45 Broken Dogs That Baffled Their Owners…And The Internet

By Aakash M

Most of us are aware of how eccentric cats get, but it seems as if dogs aren’t any less crazy. In fact, our canines are quite the weirdos who are always surprising their owners with the most random things. So, we came across a Reddit group that goes by the name of “What’s Wrong With Your Dog,” which is a pretty safe place for all dog owners to share some really funny moments of their furry friends on camera. Also, this group is no small deal, as it is home to around 1.8 million members who love watching such cute and goofy things. So, get ready to be entertained as we bring you the 45 funniest images from that group!


This dog looks to be great at yoga. The amount of flexibility this guy has is pretty insane. Is this where the pose downward dog comes from? If we were to guess, this dog is a true yoga master and its owners could learn a thing or two!

Image Credits: Reddit/ sebal_fathey

Well, we think everybody who’s trying to perfect that pose must be in shock. He’s not doing yoga, though. He’s just sleeping, and yes, that’s a really awkward sleeping position. How did the owners know? Apparently he was snoring when they took the picture!

Big fan

Meet Teddy. This cutie is apparently obsessed with watching animal documentaries, so if you meet this guy, you are very likely to catch him watching one. Doesn’t he look really cute while watching TV? We’re jealous of that attention span and posture.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Purple-Intern9790

Now, there is one more thing about Teddy that’s really very special. Whenever this guy hears Sir David Attenborough’s voice, he always runs into the room. Well, we can understand that because Sir David Attenborough is the best, isn’t he?

Too bad

This image is pretty cute, but it is also how life treats you. It is a beautiful aspect of life, though. By looking at the image, we all can say that the poor doggo doesn’t fit in his favorite place anymore. That’s too bad!

Image Credits: Reddit/ MeliaDanae

It’s amazing how tiny he was as a pup since he’s sitting so comfortably in such a small area. However, he’s way too big for that space now. But, there is one solution to this problem: his humans should consider expanding that area for him.

Let’s go

We have a cute story here. This dog was having a peaceful nap, and his human apparently said the word “walk” while talking to her boyfriend. Well, that’s pretty much it. You can see the sheer excitement in those eyes.

Image Credits: Reddit/ KingTutStinkyButt

There is no sleep deep enough that this pupper won’t hear the word “walk” and be ready to go. Just one word and, the next thing you know, he’s all fired up and running around the house out of excitement with the leash and the collar ready.

What is all this?

That’s exactly what the dog might be asking after seeing all those bubbles, right? Also, we can only imagine the amount of excitement in that room once the owner started blowing bubbles right in their pupper’s face. Take a good look at its eyes!

Image Credits: Reddit/ ajar_basis00

It also feels as if the good boy knows that its humans are clicking a picture, which is why he’s trying to give a really cute but goofy expression that will make people go all ‘heart eyes’ for it! If that’s the case, that’s one clever dog.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

We told you in the beginning that these photos are all from a funny group where you’ll see dogs getting all weird and goofy. This image emphasizes the weird part of it because we’re sure that you wouldn’t have seen something like this before.

Image Credits: Reddit/ mizziness

Dogs have weird choices, and they do weird stuff. This doggo right here refuses to take a nap if he doesn’t have an apple slice beside him. So, basically, his owners are cutting up apples on a daily basis so their dog can get some rest.

Good boy

For this cute guy, good boy is honestly an understatement. Perhaps, the goodest boy should fit appropriately for this guy! If not that, best boy seems perfect. Is there anything higher than the best boy post? If there is, please let us know!

Image Credits: Reddit/ TheOogs

That picture, though, is plainly outstanding. As a side note, this doggo’s humans must get its nails clipped quickly because those claws are huge, and they could make things pretty uncomfortable for the dog and even for the humans! What a cute guy.

Look closely

At first glance, this doggy picture looks cursed. But, taking a minute, we can see that this isn’t some evil beast but, in fact, a cute doggo striking a fearsome pose. Those teeth are pretty sharp, though. Better not come in direct contact with that!

Image Credits: Reddit/ BeanzMeanzBranston

Oh, shoot. We completely missed the fact that it isn’t one dog! Look carefully, there are two of them, and their mouths are overlapping, which makes it look like there’s just one dog! Wow. We are really surprised, and hats off to the person who clicked this image.

Blending in

Take a look at this image. Now, tell us how many guinea pigs you can spot in the cage. Is it just one, two, or three? It looks like there are three, right? Just kidding. But that dog is really trying very hard to blend in with the guinea pigs.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Nanxx68

It’s almost as if the dog believes that nobody has spotted it staying inside the guinea pig cage in that position. Dogs are really weird at times, aren’t they? This guy looks pretty serious as well. Other dogs, take a lesson. That’s how you blend in.

Big no

That look is priceless. You know what? That look could also be a pretty awesome meme template. We’re sure that it will go viral and take the Internet by storm. The dead sarcasm on the dog’s face, or whatever that expression could be, is amazing!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Less-Feature1412

Well, here’s what happened in this case. This Siberian husky was obviously having the time of its life in the snow. Then, its human suggested that they all should head back into the house, and that’s when the doggo gave this look.


All the dogs in this picture seem to be having a lot of fun in their lives. Also, that’s a pretty nice bonding activity going on, too. The dog that’s standing on its legs seems to be the happiest one, doesn’t it?

Image Credits: Reddit/ mistergiantacorn

Meet Hiccup! We’re not sure if the owner was inspired by How To Train Your Dragon, or this pup was prone to hiccups. Either way, it’s a cute name, and it looks like he had a fun day at the dog park.

Guard dogs

Is it weird to say that this photo is somewhat aesthetically pleasing? We love how one dog is acting as overwatch, and the other dog looks like he’s patrolling on the roof or something. Also, they both have really serious expressions.

Image Credits: Reddit/ badguywindow

The person who posted this photo was going on a walk when he heard barking. Although he could hear a lot of noise, he couldn’t see the dog, so he didn’t know where all of that was coming from. Then, he looked up, and that’s when he clicked this picture.


This pit looks cute, but there’s something different about it. Don’t you think so as well? S/he’s just chilling, sitting like a fish. And, according to the owners, that’s how s/he likes to sit! We had a good laugh after looking at this picture.

Image Credits: Reddit/ emrylle

Then again, it reminds us more of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. All that’s missing is the crashing waves behind this pupper for the look to be complete. What do you think? Is this a mer-dog? Or just a strange frog-legged dog?

That time of the year

It’s Christmas time in this house, but it’s not time to decorate yet. Or is it? Since the humans didn’t put up the decor, the family dog decided to set up the house in his own way. The innocent-looking dog is named Roscoe.

Image Credits: Reddit/ franklegsTV

Here we can see Roscoe posing in front of his Christmas decorations. The family is understandably frustrated at their dog’s holiday initiative, but we can’t help but laugh at this goofy scene. Apparently, Roscoe just really wanted a white Christmas.

Invading your personal space

Dogs are like kids in many ways; one of which is their disregard for personal space. Don’t believe us? This picture of two dogs is all the proof we need. From the looks of it, their human was in the bathroom and they were feeling left out.

Image Credits: Reddit/ AphroditeEros69

Is that lick an apology or a hello? We feel bad for the human because they probably just needed a minute to do their business, but even that wouldn’t be hassle-free with two mischievous dogs in the house. Still, we can’t stay mad at those faces!

At the daycare

This image was shared by a proud dog owner and their happy pup. We don’t know which is the Redditor’s dog and which is their canine friend, but this was certainly a sight to behold at doggy daycare. Well, both of them look really happy, and they must be enjoying their playdate a lot!

Image Credits: Reddit/ naato44

If anybody asks you about friendship goals, you should show them this picture because nothing screams “friendship goals” as loud as this image does. Friends will sit on the couch next to you, but only a true friend will use you as the couch.

Time for attention

This image is that of a dog that needs attention. Let us tell you what’s happening here. This dog makes that face whenever she needs attention. While the sentiment is cute, this dog looks more like a crazed seal than a cute canine.

Image Credits: Reddit/ DeezNutsOverdose

Well, that was her friend’s opinion, but what do you think about that face? Do you think it looks like a dog or a disturbed seal? No matter what species it looks like, we all can agree that it’s pretty funny.

Christmas time again

Meet Bruce. He’s asleep in this photo, but that’s alright because he’s wishing everybody who sees this photo Happy Holidays. Even if you’re looking at this in June, he doesn’t care. He just wants you to have a great day.

Image Credits: Reddit/ orchid_breeder

Yes, we know what most of you are thinking, and the answer to that is no. He might look like a melted dog, but that’s just the way he is. Give the little guy a break and let him nap peacefully.

Trust me. I’ve got this.

This dog is clearly committed to getting his humans the biggest stick ever so that he can play fetch. Well, we’ll say that he’s a bit too ambitious because he’s trying to uproot a tree. These guys are just hilarious.

Image Credits: Reddit/ AphroditeEros69

Also, the dog should be really careful here since he’s stepping into squirrel territory. Although he’s big enough to take them on, we’re assuming that he’d want to steer clear of any troubles. Keep up with the ambitions, big guy.

I’m hidden

This dog is a master of disguise. If you’ve mistaken him for a fox, then you’ve fallen into his trap, just like many others online. The silhouette and reddish color make it look like a fox lying in wait. Then again, foxes are known to be sneaky…and this is decidedly not stealthy.

Image Credits: Reddit/ AphroditeEros69

He thinks that nobody can spot him since he’s hiding so well behind the curtains, but we all know that it’s not true. What is he hiding from? Did the humans bring out the vacuum again? Maybe the offer of a treat will get the doggo out from his hiding spot.

Ice ice

This is the face of a dog that is looking to move to a warmer climate. Perhaps to a place that’s warmer and also where there’s no snowfall. Can any of you guys suggest some places for him? It would really be helpful!

Image Credits: Reddit/ newdy22

That’s a lot of ice on his face. We can’t tell from a still image, but he doesn’t seem to be too distressed by his current situation. With all that snow, it almost makes us think of a doggy Santa, complete with a bushy white beard.

So shocked

Don’t worry. This “shock” isn’t anything electrical. Well, not in the traditional sense, anyway. This surprised dog was just chilling under a cozy fleece blanket when its owner took it away to find this face. Still wondering why we said “shocked”? We’ll give you a hit: fleece!

Image Credits: Reddit/ vthehuman

This dog got a nice static shock from his time cuddled under a fleece blanket. We’ve all been there, but it stands out much more on this fella than us humans because he’s just covered in hair! Hopefully it didn’t hurt too much.

I’m here

The person who posted this image on the Reddit group captioned it by saying, “He’s a little confused, but he got the spirit.” Well, that indeed is true. Also, doesn’t this photo seem worthy enough to be on the cover page of a famous magazine?

Image Credits: Reddit/ xv-Vicious

We certainly think so. The dog is sitting in a very human-like manner that would fit on the cover of a housewares magazine. He also seems to be very “chill.” He has indeed got the style that’s needed these days. We’ve got ourselves a supermodel!

New home?

There’s nothing cuter than watching puppies comfortably sleep or hang out in a spot where they feel cozy. But, this puppy has got the weirdest spot for having a good nap. It’s literally inside the pants of its human, and thank god he hasn’t pulled it up.

Image Credits: Reddit/ tide14

Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty uncomfortable place, and the dog is either looking up at its owner out of confusion, or it is looking up and telling its human that it likes this place. The puppy will grow out of it…hopefully.

Don’t be late

This dog looks really sad, and that’s not just our interpretation. The Redditor who shared the picture included the story behind it. Meet Gertie. She’s sad because her parents didn’t serve her dinner on time. Any guesses how late they were?

Image Credits: Reddit/ beqamermaid

They were late by 20 whole minutes. Honestly, that’s a lot of time if you look at it from Gertie’s point of view. Considering all of that, we’ll say that her sadness and disappointment are pretty much justified. What do you think?

Agent doggo

This guy most probably thinks of himself as a top-level spy or something. But we all know that he’s a cutie. Just look at how the little guy is peeping with that little face. The doggo looks really shocked, as he has quite the expression going on.

Image Credits: Reddit/ MeliaDanae

It looks as if he has seen something he shouldn’t have seen, which is very possible from that vantage point. But, our biggest question is, how did he even get there? And secondly, isn’t staying in that pipe dangerous for him?

No more

This isn’t some tipped-over dog toy, nor is it a freeze-frame mid-action. The doggo in this picture froze in place when their owner stopped giving them scratches. That melted puddle of dog was clearly not happy and refused to move when the petting session was over.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Poeticyst

Obviously, that’s a temporary thing, but nonetheless, it’s really funny to watch the dog this way! We can understand his pain as well. Hang in there, little guy. You’ll get your scratches soon enough. You’ll get a lot of love as well.


Dogs need to stop with their laziness. This big guy was too lazy to move, even when the mower was nearing the place where he was sitting. Because he didn’t move, he’s got grass all over him. That’s gonna be really frustrating.

Image Credits: Reddit/ sbstnh

Cleaning all that up is really gonna be a difficult task. And, if the dog steps into the house in this condition, well, we can only imagine how difficult things are going to be for its humans. That doesn’t change the fact that this incident makes the dog cuter!


This dog’s human had steamed a loaf of bread on that towel. After that, he had put it on the dog’s head just for fun. But, the dog just sat there in that very manner for five whole minutes! Isn’t that crazy? Well, not so crazy.

Image Credits: Reddit/ the_smush_push

We’ve looked at so many goofy pictures that nothing seems crazy anymore. The dog must love bread, and we can say that for sure. Even we know that there’s nothing as good as the smell of a fresh loaf of bread.

Wakey wakey

For those who’re asking why this dog is taking a bite out of its own legs, let us clear your doubts. According to the owners, it’s all a part of its morning routine. Well, we don’t know what kind of a morning routine is that.

Image Credits: Reddit/ babaganoushi89

So yes, we don’t know what kind of a morning routine is that, but that’s what the person who posted this image captioned. The dog must be surprised and talking to himself while taking a bite, saying things like, “Wow, I taste like chicken!”

Ball above everything else

Here’s a photo of a dog that prioritizes his tennis ball over everything else in this world. That’s the only explanation we have for him sleeping with that ball stuffed in his mouth. That’s the level of attachment and dedication to playing fetch he has.

Image Credits: Reddit/ sebal_fathey

It also seems as if the ball is more important to him than his tongue. Even his tongue doesn’t get to rest in his mouth. The tongue needs to stay outside because the ball is the priority. Well, that’s something new now.

What do we have here?

The person who posted this photo captioned it by saying that they had just come home to this scene. Now, the photo looks really hilarious to us, but we can only imagine the amount of mess that the owner had to deal with after snapping this picture.

Image Credits: Reddit/ tinkflowers

We’re not sure if the dog broke the window or was just taking advantage of the situation. What a good boy to greet his owners, but he better be careful around all that sharp glass. Windows can be replaced but cute doggos are one of a kind!

Winter is coming

This dog pulled that expression as soon as it was told by its human that snow is coming. Well, seeing a dog so shocked to hear about snow seems pretty new for many of us, doesn’t it? But, it’s not so surprising if you think about it.

Image Credits: Reddit/ mle8686

The dog looks pretty scared. If it could speak human, we’d imagine it saying things like, “What?! Snow is coming?! Snow, as in the scary white stuff that falls from the sky?! Oh no!” That’s an exaggeration, but who knows?

Are you hydrated?

There are a lot of kind people in this world who regularly check up on you just to make sure that you’re always staying hydrated. Now, if we’d want to make a meme of that, this is the image we’d be playfully using to represent such people!

Image Credits: Reddit/ cdheiden

That’s because this dog also seems very concerned about staying hydrated. It’s almost like it’s going to force you to drink enough water all day to stay happy and healthy. He’s a great spokesperson. A lot of people would listen to him.


For those having difficulty locating the face of this dog, it’s right above its legs. Yes. We know that’s pretty weird, and we don’t know how the dog is sleeping that way without any discomfort. Have a look for yourself.

Image Credits: Reddit/ DD4086C

The biggest question after seeing this picture is “where is this dog’s spine?” Does this guy even have a backbone, or is it just absent? Because that’s the only logical reason behind this dog’s sleeping position as far as we can think.


Hats off to this dog’s human for coming up with the best caption ever for this picture. That doggy is certainly giving his best go at being a squirrel. Sitting upright, paws tucked in, and perky ears; that’s the biggest squirrel we’ve ever seen.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Moudrostt

It is also really heartwarming to see big dogs being goofy because usually, these guys are looked on as responsible dogs. These guys are the protectors of our houses and also the best friends of our children. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be silly!

The expression

We laughed continuously for a pretty considerable amount of time after looking at both these pictures. This one is just so hilarious! We seriously can’t get over that expression, and we’re pretty sure that you won’t be able to as well!

Image Credits: Reddit/ AphroditeEros69

That sheer look of surprise on the dog’s face in the second image is priceless. We don’t even need to describe the dog’s expression because it speaks pretty good for itself! As for the dog that booped the inside of the other’s mouth…we have no clue what’s going on in his head.


This little cutie’s image was clicked while she was at doggy daycare. Look at her. Isn’t she a really good girl? It also looks like she’s really happy, and she’s having the time of her life. And with all those toys, we can’t blame her.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Jcarrxo

The person who posted this image captioned it by saying that it is a photo of her girl at doggy daycare, and she’s pure beauty and grace! To that, we can only say one thing: you’re right. Even with a quirky face, she is a graceful, prancing pup.

Pretty Strong

Look at this cute little doggo. Apparently, that’s her waiting position before her humans throw the ball. We’re not sure what to call it, because that is certainly not sitting or laying down. It looks like she’s waiting for someone to say, “Ready, Set, Hut!”

Image Credits: Reddit/ eleanorisconfused

Maybe he was auditioning for a reboot of Air Bud: Golden Receiver. Or maybe some weird demon possessing a dog getting ready to run. We’re torn between being creeped out and laughing at this crazy dog. Nonetheless, it’s really wholesome!

Nap time

You have one good look at this image, and you can tell that these two cute pups are siblings. You don’t even need to look up their resemblance or their breed or any other thing. The way these two are sleeping really says it all.

Image Credits: Reddit/ JennyBagaDonuts

After coming across this image, we only had one word coming out of our mouths, and we were serious. The word was probably what came out of your mouths as well. The word was, “Aw!” Well, an “Aw” with a lot of Ws and expressions.

Comfort level 100

We want you to take a good look at this one. Now, answer our question. Have you ever seen a dog sleeping in more comfort than these guys are? And we are emphasizing the ‘ever’ here. What do you think?

Image Credits: Reddit/ upbeatdigger_52

We know for sure that most of you haven’t, and it’s alright because it’s completely new for us as well. We have seen dogs sleeping contently, but this level of comfort is just something really different we don’t usually see, and that’s amazing.

Begging 101

According to this dog’s human, this dog is trying to beg for food. We didn’t need a caption to tell that, but it’s nice to have our assumptions confirmed. This dog deserves some brownie points for his begging effort. He’s really coming a long way with that neck twist.

Image Credits: Reddit/ ClassiestLift3r

We all should get someone who looks at us just the way this dog is looking at its human’s food. That’s the amount of passion, love, and attention everybody needs in this world. Either that, or just a tasty bowl of noodles that gets our mouths drooling that same way.


This captain says that we won’t be able to change the winds, which is pretty obvious, but we can always adjust the sails. That’s a lot of wisdom coming from the cutest captain you would’ve ever seen. Also, that’s a really cool expression.

Image Credits: Reddit/ morkie_flash

This captain looks experienced, and it also feels as if he had seen a lot during his time, back in the day when he was stationed in the waters, far away from his home. Well, that’s all that we could pull off without laughing.

Chilling out

Meet Bella. Bella loves to relax in this position, and she sits like this every day. We don’t know how relaxing this position is, but at least that’s what her owner says. The fact that she likes it is all that matters.

Image Credits: Reddit/ cylelo

Earlier, we saw an image of a dog in the downward yoga position. This time, this position looks like it’s an upward dog position if that even exists. If it does exist, this position is pretty much accurate. What do you think?

Don’t look back

The dog in this image is sitting in a weird place, and we don’t know whether its human knows where it is sitting. The human looks really clueless, and at the same time, careless, too. Why would he let his dog sit up there?

Image Credits: Reddit/ devwright56

So, it could be two things. Either the guy doesn’t know where the dog is sitting, so if he turns around, he’s going to freak out. If not that, he knows where the dog is sitting, but he just doesn’t care. He just minds his own business.