45 Dog Memes That Are Paws-itively Wholesome

By Israel O

There really is not much a dog’s love can’t fix. They are probably the most popular animal in the world. Not for nothing; these beautiful animals have earned the title of “Man’s Best Friend.” Dogs are furry and charming creatures who have earned appreciation based on fidelity, tenderness, and, why not, laughter. Like cats, dogs also have endless funny images and videos on the internet. We’ve decided to put together 45 of the funniest dog memes trending on the internet for today’s post. Amidst all the tragic and sad news going around, we figured it’d be good if people had a reason to smile. If you love dogs as much as we do, these memes will have you cracking up. So here you go!

1- The Introverted Dog

When a dog lacks social skills, the only person they want to be around is their owner, and the only place they want to go is home. However, this time, the owner did not let this dog have his way. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@wholesomememe

Despite his refusal and constant barking, he found himself with no choice but to go out and face the music with his boss. In the end, he had the most fun. Look at his smile; he’s never had that much fun. 

2- The Birthday Hat

This dog is definitely on top of the world with his birthday hat. Everyone seems to be touching his cheeks while saying, “Nice hat,” and he loves it. You can tell it’s his favorite hat with his subtle smile, and it’s not leaving his head anytime soon. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@doingthings

It’s expressions like these that make dogs adorable. He understands that he’s the center of attraction, and he’s feeling himself. At first, he kept his cool but couldn’t control it and gave a blushy smile when anyone mentioned his beautiful hat. 

3- The One that Loves you

Just like how we humans show love in different ways, the same applies to dogs. Some dogs love you because they’re well-fed every day, and some dogs love you because it’s you. Guess we know which category this one falls into. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@wholesomememe

Dogs will always find a way to show their love for you. The better your relationship with them, the more easily you’ll be able to interpret the signs of their affection for you. They can even cook for you! Who knew 🙂

4- The All-Star Treatment

Much like how we have parents who pamper and spoil their kids, the same applies to dogs and their owners. This dog is clearly living the life. Not only was she taken to Disneyland, but she’s also having her portrait drawn. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@cutiechaser

Finding out on Twitter that your parents went to Disneyland without you but remembered to take the dog must have hurt this girl. Let’s just hope she and the dog don’t start competing in the house for their parent’s attention. 

5- Public Dog Service Announcement 

We definitely consider this one of the most creative and adorable pregnancy announcements ever. After seven years together, the couple finally got the news they’d been waiting for, but it seems they’re not the only ones looking forward to it. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@hippiekait_

The post shows a dog announcing that her cousin and her boyfriend are looking forward to having a baby together. Have you noticed how good the glasses look on the puppy and that he’s reading a book titled “How to be a BIG Brother?”

6- Dog Shipping

This dog was sleeping in the warehouse just before they offloaded electronics and other packaged items from the cargo. We’re not sure why, but someone saw the dog for an item and hilariously wrapped it around in tape. This is too cute. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/ankle.sock

Seeing a dog wrapped in tape makes it look like it was trying to protect itself from external harm. We humans can relate to that, especially in our group chats. We all want to feel safe like this dog when we’re getting teased. 

7- A Spark of Hope

The feelings that come with success can drive you haywire. The sense that comes with fulfillment can cause you to take tons of selfies unknowingly. This dog was pictured having that optimistic look on his face that things will be better. 

Image courtesy of Imgur/Doggo

Sometimes all it takes for things to get better is more effort. We’re not exactly sure what this dog has been through, but we know that he is full of confidence and hope, and this radiates through his squishy face. 

8. The Delivery Man

We know for a fact that dogs go the extra mile when trying to show love and affection, but we did not see this one coming. This dog seems to have packaged his unconditional love in a delivery box for his master. 

Image courtesy of Imgur/Doggo

It’s one thing for a dog to wrap up a gift to be delivered, and it’s another to actually be the delivery man. Check out that outfit! He’s showing off as a UPS delivery man, and it’s probably the sweetest Halloween costume. 

9. Keeping Company

Dogs are canine friends who can add sparks of liveliness, fun, and companionship to your life. Spending time with these two lovely dogs is one of the best ways to avoid boredom. Both mother and son look adorable and fun to be with.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Doggo

They can keep you company, distract you, and take away any depression you might be having. Just when you’re about to start wallowing in destructive thoughts, you’ll see them running around, wagging their tails, and jumping all over the place. 

10- Food Addiction

Every year it’s the same story! After New Year’s eve, the goals we set evaporate faster than ice cream under the sun. We don’t blame anyone; the human brain can only take so many temptations, especially when it comes to food.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@some_bull_ish

This dog had resolved to start eating healthy food at the start of the new year, but he couldn’t resist the sight of this funnel cake. We’re 95% sure he made the same resolutions last year but couldn’t go through with it. 

11. Manning Up

Adulthood is regarded by many as the stage of maturity where everyone is expected to be independent and responsible for their life choices. Many boys usually wish to become men so they can have the freedom of doing whatever they want. 

Image courtesy of BookerDeWittsCarbine/Reddit

We would like to congratulate this doggo on his most recent celebration of life, his Bar Mitzvah. At 13, Jewish boys have a right of passage into manhood. This family decided to celebrate their pups’ 13th birthday with the same extravaganza!

12- The Hairstyle Effect

Do you know what your hairstyle says about you? Whether it’s a quick trim, a shaved head hairstyle, or a neat updo, the way you wear your hair says a lot about your personality. The same applies to dogs, according to some people. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr/Loucaslounge

Surprisingly, there’s a weird statistic going around that guys with full hair turn out to be exemplary guys. So if you’re adopting a dog and want to stay out of trouble, get one with good hair like these good boys. 

13- Poker Face 

It’s quite true that people fake who they are in so many ways. Despite going through a lot in their lives, most people still pretend to be okay. Many don’t know where they draw the energy to keep a smile on their face every day.

Image courtesy of Tumblr/Loucaslounge

These dogs are stuck in difficult situations that are causing severe pain and discomfort to them, but they’re still wagging their tongues and pretending to be cheerful. It’s the perfect description of how most humans cope with things they have no control over. 

14- Overdose of Cuteness

This dog looks well-behaved, innocent, and calm during this photoshoot, almost like he knows how cute and photogenic he is. If you were thinking about adopting a dog and see this image, you’d surely fall in love with such an adorable dog. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dave_dog1

Expressions like these simply add more credibility to why they’re man’s best friend. No one can stay angry at this dog for more than a minute with looks like these. His looks are his selling point, and somehow we think he knows.

15- The Cute Pass

An apology is the best thing to offer when you do or say dumb things. However, if you look as cute as these dogs, an apology is unnecessary. You get a free pass for being cute and maybe even some treats. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogggomemes

Saying ‘sorry’ is the most used form of apology, but that only applies to humans. Dogs are just as naughty as humans, but they cannot speak like us, hence, why they roll their eyes and rely on their cuteness. They get off too easy sometimes!

16- Good Boys Not Gone Bad

Nobody loves to be accused wrongly; even a toddler will throw tantrums when you accuse him incorrectly. It’s no news that dogs can be very naughty, especially when you have two, but they don’t like it when you call them bad names. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/zootedpastaaa

The dogs in this picture are not smiling because their owner called them bad boys. If they were human, the reputation of being “Bad Boys” might be one they’d embrace had they seen Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s blockbuster movie. 

17- In Love 

Dogs might be animals, but they’re just as lovable as humans. They make trouble during the day, sometimes at night, but in the end, you find that all of these experiences are actually why you love them and can’t be without them. 

Image courtesy of @wholesomememe/Twitter

It’s just like having kids. Despite their disobedience and constant skirting of rules, you can’t help but stand there and smile as they draw their breath when you see them take a nap. That’s the feeling Shia LaBeouf is going through right now.

18- Females and Pictures

Just like how our girlfriends and wives love glamming up to take pictures to show off their beauty, it seems it’s the same for female dogs. Clearly, the male dog is uninterested but has to put up with it to avoid trouble. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@wholesomememe 

We’ve seen this movie before; in fact, we see it almost every day. Ladies and pictures are like each side of a coin. They go hand in hand. Every outing is a memory, and every new outfit they try on makes it to Instagram. 

19- The Pretender

This dog appears to be cleaning up after himself after eating at a guest’s house. We find this hilarious because the following image shows the dog’s actual behavior in his element. People will only show you what they want you to see.

Image courtesy of Instagram/spicydogmemes

The perceived motive here is that he wants to be seen as hardworking in his host’s house. While in his own house, he simply lies around all day sleeping. A lot of people practice this method of pretending to make an impression.  

20- Dog Owners Only Need their Dog

They say everything has a price, well, not everything. The bond, time, and experiences dog owners have shared with their dogs have made it nearly impossible for them to sell or abandon them. It’s more than a friend; it’s family. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/Spicydogmemes 

So whether it’s a long or short trip, most dog owners will go with their dogs as long as it’s allowed. As you see in this image, there are no clothes or accessories, just the dog in the luggage. What else do you need?

21- Hide and Seek

This dog just chose the most obvious place to hide in his attempt at playing hide and seek. After witnessing his owner play the game with the kids, he has picked up quite a few things. However, his hiding needs a little more work. 

Image courtesy Instagram/Spicydogmemes

Like kids, dogs can get a little too happy and do the most childish things out of the blue. It’s part of their charm and why we love having them around. They are very receptive and pick things up very fast. 

 22- The Perfect Tattoo

The word tattoo in Tahitian means “to leave a mark.” Most people usually mark an event, a saying, or a memory with a tattoo on their body so they’ll never forget. His dog is his everything, hence, the sweet tattoo. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemesupreme

People express their love and commitment in so many ways, and tattooing is one of them. Dogs rub off on their owners, and while some people will still classify them as animals, dog owners see them as their family. It’s the heart nose for us!

23- Stepping into the dating pool

Synonymous with how fast this dog ran and entered the pool, that’s how most relationships end, sending young boys and girls back to where they started – the dating pool. Compared to the olden days, the waterhole is relatively deeper these days. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemesupreme

We all know nothing lasts forever, especially love. However, things are ending faster than they did in the past for this new generation of young lovers. Getting married no longer means the same as it used to. People don’t always care about their vows anymore.

24- Fake it Till you Make it

A workplace is a place where we need to act a certain way. Getting angry and causing a scene will only get you fired. So regardless of how annoying a customer might be, you’re expected to put on a smile, even if it’s fake. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemesupreme

It’s expected that customers interact with employees who always wear a smile. So not smiling or, even worse, retaliating isn’t an option unless, of course, you’ve hit the jackpot or have another job lined up somewhere waiting for you. Then people take a free pass to say everything on their minds.  

25- Lost in Thought

It’s perfectly normal to see this kind of sad expression on a human being’s face, but we didn’t expect it on a dog. Obviously, he’s going through some sort of ordeal. But asides from food, what other problems do dogs have?

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemesupreme

We all go through tough times despite the number of happy events in our lives. Unpleasant situations serve as pulleys that help drive us forward in life, and whatever the problem might be with this dog, we hope everything works out. 

26- Fresh Foods Vs. Leftovers

We really can’t understand why this puppy is dressed up in foil, looking like leftover food, but we get the joke behind it. We humans can be wasteful regarding food, especially with old food. Most people consider their fridge a scrap dumping ground.

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemesupreme

We wrap up the food we know we’re no longer going to eat and store them in the fridge anyway. Those leftovers remain in the refrigerator for weeks, watching them eat new and fresh food. (Is it just us, or does this guy look like a Hershy Kiss?)

27- Prioritizing her Dog

What you see here is a conversation between two human lovers. Instead of hanging out with her boyfriend, she chose to stay in and have dinner with her precious dog. The boyfriend seems pissed that he lost to a dog. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

Some say the fastest way to a woman’s heart is to love all she loves. We’re not relationship experts, but we know he won’t make any progress unless he accepts that her dog is a central part of her life. 

28- The Con Dog

Like how people deceive people, dogs have also learned to deceive their owners. In the first slide, this dog is seen wearing a straight and pitiful face while pleading for something. After getting what she wants, she immediately starts looking cheerful. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

Manipulative people are really dangerous. They could pull up any stunt to make you feel guilty, and you’re left with no other choice than to give in to their demands. Little wonder why the dog’s action is tagged as “stealing.”

29- Stuffed Brother

Dogs, just like humans, get bored, especially if they have no one to play with. When your child is bored, you either buy him a toy or give birth to another child, so they won’t be alone. This dog got both. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

The owner of this dog killed two birds with one stone by purchasing a stuffed animal that looks exactly like her dog. The resemblance is so uncanny. Now her dog wakes up every day thinking he has a brother to play with.

30- This or That

There are two dogs in two different booths with two distinct purposes. The cute dog is obviously in the kissing booth, while the very-aggressive-looking dog poised to bite whoever comes close is in the biting booth. Is there even a choice? 

Image courtesy Instagram/dogmemes

We’re not sure what kind of game the dog owners are trying to play, but we’re sure everyone chooses the kissing booth. No one wants to get bit, even by the cutest dog; he could have rabies for all we know. 

31- Caught off-guard

This dog appears to be perplexed and caught off-guard by something, but we’re not sure what it is. Someone on Twitter believes the sudden change in camera position while he was trying to take a picture may be the reason. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

When you’re an Android user and try to take a picture with an iPhone for the first time, this expression may likely be the result. It’s an expression that denotes shock and surprise at the outcome of an event, much like using a different processor.

32- Thinking out of the box

We’ve seen dogs do some hilarious things, but this one might just be top of the unending list. It seems the dog owner is going out for a ride but has only one helmet. So his dog had to improvise. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

If we’re being frank, it’s not the best of helmets, but it’ll do. It’s already impressive enough that a small puppy like this can think well enough to use a carton as a makeshift helmet. Safe and easy travels, friends!

33- Without Remorse

When a crime is committed, it’s utterly humane for the guilty party to feel remorse toward the victim. However, this dog here feels no remorse, not even the slightest. Instead, he is seen jumping around covered in the ice cream he stole. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

It’s not his fault. He knows the ice cream owner wouldn’t want to arrest a cute little dog over some ice cream. Why else would he come and smile at his face? When you look this cute, you can get away with almost anything. 

34- In Trouble

When you get home late from attending a party and try to sneak in by walking on your toes, there’s a chance your Mom is waiting for you in the living room looking like this. She indeed asks you the famous question…

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

In this case, it’s not your mom asking the questions; it’s your dog, who you probably abandoned all night while partying with your friends. This is the part where you formulate a story and try to back it up with lies. 

35- The Height of Laziness

Do you see the dog staring at its shape on the floor? That’s the look of a lazy person realizing just how lazy he is. Despite the heavy wind and rainfall, this dog never got up till the following day.

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

If you’re ever looking to purchase a dog for security purposes, try not to pick this one. This dog is a sleeping beauty, and he’ll probably wake up after a robbery has taken place and the police have arrived for investigation. 

36- Ghostbusters: Dog Edition

Make way for the new Ghostbusters guys. If you’re ever in trouble or see anything strange, of course, you should call the cops, but if it involves evil spirits and ghosts, you should contact these dogs. Constantine has nothing on them. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

Since one is dressed as a ghost, and the other is wearing his ghost trap suit with his deluxe proton pack and wand, we’re guessing they’re usually at odds. The Ghostbuster looks rather charming, while the ghost doggo looks like a derp.

37- The Perfect Employee

This is one of the many reasons you can never go wrong with having a dog around. They’re not only friendly and protective, but they’re also resourceful. How many animals can be smart enough to help you hold your trolley? 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

This dog is putting up a show, and if it were up to us, he’d definitely win the employee of the month award. That local hardware store is lucky to have such a hardworking dog, he deserves a raise in treats.

38- Keeping it Cool

Just like how you have that coworker you want to pick a fight with but have to put up a smile to show everyone you’re cordial. It’s the same with this cat and dog, deep down, they want to squabble. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

Naturally, cats and dogs don’t see eye to eye, they’re not enemies, but they’re not friends either. You can tell things are not smooth between them from the way they’re looking. If the lights go off, they’ll most likely have a throwdown. 

39- The Dog Contest

Dogs love to greet each other on the street, in the park, and at the mall, you name it. Dogs can rarely walk by one another without interacting. One of those dogs usually wants to exude their dominance in one way or another.

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

Just like the saying, another one literally bites the dust. The white dog almost looks happy to be in this position. Proud even, like, “look, mom, I got a new hat!” And the black dog is unfazed, “another day, another dollar.”

40- Suprise, Surprise 

This dog is shocked and mildly freaking out after waking up from a sleep that lasted for 10 hours. He wanted to take a nap for just one hour but ended up sleeping for 10 hours. He looks confused and disheveled. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

He was waiting for his owner so they could have dinner together before he went to bed.  We can’t blame him, though; sleep is an effect of the amount of load put on one’s body. When it’s time to sleep, it’s time. 

41- Rough Sandy Play at the Beach

Someone is having a lovely day at the beach. It must have been an exciting day full of rough play. Dogs love playing and jumping around, and they can jump, strut, hop and flaunt all over the place to not limit if they are at the beach.

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a human being. Everyone seems to have fun when they go to the beach. It’s the one place in the world where you’re allowed to play with sand and build sand houses irrespective of age.

42- The Not-So-Intimidating Security Dog

Whoever hired this dog as security needs to be out of a job. Of all the dogs he could have picked, he picked the one who smiles at everyone and gets down on its back when you tickle it. Do not be fooled by his large physique.

Image courtesy of Instagram/dogmemes

Dogs assigned to protect homes should be big, scary, and a little aggressive; this one is the complete opposite. He loves cuddling and might even open the entrance gate for you if you agree to play long enough with him. 

43- The Naughty One

Everyone has that naughty buzzkill friend who likes to ruin a great moment. There’s no better destruction moment than a nice group picture moment with your friends. That’s exactly what the white dog in this image did here. He was tired of being the odd one out.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doggoomemes

Striking the perfect pose in a group picture is tedious work. You must have taken lots of bloopers before you’re able to get in sync for the perfect shot. Imagine discovering that your friend changed his pose at the last minute. 

44- The Negotiator

This dog knows his best friend and owner is going to work, and in order to not have stinky feet, he’ll need his socks. So he hid it and is now negotiating the terms to know where he hid the snacks. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/doggoomemes

They say all is fair in love and war. This dog is using what he has to get what he wants. Some would call it blackmail, but others with the same devious mind as the dog will call it a negotiation. 

45- For Food Only

It’s glaring that this dog is sluggish and unconcerned about things that bring no benefits to him. Come heaven and earth, intruders, or even the apocalypse; he will not budge. However, if you tell him it’s food time, he’ll be wide awake. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/doggoomemes

The only thing that interests him is food. He wakes up immediately once he hears that food will soon be served. He looks weak and haggard when things that don’t interest him are happening, but he gets immediately excited when the food hits the floor.