An Island With Friendly Wolves Who Just Want Attention

By Goodness M

If you are interested in being up close and personal with wolves without fear of being hurt, visit the predators of the Heart Sanctuary. This is where you will find very friendly wolves.


Image courtesy of asiasiasia/Instagram

This sanctuary is found in Anacortes, Washington, near Seattle and next to Vancouver by the border of Canada. Therefore, its location makes it easy for Canadian and American people to visit wild animals. A 2-hour encounter experience with Wolves is the highlight of visiting the sanctuary. You get to tour the forest with friendly wolves by your side and pet their stomachs along the way.

Arizona State University professor Wynne points out that wolves are generally hostile to humans. Therefore, you can teach them to be friendly, but it takes time and expertise to achieve the required result. The professor advises people who visit the sanctuary to be careful when approaching the wolves.

Requirements For Visiting

Visiting the sanctuary is by appointment only, and a tour guide is provided. The cover charge is $200 per person for two hours with wolves and is payable to Airbnb to secure the booking. However, you can also have a chance to catch a glimpse of other inhabitants of the sanctuary, such as foxes, cougars, reptiles, and birds.

People under the age of 18 are not allowed to touch the wolves. It is a privilege enjoyed by adults. Therefore, minors have to wait till their 18th birthday to pet wolves on their bellies. It could be awesome to celebrate your 18th birthday surrounded by wolves in the forest.

Image courtesy of rachjoys/Instagram

The strict standards applied at the sanctuary had been in place since 1998, when it first opened. The 10 acres of land that the sanctuary occupies is enough for animals to roam around. The primary purpose of the sanctuary is to teach children about wildlife. They grow to respect and be friendly towards wild animals by doing so. Therefore, this helps children understand that caring for animals is noble and that human survival is pinned on the existence of wildlife.