Behind The Blinds: 40 Photos That Prove Cats And Dogs Are Nosey Neighbors

By Louise T

For many reasons, cats are the perfect pets. They can be intelligent, elegant, and calm companions capable of independently coping with their exercise and cleaning. The same applies to dogs, they are very witty and catch on very fast, that’s why they are man’s closest friends. However, these two animals also have some bad habits that need curbing.  We won’t address all of them today as we’re only concerned with one – their curiosity. You might not know this, but cats and dogs can be very nosey. We don’t know what they do with all of that information, but we know they’re very inquisitive and always want to touch and be a part of everything around them. So we’ve decided to put together a hit list of the nosiest cats and dogs you might come across in your neighborhood today. Here they are:

1- Status Update

This young cat is peeping through the window to catch glimpses of her owner and boyfriend talking. We’ve seen this movie before, a cat owner gets a cat hater boyfriend, and the cat is worried her owner might be falling in love with someone else. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@sxrax

For cats, it’s important for them to know the relationship status of their owner as it might affect them in the long run. What she’s really worried about is if she can get along with the new boyfriend. Isn’t she adorable?

2- Lawn Protector

With this cat around, no stranger is allowed to be lurking around the lawn. It’s like having security. Look at him, overstretching himself to get a clear view of the intruder. In the absence of his owner, he’s simply protecting his home. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@luhshamReport

It is common for thieves to pose as newspaper sellers or real estate agents to get a clear view of if someone is home before attempting to rob. Thankfully the new security guard is alert and watching with an eagle eye. 

3- Blinding Lights

This cat has just heard some suspicious noise and will quickly investigate to be able to make a report of her findings. She saw a car come into the compound with very bright headlights, and she wondered who could be in the car. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@euphorliyah

After living in the house for over a year, she knows the sound of every neighbor’s car and how bright their headlights are. This car doesn’t belong in the pack, and that is what set off the curiosity of our cute little cat. 

4- Window Surveillance

Everybody knows cats love to sleep by the window, but do you know why they love the window? It’s because no better angle captures everything and everyone than the window. It’s the perfect spot to spy on others. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@smolbeanenergy

Her legs are resting comfortably for napping. However, you can see that her hands are stable on the window so that she can get a clear view of the neighborhood. She sleeps, wakes up, and is nosey, all in one location.

5- Tired, But The Show Must Go On

Just like how we wake up and go to work every morning despite feeling tired, cats do the same thing. The only difference is we have different jobs. Ours is to do actual work, and theirs is to spy on neighbors for the latest gossip. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@new2twittaaa

One cannot fathom what this cat is looking for. Her eyes look like they’re about to close, but she’s holding out, waiting for someone to sneak in a new girlfriend or do something story-worthy. She’s really putting in an effort.

6- Standing Up Tall

If you wondered why this cat is standing like a human being, don’t worry, it’s not yoga. She is simply trying to have a clear view of whatever is happening outside her window. It’s a typical behavior pattern of nosey people. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Chaotic_Fave

Don’t be surprised. There is no end to what can be accomplished by cats if it will give them an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity. It’s part of their charm and why they’re considered one of man’s closest friends. We have got our eye on you!

7- Busted

It looks like someone just got caught being nosey and is trying to hide. Sometimes owners don’t always know what their pets are up to when they’re at work. Some pets are as innocent as they look, others, not so much. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@lyssuuuh

What a terrible place to hide. We’re curious as to how this cat plans to wiggle her way out of this one. No doubt she’ll try to be cute and give off a lot of ‘meows’ to get off easy. 

8- The Hitman

We don’t have any proof yet, but this cat might belong to a secret organization of spies. Judging by the size of her height and muscles, she must have been trained overseas. Whoever sent her must have paid a fortune. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@arg_imma_pirate

When crucial information is needed, and there is no room for mistakes, this must be the cat they send in. Look at her posture. She’s standing on her toes, so she doesn’t make a sound. Even police officers can’t easily pull this off.

9- Behind The Blinds

What kind of sight would make a dog pull down the blinds so tightly? Of course, it’s a complicated matter of the heart. From the looks of it, he seems to be staring at the female dog down the street. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@_Shesocute

Whether it’s a human being or a dog, everyone in love likes to steal glances at their beloved. Not all dogs hang by the window to be nosey. Some are simply in love. He didn’t have to ruin the blinds, though. 

10- Breaking Barriers

What on earth would make a dog so curious that he’d be willing to leave his house to sneak a peek. Whatever it is, it seems crucial, and there’s a chance he might fly over the gate to satisfy his curiosity. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@k0ol1

Something must be going on inside this house. He must have seen something suspicious and decided to have a look. Dogs are not as curious as cats, and if they’re willing to go to such lengths, something must be fishy. 

11- Whatever It Takes

This little puppy is really enjoying her spying spree. Whoever is in the bush better buckle up because this puppy will soon catch them napping. Despite being short in height, she makes up for it by standing on a chair. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@iamrolster

Just check out how engrossed she is with whatever she’s trying to see. Seeing as the chair was kept in place by the window, it seems her owner knows about her spying adventures and ensures she has all she needs. 

12- Spying On The Date

Once a cat bites, it’s difficult for them to let go. Their curiosity can spur them to do some crazy but hilarious things. Putting on a dress and going to a restaurant to spy on her owner qualifies as hilarious. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Villanellie

We didn’t know cats were this interested in who their owners were dating. This cat was diligent in her efforts, so much so that she knew she had to stay in the building directly opposite the restaurant to have a clear visual. 

13- Eager To Join The Fun

Someone should help this little toddler with a stool, please! She is eager to catch glimpses of the neighborhood but cannot have a full stare because of her height. Her fluffy suit looks good on her, but she can barely see things over the edges of the window.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@ElmfnBoogy

It’s just like being a kid and seeing all of your friends outside playing, and you wish you could join them or at least watch them. This little puppy is going through the same thing. She simply wants to have a look.

14-  Window Escape

To dogs and cats, windows are their only means of escape when they feel trapped or want to go outside. The doorknob is always too high for them to reach, so the window is always their best and often the only option. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@barameldrizzel

This cat has made the first move of jumping on the window, but can he open it? We highly doubt that. Most pet owners ensure they lock all doors and windows to keep their pets in the house to prevent them from wandering off.

15- Double Team

This is a double team of eager and inquisitive feline friends. With the both of them on watch duty, nothing will slip past their fingers. While one of them is watching the right side of the neighborhood, the other monitors the left.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@ReneyIV

If you want a mission done successfully, don’t send one spy; send two of them. We have no idea what these cats are looking for outside, but they’re willing to stick their faces into the blinds for it. They make a great team. 

16- Nabbing The Thief

Not every pet who hangs by the window is being nosey; some of them are simply trying to save the day. After a series of recent break-ins, Alex here has made it his mission to apprehend the supposed house thief. 

Image courtesy of Twitter@deeBOMB_dotCOM

Every day he lies in wait by the window waiting for the thief to strike so he can catch him in the act. Heroes don’t always come in capes and uniforms. Anyone who performs a heroic act deserves to be called a hero.

17- I Want Out

Of course, the only reason why she wants out is so she can watch from up close what the other cats in the neighborhood are up to. Even though it’s none of her business, she can’t help but be curious. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@aiLAURgator

We empathize entirely with cats who have to stay all by themselves while their owners go to work. However, it’s for their own good. Even if you let them out of the house, they’d only go around sticking their noses in other people’s businesses.

18- Mission Possible

All she needs now is an entirely black outfit, comms in her ears for communication, and a weapon of her choice to take out the enemy. Only a real Tom Cruise-like mission would make a cat climb this far up a window. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@uhhleisha

What could she be looking at so intensely that she had to climb up the window like she’s Spiderman? No doubt it’s someone else’s cup of tea, and our mutual friend here is simply satisfying her neverending curiosity. Hopefully, she doesn’t fall from there.

19- Hell In A Cell

We almost thought we saw The Undertaker coming down one of those cells used in wrestling. When we looked closer, we saw it was just a curious cat. We don’t even want to know what he’s looking at. It’s probably not even worth it. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/lagoldenchild

Perhaps he saw a piece of fish on the floor and is salivating over how he’s going to get it. Cats can be so fearless, and when they know what they want, they’re willing to do anything to make it theirs.

20- Multitasking

At first glance, anyone would think this cat is simply doing push-ups by the window. Actually, he is doing some push-ups, but he’s also spying on the neighborhood. if he gets caught, he can deny it and stick to push-ups. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@ominouscl0ud

This cat is very smart and is playing his cards very well. He doesn’t want to be seen as nosey, so he decided to include push-ups in his spying routine as a cover-up. Even his owner has been outsmarted. Touche!

21- Oh, No!

Every positive effect has an equal corresponding negative impact, and every advantage has a disadvantage. Spying and being nosey have always been an advantage for this cat until now. He just saw the female cat he always admired with another cat. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@shefa_j_m

He was so disappointed that he banged his head on the side of the window. Curiosity killed the cat this time. He wouldn’t have found out if he wasn’t being nosey. But then again, now he knows where he stands.  

22- Always Waiting For You 

Your kids are not the only ones counting the minutes till you clock out from work; dogs and cats are also guilty of that. They love their owners so much that sometimes they spend all day at the window waiting for them to come home. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Briiiiibih

The minute they see you walk past the gate, you’ll see them running over to get a hug from you. Now this doesn’t mean their time at the window was anything short of boring. It just means sometimes they’re there for other reasons.

23- Giving In To Her Demands

You might not know this, but cats can be compelling, especially to owners who are always very busy and have no time for their whining. Unless you give them what they want, they’ll make meow sounds till your ears give out. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@gukkcci

This cat, just like all the others before it, wants to be by the window so it can be nosey. Of course, her owner would rather let her stay in and mind her business, but somehow she gets what she wants. 

24- Can’t Cheat Nature

This cat swore that she would never get too nosey again and always mind her business. Despite all of those promises, she couldn’t help herself and had to take a peek when she heard weird noises coming from the neighborhood. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Mnky74

She made sure not to open the blinds fully. She just wants to have a little look to satisfy her curiosity. If she gets caught, she has no excuse to give; she has used every single one known to man.

25- Bad Influence

After many months of locking the windows and preventing her cat from being nosey, this owner has decided to not only indulge her cat but join her in her spying crusade. If you take a closer look, you’ll see her behind the cat. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@solqrsido

This cat has been a bad influence on her owner. The mom is just like the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” She has joined her cat, and together they spy and stick their noses in other people’s businesses.

26- Watch Out For That Soup

Bad things tend to happen to people that don’t mind their business. Somehow we get the sense that it’s about to happen to this cat. He is entirely focused on being nosey and doesn’t even see the soup pot next to him.

Image  courtesy of Twitter/@kekpisangEffa

The bad thing wouldn’t be him pouring over the soup; it’ll be his owner dealing with him for pouring her soup. After spending 5 hours preparing food in the kitchen, you wouldn’t want to hear your cat spilled it over because he was nosey. 

27- Caught Red Handed

Yes, we know that look. It’s the look of someone caught doing something very bad, something she was told not to do. We know that cats don’t have many bad habits aside from being nosey. So yeah, she’s in trouble. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@S_C_O_E

How does she get out of this one? Of course, she can say she was there for the ventilation, but the windows are closed, and she’s standing right on top of an air conditioner. So, we say she makes a run for it. 

28- Protecting Her Milk

If we did not see it ourselves, we’d have a hard time believing it actually happened. Considering the shape and composition of a cat’s leg, we didn’t think it was possible for them to go on their knees until now. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@brii_ii

After multiple reports from the neighbors of her nosy affairs, her owner has decided to take her milk off the food menu. She figured that she had time to be nosey only because she was well fed. The cat is begging to keep her milk. 

29- Eye Witness

Are you a cheating spouse who brings in a lover when your partner is away? Or are you a son who sneaks out to play games with other children in the neighborhood against your parent’s warnings? Well, this cat sees everything. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@kianagreenanx

They say the wall has ears, and this cat might just be the wall in this case. How cool would it be if cats could talk? Considering how nosey they are, they probably know many secrets that many people don’t want to get out. 

30- Mouse Hunter

You might detest the way your cat runs around hanging by the window, but you have to admit that your house is free from rats and mice because of their presence. Cats are very territorial. They don’t like sharing, especially with rats. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Shauna1722

Cats prey on rats, eliminating them from our houses for our safety. This is part of why they’re always on the lookout, observing. Any movement at all, and they’re ready to pounce on any mouse or prey to protect you. 

31- Little Help, Please

One way to stop your cat from being nosey is by keeping your chairs and tables away from the windows. It’s a practical solution because they can’t stick their noses into other people’s businesses if they can’t see other people.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@LexxieWithLuv

Like dogs, cats have incredible jumping abilities that allow them to move from one place to another quickly. However, just like this cat, they still need a little help to get to the doors and windows since they’re pretty high. 

32- The Window Behind The Window

Just when she thought she finally got her chance to sneak out of the house, she discovered that it was a trap. Her owner found out about her nosey activities and decided to end it with a double window trap. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@AnyaRalani

This cat must have been really excited when she saw the blinds unlocked, only to discover another window standing in her way. We don’t know what kind of appointment she has outside, but she won’t be making it anytime soon. 

33- Grounded

After spying and scaring away little kids in the neighborhood, his owner has decided to ground this doggo. It’s only been two days and this dog can barely take it anymore. He’d do anything to feel the sun touch his face. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Elites4Days

Our kids are not the only ones that should be grounded when they’re in the wrong. It’s okay to punish your dog or cat too. It’s all part of a learning process that, hopefully, they’ll realize and turn over a new leaf. 

34- Wishing He Was Out There

When you look at your dog from behind while your dog is looking outside, you almost feel bad for them. At that moment, you want to open the doors and let them have fun for a little while until you get reports of a dog being nosey. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@gayconquest

Honestly, dogs and cats being nosey don’t hurt anyone since they can’t speak, but they can make it uncomfortable for those on the receiving end of their stalking. So as much as it hurts, close the windows. It’s the least you can do. 

35- Improvising

Hiding away the tables and chairs is a nosey prevention strategy that only works against small and weak dogs, not one as ripped as Dwayne Johnson. As you can see, he improvised without any means of having a clear view. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@JadeOhanaLeipua

He pushed over a giant poof and stood on it to give him the height he needed to have a clear view of whatever it is that was happening outside the window. He could not think of spending even one afternoon without spying on the outdoors.

36- Laser Focus

Cats are one hell of a creature. They can be cute and jumpy, but they get very serious when it comes to being nosey. Like this cat, they don’t mind stomping on clean clothes if it’ll let them see what they want. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Eoverload 

They wouldn’t mind walking on water to get to their window spot when they’re in their element. It’s like being nosy is an activity they look forward to every day. Look at him stick his head in between the blinds. 

37- Night Crawler

Even in the middle of the night, cats are still very active in their nosey activities when their owners are asleep. Any little weird sound, even on the roof, is enough to spark their curiosity and send them on night duty. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/LRKDVDSN

What makes them funny is that despite their love for being nosey, they’re usually the first to bolt when they sense danger. They get petrified when they see things out of the ordinary, but they want to see them first. 

38- The Professional

This very inquisitive cat twitched the blinds perfectly, showing a touch of professionalism, which means it’s a regular act for her. She sits comfortably on the window frame with her metatarsal pads, giving great attention to the world outside her home.

Image courtesy of Twitter/tpwksally

She must see something highly captivating to give such attention to it. The interest is obviously on the high side, so she won’t be changing positions anytime soon. However, the blinds can be dangerous for this meticulous kitty. Good luck!

39- So Lonely

If you’ve listened to Lonely by Akon, then you can relate. This cat looks pretty lonely, obviously tired of playing with the toy mouse, just leaning by the door net trying to see if there’s anything that catches her fancy in the neighborhood.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@benkicks23

From her keen look, one can quickly tell that she is expecting someone’s arrival, maybe her owner. She is looking forward with great expectations and sadness at every passing minute of disappointment. Fresh milk at this moment would be divine. 

40- That Should Be Me

This dog looks pretty hungry, but this time, hungry for fun. He quietly and keenly watches his neighbors playing outside with their pets and wishfully hopes that will be his story someday. Hopefully, his owner will take him for a walk soon. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Kingdomof Sura

Having a perfect view from the window, he sees the playground and wishes to take a walk down there also to be part of the play in which his peers are engaged. He is on a full stretch and might be tempted to jump out of the window.