45 Funny And Freaky Pet Photos Courtesy Of Panoramic Mode

By Jana I

There is a feature on our phones that allows us to take a wide-angle picture, commonly known as a fisheye, or a panorama picture. These are useful when you, for example, go hiking and want to capture a magnificent view from the top of the mountain. The panorama feature enables you to capture the sun, the clouds, and both far-right and far-left objects in one big picture, creating a curved look. However, when you take a panorama, no one should be moving out of their respective positions. Therefore, people have been using this to create hilarious pictures of their friends or pets. We have compiled 45 funny images we’ve found online of pets captured while taking a panoramic picture. Keep scrolling for a few laughs!

Dog With a Trunk

The first picture we have for you made us laugh out loud when we saw it. It’s a hilarious panorama picture of a dog, most of its body looks normal — except for its nose. It’s long and almost like an elephant’s trunk. It reminded us of Goofy from Disney.

Image Courtesy of VortexDestroyer99 / Reddit

Besides the elongated snout, one of the back legs looks a little bit wonky, too. Imagine seeing this in real life. Would you run away or try to pet the beast? We, as animal lovers, would love to pet it and cuddle with it!

Nearly Headless?

Do you remember Nearly Headless Nick from the Harry Potter series? If you’re not familiar, let us catch you up to speed. Nick was a ghost who couldn’t be included in a high-end society of headless knights since upon his death he was not fully decapitated.

Image Courtesy of oofig1 / Reddit

When we’ve seen this panorama picture of a dog without a head on its shoulders, that’s the first thing that popped into our minds. It was hilarious! If you want to give it a treat, just drop it in the hole. Reddit is full of unimaginable treasures waiting to be discovered!

Abbreviated Doggy

This next one reminded us how, nowadays, the use of abbreviations is becoming more and more prevalent, both online and in real life. People are in a rush, typing furiously on their Whatsapp or Gmail applications, dying to convey their message as soon as possible.

Image Courtesy of biscotte_the_golden / Instagram

This poor fluffer looks like it was slightly abbreviated, as well. Something is missing. We can’t figure out if it has two or three legs in the picture. The tail is definitely out of the picture. We could not contain ourselves when we saw it. There is something so comical about it.

I Said Don’t Move! Damn it, Carl!

When taking a panoramic shot, we’ve mentioned, it’s important to stay still. Don’t move, or else you’ll end up in one of these article compilations. The dog we’re about to show you is easy to miss, but once you see it, you will never unsee it.

Image Courtesy of SomeRandomCyclops / Reddit

Do you see the streaky, unrecognizable black mass between the sofa and the bed? We can’t figure out if that’s the same dog as on the couch, just in motion, or if it’s a separate dog. Either way, it’s phenomenal.

Dog Centipede

Why are dogs such victims in this? Well, probably because they can’t stay still for more than one nanosecond. And also, because people are cheeky and want to ridicule their pets as much as possible. It’s what makes life fun!

Image Courtesy of Jo Scott / Facebook

Imagine how beautiful this panorama would turn out if the dog hadn’t decided it suddenly wants six legs. It would be mesmerizing. The beach, the hues, the sunset… This pupper couldn’t contain itself. Nonetheless, the picture is amazing this way too!

What the Moo?!

Cows are considered sacred in some places. People protect them at all costs and don’t consume their milk or meat. But let us just say, there is nothing sacred about this picture. We would go as far as to call it unholy and cursed.

Image Courtesy of tarazye / Reddit

In case you couldn’t see what we’re talking about, there is a zoomed-in snipped from the full picture. This cow looks so funny, yet scary. It reminds us of a kangaroo somehow. Is it the leg or the overall upper body position? We don’t know, but it has some kangaroo energy. Or is it kangarmoo? We’ll leave…


When people lose their teeth and don’t wear fake ones, their face structure changes; it’s a very recognizable look you may remember from your grandparents or great-grandparents. This dog we’ve found has a similar energy, especially in the second picture.

Image Courtesy of Viv Barker / Facebook

We can tell that this is a glamorous, beautiful dog; however, its owner thought it would be a great idea to make fun of it. We are grateful for that decision. The second picture is what makes this compilation so good.


When you look at some dogs, you just know they are little fiery balls of anger. Some breeds are more prone to this behavior than others, like chihuahuas for example. These creatures we fear more than a pit bull — don’t judge!

Image Courtesy of giddyuplilred / Instagram

We are uncertain if this is even a chihuahua; however, it looks like one, and that’s enough to make us tremble. Whoever the owner is must be brave to pull this panorama picture. Don’t let the dog see it, or you’re done, friend.

Chonky and Wonky

We decided to stay on the topic of aggressive, tiny, ferocious chihuahuas. Trust us, we don’t want to. However, some pictures are just too good to pass up. This one made us laugh our bottoms off! And also squirm in case of danger…

Image Courtesy of Willy988 / Reddit

The owner took the opportunity to make this iconic snapshot. First of all, the dog looks chunky as heck; second of all, it looks wonky as heck, too. The eyes, the ears, the tummy — it’s a chef’s kiss; all of it!

Oh, Lord…

When animals get stung by bees, it creates a very unique look. Dogs get swollen noses, mouths, heads — it’s not a beautiful sight, but it’s a funny one. Why do we bring that up? Well, these two failed panorama shots reminded us of bee stings.

Image Courtesy of Niko Elizabeth / Facebook

These dogs are gorgeous, we can tell. The second one is a cute pitbull, whereas the first one resembles a White Shepherd. Both are beautiful, smart, and loyal, but the owner did such a dirty deed. We can’t deny the photos are comical, though!

Poor Cotton!

This is Cotton. It’s a wonderful dog, with fluffy, soft fur, a goofy personality, and a kind heart. It loves its owners, its loyal and nice — most of the time. And what do the owners decide to do? Make a panorama of it to see what it looks like, of course!

Image Courtesy of Kimberly McWilliams Krohlow / Facebook

The owner put a normal photo of herself and Cotton for reference. We then realize what monstrosity they created. It looks like a dog centipede. We hope the owners are happy and satisfied with the outcome of their curiosity. We might have nightmares.

‘I am Okay!’

This next dog brings us back to a scary sphere of anxious, trembling chihuahuas. However, there is a little Yorkie there that balances the picture out. The owners took a panorama and shortened this dog for a whole pair of legs.

Image Courtesy of colemichaelmannuzza / Instagram

The poor dog even looks tired of its owners’ shenanigans. The Yorkie is invested, though. Someone commented it wants to check if it still smells the same. We haven’t been able to regain our composure ever since we read that comment.

Cerberus, is That You?

Cerberus was a ferocious dog guarding the Underworld in Greek Mythology. It was an inspiration to many stories, folklore, and fantasy series that proceeded, even until today. Cerberus was a three-headed dog, almost impossible to go by on your way to Hades.

Image Courtesy of parenthetical_phrase / Reddit

This beautiful pupper resembles Cerberus. The owner stated how they took this image a decade ago and only recently figured out the glitch. No photoshop, no editing, just pure timing and a wrong/perfect one at that. The dog is oblivious, which makes it that much cuter.

Puppy Eyes

When someone gives you the puppy eyes it means they plead for something that you can give them. This is common among children that want candy or toys. The puppy dog eyes are difficult to resist, especially when followed by the puckered lower lip.

Image Courtesy of cp90co / Reddit

These Shih Tzu pupils are huge! Not only that, but its eyes are extremely close together. This is the epitome of puppy dog eyes. This friendly pupper just wanted some quality time with the owners, and they used it to ridicule it! Come here baby; we will protect you!

The Longest Boy

Huskies are not known for loving hot, dry areas with no snow or proper winter. They come from extremely cold, snowy, and ruthless climates. It makes us wonder, how did these owners manage to bring their Husky to the beach? Oh well!

Image Courtesy of sfshia / Reddit

Oh, our sincerest apologies! We’ve mistaken this ginormous, long caterpillar for a Husky! It will never happen again! Even the dog in the right corner is confused — “Where did my friend go?!” it probably wonders. Caterpillar or husky, we love it!

Three Stages of Anger

It seems like, wherever we go, we can’t escape the inevitable danger tiny chihuahuas bring. We are starting to feel extremely anxious and on edge! Someone get this off our desk! Before that, we have one more picture for you!

Image Courtesy of Sebastian D Ayles / Facebook

We call this one: of the three stages of anger. First comes the confusion: “did you really say that to me, in that tone?!” Then, secondly, there is the I will stand up for myself! phase. Lastly is the I’m ignoring you until I can’t anymore, and I’ll just attack.

Puppy From Chernobyl

This owner took their puppy Petunia out for a fetch session. They played, and enjoyed basking in the sun when the owner had an amazing idea: let’s take a panorama picture and see how it turns out! Little did they know, their puppy was about to change…

Image Courtesy of Anjacember Rowe / Facebook

It looks like it came straight from Chernobyl, or one of those sketchy websites that sell for cheap, like Wish. What we know for certain, is that it looks as if it was exposed to some toxic waste or radioactive substances.

Borzoi 2000

Borzois are such gorgeous, elegant, fragile dogs. We love them! They are tenacious, thin, and extremely beautiful. Their noses are naturally very long, so when you see this picture, you might think it’s an awful dog breed, that is somehow a cross between a canine and an anteater…

Image Courtesy of DropKickNinja130 / Reddit

It resembles a mask they used for the plague, but we promise, the dog breed itself is magnificent. It’s like a mix of a dog and a horse. Poor baby has the saddest eyes we’ve ever seen. It evokes our motherly and fatherly instincts; we just want to cuddle it!

T-Rex Pup

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth long before people came. Despite all the evidence and agreement in the scientific community, there are still some that dispute it. But we have a more pressing issue at hand: a living T-rex was spotted in the park the other day.

Image Courtesy of Sketchypine / Reddit

This failed panorama shot captured a dog running across the grass. In this unfortunate event, the pup looks like T-rex, with long back legs and zero front legs/arms. The good boy looks so cheerful and oblivious, which makes it even more hilarious.

Oh Boy…

These proud parents were preparing their soon-to-come baby in a nursery room. Additionally, they wanted to take a cute picture for memory purposes, we assume. What they didn’t see coming was their dog infiltrating the picture and creating an ominous effect.

Image Courtesy of kyledaters / Instagram

Now the nursery isn’t an innocent, proudful moment for the parents, but something you’d expect from paranormal, horror movies, like The Conjuring. The dog’s whole head is completely missing. We love this moment; it will certainly become a fond memory.

Sausage and Seven-Headed Monster

Sometimes these failed panorama snapshots turn out amazing! To clarify: you can even make up a story based on distorted animals. For example in this one, we introduce to you Sausage and Seven-Headed Monster. Do not fret; they are extremely friendly and work for treats!

Image Courtesy of Greg Taylor / Facebook

Molly the Sausage and Lina the Seven-Headed Monster were chilling near a river when a strange man approached them. He wanted to take a picture. The good girls posed like catwalk models. “Did someone say cat?! Where?! It went that way? Run!!!”

Almost Perfect

When we saw this next picture, we thought to ourselves: “finally! A good panorama picture!” Oh how wrong we were. This mistake is so easy to miss, especially because of the sky and clouds in the background. Take a look!

Image Courtesy of parenthetical_phrase / Reddit

This wonderful dog standing on the beach is an amazing model! We love it. However, if you take a closer look at the left side of the picture, you’ll notice a floating dog’s head. It was too good to be true. There can never be a perfect panorama with a dog.

The Long Hose

Call the fire department; they’ve left their hose in this people’s yard! Wait, that’s not a hose… It’s a dog, and a long dog at that! Someone took this panorama picture and created one of the longest bois that ever boied.

Image Courtesy of FGamer34 / Reddit

The poor pupper was just relaxing on this comforting spring afternoon when the owner decided to make a joke. The joke was successful, no doubt about that. The dog looks more like a snake or a hose than a dog. It reminds us of dried grass that cows eat.

Three-Eyed Raven

Who remembers Game of Thrones? We want to forget it, but to no avail. The last season was an embarrassment — and that’s an understatement. It ruined the whole show, alas! We must remain positive. The Three-Eyed Raven is an important character, so to say.

Image Courtesy of GlitchyMic / Reddit

This dog is still a better Three-Eyed Raven than Bran Stark ever was. Sorry, but not sorry! We said it here first, and we are not sorry about it! Other than that, we could imagine this puppy is straight out of a radioactive field in Chernobyl. Poor thing…


This one might be one of our favorites, just because both panorama pictures turned out iconic. This will be forever ingrained in our frontal lobe from now on. This owner knew what they were doing. Take a look at the sweet, precious dog.

Image Courtesy of scouttheborder / Instagram

In the first one, the dog turned out cockeyed, and in the second one, it has a dislocated jaw. In fact, it looks like someone tried to recreate a realistic version of a cartoon dog. Either way, it has an adorably derpy face.


There are some legendary cartoon dog characters, like Goofy, Pluto, Scooby-Doo. All of them have a distinct look, but a trait they share is a large, thick, and long nose. This dog reminded us of that, and we wanted to share.

Image Courtesy of bailey.spamiel / Instagram

This dog looks gorgeous, well, besides the obvious distortion. The fur is luscious and wavy. It looks soft and well kept. Imagine what would a bark coming from this big of a mouth sound like. It would scare us to the core.

What a Wonderful World!

Dogs are special creatures. Do you know why? Because a mere sight of a happy-go-lucky dog can make our day better 100%! There is something so pure and wholesome about a content dog, with its tongue out, and its waggy tail…

Image Courtesy of Michelle Min / Facebook

This innocent corgi looks so excited to be there. It is happy just to be a part of their owners’ daily routine. Although, something weird has happened to its mouth and tongue. Maybe an evil owner used a panorama feature? We will never know…

No Thoughts Just Meow Meow

Finally, after so many canine friends, it’s time for a cat failure panorama extravaganza. This one made us giggle so hard, our friends were extremely curious to see what is it all about. You could say they were as curious as a cat…

Image Courtesy of Leila Ard / Facebook

This calico beauty was turned into a disturbing loaf! You could tell it is gorgeous, with bright greenish eyes, patterns, and hidden mittens. Its face now looks like it holds no thoughts, just meows and a need for unlimited food supplies. Come here, kitty!

Did Ya See What Sally Did?!

Nosy neighbors are one thing, but noisy animals?! They exist, yeah, believe it or not. Like this cat for example. It was so curious about what the neighbors did that morning, that it developed a longer neck than usual to get a gander.

Image Courtesy of baerra21 / Reddit

The person took a perfect moment and went with it. The panorama feature really encapsulated this cat’s personality as a whole. Curiosity, hopefully, won’t kill this cat, cause we love its fluffy fur and elongated neck! We would call this panorama successful!

Two Goofs

We’ll get back to cats, but dogs, somehow, have more panorama fail compilations than we anticipated. Is that because dogs are, by nature, more prone to “accidents”? Whatever the case might be, we have another failed dog panorama; take a look.

Image Courtesy of Shelby Bender Gareau / Facebook

These two look adorable even though they have three eyes and no upper jaw and nose. We’d still love to pet them, cuddle them and call them good boys and girls. The truth is, we can’t imagine them without these horrid transformations either. Goofs.


We’ve all read and heard about unicorns. If you haven’t known about them as a child, you have seen them in movies or TV shows. They are inevitable. These magical creatures, unfortunately, do not exist, and we can’t describe how devastated we were when we found out…

Image Courtesy of dmmorri / Reddit

You know about unicorns, now, have you heard of the unicycle? This user wanted to make a beautiful panorama picture of a horse race, and instead made another mythical creature in relation to the horse. Centaurs, unicorns, and unicycles — what a trio.

Hot Dog

Have you ever wondered why hot dogs are called hot dogs? The common idea is that it came to be in the 1800s, and it was just a joke about Germans’ small, long dogs, dachshunds. These cute yet tenacious dogs stole the hearts of many.

Image Courtesy of Lizzy Wade / Facebook

Now, whether this is a dachshund dog we can’t know for certain. However, what we can tell you is that it looks like one heck of a long hot dog sausage. A broad meadow and the countryside is no place for an urban hot dog, but alright.

Tweet, Tweeeeeeeeeeet

We’ve seen enough of dogs and even some cats and horses. We haven’t discussed birds yet, so we will take this perfect opportunity to include a failed picture of a parrot. Believe it or not, it’s not because the bird was flying.

Image Courtesy of Alpaca Molly / Facebook

We can’t tell if the parrot was flying to or away from the camera, or even just sitting still. The owner probably moved the camera on purpose to create this head extension. Perhaps the wind blew a bit too hard at the moment. At this point, we can only assume. Good picture though!

Iconic Baby Shower

A baby shower is an important day for ladies expecting a child. They are a perfect opportunity for closest friends and family to gather and celebrate the coming of a newborn baby. It’s a day of celebration, laughter, good food, and delicious drinks (non-alcoholic for the baby mama).

Image Courtesy of Ginny Morgan / Facebook

She just wanted to have a nice picture to capture a moment with all her closest friends, and one puppy had to ruin it. Instead of a wholesome photo, she got a hilarious panorama shot of her adorable dog, or a monster that her dog turned into entering panorama mode. Comical.

Damn Carl!

Cats are something else. Dog people, don’t get angry. It’s enough that you are widely accepted and loved by everyone. We, as cat people, are misunderstood, crazy and toxic just because we love cats. Give us a break! Cats are special!

Image Courtesy of kitasanhilack / Twitter

We’ve spent some good time talking about the superiority cats have over dogs, just to show you this picture of two cats. One is fully bewildered and shocked, and the other is about meter and a half long. Yes, superior.

Magic Act

Let’s stay on the topic of cats a bit; we like it here. Did you know that cats sleep up to 13 to 14 hours a day?! It’s a wild fact, but it’s true. However, it’s interesting how when you are in the mood to play or annoy them, they disappear and hide somewhere no one can find them.

Image Courtesy of UltraVioletSnailz / Reddit

We have a perfect example here. The owner was in the mood for some shenanigans, but the cat felt that chaotic energy and disappeared — quite literally. Well, the magic trick wasn’t successful all the way; a tail was left.

Bloody Mary…?

If you say Bloody Mary in front of the mirror three times in a row, terrible things happen. At least, that’s the legend we were told as children. We were frightened. To this day, we don’t dare say those two words anywhere.

Image Courtesy of yagirlindsey / Twitter

We’re afraid that, if we do, something like what happened to this dog could happen to us. If you’re confused, just look at the dog’s reflection. This is a top-tier comedy if you ask us. Even the pupper looks frightened.

Is It a Plane, Is It a Bird?!

Now about this next one, we weren’t sure at first what were we looking at exactly. It looked like a combination of different animals. Is it a horse, dog, bird, or cat? It turns out, this is a dog presenting itself as a vicious black eagle!

Image Courtesy of amypfluecke / Instagram

The parts that we can distinguish are the head and two legs; the rest is just a blur. It looks indistinguishable which is what makes it so amazing and open to interpretation. It’s not only a panorama, it’s a riddle, too!

Nightmare Fuel

This photo is what we think about when we go to bed. It both intrigues us and frightens us. It has so many layers; it’s amazing! Of course, it includes a cat, but this time, it includes another body part, but one that doesn’t come from a cat.

Image Courtesy of Shiba_inu45 / Reddit

This kitty looks like it has a scarf; a sausage scarf, to be precise. Now, are these really sausages? Well, no. These are just a person’s fingers. It does look fashionable, though. This kitty has some style! Kudos to the photographer and a perfect opportunity!


One of the things dogs like most and will always react to are: balls! We could include squirrels, birds, and other dogs on this list, but balls take the cake. This panorama picture not only looks hilarious but it encapsulates the dog’s enthusiasm when it comes to this toy.

Image Courtesy of brandyandpip / Instagram

This picture is why we love dogs. They are so eager and enthusiastic about almost everything. This doggo uses all its six, seven(?) legs to disperse into different sides and make some attempt to catch this distorted ball. What a cutie pie!

Doggo Stairs

This next panorama picture shows us how, if you believe hard enough, you can become anything you want. Stella wanted to be a pair of stairs. Once she saw them, she couldn’t help herself but join and mimick them. It’s so inspirational.

Image Courtesy of Shannon Snell / Facebook

This owner is sneaky, though, to use this opportunity as Stella wanted to sniff some grass or take a potty break; shady behavior, owner, shady behavior! Stella, come to us. We will treat you better; we will love you and hug you and give you treats whenever you wish!

Beautiful Fail

This one takes the cake as one of the most beautiful failed panorama shots we’ve seen while putting together this list. The colors are amazing; the photographing ability is on point, and the photo quality is crystal clear; impeccable! Yet, someone photobombed it…

Image Courtesy of Jamobinks / Reddit

This cheeky, goofy, little doggy decided it was a perfect opportunity to show its summer body. Maybe it moved a bit to make it slimmer, snatched if you will…We can’t judge; let’s not pretend as we’ve never done it ourselves. Come on now…

So Hungry It Broke

Did you notice how pets get dramatic when they’re not fed at the time they find fit? It’s so funny and entertaining to watch. Well, until they jump on top of you at 3 a.m while you’re sleeping and they scream in your ear. Yeah…

Image Courtesy of hugogrouchomishka / Instagram

This is what we imagine happens in cats’ heads when they feel hungry. Their head changes shape, they stick their tongues out, and they are, practically, on the verge of dying. They are such drama queens; we love it! The panorama was successful!

Oh No…

Let’s change it up a bit. We showed one horse here; it was a unicycle, remember? Good! Now, let’s focus again. This one is not like that, but even better. We could imagine calling this one a tripod. Once you see this picture, you’ll understand.

Image Courtesy of LeucisticFred / Imgur

First of all, this poor fella is cut in half! Second of all, it has three legs. It reminds us of an ostrich, with long legs, but a compact, thick body. We have a wish to hug and squeeze it. However, we can’t imagine riding it, though.

Cyclops, Woof!

Let’s talk about Greek mythology a bit. Cyclops were children of Poseidon, God of the ocean and ocean waters. Cyclops had one interesting thing about them: they had only one eye in the middle of their face. We’ve found one!

Image Courtesy of lesliemello/ Instagram

This puppy not only resembles a cyclops but also looks kind of sly and tricky like it’s waiting for you to not pay attention so it can sneak into the snack’s cabinet. This panorama picture was so well caught; it cracked us up!