doctors, but we’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine. It’s a common phrase, and from what we’ve seen, it might not be the cure, but it certainly helps. But it seems that this advice is not only limited to humans; even cats, who are often assumed to be grumpy, follow it.

Photo by Offer E

We wonder what made this kitty laugh so hard. We wonder if it was watching Modern Family or acting up for the camera. One thing is for sure, though; this is definitely not the picture of a grouchy pet that just wants to watch the world burn.

Keep Your Phone Aside and Rub My Belly!

Ever since cell phones came into existence, we can’t go a second without using them. The portable and fast accessibility to the internet is hard to put down. Moreover, these days, social media has become an added distraction that keeps us hooked on our smartphones for hours, disconnecting us from reality.

Photo by Mazie G

While we may have forgotten the importance of absorbing the world outside our phone screen, thankfully, dogs like the one in this picture are here to remind us to take a break. Especially if your pet behaves so cutely just to seek your love; you can’t help but give them all your time and attention.

Air Bud

Have you ever seen Air Bud? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it was a Disney movie about a dog that plays basketball. Well, apparently this doggo watched the sequel, Air Bud: Golden Receiver and was inspired to try out for the football team.

Photo by gh on Bored Panda

Or, maybe he was once a star in PuppyBowl and is trying to relive the glory days. We love his cute smile, even if he looks a bit smug. It looks like the owner was trying to play fetch and he decided it was time for a break.

I Live Here Now

When we talk about cats, we usually think of them running around the house and jumping onto any and every surface available. Cat owners are used to finding their cats hiding out in empty boxes, but this person discovered their kitty in a pickled ginger bucket.

Photo by Phil Seiden

As all cats do, it looks comfortable in that bucket. In fact, the eyes and slightly open mouth say that it wasn’t ready to leave any time soon. Hopefully, the container was empty, or the house would stink of vinegar and ginger when the cat got out.

I Don’t Care!

Walt Whitman once said, “Be curious, not judgmental.” It is perhaps the best quote ever, but alas, people don’t take heed of it. If they did, we wouldn’t feel judged by everyone all the time. To combat this, maybe “ignorance is bliss,” should be applied to how we receive comments from others.

Photo by Sheilah MacDonald

This dog perfectly portrayed that sentiment. Just look at its expression. It clearly states, “I couldn’t care less what you think of me.” So, even this canine knows that sometimes being carefree is the best thing to do to lead a happy life.

The Calm Before the Storm

There’s no denying that cats are one of the most mischievous animals, and this picture just proves it. Even though this kitty isn’t particularly involved in any tomfoolery, mischief is written all over its face. It seems like it is constructing some devious plans.

Photo by Amelia Ivy

Looking into those eyes, we can see the wheels turning. What scares us most is that it seems so calm. Well, no matter how much chaos cats bring into our homes, we’ll always forgive them because they’re just that adorable.

Do Not Get Rid of the Christmas Tree, Please!

Many people love winter time, especially Christmas. Sipping on a cup of pumpkin spice latte, enjoying the serene neighborhood covered in white snow, and lying on the couch wrapped up in a cozy blanket; the holidays season isn’t just a festival, it’s a feeling.

Photo by Kat Hague

If you celebrate Christmas, then you’ll know that the tree is the most important element in the festivity. Big or small, real or fake, no holiday is complete without it! And if you have a cat, you’ll know how important it is to our furry friend. For some reason, they can’t get enough of decorated pine trees.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

We wouldn’t be who we are without our friends; they play a significant role in our life. Life feels better and is easier when you have a best friend always by your side. And by seeing this image, it turns out that it’s no different for cats either.

Photo by Phil Seiden

Whether it’s the picture’s vibes or the way these cats look so comfortable sitting together, we just can’t stop staring at it. To us, it looks like they’re squished in together, but they seem happy and cozy snuggled up like that.

Imma Scare You Away!

Cats usually look harmless, especially when they want something from you. If all is well in the house, it’s easy to forget that they pack a set of sharp teeth. This usually happens when they don’t want to be pet or disturbed mid-nap.

Photo by Titas Burinskas

There is no sound in pictures, but we can practically hear the angry meow coming from this cat. As fluffy as it looks, we wouldn’t be reaching over for some belly rubs. This cat reminds us that sometimes it’s best to say away and let the cats do what they want.

I Didn’t Do It!

Raccoons are affectionately referred to as “trash pandas,” but they’re not the only animals that like rooting around in the garbage can. With so many yummy smells, it’s not surprising that our pets try to dig around for some snacks, as this doggo clearly did.

Photo by An Ambitious Lemon

The trash can lid is one heck of an accessory on that doggo. It may not be the cone of shame, but it’s certainly a cone of shame. We have a few guesses as to how the trash cover got stuck on its neck.

What Are You Doing?

Since phones became equipped with high-quality cameras, everyone has turned into a photographer. We all have at least one friend that always has their phone out, snapping pictures of everything and everyone. They might enjoy it, but we don’t appreciate the candid pictures as they don’t produce the most photogenic images…

Photo by Angel Sicam

The way this poor kitty is taken back by surprise with a hint of annoyance in its expression makes us think that the owner must have suddenly captured this photo. We wonder if this cat was mad at the owner for snapping such an unflattering shot.

What is this Horror?

There are some questions that we can never truly answer, like, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Why do we experience déjà vu? But, after viewing this image, the only question we have on our mind is: what happened here?!

Photo by Isabelle Hörl

The combination of wide eyes, an outstretched paw, and the blur in the photo make for a terrifying image. Maybe a sudden loud sound scared this kitty awake. Or perhaps it simply wouldn’t sit still for a photo. What do you think happened?

Snakes Can be Cute Too

Well, this picture right here is a real surprise. Who would have thought that a snake would make it into a list of derpy animal photos? They certainly aren’t our number one pick for cute animals, but we can’t deny that some people love them.

Photo by Bitty Monster Forever

By looking at this cute pose of the reptile, your fear of snakes might vanish away for at least a while, if not forever. This snake is a great ambassador for destigmatizing snakes and sharing with the world just how cute and derpy they can be.

Get Ready for My Upcoming Single!

To all the rappers out there, buckle up your shoes! The competition is now going to get even tougher because there’s a new celebrity in the town, ready to smash all records with their upcoming single. Are you wondering who the star is? It’s this cat right here.

Photo by Shae Anderson

Just look how cool he looks. The kitty seems to be posing for their next album cover. His bold attitude tells us that all of his songs will be super hits. Well, we can’t just get enough of its swagger and confidence.

Smile Please!

No matter where you’re from, you’re probably used to smiling whenever a camera is pointed your way. There’s just something about the facial expression that makes anyone look more beautiful. Well, maybe not everyone, if this doggo’s picture is anything to go by.

Photo by Brandon

Of course, someone should have told the dog that it didn’t need to smile to look pretty. Dogs are just inherently cute! Even with the small half-smile, we’re in love with this doggy photo. Maybe it could teach us how to look good without a full smile.


Speaking of looking good in photos, some of us are never pleased with our pics and tend to shy away from the camera. Once the camera flashes, their mind goes entirely blank, unable to do anything but stare into space. So, here is the pet version of that friend.

Photo by Katie Arbuckle

Given the clueless look on its face, this dog was not at all prepared for the camera. It looks like the canine wants to stay far away from all the puparazzi. With a face that cute, we’re sure the owners are always trying to sneak in a pic of their furry friend.

The Pet Vampire Diaries

Even if you weren’t a fan of The Vampire Diaries, you’ve probably at least heard of it. Teens and young adults everywhere couldn’t stop debating which one of the Salvatore brothers was more handsome. Well, it turns out that we are not the only ones mesmerized by the vampires of Mystic Falls.

Photo by Emily

This dog right here cannot hold back from showing off his fangs like a real vampire. We are sure if the show’s creators ever planned to cast a dog as a vampire, this one in the picture would be perfect for the role.

This is My Sleep Position

Bull Terriers are one of the most muscular and powerful breeds of dogs. They are well-known for their sturdy build, but the traits that not everyone is familiar with are their soft-hearts and emotional nature. Looking at this picture, that’s all we see.

Photo by Michelle Koeppe

The odd sleeping position of this Bull Terrier looks like it fell asleep sitting up and just toppled over onto the pillows. It must have just come back from a trip to the dog park and was tired from a long afternoon of running around with its friends.

Freedom of Expression

One usually associates horses with beauty and elegance; every step they take is filled with grace. So, we’d expect that they’d exude the same beauty while standing still, making it easy to capture a picture of a pretty horse. This equine proved us wrong!

Photo by HorseMuse

Before we saw this picture, we thought that humans were the only animals that stick their tongue out at photos. Its expression clearly states, “Why should hoomans have all the fun?” Thus, this beautiful horse boldly shows that even animals can get quirky while clicking pictures, perhaps more than humans.

Do We Look Like Pancakes?

Cute animals are one thing that humans just can’t get enough of. So, maybe, that’s why every time we come across an adorable pet, we stop for the oppawtunity to cuddle it and/or snap a pic of it. This image is a perfect example of how hard it is to resist taking the time to endear our little pets.

Photo by Maeve Raffaele

Just look how these hamsters are deep asleep; their flattened bodies make them look like little pancakes. With their legs outstretched, their chubby cheeks, and closed eyes, it looks like they melted onto the ground. It looks too cuddlesome, isn’t it?

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie!

There is a growing trend in social media these days where parents leave their phones’ front cameras turned on to see what craziness their kids can come up with when left alone. So, perhaps, it is time to extend this trend for your pets, too.

Photo by Roksana Grochowska

This picture proves that dogs are the goofiest animals who take the most ridiculous selfies. We humans usually take several pictures before settling on one to share on our social media, but dogs don’t have the same inhibitions. They couldn’t care less how their selfie looks. Instead, they just want to embrace their derpy selves.

Can I Cleanse My Ears?

Everyone has those moments where their friend or sibling has their headphones on and sings at the top of their lungs like no other person is in the room…or city. And, the worst part is that they don’t even sing well. Although we love them all the same, it can get annoying sometimes.

Photo by Janelle (jellybean/nellie)

Well, looking at this shocked cat here, we think it has also gone through one of those intolerable singing sessions. Although we feel sorry for this poor kitty, the expression it showcases is too funny and we can’t hold in our laughter. We wonder what might have been going on behind the scenes.

This is My Right Way of Using a Couch

The couch is the perfect place to lay down after a long day, take an impromptu nap, or relax and binge our favorite TV shows. Our pets, too, love curling up on a comfy couch cushion. But this can is telling us that we’ve been using the couch all wrong.

Photo by Elizabeth Klomp

So, what’s the right way, you ask? Well, according to this kitty, the back cushions are the best places to lay down. We’re actually not going to argue with the cat on this one, as we’d much rather prefer that they sit in weird places than tear up the couch.

Do Not Enter My Space!

Humans are social animals, and we cannot live without company. This goes a long way to explain why so many people have pets, and why we’re fond of cuddling them when we’re feeling down. Although we are always in the mood for cuddles, it’s important to remember that they’re not always up for it.

Photo by Merilyn Horton

This cat is the perfect example of a pet that just wants some privacy time. As tempting as it is to sneak in some cuddles, it’s best to give them their moment of solitude; your pet will surely appreciate it.

The Perfect Love Birds

When we come across a cute couple, we usually call them “love birds.” But in this picture, there are two real love birds sitting inside a little jar, looking as cute as ever. They seem to have a lovely romantic time together.

Photo by Kahna Wanna

It looks like Valentine’s Day is not only reserved for 14th February for these feathery versions of Romeo and Juliet. For these love birds, every day is a day to celebrate love. But amidst all the romance, what strikes our curiosity is how they got into the jar. Mysterious, isn’t it?

Meet the Sleeping Beauty of Cats

For many of us, all we want to do is sleep. But, no matter how many hours of sleep we get, we just don’t seem to get enough of it. Nevertheless, it looks like there’s another new member who is ready to join this gang of sleepy heads.

Photo by Olia Grinko

Well, it’s none other than this sleeping beauty! Just look at its innocent, tired face. It seems to have woken up from a deep sleep after 10 years of slumbering like a log. We wish we looked as cute and adorable as this furry friend after waking up.

Turn Off the Flash!

We have mixed feelings about the camera flash; sometimes it makes the picture look better, but other times it seems to just wash out our faces, turn our eyes red, or overall just make us look like a vampire. And for this cat, it was undoubtedly the latter scenario that it didn’t like.

Photo by Ruthanne Leonard

The grumpy look of the cat clearly shows that it doesn’t want the camera to flash right in front of its face. Well, we don’t blame the kitty because unexpected flashes of light can irritate the best of us. However, all that allures us is its cuteness, even with that sour face.

Leave Me with My Peanut Butter!

Peanut butter and jelly are one of the best food combinations in the world. Though, if people had to pick just one, peanut butter would surely come out on top. The spread tastes so delicious that we can even finish a whole peanut butter jar all by ourselves.

Photo by Mama Bear

But if you think you have the greatest love for peanut butter, think again because this dog has something to say. Only a true fan of peanut butter would be caught sleeping with their face in the jar. At least with a long tongue, this doggo will have an easier time licking the glass clean.

Can I Get a Comfortable Bed?

Deep and relaxed sleep is vital to maintain good health and lead a quality life. So, to get good rest, you need to sleep in a cozy bed, one that is big enough to fit you comfortably. This is true for humans, and for our pets, too.

Photo by Jods

While this bed looks cozy, it is not big enough to fit the cat that has fallen out of its small sleeping space. Perhaps this was done on purpose as a way for the kitty to tell their owner that they want a bigger, fluffier bed.

Can You Make Me Look Slimmer?

In this social media era, people have become increasingly concerned about how much better they look in photos than in real life. One aspect people tend to focus on is their figure, and they try to look as slim as possible using Photoshop or adjusting the camera angle. Well, it seems like it’s the same for cats, too.

Photo by Leighlandartworks

This cat certainly looks furious because the cameraperson seems to have taken its photograph at an unflattering angle. Well, the cat’s not alone; we’d be angry, too, if someone took such a picture of us. We hope the cameraperson took a better picture later.

Don’t Judge My Sitting Pose

Society has set many rules for how we should act, what we should eat, how we should talk, and even how we should sit. Although we try to follow these unspoken rules as much as we can, we tend to let loose when in the privacy of our own homes.

Photo by Two Silly Pups

Some pet owners don’t like their pets being on the couch, but that won’t stop a determined doggo. By the look on its face, we think that a certain canine wasn’t supposed to be relaxing on the furniture. We can’t stay mad at that face, though.

I Don’t Want to Walk!

Exercise is good for every species, not just us humans; although the frequency, duration, and type do vary. For pet owners, taking your dog for a walk is healthy for both the human and the dog. But, sometimes, the dog’s mood isn’t in sync with the owner.

Photo by buldog Maru

This duo doesn’t seem to have made much progress on their walk. After all, it’s hard to get moving with one end of the leash refusing to move. With the dog stubbornly sat on the ground, the only way the owner is moving on is by lifting weights…with the pupper.

Love Yourself

From the famous K-pop boy band BTS to best-selling authors like Paulo Coelho, the common message everyone preaches is “Love Yourself.” Practicing self-love by being courageous and not worrying about how others judge you is an important life motto. This dog seems to be a believer of this phrase.

Photo by Chelsea Bates

Accepting your flaws and who you are is extremely important, and that’s exactly what this dog is trying to convey through this picture. The furball is simply being itself. It looks so carefree, doesn’t it? So, similar to this doggo, we should also be ourselves more.

Trying to Sleep

We all have those nights when we are exhausted from a hard day’s work and just want to get a good night’s sleep. But as soon as we hit the bed, a roller coaster of thoughts starts overflowing, leading to a sleepless night. Well, it seems to be one of those nights for this cat, too.

Photo by Janine B.

Its eyes and body language look like it needs deep sleep after a tiresome day of hectic feline activities. But the kitty seems to be overthinking something, making it hard for the poor fellow to enter dreamland. We’d think that its owner’s lap and warmth would make it shed off all the worries and sleep well.

What is Life?

Almost all of us have been through the phase where life seems void and meaningless. We don’t know where to go or what to do in life. Well, it turns out that reality is not just difficult for us but cats, too. Just look at the blank expression on this poor kitty.

Photo by Emma Anberg

Perhaps, it seems that the existential crisis is not only limited to us human beings, but animals can also experience it. The feeling of being completely clueless is perfectly represented in this picture by this furry kitty. So, like us, this cat also looks like it doesn’t know where its life is heading.

I Hate Playing Dress-Up

Parents love dressing up their kids; this is true for both human parents and pet parents. Some pet clothing is for safety and comfort, like booties to protect dogs from winter salts. But there’s something about the silly faces our pets give us while wearing outfits that we can’t resist.

Photo by K Brown

Just look how this dog has been dolled up by its owner. While to us, the outfit certainly looks pawsome on this cute little doggo and gives off some major unicorn vibes, the smirk on its face perhaps tells us that it doesn’t approve of this costume at all.

Who’s Gonna Get to the Sofa First?

Cats and dogs are notorious for being enemies, always ready to fight for their spot on the pet bed or to get the most pets from their owner. There’s always a tussle between them, each trying to establish its dominance over the other. It looks like this dog was the winner this time.

Photo by Bunny Wood

The way this doggo is lying on the sofa comfortably and happily, it seems like it just won the Champions League Final, which was played between the cats and dogs, and the trophy was this sofa. Well, for the poor cats, it’s just a CLAWful defeat this time!

Join The Dark Side

Sadly, the lightsaber in this picture isn’t real; it was just Photoshopped in. Still, it is the perfect addition to this photo. The way this chonky cat is staring up at the camera, with wide eyes and looking ready to pounce, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was secretly aligned with the Dark Side.

Photo by FluffyPanda

If we had to pick an animal to be the mascot of the Death Star, it would undoubtedly be a cat. Their penchant for mischief and unending desire to cause chaos in our lives says it all. Though, if the phrase was “Come to the Dark Side, we have cats,” the Empire would have more followers.

Can I Get Something Savory?

We’re not bird owners, but we’ve heard that millet is a birds’ favorite food. Well, now we’re not so sure about that, looking at this next picture. The face on this bird says that the meal is anything but tasty.

Photo by Inge van Echelpoel

Instead of savoring the millet, this birdy looks like it can’t spit it out fast enough. To be fair, if we had the same food for every meal, we’d probably get grossed out, too, at some point. Perhaps this bird has a sophisticated pallet and wants something more savory.

I Have Good Flexibility

Stretching your body after an afternoon nap on a sunny day is one of the most relaxing feelings we’ve ever experienced. You wake up feeling like you’re in paradise, right? Well, it looks like this dog is feeling it, too.

Photo by Pam Berry

Or perhaps this is just an awkward picture taken mid-action of a dog rolling around in the grass. Whatever the reason is, we can’t get over how flexible this pupper is. It must be a yoga expert to hold a pose like that.

Dogs Always Want Their Belly to be Rubbed

It’s no secret that dogs love belly rubs. And while not all dogs love them all the time, there are plenty that will never turn down a belly rub, no matter what activity they’re in the middle of. This doggo right here looks like one of those.

Photo by Zojka Z

She looks like she can’t get enough belly rubs. And, if she was our dog, we wouldn’t ever want to stop. Forget work and friends; the only thing that matters is making her happy with belly rubs all day every day.

Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek!

Do you remember those childhood days when all the neighborhood kids gathered for a fun session of hide-and-seek? Well, the cute little cat in this picture seems to be longing for the game too. It’s so adorable that we can’t bring ourselves to tell this cat that they’re doing it all wrong.

Photo by Toto’s Servant

Hiding under a stool that barely covers your body is not the place to go for this game. Though, what surprises us is that the cat is mostly sticking out from under the stool as cats are notoriously fluid and can fit into any spot they choose…assuming they want it bad enough.

The Derpy Bird

As we’ve seen in this list, taking candid pictures of your pet always produces a hilarious result. This seems to be especially true for pet birds. We won’t deny that this is one beautiful bird, but we can’t help but laugh at that derpy face.

Photo by Roxanne Arkin

While looking at this photo, we wonder what might have been going on in the bird’s mind when it had its picture taken. Did it feel annoyed just as we do when someone takes a picture of us unannounced? Sorry, bird, but we won’t stop. The results are too cute!

Let Me Talk!

All football fans find it hard to forget the Belgium footballer De Bruyne’s hilarious viral moment where the player left the pitch angrily shouting, “Let me talk,” for a thousand times. Well, it seems that even cats have their “let me talk” moment.

Photo by MSelen

Although this kitty lacks one of its fangs, the way it meows, it seems that the feline has something really important to say to the photographer. Whatever it might be, we hope the kitty could make its point, and the photographer listened to it patiently.