45 Mischievous Pets That Are Pure Agents Of Chaos

By Precious I

The internet has become a home to many things: information on demand, communication with friends and families living far away, and, of course, the perfect place to find a good laugh. Humans have always adored their pets, and the internet gives people a great outlet to share their fur babies with the world. Humans have been sharing stories and pictures of their companions for centuries, but now there’s an easy outlet to share these en masse with a simple touch of a button. Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sure, some pets are cute and lovable 24/7, but others are just plain derpy and goofy…and often a bit terrifying. So, if you’re looking for a laugh and love scrolling through silly animal pictures, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 45 photos of animals being michievous little critters.

All images in this article are courtesy of mischiefanimals on Twitter.

Say Cheese

In terms of names, this would be the Melted Cheddar Cheese Mast Cat? Nacho Cheese Cat Face? Cheese Face Kitty? We love our pet nicknames, and we can’t help but contemplate what to call this cheesy kitty. Do you have any suggestions?


We don’t know how this happened and, honestly, we’re dying to find out. Was this a cooking accident? Or, perhaps this crazy cat found some cheese and tried to enjoy it in front of a radiator. Yup, that could explain the melty face.

For The Love of Cake

Every pet owner knows this struggle. No matter how much you trust your companions, there’s always the possibility that, when you’re not looking, they try to sneak some food that is meant for human consumption only. Like this rat, for example…


Aha! This rat was caught red-handed. This rodent is a typical representation of us when we are stressed and can only seek comfort and love in the food. It has happened to the best of us, and we can’t help but relate to this animal.

Yoga Time

This cute little feline is just having little fun; there is no need for any fuss. Even though there is an infinite amount of space to play in, it has chosen the best place possible to play – on her human’s head.


There is no reason why the cat shouldn’t partake in some yoga. People have been saying for years how good it is for your physical and mental well-beeing. A little fun and messing around is necessary for the body – the vet won’t mind this one.

A Genius Way to Drink Water

Do you know what’s better than drinking water the right way? Drinking water upside down. Looking at the photo below, we would probably think that drinking the water the right way would be easier, but he certainly begs to differ.


And if you turn the picture around, the cat looks like he is surprised by the new and easier way of drinking water he had just discovered. Maybe the water flows down his throat more quickly than the standard way of drinking?

Cute Ball of Darkness

Black cats, you’ve just got to love them. On days when they don’t look like balls of cute darkness, they look like literal spawns of the underworld that want to steal your soul and lead you down. But we love them all the same.


You just gotta be quick enough to run out of the room and hide when their devilish sides surface, and they start hissing like the kitten in the photo above and looking for someone to drag to the underworld. POOF! be gone!

Approach With Caution

This cat is all of us right now; tired, uninterested, but too polite to walk out. If you can read the cues, you’d let the cat be in peace. It also looks like Godfather has just given you permission to come closer and kiss those paws.


We can hear that tiny voice saying, “you have the Godfather’s permission to approach, human. So tell me about your childhood and how you’ve been unable to find love.” There is a little bit of condescending look, but that is expected when you are the Don.

This Pizza Is Mine

A comfy couch, and a pizza – this raccoon is living the life that many of us want after a stressful day. We don’t think there will be much sharing around here today; we can hear the “my pizza now, all mine” in every corner of the room.


You can see the evident love between the pizza and the raccoon right now – you would do well to stay clear of the couch at this moment. Just a little warning before you have a raging raccoon in your room.

Feisty Mao

A little backstory here: the cat in this photo is about to go for surgery. It wanted to show its goblin fangs one last time before visiting the doctor. If you needed a reminder of how feisty Mao could get, he is unwilling to let you forget that anytime soon.


Regardless, we hope Mao is doing fine and back to showing off its adorable self as well as inspiring some of the cutest animal photos on the internet. We love it when our favorite pets are doing what they enjoy.

Curtain Kitty

We’re beginning to think that cats have a thing for hanging upside down because how else do we explain this picture? If we say so ourselves, the kitten looks quite content hanging from the curtain like a bat chilling in a cave.


Just look at those eyes that seem to be questioning why their hooman is interrupting whatever was going on. Also, is it just us, or do kittens hanging upside-down look extra cute? Never mind the initial heart attack you might get. They are simply adorable.

Who’s Throwing Hands

There is enough material on the internet to launch the WWFF, World Wrestling Feline Federation. We can imagine a body slam is what led to this photo and that little Kung-Fu pose; we might as well call it Mixed Martial Animals. This is way too violent for the PuppyBowl.


Even the UFC could have some fierce competition from these animals at the Ultimate Fighting Cats. We would like some helping hands with the names here. We believe there was a bit of roasting before this “Do you wanna fight because I bet you’ll catch some hands?” Whew.

False Alarm… or Not

This is the very moment before the disaster. The split second before the impact when chaos is unleashed. You can bet that things will get worse the second after this. Thumbs up to the photographer for capturing this at the exact moment – simply perfect.


One can only imagine the pain that person is about to be in. If you have a pet, chances are you’ve been there before. Sometimes it’s an accident, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. Though some of you have at least been lucky not to get caugh between some sharp fangs.

Letter Time

This little cutie didn’t get the memo that pens are for writing and not for chewing – but to be honest, a lot of cat owners have probably had their fair share of pen biting. Who knows where the cat first saw this?


This is another case of a curious cat who wants to partake in education; we think it is commendable – E for effort, not execution. The conversation probably started with something like “need some help?” or “I would like to write a letter to another cat.”


Have you ever wanted to walk on your ceilings and see the world from upside down? You haven’t? Well, that is not the case for this kitten. Maybe it learned that our eyes see the world upside down, and our brains flip it right side up for us.


He looks like he’s living the dream, and looking so cute while doing it. Although, we do not recommend that you try this at home, folks. We hate to say this, but Spider-Man isn’t real. If you try walking on your ceiling, you could fall and break something.

Venomous Fangs In Sight

Everything about this photo screams mischief. You could be asking if cats are venomous because this just screams “I can hurt you” in a slightly cute way. What could have made the cat choose to devour the furniture like that?


Someone get that cat some food (as soon as possible) before it does more damage. If this is a threat demonstrating how vicious it gets, point taken, we got it loud and clear. No one’s here to cause trouble; we are ready to comply.

Was That Your Meal?

One thing we have to give up to cats is they think they are so intelligent and stealthy, almost to the point of invisibility at times. How else do we explain the wide-eyed surprise on this cat’s face that it’s been caught, even though it still has the egg in its mouth? 


He also looks just a little offended by the audacity of his human to hold him by the scruff of his neck. But we guess it’s their human’s fault. How dare they keep their plate of food where the cat can reach it?

It Was A Dead Plant

To be fair, the plant was already dead, and this little dog was probably just helping out. Either way, if this innocent doggy was put on some unfair trial, we have a few ideas as an excuse to get out of this mess.


One, “This looks bad, but listen to me, it all started with an earthquake.” Two, “I thought I kept a bone there and had to confirm.” Three, “Oopsie, I’m innocent.” Lastly, “It was like this when I got here.” Whatever the case is, we thank this pup for letting us know the plant was dead.

Hello Aloe

We can imagine the owner’s initial confusion when they found the tips of their plant bitten off for the first time. And the brain-racking they would have gone through to figure out what kind of pest was attacking their plant must’ve drove them crazy.


Of course, they wouldn’t have suspected their sneaky cat because they probably didn’t know, like us, that cats have a sweet tooth for aloe vera plants. But thankfully, they caught the culprit and didn’t continue blaming some innocent insects for doing it.

Felt Cute For a Minute

We can imagine that someone is about to open a Facebook account and chooses the Take Photo option. The cat-taking selfies section of the internet is one rabbit hole you don’t want to enter. It is saying “felt cute, will never delete it.”


This is what happens when you accidentally hit the front-facing camera button of your phone and you can’t help but stare into the camera lens and look confused. What is grandad doing there? Now Brenda has to help this old cat out.

Vacation in The Dirt

We know that dogs like being outdoors, but this is taking things too far. Surely this doggo gets to go out of the house enough that he wouldn’t feel so desparate to feel some dirt under his paws, right? We honestly have no idea what it’s trying to do here.


Is this doggo trying to cover its poop after going in a potted plant? Or maybe this innocent pup is trying to get some alone time, and it found the only place no one else would dare go. Which one do you think it is?

The Typical Olympian

The preparation for the Olympics starts immediately after the last one; we’re pretty sure this cat is off to the right start. This handstand pose is really on point, and you can expect to see this little feline at the 2024 Olympics.


Those eyes are feisty and daring – the ideal competitive mentality. The “yoga for cats” business is starting to catch on, and this cat here might just be on to something. We think it is safe to call this the Daring Cat, The Olympic Feline.

It’s Cage Break Time

Another thing all pet owners have in common is a trip to the vet. While some pets don’t mind too much, most are terrified so badly that they won’t even get in the car. That’s probably what happened with this cat, hence the kitty carrier.


This cat wasn’t going down easy. It couldn’t find the hole it got in through (hint: a human closed the zipper), and it was getting claustrophobic. No we know what those sharp teeth and claws are really for. It’s jail break time!

The Spooky Catman

Catman’s eyes are watching you. He obviously sees you when you sleep, and he is there when you wake up. He doesn’t care if you have been a good cat owner; just run, for goodness sake. Catman is the night.


He is your worst nightmare. And those laser eyes? Instant kill mode activated. It is kill or be killed season – and this cat is taking no prisoners. There is no escape from this one; this is laser cat level unlocked. It is time for spooky mode.

It’s Just a Lollipop

If there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s cats looking shocked and surprised when they are caught red-handed doing something they are not supposed to be doing. They think they’re so stealthy. Just take a look at the mischievous cat in the photo.


Even with a lollipop stuck on its fur, it looks like it has no idea why its owner is holding it like that. It’s not that we blame the cat for wanting a lollipop. We just question its judgment and what event led up to this picture being taken.

The Cone of Shame

Want to know what is worse than wearing a cone of shame? Someone mocking your cone, like this dog with a cat standing atop it. It’s staring at the canine as though he’s saying, “who’s the boss now?” This sight just screams “crazy pet power play.”


Now, we don’t want to make assumptions, but we imagine the dog bullies the cat all the time and makes his life unbearable. And now that the dog is wearing a cone of shame and can’t get to him, the cat doesn’t want to lose his opportunity for revenge.

Kids or KIDS

Do you like kids or kids? Whichever one you pick, best believe you will have absolutely no control over either of them. The question on everyone’s minds is how that goat ended up there. “Hey, look at me; I’m on top of the world.”


The second goat wants to get in on the action, “I want this too, I want!” The third goat is not getting with the program; he is unwilling to show his face to the camera – “yeah, you guys have fun, I’m good here.”

Ban the Toilet Papers

We don’t know what the toilet paper did to the cat; they could have some severe problems they were trying to settle. We’re sure we need to hear both sides of the story because we hear that toilet papers are incredibly naughty and always get on cats’ bad sides.


After a bit of research, we hear that the naughtiness of toilet paper has made all cats develop a personal vendetta against all toilet paper. That makes more sense, right? Other than the perfectly logical explanation that cats enjoy destroying toilet paper.

Just a Lick-le Love

There has to be a backstory to this, we can only wonder what it is, but we will never be sure. We will assume that there is always an aunt who has become more like a mother figure and can’t help but suffocate (literally) you with love and attention.


This involuntary lick session has one of the cats screaming for help and the other only interested in showing more. We have all been here before – think of this as the cat equivalent of mom licking her thumb to remove something from your face.

Blinded by Friskies

We don’t know what we find most endearing and amusing in the photos below. Maybe it’s the kitten’s head pressed into the canned food in the first frame or the open-mouthed surprise and shocked look on his face in the second frame.


We can tell that it looks like he wasn’t expecting to be blinded by his food and is absolutely befuddled and panicking that he can’t see anymore. Whatever the case is, we hope the food was delicious and worth the temporary loss of vision.

Eye Litter

What’s cuter than one black kitten? A litter of black kittens. What is also scarier than one black demon spawn? A bunch of black demons spawns. Look at the picture below; we count eight tails and seven eyes. Do you see the same?


Imagine walking in on that; if that isn’t the scariest thing in the world, we don’t know what is. Do six cats have one eye each, and the last cat has two tails and one eye? It’s a mystery we’ll probably never solve.

Weeeeee! The Flying Cat

If you have any doubts that cats could fly, this photo is sure to prove you wrong. How else do you explain them being able to jump from very tall heights and then walk away unscathed and acting like they own the place? 


Also, how do you explain randomly finding them on top of your doors and other high sites? We do not recommend you yeet your cat to test this theory. The poor cat in the photo was probably startled, so he jumped into the air.

Caught Red-Hamded

Another cat caught red “hamded,” get it? Because he was caught red-handed eating ham. The look on his face screams guilty; there’s no other way to describe it. The downcast face and staring up at its human, wishing it could get an explanation.


He also looks annoyed. It says, “I did it, but I wasn’t expecting you to catch me doing it.” We reckon he was enjoying his ham snack. How dare the human take his food away from him? We would be annoyed too.

It Judges You

The cat in this next photo puts even the most accomplished gymnast to shame. Look at him, standing on the thin door handle and judging whoever took the picture. And, from the look on his face, he is highly disappointed in them.

DankDana / Imgur

Look at those squinted eyes and the drawn lips. We would hate to be the people the cat was judging so harshly because if you think about it, what is worse than being judged by humans? Being judged by a cat.


Look at the cute chubby kitten in the photo. Don’t you just want to pick it up and cuddle it? Maybe rub his stomach and have it rub itself all over you? Imagine the satisfaction and dopamine release that would bring you. 


We do, too. But it doesn’t look like the kitten wants to be picked up at all. It seems terribly unimpressed and done with everything. Or maybe it just needs a nap. Either way, we do not recommend picking him up.

It’s Invisible… By Choice

Here is another cat hanging upside-down, which seems to be a common position for cats. Then there’s the other cat who looks like it is pretending to be invisible. If it stays still enough and avoids looking at their human’s face, then it just might disappear. 


There’s just too much happening in this photo. Not that we blame these little menaces, we would want to disappear too if we were caught red-handed destroying something we weren’t supposed to, and we didn’t want to get in trouble.


Now, we have a few questions. How did the white cat manage to get inside the folded doormat? Was he just laying on the mat when the black cat somehow managed to throw the other end over him? Were they posing for a photo?


 We would be very impressed if the black cat threw the rug over it. The black cat looks like it’s telling the white cat “got you”, and the white cat looks like it’s trying to escape. We wonder what the white cat did to the black cat before this moment.

We Don’t See Anything

You don’t want to play hide and seek with the kitten in the photo below. Which kitten, you ask, because the only thing in the picture is clearly a shoe? It’s not like there’s a kitten very visibly hiding in the shoe.


But, seriously, why is the kitten in the shoe? Is it a game of hide and seek that he is obviously winning? Or does he just find the shoe comfortable enough to curl up and sleep in? Guess we will never know.

Playtime Is Over

We love how little fluffball here is laying beside his handwork so innocently. He could have had the common decency to at least look guilty, but he just looks like his sad playtime was interrupted. Again, not that we blame him; who would condemn such a cute kitty?


By the way, tearing toilet paper apart looks like it’s a lot of fun. It might be a hassle for their humans to clean up, but cats need their fun, and it’s the duty of their humans to clean up after them.

Maximum Damage

First frame: cat appreciates his handwork but decides he’s not done yet. Second and third frame: he leaps back into the action. Fourth frame: you know he is dedicated to achieving maximum damage. What did the shower curtain ever do to the cat? 


We can obviously see the shower curtain must have done something wrong. It is a widely known and accepted fact that spotted cats are innocent and never destroy something just for their fun. Have you seen how cute they are?

Hail the Furry King

One undeniable fact about cats is that they always find a way to look comfortable in the most bizarre and unlikeliest places. You would find these creatures on the top of a door, inside weirdly spaced closets or drawers, and inside walls (we don’t want to even talk about this one). 


On some days, you might find them on a shelf in your food cabinet like in the photo above. Look at that photo and tell us you don’t think that cat is convinced it is sitting on a throne and is waiting for its subjects to bow. All hail the furry food king!

It Manifests at Day

Another black cat, another demon spawn. Take a quick peek at those fangs; do they not look like something that can rip your soul out? He looks like he is calling for backup to come and help him complete his task. 


We applaud the person who took this photo; it could never be us. We would have probably run out of the room searching for some holy water for exorcism. We know better than staying in the same room with a sprouting demon, especially when they look like that.

Dentures in a Bar

Someone left their dentures on the nightstand and a certain doggo got a hold of them. It probably thought, “might as well as use grandma’s dentures.” As much as the dog doesn’t look feisty, those dentures are screaming, “just wait till I get through these bars.”


It also looks super adorable, like when you’re trying to look scary but end up looking even cuter – this is one of those occasions. It is always funny when dogs that look anything but scary try to be vicious. You’d be thinking, “what are you doing right here?”

Hush! You Noisy Human

This cat must have just been trying to sit on his human and relax, but she just wouldn’t shut up; how rude of her to have ruined this peaceful demeanor. We don’t blame the missy cat for closing her mouth with their paws. 


Wasn’t it enough that the cat graced her with its presence by sitting on her? Did she have to ruin this peace by being talkative? She’s lucky she only got paws to the mouth; the cat could have done worse. Like, leave and deny her of its presence.

What the…?

Before you get any funny ideas, this is Photoshop – sadly. Anyone who has spent way too long surfing the internet for photos and videos of funny animals will know this is edited. We, for one, don’t buy this at all.


But what was going on in the head of the person who made this photo? That is what we should be asking. At the very least, we’d like to see the original inspiration for this photo. What would that cat think if it saw this?

Just A Chunk

This photo is just completely chaotic; we don’t even know where to begin. We could start with the look on the lady’s face, the chunk of her face the cat is chewing on, and then the absolute dedication behind that bite. We can’t imagine what led to this scenario. 


Maybe the cat just wanted a taste test. We wonder if it loved the taste of face. We saw a photo of a cat with a sweet tooth for aloe vera plants. Maybe this cat has a sweet tooth for the human face. Anyway, no judgment here.

Hot Cat Shower

Picture this; you come home after a long and tiring day at work, and you want nothing more than to soak your tired muscles in a hot bath. So, you run a bath and settle in with your eyes closed. Maybe you even doze off. 


You wake up a few minutes later and turn to see something like the photo above. Your heart would have flown away from your chest before you even realized that it was your cat trying to get in the shower with you.