Fox Gets Unmasked As The Thief Of Crocs

By Divya G

Many people have the hobby of collecting one thing or the other. Some people like to collect stamps while others like to collect comic books. Some people are also interested in building a shoe collection for themselves. A sneaky fox from Berlin falls under the category of shoe collectors. Scroll down to know more about the sneaky shoe collector from Berlin.

Image courtesy of @FHackenbruch/Reddit

The Story Of The Fox Thief

Residents of Zehlendorf have been complaining about disappearing footwear from their yards. They could not identify for a long time who had been stealing their shoes. After some time, the shoe thief was revealed as the fox. The sneaky fox finally got caught red-handed in the act of stealing shoes.

Christian Meyer, a local resident, successfully captured the mysterious thief. A photo displayed how the fox was sneaking out with a pair of blue flip-flops in her mouth. In fact, Christian could discover the entire stash of missing shoes from the neighborhood.

The collection of shoes made by the fox is quite impressive. They could discover more than hundreds of pairs of shoes in the stash. It seems that the fox has a particular fascination with crocs. Most of the stolen shoes in the stash were crocs or sandals. But unfortunately, Christian has not been able to find his own shoes yet. 

Image courtesy of @FHackenbruch/Twitter

Summing Up

The residents have become so eager to find their shoes that they are even putting up flyers. On the other hand, netizens have begun talking about a shoe collector fox in their neighborhoods. Apparently, foxes have an inclination towards collecting shoes.