30+ Pets With Interesting Genes That Gave Their Owners More Features Of Them To Love

By Aileen D

Just as we thought our pets couldn’t get any cuter, we saw a bunch of pictures on the net that proved us wrong. Not only do these pets sport a healthy wad of fur, but some of them have also got an extra paw, different colored eyes, and even an extra face! Isn’t that neat? That means more places to get our hands-on and explore the beauty that is nature. If you wonder how any of that happened, then look no further. Genetic mutations can explain everything. As you have guessed, some gene mutations affect the lifespan of mammals. Some of them don’t live past a day or two. But some fighters live well into adulthood. Now, what does it mean for us? It means we get to check out pictures of some of the most interesting pets that exist! You will be equally surprised by their distinct looks and lovable nature.

Switch the Camera Here

Without even trying, cats get all the attention in the room. They know just what to do to get you hooked. As if he hadn’t had enough of it, Galileo shifts the camera to focus on him. A bit to the right. No, your right. Once he sees a reflection of himself on the lenses, he lays his hand back down.

Image courtesy of its a chrysis / Reddit

Now, where were we? Ah. I was telling you about my extra bean. He looks at the extra pad on his paw. He flexes and stretches his arm and then turns his eyes to the camera. I don’t know. I guess I have always been unique. That shouldn’t surprise you.

Only With Dogs

Despite its name, wolf claws can only be seen on dogs. Wolves don’t have them. Wolf claws are an extra fifth toes on the dog’s hind legs. These extra claws are located far up the leg, so they never contact the ground. So that toe is just for display.

Image Courtesy of too coo / Reddit

Wolf claws are common in Italian Chocolates, Belgian Shepherds, Great Danes, and Afghan Hounds. Some pet owners have these removed because they increase the risk of injury for dogs. There have been instances when dogs have gotten those wolf claws wedged between wood or a fence when playing in the backyard. Yikes!

You Sure That’s A Cat?

Reddit user kingsleythelynx always wondered what her furball’s mum was eating when she was pregnant with him. She might have had too many mice, from the looks of her offspring. Sometimes, we can’t tell whether or not we should set up a trap, or leave the hunting to this feline.

Image Courtesy of kingsley the lynx / Reddit

But shhhh. Kingsley doesn’t like it when his ears are compared to those of mice. He thinks they are lesser creatures, and he can’t stand to see them in his image. They’re just small, that’s all. But I’m not hard of hearing.

Can Open Bottles Quickly

Musty woke up early. He had a job to apply for this morning. He groomed himself, slicked his ears bag, and then adjusted his collar. He had brought his resume with him and entered the room when the interviewer called his name. Good morning! He sat down on the couch and explained why he was perfect for the job. Oh, and I do a great job at opening cans!

Image Courtesy of meow pal 33 / Reddit

Now that got the interviewer’s attention. Say what? Musty raises his paw and points at the extra toe. That’s extra leverage, right there! I can grip the lid better than other cooks and open that tight bottle in a jiffy. Musty’s whiskers twitched as he sprung to his feet. The interviewer told him, you’ve got the job!

Don’t Mind Me

We can’t count the ways our cats have tried to get our attention. Just this morning, this cat leaped to the windowsill and stretched the whole length of his body against the screen window. Oh, don’t mind me hooman. Carry on with your uneventful existence.

Image courtesy of inhale explode / Reddit

It lowers its paws and then fails. Oh, lookie what we have here? He stretches on his hind legs and then sniffs at the nail that was caught between the wire. It looks like I’m stuck. He expectantly stares at you, his tail whipping in the back. Care to lend me a paw?

Better at Hunting

All his life, he knew that he was a great hunter. He could climb the tallest tree in the yard or slide gracefully down it. He has a 100% kill rate, and he has never had a prey slip his grasp. He doesn’t know why he’s lucky…at least until this visit to the vet.

Image courtesy of manic and flood / Reddit

In less than a couple of minutes, he could catch another prey from the vet’s aquarium. He lays it neatly by his side while waiting for the vet’s diagnosis. He’s got two extra claws. That’s why he’s better able to balance tree branches, climb trunks, and hunt mice.

Second Most Famous

Reddit user eggpint was scheduled to visit his grandma today. He brought with him bags of groceries and knocked on the door. His grandma welcomed him into the house as she was carrying 27- year old Toed. As usual, Toed was busy pawing for attention.

Image Courtesy of egg pint / Reddit

It’s not like he needed to. Toed has 24 toes. Some are amazed by it, others look away in disgust, while most find Toed even cuter. Toed is the second-most famous cat in the world. The cat which has the most toes has 28 of them. But Toed isn’t complaining.

Taking Human Form

You know what they say, birds of the same flock grow the same feathers. It isn’t any different with cats. This one grew himself some mittens after he spent months with cooks and artisan chefs. He spends most of his time in the kitchen yelling hot stuff as he carries a pan of boiling water to and fro sinks.

Image Courtesy of [deleted account ] / Reddit

But don’t let his trade fool you. This cat cleans up well. After work, you will find him lounging on the couch, his paws pristinely white after meticulous grooming. He prides himself on being a great chef and gentlemanly in his ways.

Sits Like A Princess

Reddit user youngestoldcatlady can’t understand why anyone would pass the chance to adopt this kitten. Not only was she adorable, but she was sweet. Sure, Skippy wasn’t like the rest of them. She had extra toes. But she also knew how to sit like a princess.

Image courtesy of youngest told cat lady / Reddit

Unlike other cats, Skippy sits on her romp. She was born with radial hypoplasia. Note the front pair of forelegs. They’re unusually shorter, whereas her hind legs are longer than most cats. Since Skippy can’t force her forelegs to touch the floor, she rests the bulk of her weight on her rump and hind legs.

Unusual Bite Mark

Everybody on the block knows this cat. The crowd parts to make room for him. He has got a killer instinct and a mean face. Whereas most cats have a pair of canine teeth, this one has got an extra one. It pokes out from under his upper lip to announce that he’s the boss around this neighborhood.

Image courtesy of saint lindsay / REddit

That’s a good thing, right? Vets say it depends. They might have to remove the extra canine tooth if it causes overcrowding or injures any surrounding tissue within the cat’s mouth. If left untreated, this can cause the loss of other viable teeth.

What’s Baking

This fur parent has a shared interest with her fur child, Felina. Check the picture and take a guess. We’ll give you a couple of seconds. Ready? It’s baking! Felina is quite a meticulous baker. She knows how to measure the ingredients to the speck and makes sure to keep from getting burned by wearing her mittens.

Image courtesy of stopo fani / REddit

As you guessed, many of Reddit users’ stopofani‘s friends couldn’t help but coo at Felina. Apart from looking adorable, she makes a superb batch of cupcakes. Even those on a diet can’t help but scrape off the burnt cookie dough stuck to the tray.

Beats Wolverine

One of the best superheroes/ villains that we stan is Wolverine. Owing to Hugh Jackman’s acting chops, a lot of fans started growing and sharpening their own claws. This furball was one of many of them. And we can’t help but feel a tinge of envy.

Image courtesy of triceratons / Reddit

You can bet he can pack a sore punch. Villains stay clear of him. If he can’t knock you out of your senses, then he will surely find a way to fix the situation with those well-kept claws. What do you think about this furball’s super feline powers?

Imagine Waking Up to This

We have all seen videos on Tiktok where fur parents wake up to their children pawing at them. Some of it is cute, while most are hilarious. But imagine how fast this Reddit user sprung to her feet after seeing her cat take a swipe at her. Beats the morning coffee!

Image Courtesy of Sansa the Cat / Reddit

Okay, okay, I’m up! She eyes the cat groggily. She rubs at her eyes and heads to the bathroom. The cat hears the water slosh down the drain. This fur mom sticks her back to the wall and slides her way out of the room. I’ll get your breakfast in a jiffy!

Doesn’t Need to Show ID

It’s the end of the week, and the guys decided to head to the local pub. They change their shirts, sling their duffel bags over their shoulders, and load them into the trunk. Then they check to see if everyone at work showed up to the pub. The bouncer was pretty strict – he wanted everyone to show their IDs, except for this dude.

Image Courtesy of place boob / Reddit

The guys looked at each other and scratched their chins thoughtfully. Maybe they should grow it out. That way, they wouldn’t have to present their ID to get something to drink. It’s such a waste of time, proving to someone that you’re a man.

Easy Cleaning

One of the things that we love about cats is that you do not have to bathe them. They can take care of themselves perfectly well. They will lick their paws and then rub them over their head to get a good cleansing. Lucky for this feline, he’s got additional coverage.

Image courtesy of Damatt 09 / Reddit

Maximillion, the Siamese polydactyl, has got a couple of additional paws. That way he can get a good rubbing off his ears and chin, unlike other normal-bodied cats. Watch him cleanse himself in less time than others. He has a world-breaking record.

My Win

Reddit user sayianprincess19 had always dreamed of himself as being a fur parent. His mum told him that he could only do so if he could buy his pet food from his own allowance. Well, today was the day he got that wish! He went to the rescue center and found this feline win!

Image Courtesy of Say Ian Princess 19 / Reddit

This Reddit user couldn’t believe his eyes. He’s perfect! He looked at the vet and then nodded. There’s just one catch, said the vet as he removed the cat from the cage. He’s polydactyl. This Redditor asked, what’s that? The vet showed him the paw. Oh, it just means he can help around the house, unlike other cats.

Living Miracle

Just what are Janus cats? Well, these are kittens born with two faces. They usually don’t live past a day, but a few fighters have lived to adult life. They share only one brain and most other organs. These aren’t just limited to cats. It can happen to any mammal.

Image courtesy of Gallow Boob / Reddit

Fortunately, Amelia was able to give this cat twice the love that it deserved. She often takes pictures of them, and this cat, being quite the model, faces his head towards the camera and the other to his furmom to give her a peck on the cheek. Is that adorable or what?

Off to Get His Nails Done

Just like his hooman, this cat is pretty meticulous about his grooming. He hates not having his regular visits to the vet. His mum brings him there at least twice a month. And as you can guess, it has all the perks a cat can dream of – free treats, belly rubs, and even pedis for polydactyl patients.

Image courtesy of jene – brooke / Reddit

He’s next in line. Oh, he can’t wait. He eyes the door counting down the seconds until the patient exits. Everyone except him only gets 10 minutes of undivided medical attention. 3, 2, and 1! The door opens just as he had expected, and the female cat slinks her way out of the room. He dashes in to take a seat. The time limit doesn’t apply to him.

Good Luck Charm

Some pet owners believe that their fur children are good luck charms. Typically, with dogs, the days are always filled with ab-forming laughter, while with cats, you can expect light play. Since this Reddit user had adopted this kitten, there had never been a dull moment.

Image Courtesy of Dry Sheckles / Reddit

What do you have there? The kitten closes and opens his paws and winks at Reddit user Dry Sheckles. The Redditor scratches his belly. The kitten stretches further and then extends his paws to Dry Sheckles‘ chin. Well, that’s one extra padding to rest my chin on.

Gimme A High Five

Reddit user cronkgarrow knows that his cat isn’t a morning person. But he still likes to take him on his walks to the park. Every now and then, he will put him down by a shrub where it can take shade. He pokes at the poor fella, who squints his eyes against the harsh sunlight.

Image Courtesy of cronk garrow / Reddit

Hey buddy, are you having a great time? The cat didn’t move, but it looked like he may have moved a finger. Okay, how about giving me a high five? Now, the cat looked up at him and then tentatively raised a paw. There we go! Another five minutes and we’re outta this place. Promise!

A Paw in a Paw

Reddit user sobratic method knew that her cat was special right away. It wasn’t because she was a cat, or that she had an extra paw. It was because she felt this immediate bond with the furry creature. And this furball felt the same way. It kept rubbing its neck past this Redditor’s leg.

Image courtesy of sobratic method / Reddit

What makes this cat so unique to strangers? It has got a paw in a paw. At first, it couldn’t figure out whether to rest its weight on the paw that was poking out from the side of its arm, or to use the one below. It fell several times over before realizing that it was better to use the wider one.

Big Mittens for Its Size

5 , 4 , 3, I’m coming to get 2. Alright that’s it! 1! This kitten uncovered his eyes and then sprinted to the kitchen. It stealthily climbed the countertop to get a better view. It thought it heard a noise upstairs and then went inside this Redditor’s room. It saw that the bathroom light was turned on and proceeded to the tub. Got you!

Image courtesy of cynthia dawn / Reddit

It rested its paws against the side of the tub and watched her fur mum giggle behind the curtains. Now, you’re it! Reddit user Cynthia Dawn climbed out of the tub and then carried the kitten in her arms. Are you sure you want to play another round? Or do you want a little snack? At the sound of the word treat, this furball nuzzled its neck against CynthiaDawn‘s forearms.

Perfect for Cleaning Venetian Blinds

This Redditor drew the curtains, and sunlight spilled into the room. This furball rubbed at its eyes and then asked what time is it? His fur mom proceeded to make the bed and then said You gotta get up, or you’re going to be late for work! This kitty quizically looked around, isn’t it a Sunday? His fur mom answered, it’s a Monday, and those windows need some cleaning!

Image courtesy of Fulcrum 71 / Reddit

This furball has an odd job. Because of its two tails, it gets to clean the Venetian blinds by poking its tails in them and then swiping from side to side. Then it will dip the ends of its tails into a bucket of soapy water to repeat the process. All in a day’s work, guys, all in a day’s work!

Can A Cat Get Some Sleep Around Here?

This cat dislikes having guests over. When its fur mum has any, it tries to get some shut-eye in the backyard, where his fur mom won’t be able to find him and show him off. Today, he hadn’t known she would have friends over. And 8 hours into his “nap,” he was woken up by someone pinching his paws.

Image courtesy of high roller bipolar

It’s too cute to be true! The stranger pinches again. After gaining consciousness, this cat kicks and springs to his feet. He hears water sloshing inside a pitcher and glasses clinking on the tray. Oh, no. He eyes the backyard and then jumps in time to see his mum walk into the room. Catch you later!


Sansa has been to the vet a couple times now. She has known several parents over the years but has only come to call the current one mum. The others couldn’t keep taking care of Sansa. She has so many needs just to keep her healthy.

Image Courtesy of sansa. the cat / Instagram

She can be qprettystriking. She will keep you on your toes with her different colored eyes, numerous toe beans, and jovial nature. But Sansa also suffers from hyperesthesia. That means some parts of her skin are extremely sensitive. She could have allergies from fleas or low-cost rugs, for all we know!

Switched at Birth

This Redditor can’t figure whether or not he should be feeding his cat canned tuna or raw meat. It has a voracious appetite and can consume nearly three cans in just one sitting. But give it a slab of raw meat, and it will remain satiated the whole day.

Image courtesy of robert _ sijka / Reddit

We know – it has a striking semblance to the king of the jungle. And if it weren’t for the fur, we would say someone might have switched it with a cub at birth. Like its distant relatives, this cat is packed with an ounce of wisdom and superior hunting skills.

Nothing but Love

It’s normal for this Redditor to clock in 16 hours every day at her corporate job. By the time she gets home, she can repeatedly hear customer complaints. But once she sees her fur ball lying on the couch, stomach bared like this, all of the noise fades away.

Image courtesy of Papa Wu / Reddit

Toes, the cat, is polydactyl and has 26 toes. She bends each one as momma comes to lift her off the couch. Then she drapes one arm around mum’s neck and leans close to give mum a hug. All it takes is a minute to undo the strain mum feels from work.

Unusual Bite Marks

It was a peaceful morning when the doors swung open, and a patient rushed into the clinic. He had a bandage slapped on his forearm. A light trickle of blood fell down to his elbow. I need a doctor! He was ushered into a room where he showed the unusual bitemark. The doctor wondered what had caused it.

Image Courtesy of ice age 2012 / Reddit

Who had been the perpetrator? The patient himself answered, I adopted this stray cat. It has been mistreated its whole life, and it probably thought I was out to hurt him when I stroked its fur. The doctor patched him up and gave him an anti-rabies shot. Just be careful. It takes some to win their trust. And with that, the patient nodded and went on his way.

Squeaky Clean

Ever since this Redditor adopted this cat, there hadn’t been any mice scurrying from the kitchen. As far as he knows, he hadn’t even heard of any squeaks from them either. No droppings and no food thefts. This cat had been his good luck charm.

Image courtesy of r / aww / Alien Diaper Baby / Reddit

After seeing those paws, it’s easy to understand why eliminating mice from the house had been easy. There’s really no escape once this kitten pounces on you. And the few mice that managed to escape scurried out of the property. It would be better for them to bunk on another property instead.

No Need for Hair and Makeup

This cat is quite the celebrity around town. Many kids and strangers have asked to get a picture with him. And it’s easy to figure out why – this cat is easy on the eyes because of its natural good looks. It has curled ears, white, healthy fur, and an extra set of toes.

Image courtesy of kay ky kel kip / Reddit

Unlike other cats, Phoebe has got a very short tail. Bobtail, they call it. And instead of putting Phoebe at a disadvantage, the lack of an expressive tail actually puts this cat at a premium. Bobtailed cats cost anywhere from $700 – $1200 apiece!

Too Irresistible

Reddit user Torched Banana would do anything for his cat, even having to carry him on his walks to the park. Just one look at those almond eyes, and you can find him melting like putty on the floor. We can’t blame the guy. Even we are smitten by this cat’s good looks.

Image courtesy of Torched Banana / Reddit

And those paws, who wouldn’t want to squeeze them and feel the beans pressed against the flesh of your palm? Despite getting all the attention, this cat doesn’t let it get to him. As much as his dad spoils him, he makes sure to reciprocate in kind.

Easy to Read His Emotions

If dogs can blush, then this one would. He often hides his face with his paws, because everyone can readily see through his emotions. They don’t need to look at his wagging tail to know that he’s excited to see you. All they have to do is to look at the one between his eyes!

Image Courtesy of Mac the Pitbull

Narwhal, the unicorn puppy, was found whimpering on a dumpsite. He was taken to a rescue shelter, where he was adopted by a couple and taken into their home. The vet says that there shouldn’t be any issues with his second tail and that he can keep it so long as his vision remains unimpaired.

Superb Hearing

Turkish owner Canis Dosemeci knew he had a unique cat and decided to share his love for it on social media. He created an account for him last November and has had a massive following since then. What is it with his cat anyway? For starters, it has got two sets of ears!

Image courtesy of Daily Mail Co UK

He has had his cat checked by a vet, and the doctor has told him his cat hears just fine. We had thought his cat would hear better than others given that it has twice the pair of ears others had. But we guessed wrong. This cat does have an advanced sense of hearing and can pick up higher pitches than most dogs. And that’s more than enough.

Has Stumps for Paws

Cats have good reflexes. One man tried to test a couple of cats’ reflexes by checking to see the highest height he could drop them, yet they still would manage to land on their feet. We’re fairly certain that if this cat were included, he would win out of the bunch.

Image Courtesy of Rick Mc Flick / Reddit

He has got stumps for feet. With lightning-quick reflexes and a wide base to support himself, it’s most likely that this cat will be able to land on his feet. Don’t let those stumps fool you. He might look like he is heavy, but he is as elegant as most cats slink.

Can Hold His Treats

Just how many tricks can your dog do? Bet it’s no more than five – sit, shake hands, roll on the floor, stand, and play dead. Unlike most canines, this one gets to do six. This pup can hold his treats. Just look at him hold the leaf down with one of his extra paws.

Image Courtesy of Twena Feesh / Reddit

We can only imagine how adorable this Norwegian Lundehund Puppy will look when he is all grown up. And oh, the number of tricks he will have up his sleeve. Just so you know, Norwegian Lundehund dogs are rare as is. They were bred to hunt puffins but these were nearly killed off by fishermen in the early 1900s. That is why Lundehund’s numbers dwindled to almost none. So you can only guess how rare this Lundehund pup is for having an extra toe!