Meet The Movie Star Humphrey J Hedgehog

By Divya G

How many times have you been fascinated by the glamorous life inside a movie? If you are someone who has always been smitten by the life of movie stars, you will be envious of Humphrey J Hedgehog. It seems that Humphrey J is living his life inside a movie. Scroll down to find out how Humphrey J Hedgehog got the chance to star in a movie.

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Humphrey J Hedgehog And His Movie 

Humphrey J Hedgehog got to star in a movie, and the credit goes to his pet parent. Diane Modafferi, the pet parent of Humphrey J, works in the film and television industry. She has used her own imagination to make an entire film starring her pet hedgehog. The film highlights all the adventures of the little guy. 

Diane creates whimsical sets and backdrops to shoot the film for her pet hedgehog. She also uses lighting and props to enhance the film. Diane’s work behind the camera deserves all the praise. But Humphreys’ antics after facing the camera are truly commendable.

Humphrey is quite fond of his job as an actor. He gets quite a few mealworms as treats for doing his job. According to his pet mother, Humphrey knows his best angles and works as a supermodel in front of the camera.

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Wrapping Up

You will be fascinated by seeing the adventures of the teeny tiny creature captured by his pet mother. You can also look at the behind-the-scenes of the film and have double fun.