45 Spoiled Cats Living Their Best Lives

By Jana I

We know dogs are humans’ best friends, but what about cats? Why have cats always been left aside? We believe it’s because of their high sense of entitlement and independence. Cats don’t need you. They don’t even like you, to begin with. They tolerate you and that is the extent to which they’ll go. Although these characteristics are not perfect, they are authentic. That’s exactly the reason why we adore those feline creatures. They are elegant, gracious, sophisticated, unlike high-maintenance dogs. Dogs need their walkies, bathroom outings, a few hours of play per day, lots of attention, grooming, bathing — whereas cats do all of that on their own, and as a bonus ignore you for the rest of the day. We’ve compiled 45 instances in which cats were so spoiled and entitled it was too good not to share. Keep scrolling to learn more!

We Don’t Own Cats — They Own Us

Cats love stealing your spot — whether it’s your office chair, armchair, or sofa spot you indented with your bottom. For the most part, they do this because of warmth. Cats are always on the lookout for the hottest spot in the house.

Image Courtesy of JakeAndRay / Reddit

This cat got her point across. ‘I am the boss, you are the servant. Kneel, and work as I am taking a nap.’ That’s the way it is supposed to be, simple as that. It looks like something we’ll do if our cats took our precious spot.

Cat Tunnel

If you live in an apartment building, your house is on a busy street, or you live rather a rural area with foxes and coyotes, getting your cats outside to touch some grass is not an easy task. However, there is a solution!

Image Courtesy of eggsterminate / Reddit

If your cats are, for one reason or the other, not allowed to be outdoor cats, this tent/tunnel system might be a perfect solution for you. It allows cats to feel the grass on their paws, look at tree bark up close and smell the garden flowers. What a life!

Not On My Birdwatch!

When getting a cat, you can easily get carried away and suddenly have not two but five. One cat after the other makes our hearts flutter. However, having a bunch of them, especially vocal ones, can create a husky-like environment.

Image Courtesy of mooboomooM / Reddit

These Siamese cats we’ve found on Reddit supposedly cry and yell until their owner takes out a stroller and brings them out to watch birdies and chatter. This is how we picture ourselves in the future: stroller full of cats, and soul full of fluff.

Spaw Day

Spa days are our favorite days. A great, hot bath, a deep-tissue massage, and an exfoliating face mask are all we need after a long week of work. We, as in people, are not the only ones that need rest and pamper days — cats need them, too.

Image Courtesy of dontstopmeowing / Tik Tok

This video went viral on Tik Tok when a cat had a spa day with its dad. Kareem and Chase have gained almost 62 million views worldwide for their bewildering, yet adorable father-son bonding time. When prompted to get up, Chase got angry and bit his mom! What a spolied little brat. We love it.

Cat Bunk Beds

Bunk beds were one of the most fun things about traveling abroad with our family, siblings, and cousins. Calling shotgun on the top bunk was one of the most essential things. You must be fast, you must be calculated. It’s art.

Image Courtesy of flooid / Reddit

These cats are so spoiled; their owner made them their own set of bunk beds. Two cats have decided to try it out, and judging by their dilated pupils, they love it. Where is the third cat, we wonder. Maybe it decided a better place to sleep in is its owner’s pillow.

Yelling for Attention

Our feline friends, unfortunately, cannot talk. Although we have yet to determine that, since cats seem to understand us pretty well, but decide to disobey nonetheless. So, since they can’t speak human, they use their meows to communicate in the only way they know.

Image Courtesy of annotyn / Reddit

When cats meow, it’s usually because they are hungry, bored, or craving attention. This person was super confused about why the cat was meowing since it had food and water. The owner recognized the pattern and instructed them to hold it. The cat seems pleased.

Alarm Clock

If you have a cat, you don’t have to worry about being late for work or forgetting to set your alarm clock. Cats are, amongst other things, perfect alarm clocks. They have a rigid schedule. If you don’t feed them when they are used to, you will be woken up, no doubt.

Image Courtesy of beeberoni / Reddit

This is Hobbes, a beautiful ginger boy, and some say, a purrfect alarm clock. ‘You’re late, again. I demand breakfast at 7 am sharp, and it’s 7:01 already. I’ve waited long enough, Carl. Where is the food?’ The death stare is real here. Good luck, Carl.

Lockdown Kitty

Lockdowns and the overall situation that has shaken everyone across the globe had us in a bit of a chokehold. We are, in a way, helpless until the situation resolves itself. During this time, many people got pets or stayed with their pets all day long.

Image Courtesy of deadlefties / Reddit

This led to the development of lockdown pet syndrome. These pets demand attention and physical touch more than before since they are used to you being around 24/7. Meet this cat we’ve found online. It demands to be cradled at all times.

Drama Queen

If you know anything about cats, you know they love warmth. Stealing your heated spots around the house is almost like an extreme sport for cats. They’ve developed the sixth sense for these kinds of things. Now, check what we’ve found on Twitter.

Image Courtesy of LibrarianLizy / Twitter

Elizabeth has a drama queen on her hands. As you can see by the description of the photo, the cat demanded the blanket be heated and then literally stole it from her owner and placed its chunky bottom on it.

Get Out of There!!!

The common cliche is that cats hate water. Contrary to their high awareness of hygiene, cats most of the time simply despise getting wet or being near water. Some take it as far as to prevent others from touching it.

Image Courtesy of SmithKittyKat / Reddit

Any time this person showers, the cat screams at them to get out. This cat is highly concerned for its owner. It’s as if we could hear it scream, ‘Smitty, get out of there, you are drowning, you fool!!!’, and we can’t stop laughing.

Look, It’s a Fairy!

Cats usually love things they can find in the great outdoors, like trees, fluffy grass, insects, mice, frogs, etc. If you live in the city, it’s essential to bring some of the outside into your home, even just a little.

Image Courtesy of wolfie_smiles / Instagram

This cat, Wolfie, is certainly a king of his little world. Look at this glorious tree he got from his human servants. It suits him so well. It’s beautiful and has all the important elements: plenty of space to snooze on, a good amount of holes to hide in, and flowers to chew on!

A Refreshing Bath

Some cats love getting bathed. Of course, we are aware that this phenomenon is extremely rare; some believe it’s just a hoax. However, it’s not. Some felines do enjoy taking a bath and smelling of lavender afterward. Take this kitty, for example…

Image Courtesy of jaymae77 / Reddit

This kitty is enamored with the doll bathtub and all the details on it. There is a brush, shampoo, soap, a scented candle, and moisturizing cream for sore paws. What more could a cat want? We hope it gets well-deserved hot cocoa after this.

Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat

Do you know the saying that goes ‘curiosity killed the cat’? If you ever wondered where it comes from, all you need to do is ponder on the cat’s entire psychology, and the answer will come to you on its own.

Image Courtesy of soup_sammich_ / Reddit

However, we’ve got to say, we hope curiosity didn’t kill this cat. The owners have built a shelf trail that helps this cat see through a window that was unreachable before. Now, another perspective has been opened. Be careful, little kitty, and keep gossiping!

Don’t Talk to Me — I’m Angry!

If you ever shoo an animal off your lap to go off and do something else — like go to work — you’re a monster! How could you do that? You know how rare it is for a cat to, voluntarily, decide you are its chair of the day!

Image Courtesy of speedycat2014 / Reddit

This owner shooed the cat when it came to their lap for cuddles. The whole Reddit thread went crazy and guilt-tripped the owner, as they should! The poor baby was so offended, saddened, and angry; it slapped its head in the pillow, never to move again.

Cat Troll

Sometimes, cats are just jerks. They like to do things with the sole intention to annoy their humans. Whether it’s scratching your favorite chair or blanket, kicking the mug you got from a friend, or chewing on your indoor plants — they are guilty.

Image Courtesy of Lontology / Reddit

This cat is such a little menace; it chewed on and destroyed a ceiling tile, just so it can stick its tiny head through it and meow at the people downstairs. Imagine watching TV, when you hear squeaky meows all of a sudden.

Hi MTV, Welcome to My Crib

Do you remember the show MTV Cribs, where celebrities showed their extravagant, other-worldly, over-the-top rooms and backyards? That’s a show to remember! Now, we’ve found a cat that can easily showcase its crib on TV. If only there was an Animal Planet version…

Image Courtesy of Bry_in_the_sky / Reddit

This cat has a better room than a majority of people we know. It’s tidy, has a tasteful aesthetic, and looks cozy as heck! It even has its tiny TV and a toy box at the end of the bed. Look at that little rug and a scratching tree. We love it!

View and a Half

The view is important, whether we want to admit it or not. A good view can affect your daily life. If your living room looked over a wonderful park horizon during the golden hour, you’d feel a hundred times better than if it looked at a building.

Image Courtesy of AlwaysLocal / Reddit

You’d probably agree with us when we say this cat has the best view that has ever existed in the world. Imagine living like this; your house overlooking the vast, blue ocean as you close your eyes and dream of coconut trees and white sand. Ah, the fantasy.

Bonding with Dad For Hours

When pets and dads create a special bond, there is no breaking it, no matter how hard you try. Furthermore, dads are usually the ones that don’t want the pet in the first place. However, they are always proven wrong.

Image Courtesy of flinderman76 / Reddit

This chunky baby loves its daddy so much; it needs to cuddle with him every day before work. Although the man doesn’t display much affection, we know in our hearts he is melting right under the cat’s soft cheeks. No need to fool us. We know you’re under the spell, and there is no turning back now.

Why?! The Question is: Why Not?

Cats drinking from a glass or bottle people use is one of our pet peeves. There were instances when we changed our cat’s water bowl several times just because it wouldn’t drink from it, but preferred a tall glass of bottled water.

Image Courtesy of beerandyarn / Instagram

This cat holds its owners in its white, little, mitten paw. No owner in their right mind would allow this. We know cats have manipulative, sly skills. Although this is so wrong, it is also so very right. How could you stop a soft creature from hydration? It’s inhumane!

Dang it Frank, Open the Door!

If you live in the countryside or a quiet suburban area, you can let your cats roam around the neighborhood without the fear of cars or coyotes. However, make sure your cat knows its way home, is grown up, and can defend itself if it comes to it.

Image Courtesy of gillyelle / Reddit

This cat wants to come in so desperately; you would think the neighbors are chasing it. Make sure to take a close look at the neighbors this cat sees every day, and then tell us would you be as frightened as it is. We believe the answer is: heck yes!

Crunch Meowchine

Have you ever peacefully lounged on your bed when your cat suddenly decides to chomp on your toes? Asking for a friend…We don’t know why cats do this, and it drives us nuts! Especially when this is the way they decide to wake us up.

Image Courtesy of greenhouselimpbizkit / Reddit

The killer combo is when they grab both sides of your foot with their paws; right then and there, you know you’re about to get bitten hard. However, before you cuss your cat out, make sure it is well fed and hydrated and treated like royalty, of course.

Birthday Girl

Birthdays are a special time, especially if you’re a human. However, some people make a big deal out of their pet’s birthday, too! It’s a fun time, making a homemade cake for your little furry friend, we agree. Let’s take a look at the next picture.

Image Courtesy of HelpfulPhotograph185 / Reddit

This man shares a birthday week with his pet Molly, the ginger beauty. The cake clearly states whose birthday is more important that week. It is no surprise that it’s Molly’s. She is, after all, a queen of partying — a party animal, if you will.

Another Water Lover

We talked about cats loving and hating water; however, we failed to mention cats that love water beds. Well, something like that. Can you consider a living, breathing man lying in a bathtub a water bed? Probably not, but it’s a close second.

Image Courtesy of IsaacTowellComedy / Reddit

This kitten once fell asleep on its owner’s chest while he was taking a bath. Now, fully grown and still equally as cute, the cat loves to nap on the same spot under the same circumstances. The man looks unimpressed, but we know he loves it!

Human Assistant

People are super entitled, and they believe that anyone and everyone is there for their convenience. We are guilty of this as well. However, don’t fool yourself when it comes to cats. Oh no, no, no; we are their assistants. We are here to make their life easier.

Image Courtesy of british_boondog / Reddit

This cat loves observing garbage men, but unfortunately, it wasn’t tall enough. So, it hired a human assistant to help it look out the window at a proper height. Now, the cat can watch the trash and the handsome sanitation workers all it wants.

Their Thrones

We’ve seen somewhere (probably Tik Tok, let’s be honest) that cats love to mimic people’s behavior. For example, when you’re working on something important, cats love to lie on your laptop. Once, an owner set up two laptops but was only using one. The cat went to the other one and took a nap on it.

Image Courtesy of mxs4235 / Reddit

Perhaps, these owners thought of a similar idea and wanted their chairs hair-free. They bought their cats matching camp chairs to lounge on, birdwatch, and gossip about neighbors. They look freaking adorable and super comfortable. Though a bit judgemental, if we’re being honest.

Cat Sack

Some cats are just clingy. We envy you if you have a cat that wants to be by your side 24/7. Our experiences differ, and our cats couldn’t care less unless they are hungry. Then, we are the best people in the world.

Image Courtesy of mischiefsadvocate / Reddit

This kitty loves its owner so much, it demands to be held at all times. Since he likes gaming, he had to be creative and develop a solution, thus this cat sack. Cat loves it, he loves it, games are won, and everyone is happy.

Decorated Bathroom, Check!

How cool is it when someone has a nicely decorated bathroom?! Bathrooms are, most of the time, underappreciated and overlooked when it comes to decorating and interior design. Which is surprising given how much time people spend in there. Look at what these owners did for their cat’s bathroom.

Image Courtesy of slingblade1315 / Reddit

Nice picture frames with beautiful scenery are all you need to spruce up your boring bathroom walls! The cat seems to be enjoying it. It reminds us of people forgetting to bring their phones when going to the toilet and reading the back of random bottles.

Spoiled Little Yurt Kitty

If you ask yourself: am I spoiling this cat? The truth is, friend, you probably are. We’ve found an image that went viral on Twitter, of Liz and her little, chubby, and fully spoiled cat. No description would do, so here is an image:

Image Courtesy of liz_buckley / Twitter

This kitty doesn’t only have a yurt all for itself, but it also has an iPad that plays animated videos catered to cats, we assume. It is living a better life than the majority of people, and as a bonus, it doesn’t have to work and it can sleep for 18 hours a day.

Full Power Unlocked!

If you are new to cat parenting, let us let you in on a little secret: cats will scratch and destroy your furniture no matter what. Therefore, you need to be patient and careful and create a scratching post that would be appealing enough.

Image Courtesy of erwinmurry / Reddit

This place is probably extremely appealing to cats, especially during a zoomies session. They will see the post and, instinctively, try to climb it. Now that there is some rope to stick their claws in, it’s even better and more interesting. The dedication of this owner is to be admired.

Cocktail Hour

Having a couple of drinks with your girls or pals is a necessity at times. When work gets overbearing, and your studies stressful, mixing up a cocktail might be a good way to relax. People are not the only ones loving a good drink.

Image Courtesy of madelinegemma / Reddit

This cat we’ve found on Reddit demands to get a cocktail whenever its owner makes and sips one. The owner highlights, the cat meows and meows until they pour it a cocktail glass with water. What a high-maintenance little copycat.

King Purr of the Moewland

Cats deeply believe they are royalty, and they act like that at all times. Cats were considered godly beings ever since ancient Egypt when they captured rodents and other animals that spread diseases. That’s why they were so highly worshipped.

Image Courtesy of PM_ME_UR_FAVCOLOR / Reddit

This feline beauty took it upon itself to place her perfect, furry bottom on the iron throne. If you watched Game of Thrones, you’ll recognize it, if not, you’ll understand the message nonetheless. Why is it always ginger cats that have the most genius ideas?

Cat Babies

There is nothing more precious than a couple of dads taking a walk with their newborns or toddlers. Society has ingrained in us that this is so rare so once you see it, you are impressed when in reality it should be the same standard as for women.

Image Courtesy of is_rotting / Reddit

These dads do have their strollers out, but they are not walking with their children, per se. These are two fluffy, beautiful cats spoiled out of their minds. Imagine being a cat and having your stroller when you go for a walk. What a life.

Kitty Loves Bubbles

We’ve found another kitty on Reddit that loves taking a bath. Well, not getting wet, however, being in the bath once it’s filled with water and bubbles. It’s difficult to explain, just take a look at it and you’ll understand.

Image Courtesy of aquickcupofcoffee / Reddit

This Redditor told their followers on Reddit the cat usually screams at them until they put it in the bath. We assume the kitten loves the warmth it gets from the water and the overall comfort of being with its owner. So clingy and sweet.

The Cat Wears the Pants in This Relationship

When we say someone wears the pants in the relationship it infers that that person is the leader or the one that is relied on for final or tough decisions. When we saw this picture, that is all we could think about because it’s so true, literally.

Image Courtesy of oplunz / Reddit

This cat loves chilling in pants, so when the owner has nothing to do, she puts on an extra pair of pants up to her knees and sits, waiting for the kitty to jump in and have a good nap. Cats are weird, and we adore them for it.

It’s Us or the Cat!

Giving ultimatums in relationships is never a good idea. Sentences like ‘it’s either us or this thing you are interested in’ is a red flag immediately! If someone gave us an ultimatum regarding our cats, that person would be looong gone.

Image Courtesy of KoraW***e / Reddit

This cat has quite literally gotten between the man and his partner. We could imagine the partner saying: it’s either me or this silly cat of yours that sleeps by your side every night! Cats can be territorial and possessive. We understand. However, 10 times out of 10 we would choose the cat.

You Shall Not Piss

Do you know why pets escort you to the bathroom? We’ve read it’s because when nature calls and business gets done, that is when one is at their most vulnerable state. Therefore, pets like cats and dogs follow us to protect us.

Image Courtesy of lineypi / Reddit

However, this cat is a bit different. It loves waiting for its owner at the toilet and demanding pets before use. It also looks like Gandalf, and we can imagine it saying ‘you shall not piss unless you give me a kiss’.

We Want to Get Involved, Mother!

If you don’t involve your pets in your daily activities and shenanigans, what are you doing?! They love to get involved and be included in whatever nonsense you’ve got in mind. For example, these two beauties love to watch their owner cook.

Image Courtesy of emilyjobot / Reddit

The tuxedo cat on the left looks honestly shocked by the abomination the owner is making. The grey one looks so in love with its owner, it sees no wrong. These two cats demand a stool, screaming their lungs out, so let them be your food critic. How could you resist?!

Home Office

The best thing about being a cat is most certainly not having a 9-5 job to go to at the crack of dawn. Heck no, they sleep, rest, eat and play their lives away. Now that we mentioned play, cats are obsessed with red laser dots.

Image Courtesy of the_pizzacat / Reddit

Now, if the cat had an office like this and a job to do, we’d imagine a cool job would be finding that red laser dot and catching it this time! It’s such a mystery where it comes from and where it goes. Those evil humans laugh and laugh, but cats will catch it one day. Just you wait!

Too Late

Some cats are such foodies, all they enjoy in life is food: solid or wet, doesn’t matter. These are the types of animals that would sprint towards their food bowls if they hear a bag crunch or something that resembles that.

Image Courtesy of alyssarenee213 / Reddit

Not feeding your cat within a few minutes of it screaming for it is animal cruelty! There is no excuse for such behavior, and as a reprimanding measure, the cat has every right to smash the ceramic bowl and break it.

What a Flirt

We love them; cats we mean, but they can be so sly at times. Little tricksters and manipulators will use every chance they have to fool you. The cat we’ve found online stole our hearts away, but also reminded us of the truth that cats can not be trusted!

Image Courtesy of waterfae / Reddit

This cat will, in 9 out of 10 situations, try and succeed in stealing your girl. This cat seemed to have done so. Furthermore, it’s preventing the girl from studying, and looking back at the man, checking whether he is jealous or not.

Demanding Company

We’ve witnessed some children being extremely needy, clingy, and demanding when it comes to eating their food. They not only want the special menu, but also demand someone to eat with them, so they are not alone. The same goes for fur children.

Image Courtesy of Ireekofgeek / Reddit

Believe it or not, this chonk over here is that big of a brat. It must have a meal in the kitchen, and someone must be by its side, eating as well. We’ve never seen or heard such a thing. Kudos to this owner!

Bean Being

When an animal has a fixation on something, it’s almost impossible teaching them any other option. For example, a cat might prefer chicken over beef significantly more, or it might enjoy a special treat made of trout much more than the one with salmon.

Image Courtesy of allisonlee / Reddit

Now, we’ve found a cat on Reddit that’s not obsessed with a usual cat snack. This one loves green beans. Whenever the owner touches a bag of green beans, this ginger chunky monster has to get one, or it’s extremely furious.

I’m Not Touching It!

If you want your pet to respect you, you must have clear boundaries of what’s allowed and what is not. If you don’t set that early on, cats will sense it and use it to their advantage. These animals are vicious, we tell you!

Image Courtesy of politicalpug007 / Reddit

By this picture alone we know the cat is not allowed on the counters but is courageously testing its limits. We can also guarantee that, when it’s alone, it is fully on there, kicking things around and breaking stuff. What an innocent-looking baby.

Love Language: Physical Touch

Did you know that there are supposedly five love languages, and every person displays their love in a certain way, and demands love in a certain way? We’ve found a cat whose love language is displays of affection and physical touch.

Image Courtesy of Sappy18 / Reddit

Look at it! It’s so adorable, and yet, probably, really heavy! By the looks of it, we would assume it’s a male cat, weighing around 12 pounds, comfortably lying at the top of this woman’s back. That’s what not getting enough attention does to a cat. Now, lady, you must pay the price.

Indecisive Little Trickster

Cats are usually set in their ways, extremely stubborn and independent. However, there are always a couple of weird ones in a bunch, and it’s no surprise that cats are not an exception to that rule. We’ve found a perfect example.

Image Courtesy of quarky_42 / Reddit

This cat, as we discovered, wanted to go outside so desperately. However, a few moments later, it screamed to the owner to open the door and let it back in. Poor baby, it didn’t expect such cruel conditions of the outside world.