If They Fits, They Sits: 45 Epic DIY Cardboard Cat Castles

By Aileen D

So here’s another reason to love-hate cats. They have a better crib than we do. We all know how much cats love boxes more than anything else, so let’s stop trying to fight it and embrace the truth. Some fur parents have built their kitties stone brick castles with playpens and even multi-level parking for guests. Some go as far as including blinds in their new found escape rooms. If that doesn’t sound impressive, we don’t know what is. Would you ever consider building your furry felines one of these fantastic cat-doms? Some fur parents say no. However, after seeing these pictures, we think we can sympathize with these cats. Who wouldn’t want to lounge away the afternoon alone in a massive fort?

Queen Daenerys

This fluffball and her fluff mom are a fan of Game of Thrones. They were team Targaryen all the way. That’s where they got their inspiration for this castle design. Melt a ton of swords and then craft them into a lofty fort. What have you got?

Image Courtesy of Pre Fab Cat / R / Cats / Reddit

This fur mom didn’t want her cat having to leap unto the top floor. To keep her fluffball regal, she designed these stairs like a spire which led to the only room in the house. It’s the perfect design for the breaker of chains and the mother of dragons.

Ready for a Move-In

Like most cats, this kitty is used to playing on his own. Just give him a ball of yarn, and he can stay content in a room for 30 minutes (let’s be realistic). But give him a castle with an extra bunk below, and he just might get cozy to the idea of having a brand new playmate.

Image Courtesy of Zephito / r/ Cats / Reddit

Of course, this cat didn’t mind the extra space. He slept on the top bunk and played on the lower bunk. But when his fur dad brought in a new cat, he readily showed the newbie the space downstairs. There’s still enough room for both of us if you want to play hide-and-seek from dad.

Modernist Design

Xiki Mai and his cat share a love for space and natural lighting. So they thought it best to design a house that featured both. After building this modern house, Xiki Mai saw his cat less and less as the cat loved to spend his time lounging on this makeshift porch.

Image courtesy of bmd / [deleted / Cat DI Why / Reddit

Only then did this fur dad learn that his cat loved to sleep outdoors. It was the only way this furball could see the stars out at night. Plus, he got to see what his hooman was up to. He may not be at his hooman’s beck and call, but he would be there with a hand wave. It was the least he could do after being given the title to this house.

Quite the Strategist

You don’t have to break the bank when you’re buying a bed for your cat. With a great deal of creativity, patience, and basic know-how of puzzle design, you can craft a beautiful fort like this. But we would probably think twice about letting our cat use it. It’s too pretty to ruin.

Image courtesy of tiicky / r/ Cats / Reddit

Missile defense system on. The cat eyes the enemies nearing the distance. 50 miles….30. His head disappears as he mans the cannons. He loads one and then fires it up. He puts his paw to his ears and then ducks. In 5 seconds, he hears the muffled swoosh of the cannonball pass through the barrel and land on the lawn. Then he calls on his comrades to take their positions.

How High Up

This fur dad knows his cat likes a bit of a challenge. His cat is lithe on his feet, so jumping is a natural talent. But how far and high can this fluff ball go? He designs a castle spanning a meter-and-a-half long; then, he shows it to his cat. What do you think?

Image Courtesy of paradoxical anomaly / r/ cats / Reddit

He’ll add more floors as he deems fit. But right now, his cat seems to like having four tiers to the castle. His cat frequents the dungeons where the darkness shrouds him. Here, his cat can pretend not to hear his fur dad call him during dinner time.

Tunnels and Trenches

Lola the Cat can jump pretty high. But her favorite skill is sneaking into tight nooks and dark corners. That’s why her fur dad built her this fort. It’s complete with tunnels and trenches for soldiers loyal to Lola’s cause – taking over the fields and planting catnips.

Image Courtesy of tasty teeths / r/ cats / Reddit

Of course, the farmers sharply disapproved of Lola’s plans. Where would they get their food? But the feline didn’t care, even if it meant ousting the farmers of their livelihood or land. Do you think this fur dad made a mistake building Lola the Cat a fortress?

Ghouls and Goth

We have to give this fur dad a round of applause. Inspired by Gothic design, he built this castle with an emphasis on the vertical structure and the use of natural light. Those expansive windows cast out all ghouls that inhabit the forbidden fortress during the daytime.

IMage Courtesy of [deleted] / r/ cats / Reddit

Sure, the cat might shrink closer to the back of the wall. But this fur dad only has to turn the castle, with its back facing the sun, to keep the castle shrouded in darkness once again. Oh, if only we had parents who could read our minds as perceptibly as this.

All Occupied

A small number of cats know how to share their toys and spaces. But most, like this one, are pretty territorial when it comes to the castles they inhabit. One look at this, and we understand why. Wouldn’t you want to keep this castle all to yourself?

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / r/ cats / Reddit

This fur dad bought this solid castle to show all the feudal lords who is the real boss. Different clans tried to attack the chateau and oust Ridly from power, but this castle is impenetrable to date. We reckon this will continue for hundreds of years after Ridly the cat’s reign.

Castle of Pombal

To date, this is one of the better-preserved Templar castles in the world. You can only find it in Syria, whereas you can find others on the northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The Crusaders had to build these castles for food storage and as a place to nurse wounded soldiers.

Image courtesy of oak_ lea / R / cats / Reddit

What gave this castle away? A Crusader can be identified by no other than the Knights Templar cross. They are willing to fight until martyrdom. After all, they have assured a place in heaven for waging a religious war. This castle alone can hold about 4,000 troops.

Lower the Drawbridge

It isn’t a castle if there isn’t a drawbridge. At least, that’s what this furball thought. He begged and clawed his stepdad to assemble his castle with one. And he got just what he wished for. Today, this furball teaches his fellow lads how to raise and lower the drawbridge.

Image courtesy of soph cats / R / Cats / Reddit

You have to pull it quickly to keep enemies from entering the castle. But raise it slow enough to allow our lads a safe retreat. Then he nudges the cats to grip the ropes and then pull with their teeth. 1, 2, 3…Pull! Their whiskers twitch and the drawbridge rises, until they are engulfed in darkness.

Stone Walls

This fur dad was thinking one step ahead. His cat liked to mark his territory. So, he needed to build a castle that could house a bed and a litter box. He tapped his chin, then rummaged through his drawers. His eyes lit up as he drew one item from the stockpile.

Image courtesy of will _ never _ lol / R / Cats / Reddit

He found the end of the duct tape, spread it apart, and then slapped it across the cardboard box. That was the last unadorned area. He showed the castle to his cat, who took his time to sniff the space. Meanwhile, he placed cushions around the litterbox just by the dungeon.

At the Summit

You mustn’t forget. One of the best defenses a court can have is location. Build it up high a mountain, where enemies would find the climb difficult. This castle was built close to the summit and was inspired by the Duffus Castle in Moray and the Edinburgh Castle in the United Kingdom.

Image courtesy of dark akarin / Reddit

Unfortunately, foes and friends find it difficult to reach this castle. Most reach mid-stairs and then give up, yelling for the King up north to meet them halfway. Some fall off the cliffs and land a loud thud on the rough carpet below. Like we said, build a castle up high – that’s one of the best defenses there is.

Outside Castle Walls

It took this cat years to plan his attack on the old king. It had to be perfect, as seen on his battle maps and strategies. After forcing the king out of his castle, he meted a swift end to his fallen foe. Then he cherished his victory like the braggart that he is.

Image Courtesy of The Scratch of Zorro / Reddit

He stretched both arms wide and then dabbed his fur dad. What time is lunch? He licked at his nose and slurped the caked blood on his mouth. He showed the fallen body of the old king by his side. He turns to his dad and asks again; I said, what time is lunch going to be served, barman?

Just Moved In

This fur parent had a spare room in the house. He thought it best to adopt a child from the shelter, so he did. He picked these two kittens and then relocated them in this picturesque Victorian house. It might not look like it, but these kittens adore the place.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / r / cats / reddit

With treats in hand, this fur dad tried to bait his kids into getting out of the house. But the two kept chasing their tails or cleaning their fur. They loved staying indoors and pawing through the windows. Just what was outside that would beat the comfy and lush interior?


These two keep to themselves. The townsfolk are afraid of them and often change paths when encountering them. Why wouldn’t they? They have made a portable tent of cloth, canvas, and the skin of fallen enemies. That’s how everyone knows how good a warrior they are.

Image courtesy of trees above the clouds / Imgur

These two often go on trips around the country. They load everything on a horse and go on their way. But most of the time, they travel on foot, bringing this tepee on their back. You can bet this simple-looking tepee can withstand the harsh winds of the West.

Life in Film

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cats are absolute drama queens. One minute they’re cold and snobbish. The next, they’re begging for your attention. And to her luck, this cat has made a fortune out of it. She’s the face of every Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer feature film.

Image Courtesy of Skary 1983 / Reddit

From time to time, she goes on breaks. She quickly skedaddles to the kitchen to get some refreshments. No one is allowed in her booth. She knows just by smell if someone else had gone in there. She goes berserk when someone does.

Catch Me if You Can

Of all the castles we have seen, this one has the most defenses. It has got arrow slits, battlements, dungeons, and sky-high towers. Enemies can never guess just where the attack from the castle is coming from. Whoever designed this castle created an architectural feat!

Image Courtesy of mnhaverland / Reddit

And just why did this fur dad create this castle for his cat? Apart from his blind affection for the latter, he knew his catto had such a short attention span. Leave her alone for a second, and she will rub her whole body against your foot. But after he had created this tower, this cat could be left to play alone for days on end.

Only Smalls and Mediums

We have got a host of reasons why we love Walmart. This retail shop has an impressive array of produce and yummy cheeses. If you order online, you can expect the packages to be delivered the next day on your front steps. And lastly, we can repurpose their boxes for our cat’s castles.

Image Courtesy of graves . rory / Reddit

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that cats love the retail shop. Walmart has got a great line of food and catnip for felines. It also has the perfect-sized boxes to create a castle, moat, and dungeon. That’s how Walmart gives back to its loyal customers – humans, and furballs, alike.

Up for Grabs

Just because you don’t have a furball doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own castle design. Reddit user joejoetheclown had seen the other drafts and knew he could do one better. He sketched the castle with a pencil in hand and then glued the entire thing to majestic awe.

Image Courtesy of joe joe the clown / Reddit

This castle is up for grabs! It’s a good thing Reddit user joejoetheclown doesn’t own a pet. It’s not like cats can appreciate such intricate work anyway. But we sure do! Someone please, just take our money! We have got to bring this castle home STAT!

Not Letting Down Her Tail

This is the umpteenth time she was woken from her sleep. She slips on a robe and then looks out the window. She tucks away the tangle of hair by her ears and listens to the prince cry below. Rapunzel, rapunzel let down your tail. She snickers and turns around. I shall not.

Image Courtesy of princepeachblossom / @princepeachblossom / Instagram

She has smitten so many princes as she walked this bridge, commanding her troops and arrowmen into position. Contrary to what the tales have told, Rapunzel doesn’t require saving. She’s doing most of it in this queendom all by herself.

The Great Imperial Palace

If you browse up on history, you will read that the Chinese are pretty Sinocentric. There was a time they believed the world revolved around them, so anyone beyond the imperial compound was considered less. But with engineering feats such as this, it’s easy to understand why they think highly of themselves.

Image courtesy fo Nat_ Log 3982 / Reddit

This beautiful fortress is modeled after the Tuancheng Fortress and the Gyantse Dzong Castle. It can house a hundred thousand troops and protect the people from Japanese aggression. Look at that lone general exiting the castle doors after training his army. He’s quite a beauty too.

Effort that Counts

You might wonder why this castle is placed on the list. It seems pretty unimpressive and ordinary compared to the rest. But it’s admired by many Redditors for having a design that mimics medieval castle battlements. Take one look, and you just might agree.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

Just what are battlements? These are walls on the castle roof. The high walls, otherwise known as merlons, house archers who duck or take shield from enemy attacks. The spaces between are called crenels, where arrowmen poise themselves to release drawn arrows. You might encounter a fencer by the crenels now and then.

Not As It Appears

It seems like historians and engineers should take notes from Reddit user kakafacee‘s design. Whereas most castles draw the attention of neighboring rivals, this castle was designed to thwart them. Outwardly, this castle seems unworthy of even a passing glance. But take a sneak peek, and you will be surprised with its intricate interior.

Image courtesy of kaka facee / Reddit

This Redditor first designed the interior before gluing the scaffolding of the castle. His primary intent was to create a bed for his cat. So it was important that his cat loved the canopy he had designed within. It was a successful mission – to see that his cat refused to leave his royal chambers.

Pastries for Sale

Since he could imagine, this feline had dreamed of becoming a baker. He would knead the dough, let it sit, and watch it become a delectable masterpiece from outside the oven. Oh, if only he could rent the building on 22nd Street.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

Fortunately, this cat has got a very supportive fur mum. She kept the entire thing a surprise. She bought some books, enlisted the help of some friends, and helped this cat put up shop in their very home. If that doesn’t count as unconditional love, we don’t know what will.

Purr-fect, Just As I Like It

This fur parent and his furball often butt heads. Both are radically creative but have different artistic tastes. But one thing is for sure; they love each other. This fur parent thought to create a modern home for his furball. But the latter wasn’t having any of it. He modified the design to his liking.

Image Courtesy of Demented Spawn Arts / R / Cats / Reddit

Now, doesn’t that just look purr-fect? This cat’s tail whisks at the wind. It bent its head and ducked the heavy portcullis by the front. Then it peered out from the darkness to look at his fur parent. Thank meow for putting this thing together. I’ve even got my scratch corner to curb my tantrums.

Up One Floor

Everyone couldn’t help but stare at this Insta-worthy picture of Reddit user frianddidloo‘s cat. It stared up at them, arm resting on the battlements, inhaling the damp smell of victory in the air. Although the glue had yet to dry, the castle building had finally been completed.

Image Courtesy of fri and did lo / REddit

It lounges on the battlement for a couple of minutes more. Sunlight beat gently on his healthy fur and illuminated his sharp features. Then he slid down the ramp and lay on his tummy. He took a power nap and then sprung out of his castle to check the territory.

Call Mine

We had to do a double-turn. This castle doesn’t look the least bit like a cat home. It almost looks like a playpen. It has three tall towers with castle bridges connecting all three battlements and dungeons. This cat-dom is ruled by three cats who occupy one of three said towers.

Image courtesy of Naver / Blog Post

Everyone was quick to call mine. But every day, ownership of the towers changed. There’s something to love in each. One is the highest, the other has the best vantage point for archers, while the last is the nearest to the village. What tower would you choose and why?

Intense Training

This kitty and her coach are quite the dream team. Both are prepping for the Kitty Olympics. This kitty has mastered nearly every skill in the playbook – handstands, cast splits, walkovers, tumblings, handsprings, and split leaps. But lately, she’s been focusing on tap swings on the bars.

Image courtesy of Mushrooooom 637887 / Reddit

And the best way to do that is to practice the routine on these holes. This kitty will come off the bar briefly and then try to re-grab it. As you can guess, this trick requires a great deal of abdominal strength. So you can bet this gal has got a ripped 6-pack set.

The Beginning of an End

For a long time, castles were only designed with arrow slits. But these folks had made an exciting discovery involving gunpowder and cannons. Now, they put mallets on the wall to make those narrow arrow slits into wider gun loops. Now, this castle is the most impenetrable of them all.

Image Courtesy of erbn / Imgur

And it all starts with a good offense. They would place the end of cannons in those gun loops at the Corgi castle. That ensured that a mass of soldiers would disband. Sometimes cannonballs would startle enemies by following carefully drawn maps and strategies. The only drawback is that they can only fire one up every couple of minutes.

More Like It

Redditor Maf Honey adopted this stray cat from the animal home. He was told that it was abandoned by its owner out of the belief that it brought him bad luck. Maf Honey looked at this cat and only saw pure innocence. But a couple of years later, he’s starting to rethink that decision.

Image courtesy of Maf Honey / Reddit

He loves his cat dearly. That hasn’t changed. But he can’t understand why it doesn’t like the fort he had designed. Every time he tries to iron the box, his cat heaves its body weight unto the surface like a wrestler and then fixes it.

Hear the Bell Tolls

Of all the castles in this country, this is the one that has remained intact for a millennium. How come? It was built to spite non-believers. At precisely 8 o’clock, you will hear the clanging of the bells and the soft patter of footsteps. Townsfolk head towards the church.

Image courtesy of prefabcat @prefabcat / Instagram

The all-knowing pastor stands guard by the door and looks at his flock. He greets each with a nod and then turns to the altar. He whisks the table clean with a flick of his tail and then spreads his paws. Brothers and sisters, we are gathered here today to hear the feline word. Everyone’s whiskers twitch in anticipation.

Trojan Duck

Try as they might, these Troys can’t penetrate the city’s thick walls. They had traveled to the island by boat, and now they’re running out of food. They have to strike fast and deliver a blow. They just didn’t know how. Fortunately, one wise man had an idea.

Image courtesy of pre fab cat / R/ Cats / Reddit

We will leave them a parting gift. The Trojans fit themselves into the spacious container and then stayed still. Once the Trojan Duck was carried into the city, they orchestrated an attack their enemy had not seen coming. It was a glorious victory for the Trojans- all thanks to this duck.

Minimalist Wins

Reddit user stelle fedder thought it was an excellent competition to have to build his furball his own home. It could doubly serve as his playground. He just had to make sure that his cat would enjoy it and that the castle would match the aesthetic design of his flat.

Image courtesy of stelle feder/ r/ cats / Reddit

With chin in hand, he reckoned it was safest to go minimalist. He took a bunch of cardboard boxes, arranged them neatly atop each other, and then cut holes and shapes into each. In less than an hour, he was finished. His cat purred to give him credit. Well done!

We’ll Fit

We all know how ingenious the Japanese are. After all, if you’re looking for quality products at a reasonably affordable price, all you need to do is browse for Japanese products. This makeshift bed isn’t any different. It had been designed and assembled with the user in mind.

Image Courtesy of Main C00n / Reddit

His cats loved to fit themselves into tight spaces. So he thought it best to scrounge for old, compressed boxes and then place them atop each other for a high-rise condo unit. Now, all that’s left to do is tuck each tenant into the tight nook.

Needing Some Love

After a long day, this fur dad takes off his shoes, stretches his neck, and then shuffles to the first room on the right. He’s sure he will find family there. Without calling out to his furball, the latter walks steadily towards him and then leaps gracefully into his arms.

Image Courtesy of moof as a caw / r / cats / Reddit

So if you’re feeling low, all you need to do is head down to the cat shack. Just take the word of this fur dad. He does it every time he gets off work. It takes a couple of minutes, and you will feel swell right after. The best part is that you can get that high any time of the day!

Humble Abode

Unlike other cats, Peanuts isn’t a fan of towering heights. Sure, he can climb steep walls, but he would prefer not to. That is why his dad designed this humble abode to impress guests and suit Peanuts’ tastes. Guess what the perks of having this simple castle brings?

Image Courtesy of Dubious Pig / R/ Cats / Reddit

For one, it’s easier for Peanuts to rule over. He doesn’t have to worry about an enemy attack from the rear. A turn of the head, and he can guard the castle on all fronts. Second, it’s easy to clean. His fur dad only has to straighten the sheets on the castle floor, and it will look good as new.

With Multi-Level Parking

If there is one thing that will get your castle design to land on this list, it’s a quirky feature. This fur dad knew that his furball had a lot of visitors who came over. So he knew he had to make room for everyone. He made this simple fort where he knew guests could be warmly accommodated.

Image Courtesy of scar the kitteh / Reddit

After lounging, they could always scram towards the building next door and play hide-and-seek. Oddly, with that much space, some cats like to bunker in with one another. The prince likes to sleep on the stack of mail by the side from time to time.

Gots to be Smaller

This fur dad has had it. He has been redesigning this castle for a week. He had hoped his cat would learn to love holding down the fort, but complaints are all he has been hearing. If he turns a deaf ear, he will see a wall of scratches. Can you guess why this cat doesn’t like this castle?

Image courtesy of Theodore Witch Fucker / R / Cats / Reddit

It has got to be smaller! The cat looked at him. I can flick my tail within the castle. That means it is too big! His fur dad runs a hand through his hair, grabs it, and exhales deeply. He explains some space is good. To which the cat retorts, yeah? Space is the enemy.

South of Australia

We just received word. There seems to be a landmass that formed just south of Australia. It was discovered and occupied by this lone cat, whose eyes gleamed with power and control. He stared stoically into the eyes of his counselor, who would be framing the photo in the master living room.

Image Courtesy of charlotte . the. beast / R / Cats / Reddit

As expected, his story gained much traction over the coming days. What was it like to inhabit this massive expanse of land, and just what did he do during his spare time? This cat jumped out of his hole and made a tour of the grounds.

High Ceilings

This fur parent thought that he not only wanted to give her kitty a bed to bunk in every night. She wanted to give her space to stand and scratch her nails. So she built a castle with rooms having high ceilings. Now, her cat wouldn’t have to worry about being cooped inside those stony enclosures.

Image Courtesy of Sudsington / R / Cats / Reddit

There’s good ventilation in those rooms and a unique defense system at the battlements. Her cat could see her enemies at a distance and call her men to take arms. And every once in a while, she would give a speech to raise everyone’s spirits.

For the Litter

How should we design our castle if we have a family of cats in mind? You needn’t worry. Get the most oversized box you could get your hands on. Open on one side, and place holes on the others. Depending on your cats’ preferences, you can put a pillow or a towel.

Image courtesy of aux _ alpes / r / cats / Reddit

Just look at this cat eyeing everyone from inside the box. She wouldn’t let anyone near her kittens. As you had imagined, they are absolutely adorable. Everyone can hear them mewing, and many were tempted to nurse them with a feeding bottle. But this young mum wanted to feed them herself.

Never Too Young

This fur parent knows that her kids should be educated at a young age. She showed them the ropes of castle defense early on. She would have them walk the battlements in the early morn and then shoot arrows from the slits. Little by little, these two were getting the hang of things.

Image courtesy of The Real Tourner / R / cats / Reddit

The only thing this fur parent didn’t like about the castle was that it was too big to find her children. Once, she spent five minutes calling out to her kid, which refused to come out. She spent an extra couple of seconds looking into each room before finding the little critter.

A United Front

Here’s another surefire way to defend a castle. Install a portcullis at the entrance of the chateau. If you want to keep your townsfolk in, or barbarians out of the place, simply lower the heavy metal gate. But you needed to act fast, or those enemies could breach the entrance.

Image courtesy of half asleep chris / R / Cats / Reddit

To date, Ralph the cat hasn’t had any trouble defending his castle. His men know how to keep a united front. If there were an intruder, they would lower the portcullis at the first hint of trouble and then take offense. Can you think of any other castle you would want to live in?

Life in the City

This kitty always longed for a life outside her town. She had lofty ambitions that ordinary townsfolk wouldn’t support or understand. So right after kitty college, she packed out and moved to the Big City. It was everything she had hoped for.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / r / cats / Reddit

She could go out whenever she wanted in the city without being escorted. She can also stay up until the early morning. She had friends with whom she hung out every night. And her work was to-die-for. A million kitties would claw to get the job!

Chic and Stylish

You might have seen the other kitty forts. But as a cat owner, you needn’t worry about overdoing the design. Always decorate with your cat in mind. Take this fur parent. He knew that his cat would rather sleep in a chic and stylish house than in a spacious castle.

Image courtesy of jelly bonez / r / cats / Reddit

Not to mention, this design is a great way to hide thatched cabinets or broken doors. You can use the cardboard exterior to design the cabinet where your cat likes to hang out. Or you can create your cat’s lounge as simply as this.