45 Pics Of Cats Getting Into Some Major Shenanigans

By Kelly B

We never really know what goes on in a cat’s mind. As cat owners ourselves, we witness their weird and unusual behavior more often than not – such as scratching at the white wall, staring at people for hours, and choosing to sleep in boxes even though we buy beds for their solemn slumber. Even after all our years as cat parents, we still have no idea how to explain their actions.

The strangeness embedded in these creatures continues to puzzle human beings, to the point where a Twitter account intended to prove to the world how ridiculous and peculiar cats are was set up online – @weirdlilguys on Twitter aims to highlight our beloved furry friends “being weird little guys.” Luckily for you, we’re diving in deep with this list of 45 photographs that showcase different cats and their mischief. Prepare for side-splitting laughs!

All images in this article are courtesy of weirdlilguys on Twitter.

Pizza Lover

There’s a saying that a slice of pizza can fix everything. The first entry on our list seems to support that idea. Much to our surprise, though, it’s not a human being that loves pizza. In this case, it’s a house cat!


No one loves pizza as much as this cat does, as it seemingly spends the majority of its time staring at the oven, waiting for the whole pizza to cook. Look at its hungry face in the reflection! We feel you, kitty.

ATM Machine For Cats

We don’t usually think about how cats get the things they want. Their humans provide them with everything they need, right? Well, apparently there’s a kitty ATM for those just in case moments. Similar to humans, we can see that cats are also very protective of their credit card pin number.


This cat looks like it’s doing something it’s done a million times before. He just wants to draw some money, and nothing can stop it from its mission to become a financially stable and productive citizen of the community! Who knows. Maybe this cat is secretly a millionaire.

Remote Learning

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all its safety protocols, students and employees needed to adjust to a whole new setup called remote and distance learning. Today, we found out that even cats are included in this change of system!


This tiny white kitten looks like the typical techie that is knowledgeable about all things modern and mechanical. We are guessing that this kitten is taking online classes very well, as seen in its intense focus on the huge laptop screen in front of its tiny body.

I Am Not A Cat, I Am A Bowl

Apparently, human beings aren’t the only ones undergoing an identity crisis. It seems like our pets, especially the weird ones – cats – are having the same issues. This cat looks like it’s telling people to no longer consider it as an animal, for it is now a bowl.


With a bowl pasted in front of its face, the cat magically transformed from being a domestic animal into an inanimate object. We can no longer recognize the cat! We are now seeing a life-sized bowl in front of us!

The Magician

Cats can be anything in this world. Usually, they prefer to be a royal or nosy neighbor, but some prefer to be magicians. Take a look at the tricks this cat is doing with its hands! It makes us all confused, amazed, and petrified at the same time.


This photograph proves that even though cats can not speak human, they can still be the biggest and greatest entertainers we have. We no longer have to go to the carnival when we have this cat right here! At least, when it’s not busy sleeping.

I’m Tired

This cat perfectly exemplifies our overall mood whenever we are tired, stressed, or sleepy. We think it’s safe to assume that this cat is experiencing all these moods, as we see it sleeping in a space that is not usually considered a resting place.


This cat also reminds us to always take a minute to rest and take care of ourselves! We may not go to the lengths of sleeping in a tight space like this, but we should still follow this cat in resting when needed.


Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is this shadow on your curtain. We have no doubt that a sight like this would wake you up immediately. That’s one scary surprise that works better than a bucket of ice water.


Aside from being experts in sleeping, cats are also known to be fast and flexible in playing and doing physical activities. Most of the time, you do not even realize that they are already climbing in high places, like your curtain, until it’s too late.

Excuse Me, We Have A Meeting

Today, we found out that cats aren’t always lazy; they are organized and gather together for meetings. As we see in this photograph, these cats are serious about having deep and meaningful conversations with each other. Look how engrossed and focused they are!


We also found out that human beings cannot trespass these meetings. We are not cats like them; we do not belong in these discussions. It’s best to back up and respect their private space to talk about their community of cats!

Spidercat? Catwoman?

Who says Peter Parker is the only one with superpowers and the ability to nimbly walk on walls and buildings like this? There’s no need to get bitten by a super spider to become a superhero when you can just be a cat!


This photograph showcases the extraordinary skills cats possess, such as climbing on walls and defying gravity. We are proud to say we have our own superheroes in our house. Of course, that’s nothing new. The way they rescue us from sad days is already proof enough.

Peeping Is My Power

They often say cats are curious creatures that know the ins and outs of communities, even the secrets most people are not aware of. They get hold of this all types of information by doing what they’re best at: peeping and eavesdropping!


In this photograph, we see the perfect example of a peeping cat. Even if you catch this cat in its secret plan, it still does not scare it off, nor does it stop its sneaky activities. We commend you, cat, for your devotion to your tasks.

Cats And Computers

Another tech-savvy cat is on the list! This photograph shows another strange cat looking like the biggest expert in technology and computers. Does he have a master’s degree in computer science? This computer clearly belongs to this cat, not a human.


Is this cat responsible for all sorts of inventions and innovations we don’t know about? Did it program Nyan Cat? It must be a genius to work on computers without opposable thumbs. We wonder what secrets this cat is hiding behind those clever eyes.

Breakdancing Cat

You’ve seen a technician cat, now it’s your turn to witness a breakdancing cat! We never thought cats would also be good at dancing, but we realized that cats are good at everything. This is a dancer right here. No doubt about it.


The only thing missing is music. We recommend blasting popular club songs to get the full experience from this picture. If you have a cat at home, play some upbeat music and see if it’ll get more hyped and energized like this crazy cat here.

Do Not Dare

If cats could speak, this cat definitely says “Do not dare to sit. This couch is mine.” Here we see a possessive cat, stretching out all its bones and body parts to occupy all the space available within its reach.


Like we said earlier, cats are flexible and swift. This cat showcases all its full range of motion and talent in stretching, maybe just as a way to put us in our place. It feels the need to remind us of their superiority. This couch is the property of a mighty cat!

It’s Getting Hot In Here

You can tell when your cat is “in heat” — aka if she’s in the midst of her reproductive cycle. They’re very vocal about it. A cat’s heat cycle, which typically occurs in the spring and fall, can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.


As cat owners ourselves, we are very much aware of how chaotic it is to witness cats in heat. We hear all the noises, the meows, and the weird actions they do at home. This cat’s owner deserves a medal for remaining to be witty despite the stressful period!

The Screaming Cat

We are looking at a supernatural occurrence in this photograph. This cat looks like it comes from a different universe, with its laser eyes and ability to glow in the dark! If there’s one more adjective to describe cats, it would be extraterrestrial.


This screaming cat seems to be devoted to its goal of letting all humans know that it is better than us. It’s shouting to the heavens, eyes glowing with rage that we haven’t bowed down to this majestic creature yet.

Cat Bin

Be careful whenever you’re throwing your trash in the garbage bin. You might not see the cutest creature alive lurking inside of it and smack it on the head. We are aware of how weirdo cats are, but this is a very different level!


Still, even in the weirdest and most unusual moments, cats still have the power to look adorable while doing questionable things. Now, how can we throw our trash peacefully when we know that there’s a possibility of a cat hidden inside of it?

Jedi Master Yoda

In another Star Wars universe, the renowned Jedi Master Yoda is played by a cat. With all the wisdom and brilliance embedded in these strange creatures, we are certain that they also know how to awaken the Force within us.


As Yoda stated, “Fear is the path to the dark side.” The cat in this photograph teaches us to become the bright light in the darkness, and follow its guidance all the way. Thank you, Kitty Yoda for your wisdom.


Ah, another cat with magical and fantastic features. This black cat is showcasing its magical powers in hand and foot movements, showing us different alphabetical letters such as the letter X! What does X stand for, kitty? Will you give us a clue?


Perhaps we will never know, and we will continue to wonder. When it comes to cats, we will never know the right answers to everything – especially when it comes to their weirdness and oddity. Nonetheless, cats are proud of their individuality!

When Will My Reflection Show?

Prepare yourselves for the chonkiest cat in the world and its journey in finding its reflection. This cat seems to be going through a hard time, leaning its head towards the glass box for unknown reasons we will never learn.


Whatever the problem or struggle this cat is going through, we hope it knows that we will gladly offer a supportive and helping hand! The first solution we can think of is: giving hugs! We want to offer our love and at the same time, feel how fluffy this troubled cat is.

The Pantry Cat

If you love snacks, expect your cat to learn from you and become a foodie as well. This cat seems to unleash its superpowers by climbing and holding on to places – only this time, it is holding on to human food.


It feels like it is also possessive when it comes to food, telling everyone who comes across this pantry that every snack in here is a cat’s property and possession. We get it, kitty! You love food, even if it’s not for cat consumption!

The Kitchen Chronicles

Cats are good at everything, including kitchen work and washing the dishes. Take a look at this kitty in the photograph. It looks like it’s having the time of its life, dressed in little a pink apron and ready to do the dishes.


Maybe this particular cat wants to be a chef someday, and we have no doubt that this cat will reach its dream. We’d also like our kitchen to be filled with cute cats wearing aprons and helping us wash our own dishes. Can we normalize this crazy scene?

The Window Is My Bed

Cats have the ability to sleep peacefully anywhere they want. On our computers, in our computers, and apparently, on the windows, too. Even if we buy or make them their own beds, they still want to rest in places they’re not supposed to!


Cats are known rule-breakers; they do what they want and won’t take no for an answer. Meanwhile, even if we are human beings, we still cannot win over them. If a window is a cat’s bed, then we cannot do anything about it.

New Eyes

Cats are innovative and creative. If they want to accessorize, don’t worry about buying them some fancy cat couture. They’ll make fancy glasses for themselves using the most unusual household objects. Just like this kitty that used a container with two holes in it as its accessory.


Even though we can’t see its smile, we know that it’s happy about its newfound discovery! The happiness and pride are evident in its laser eyes, which continue to shine bright even if it’s in a dark room. Those are powerful eyes, indeed!

Bending Cat

Black cats are always deemed as unlucky, but we think it’s the other way around. Take a look at this black cat right here, it seems to be lucky enough to be this flexible and talented to move everywhere it wants.


If you’re a cat owner, sometimes, you don’t get shocked when you see your cats residing in the most unusual places. This cat is brave; it doesn’t mind the horrors of extreme heights and is happy to give its owner a quirky questioning look.

Let’s Take A Cat-fie

This is probably the cutest selfie we have ever seen. These three cats seem to be knowledgeable enough to know how cameras work, as they effortlessly pose for a selfie! Cats can also be supermodels with gorgeous figures that they love to flaunt.


Smile at the camera is out, meow at the camera is in! Cats are taking over even the photography and modeling field right now, showing the world how versatile cats are. We also hope our camera roll is filled with these catfies!

Light ’em Up

Fairy lights are a popular decor item that has seen increasing popularity in the last few years. Humans of all ages love stringing up these delicate lights on balconies, bed headboards, and just all over the wall. And, apparently, cats love them, too.


Maybe this cat mistook the light for a firefly. No, cat, that is not a chewy insect that you’re taking care of. Who knew that fairy lights would actually be a safety hazard. Hopefully the owner put the lights out of reach after they snapped this picture.

Talk To The Hand

Humans are not the only ones practicing introspection and self-talk. Our beloved fur babies seem to be trying it out, too. This cat refused to talk to other creatures on this particular day and chose to speak only with its own hand.


This cat took the phrase “talk to the hand” quite literally; more so than most of us. Even sitting next to a window, it refuses to see the light of the day and chooses to reject anyone’s company – it is satisfied being alone!

I Can See You

It seems like cats who make accessories out of house tools and objects are already common in the kitty kingdom. If this was our pet, we feel like we couldn’t move without being monitored by this cat – serving as the home’s very own surveillance device.


This might be the cat’s love language, though; always checking upon its owner and ensuring their safety in a subtle and lowkey way. Whatever the reason behind this intense monitoring and peeking, this cat says one thing for sure – “I can see you!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the turkey. Even if you don’t eat meat, tofurkey is a good alternative. It’s an unspoken requirement for the celebration. Well, it turns out that some cat owners have their own turkey alternative. However, we don’t recommend eating this one…


This cat has the patience of a saint to pose while its owners sprinkled on some seasoning for a perfect holiday photo. Perhaps it’s hoping that, if it behaves, it’ll get some table scraps. No more of that canned food. It’s a holiday!

Our New Bed

Cats will sleep anywhere. Boxes, blinds, and even objects designed for eating or drinking from. In this photograph, we see two little kittens sleeping peacefully in their food dishes – acting as if these were their beds. It’s hard to argue as they perfectly fit inside those bowls.


Instead of cat food or water, these bowls now have the cats themselves! But who can remove these adorable sleeping cats from their places, when they seem to be having their solemn slumber? Cats surely know how to win our affection!

Best In Camouflage

Looks like our carpets are not safe from these creatures. In this photograph, we see this house cat camouflaging at its finest, with the use of its fluffy fur! Before climbing down the stars, take a look at your carpet first – maybe it has also turned into a cat.


This cat looks like it’s proud of its camouflaging ability, as we see in its mischievous smile and teasing eyes. Though it looks a bit like it’s daring someone to step on it. Now, let’s give credit where credit is due. Congratulations on being the camouflage master, kitty!

The Little Spoon

Can someone inform this cat that a spoon is meant to be used in meals, not in playtime? This cat probably mistook a spoon as a toy or any plaything it could get its hands on, as cats are wont to do.


We would like to take the spoon away from the cat, but it seems like it’s having tremendous fun playing with it. Even our utensils are now owned by these creatures. We have no claim to property here; they are truly the masters of our house!


Cats do not wear clothes – but when they do, they always slay with their looks and outfits. Take a look at this white fluffy cat with its long blue cape that makes it look like it came out straight from a movie!


By now, we think that cats really like cosplay as Jedi Master Yoda. They seem to get their outfit inspirations from the iconic Star Wars character, and perhaps even abide by Yoda’s wisdom and teachings. May the force be with you, Kitty!

The Grand Entrance

Humans are not the only ones who can perform an iconic and legendary grand entrance. This cat looks like it just came from a fight with its evil enemies, and a stray punch caused walls and bricks to fall down. Or maybe it’s been living in the walls for all these years.


Nevertheless, now it has presented itself as a superhero! We should all make way for the mighty cat and its extraordinary superpowers. If it can break down walls and make a memorable grand entrance like that, it could surely defeat us weak human beings.

Wallflower? More like Wallcat

At this point, everyone should be aware already of how well cats work with walls. Do not be afraid or shocked the next time you look up on your wall and see a peculiar, mischievious cat staring down at you.


For cats, climbing high walls and doing flexible stunts that seem impossible are just normal things to occur in their everyday lives. We’ve already seen so many crazy places cats like to hide or hang out. The sky’s the limit for these indescribable creatures!

Bananas Are For Cats

We all need time to relax and unwind, and it’s not only applicable for humans, but also for our pets! This adorable photograph shows two lovable kittens having the time of their lives while resting on banana-shaped little beds. How cute?!


We can’t help but be in awe of the smiles evident on the faces of these kittens. They seem to be enjoying their time, relaxing and sleeping with not a care in the world. We can stare at kittens resting in little banana beds all day!

It’s Cold Here

We all know how annoying it is whenever the weather is scorching hot, especially when it’s the summer season. If we get irritated by the heat, our cats do as well! This cat just chooses to stay inside the refrigerator to cool down.


The cat looks like he just got caught up in the moment, but who can blame him? He just wants to get away from the heat – and if he thinks staying in a refrigerator will help him, then so be it!

Don’t Forget To Hydrate

Water is the most important substance in the world, and we should always hydrate ourselves in order to stay healthy. This cat seems to take care of its health, hence the desperation to hydrate and drink water in the faucet!


When animals are stressed, adequate water supply is essential for high levels of productivity, and it’s much more important for them to hydrate. We know this is not the conventional way for them to drink their water, but at least they’re getting plenty of it.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

The song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli is one of the most romantic songs ever created. Imagine a cat is singing this to you, and it’s truly doing its thing – staring at you all day with its bright laser eyes.


Cats do not let others control them. They’ll stare into your soul and wear you down. Even dark forces cannot compete with these creatures. Take a look at this black cat that even climbed its way up to the chair just to stare at its owner at eye level!

Say Aaah

Cat owners share how they experience having conversations with their pets sometimes. Of course, these creatures cannot utter human words – only the word “meow,” with different tones indicating their present mood and emotions. Sometimes, they are happy. Sometimes, they are sad. The answer is always “meow.”


The cat in this photograph seems to be experiencing some intense emotions when this picture was taken, as evident in its facial expression and behavior that looks like it’s shouting at the person taking its snap. Pictures don’t have sounds, but we can hear something just by looking at this cat.

Do Not Disturb

It looks like another cat is sleeping in a place that is not meant for relaxation! If you have strange cats residing in your home, prepare to see them in every space and place – even the ones you do not expect.


This cat is so adventurous and daring that it stumbled its way across the top of the kitchen cabinet. However, it looks like it got exhausted from its journey and adventure in exploring every corner of house. Rest well, kitty cat!

Farm Cat

Cats are not only meant to explore indoor places, but also the outside world! In this photograph, we see a venturesome cat that seems to be having a wonderful time out in nature and the wild. Look at its smile!


Maybe this cat adores nature and wants to partake in planting trees and seeds in a little garden. It seems to be very protective of the plant it’s holding, and it cannot be taken away from the cat! Those teeth say, “don’t even try me.”

Sleeping Is Boring

When cats get bored, they do all sorts of things. Some choose to do weird things with their sleeping positions, proving how they always reject being ordinary and conventional. We cannot believe this cat is even more flexible than us!


This cat also looks like he enjoys the cat condo built specifically for him. Most cats do not sleep in their own beds and cat condo, but this little lad chooses to follow the rules! However, knowing these weird creatures, everything should always come with a twist.

Birthday Cake

As cat owners, we advise you to never leave your belongings and food unattended. Your kitties can reach anywhere, so don’t think of any place as a safe zone. This is what happens when you leave the room for a bit and ask your cats to guard your food – they do the opposite!


This naughty creature seems to have a sweet tooth, seeing how it devoured this lavish cake all on its own. The proof is scattered all over its face filled with icing and crumbs! Don’t worry, kitty cat, we’ll make sure to give you your own birthday cake soon.

I’m The King Of The World

Cats are known to be peculiar, weird, and strange creatures – at the same time, they are also empowered and confident. This confidence is evident in this particular cat, which climbed all the way up the window to show the outside world who’s the boss.


We reached the end of this list and up until now, we still have no answers or explanations regarding the peculiarity and oddness of these cats. Perhaps it will stay a mystery forever. But nonetheless, we know one thing for sure – who runs the world? Cats!