People Share Clues That Only Pet Owners Will Understand Are Signs Of Four-Legged Family Members

By Anni K

Sometimes you come across a baffling scene that you immediately realize, “oh, there are pets around.” Other times, you know without a hint of doubt that this behavior could only be a pet and not a wild animal at all. And unless you have had this happen to you, it may not always be clear that these situations were the result of domesticated critters. We’ve compiled a few of the funniest images found on the internet that prove people have pets without saying it or showing off their pets. Some are super cute; others portray a naughty pet that did something to the poor owner’s house. Either way, having pets come with ups and downs, but we end up loving these cute furbabies regardless of what they have done.

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These Are Not For Human Consumption

It’s uncommon for a guest or someone outside of your family would look in your freezer, but on the rare occasion that they need to grab some ice, it might be awkward to explain why there are frozen rodents in your freezer.

Photo Credits: RandomOkapi

The thing is, many pet owners with exotic animals with a carnivorous diet probably have frozen rodents in their freezer. We hope that any visitors know about these hungry pets before opening the freezer, otherwise it’ll lead to too many questions.

Who Nibbled Here

Toddlers are notorious for their tendency to chew on just about anything within reach. But the thing is, their teeth aren’t sharp enough to bite through most materials, like this plastic doll. So, who could have left a clean bite through the feet?

Photo Credits: MamaOddling

So as you can see, this pet owner probably owns a small rodent or bunny, which has gotten to this doll’s feet. You wouldn’t notice it right away since it was bit off so cleanly, but alas, this is proof this owner has one nibbling pet. 

They Celebrate The Holidays Too

There are two types of pet owners, one is the normal relaxed pet owner that interacts with their companion on a normal day-to-day basis by feeding & walking them. The other type goes above and beyond normal efforts to involve their pets in their daily lives. 

Photo Credits: LW

This pet owner has decided to also include their furry friends in their holiday traditions by giving them a personalized stocking filled with treats, and we’re pretty sure normal pet owners won’t understand these gestures, but we love the idea behind it. 

Let Me In!

Some people get pets to help with their anxiety, and others unknowingly have pets that have separation anxiety themselves. These pets usually have clear behavioral patterns you can see, and sometimes it can go a bit extreme. This pet owner learned that the hard way.

Photo Credits: SharonMarcusGeller

You can imagine the surprise this owner had when they saw this scene at their window. We would immediately think someone tried to break in, only to find this ‘someone’ was a pet that didn’t want to be left alone outside. 

It Spontaneously Exploded

If you have a cat or dog, you know they’re carnivores who instinctively love hunting — which doesn’t always align with their owner’s lifestyle. If you find a scene of feathers in your home, and you have a pet, chances are you are only annoyed, not surprised.

Photo Credits: BakedKahuna

This owner cheekily shared their photo and asked users to guess what pet they have, we can confidently say this is a dog or a cat, and they made no efforts to clean up after themselves. At least this lucky owner didn’t have these feathers in their home.

Just a Cat and Their Box

Cat owners joke often about their cats loving boxes more than the toys they give them, and you find they scratch and bite just as much as dogs do. It can be quite the task to get your home comfortable and the same goes for cats and their chosen boxes. 

Photo Credits: Ange Marshden

This cheeky kitty bit and chewed on their favorite box until it was just right. In the photo, the cat seems very pleased with his handiwork, and the “good times” visible on the box is the perfect caption. Good times await for the kitty, just perhaps not the owner who has to clean up. 

Back Into The Wash They Go

Pet owners often joke about their fur babies being one of their kids. And, just like human kids, they can get sick. The main difference, though, is cats won’t let you know they’re feeling ill. They’ll just leave a surprise waiting for you. And it always seems like they chose a spiteful spot to be sick.

Photo Credits: Stella D

This owner had just freshly laundered their shoes, only to find out a short while later their cat decided to get sick all over them. We wish cats could just let us know when they want to get sick, or at least use their litter box for it.

I Checked For Quality

It’s quite terrifying to find your children or pets eating medication. So, to avoid accidents, you store them away far out of their reach. But what can you do when your dog loves packages, and the medication gets delivered while you’re not home?

Photo Credits: Caroline Holland

This owner must have had some serious anxiety when they found their dog had ripped up their medication delivery and almost chewed right through the bottle. It seems like their dog just wanted to make sure the packaging was of high quality. 

Better Pack Your Groceries Away

Remember that pets, whether they are trained or not, will always remain animals at heart, so when they smell some good food or fresh groceries, it’s your responsibility to pack it away out of sight and reach of their super sniffers. 

Photo Credits: Mimi

One pet parent thought they had bought some fresh cottage cheese but couldn’t find it. After a while, they saw the remnants of a full container with some pretty clear evidence that her pet had gotten to it. We hope they have some spare to use on their bagel!

15 Minutes Is Too Long

If you have a puppy or dog with separation anxiety, you know that even a 15-minute trip to the store can cause you some serious anxiety since you never know what your dog might get up to when you’re gone. 

Photo Credits: Patricia Herb

This pup was left alone for only 15 minutes by its owner, who had just gone to the store, and when they returned, they found this mess. The pup probably thought its owner was never coming back and needed to signal for help!

They’re Out Of Fashion 

Cats are known to chew on shoes just as often as dogs do, they just do it in non-obvious places where you don’t see it as often. The tiny teeth marks are usually a dead giveaway that a cat was around. 

Photo Credits: Roni M

This owner was sent a message by their cat who chewed on their slippers. Maybe the cat was trying to tell the owner they were out of fashion or didn’t suit their outfit, so they chewed up just enough of it so it’s not wearable anymore.

True Story

When you have an indoor pet, you know letting them out to use the bathroom is something that you need to get used to. Some pets are really great at timing when they need to go outside, and others have to go at completely random hours of the day. 

Photo Credits: Chich

This pet owner decided to hang this sign at the top of their doorway, and it’s hilariously accurate when you have a pet that wants to go out, and then come back inside a million times a day — it seems this owner’s day is already planned out.

Mysterious Marks

Animals rarely have proper etiquette. You will find them jumping to smell things on the table, running to bark at every single person that walks towards your front door and, of course, chase anything that moves suddenly or seems suspicious. 

Photo Credits: Emily M

This owner has a very good example of where animals might not know their etiquette well, and that is when they stand on you for hours, and leave you with a pressure mark in the shape of their perfect little paws. It’s cute for you, the viewer, but for the owner, it’s less pleasant. 

Dedicating A Room 

Birds are animals that should be able to roam freely, so when you do keep them as pets, you know you can’t keep them in dainty cute little cages on top of a shelf. And that’s not the end of the story — no, you have to make a huge plan. 

Photo Credits: Kahna Wanna

That involves getting a cage large enough for the bird to roam and wander freely. This user shared their cage for their 2 birdies and mentioned these are on the smaller side. That means you have to dedicate a room to these small creatures. 

Dedicated Chair

If you allow your pets to be up on your furniture, chances are they have a favorite spot to nap on, other than your lap, of course. And sometimes, they take over the chair altogether if they like it a lot. 

Photo Credits: Terri Robinson

This owner shared a photo of a chair that their fluffy pet has claimed as their own, and they’ve marked their spot with all the fluff they shed. It looks like this chair won’t be returned to its owner soon. Be thankful they haven’t marked the chair in other ways.

One Too Many Cuddles

Cats don’t like it when you randomly cuddle them; they are the ones that decide when it’s cuddle time. If you don’t comply by their rules, you will be in for a nasty surprise. They might jump, run or scratch at you, depending on their mood. 

Photo Credits: Victoria Hadfield

This unfortunate owner wanted a quick cuddle, but the cat had other ideas. They didn’t tolerate the love their owner wanted to show them, and so the owner paid the price. Ouch! We are just glad it wasn’t the face. This won’t stop us from forcing more cuddles, though.

Closet Inspector

When your dog or cat wants a safe space, they will find the perfect spot no matter what. Some cats prefer the tops of fridges, far away from danger. On the other hand, some dogs choose quiet closed spaces; if your closet is open, they might just go there. 

Photo Credits: Kalyn Harris

This owner found their pooch in their closet. They had left the door to the closet open, and the dog decided this was the perfect spot for a nap. It’s comfy, quiet, and no one should bother them for a few hours at least. What a smart dog!

No Ball Will Be Safe

Let’s face it, no matter how tough pet toys claim they are, if your dog is determined to chew it through, it will happen. It might take them slightly longer, but they will get through. You’re better off buying cheaper toys anyways, since they will be left in pieces. 

Photo Credits: AMH

This owner bought their dog a brand new ball, and within a few hours it was already ripped up. Their dog clearly wanted to get rid of the green fuzz, and so they did. RIP to this owner’s budget for dog toys; better luck next time. 

No Books Are Safe, Either. 

Just like with your socks, shoes, and cellphones, dogs can’t resist chewing on a book if they decide that it is the tastiest thing around. Most of us hope that if we leave our books for only a few minutes that they would be safe, but dogs have other plans. 

Photo Credits: Jen Nicolae

When the owner of this book — and dog — left their reading material out for a mere few minutes. Upon returning, they were met with the ripped-up pieces after their dog wanted to have a quick look at their book. The dog probably waited for hours for the owner to leave to get a taste. 

Dress Up Doggy

Again, when owners are crazy about their pets, they go all out, from personalized clothing to embroidered names on their beds. It’s rather cute to see pets either resist or indulge in the dress-up parties. This doggo is the perfect example of the latter…

Photo Credits: Brittanie McDonell

This cute fluffy dog was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with their owners, and of course, the humans had to get their dog into the spirit of the day. He seems content with the idea of wearing the ridiculously small and cute hat. 

I Wanna Help Code

Rodents have become a popular pet choice recently, and we’re here for the cuteness overload. They like to cuddle in your pockets and be around you all the time. Even if that means they have to take the backseat — we mean, hoodie. You’re their favorite human, after all!

Photo Credits: Llewella

Although, with rats as pets come some holes in your clothes if you allow them to cuddle close. This owner shared a picture of their rat cuddling in the hood of their hoodie, and mentioned that the rat chewed some holes in their clothes.

Eating Without Me?

Dogs have a great sense of smell and when you’re eating something tasty, they will sneak up on you and stare at you until you give them a piece. It seems no matter when, what and where you’re eating, they’ll be there to watch you. 

Photo Credits: Emily M

This owner was eating pretzels, which taste good to us humans, but it’s odd for a dog to want a piece since it’s mostly just salted dough, right? No delicious meats or sauces, yet their pet seemed to intently stare them down for a piece. 

Scoot Over

When you allow your dogs onto your bed, you have to know you are in it for life. Once they choose a spot or think it is their bed, you will have to be quick to find a place before they take over the entire bed. 

Photo Credits: LEGOPernille

The owner of this cuddle bug mentioned that he is 14 years old, 13 pounds, and they still have to fight for a spot every night. It may be a struggle in the winter, but we prefer cuddles over no cuddles any time. 

So Much Hair

Any pet owner will sympathize with you when you mention the struggles of keeping the hair off your clothes, especially black clothing, when you have a pet with light-colored fur that sheds easily. It’s a struggle only pet owners will understand.

Photo Credits: Therese Ernholdt

Maybe this pet owner really should consider getting a book on crafting with cat fur, since their sweater seems to be completely covered in it. Here’s a quick tip: you can pin some cat fur to a tree to help the birdies make luxury nests from it!

Im-PAW-tant Quality Control

Again, pets usually have super sniffers and a whole lot of curiosity. Only a pet owner will understand when their pets come too close to their food or act naughty around it. We hope your guests are as understanding as you are, and will also have a laugh about it. 

Photo Credits: Enigma wrapped in a paradox

This owner submitted their food plate with a suspicious paw print smeared into the meal after leaving it unattended for a few seconds. Of course, the only thing we can think of is that the pet must have tried to do a quality test for the owner. 

Aspiring Interior Decorator 

Dogs and cats chew on many things for many different reasons. From smelly socks to tasty wood furniture, there always seems to be a reason — other than just them being naughty. But for one owner, it seems like the pet had some strong opinions…

Photo Credits: Tash Wen

This pet clearly didn’t like its owner’s taste in outdoor furniture, so they decided to send them a message. They did so by chewing on and unraveling the pieces of this outdoor chair. Maybe it was a warning that it’s not comfortable to sit on? We will never know. 

Not A Home Invasion

Sometimes when you share scenes of the aftermath of your cat or dog running through your home, it is alarming to people who don’t understand. But we, as pet owners, know to just sigh and move on to clean it. And, of course, to secure it better for next time. 

Photo Credits: Craig Silberman

This user had just set up some new decorations when their pet had absolutely destroyed the setup on their way through. They had probably chased something that grabbed their attention and didn’t give their owner’s possessions a thought. Better secure the room next time. 

No Working Today

There are millions of images circling the internet of people’s cats sitting on their keyboards or restricting the view to the monitors. Why is that? They probably want you to focus on them as hard as you focus on your work. 

Photo Credits: Michael Bush

This sweet pair of cats teamed up against their owner and took the spot right in front of the computer. Now, the owner has no choice but to give them attention instead of doing their work. The only confusing thing is when we cuddle them, they fight back. What do you want cats?

They’re All My Favorite!

If dogs take a liking to toys, they usually have just one that they will keep safe until it is in literal pieces. But sometimes, we have dogs that are just hoarders with their toys and will not let you get rid of any of them. 

Photo Credits: Cynthia Gonzales

This owner shared what her pet’s bed looks like — littered with stuffed animals that they just love too much to let go. At least this pet owner can be glad their pet is somewhat neat compared to others and keep their prized stuffed animals neatly tucked away. 

I Was Only Trying To Help

Pets chew on anything, and they drag their bedding around if they have some — and with that come some chew marks and drag marks. They don’t have an idea that the bedding is ruined when it’s torn; to them, it’s just comfy. 

Photo Credits: Mini R

This pet parent shared a snapshot of their bedding that was destroyed by their pet. The pet probably thought it was theirs to drag around and accidentally tore it. Surely this pet was just trying to help its owner make up the bed, right?

Fluff Enough For Two

With pets come fur and fluff. A lot of it! Grooming your pet is a great way to keep stray hairs to a minimum, but to someone who doesn’t groom their pets often, it can come as quite a shock just how much they shed. 

Photo Credits: Brittanie McDonell

This photo shared by this owner shows just how much dogs can really shed. It is enough fluff and fur to essentially cover another dog, it seems. We’re sure this dog felt great and light after its thorough grooming session. 

Just One More

We tend to spoil others more than we spoil ourselves, especially when we have pets. You might want a new bag, some new shoes, or something else, but when you see cute pet treats, you simply can’t resist and put off buying something for yourself.

Photo Credits: BoredBirb

The treats don’t stop at furry friends; they are also applicable in the feathered friend’s world. This owner went shopping and simply couldn’t resist getting their bird some treats and toys at the store. It might seem excessive, but we are glad the birdie is loved.

We Can’t Help It!

There’s no feeling like coming home and your pets being beyond ecstatic to see you; it gives you the feeling that you are truly loved. Pets can react differently, ranging from jumps, barks, and even relieving their bladders from excitement.

Photo Credits: Luca and Sammy

This pet owner loves it when they get home to see their pets. But, as indicated by the arrows, the doggies jump and run so much at the idea of their owner being home, that they scuff the floor with their nails. It’s only a file or nail clip away from being solved, though.

We Are The View

If you have a beautiful backyard, you are lucky since most of us have apartments in the city. But when you live on a farm, your backyard is probably filled with animals being lazy and cute, which honestly could be the best view.

Photo Credits: MacKensey Edmond

This farm owner showed us her backyard. And whilst some people prefer a beautifully landscaped garden, a simple scene of ducks having a nap can be just as beautiful and calming as a serene garden. Just watch out for the poop.

Caught On Camera

We know with pets come some disorder and messy homes, but it usually happens when we’re not looking, and we’re left wondering exactly how and when the chaos happened in your living room. At least we know who caused it.

Photo Credits: Riley Warrick

This user shared a snapshot of a messy room caused by their pup, but what’s hilarious is the fact that they caught the dog on camera, and on top of that, managed to snap quite a guilty-looking face in the process.

Do You Mind?

They say if dogs are comfortable around you, they will sleep when you’re near since you won’t harm them. In fact, they know you’ll protect them. When they are really comfortable, they will show it in their body language as well. 

Photo Credits: Chin-Sun Ming

This dog parent got a nice view when they wanted to sit down on their couch. Not only did this dog takeover most of this couch, but they relaxed entirely and gave their owner a nice view of their tummy, too. 

Whisker Business

Only a cat owner will understand how many hours a day a cat will spend grooming itself, including around its face and whiskers. When they do groom their faces, their whiskers tend to fall out. That’s something non-cat owners might be surprised by.

Photo Credits: Rebecca Kepner

These whiskers are rarely seen, but when you do feel them, they can hurt. You didn’t know that, did you? They are super sharp-ended and pack a nasty prick if you find yourself accidentally touching these guys. Still, we’d prefer these over a coughed-up hairball on our shoes any day. 

It’s The Best Spot

Cats, like any pet, have their chosen spot where they like to rest and sleep. Sometimes they cuddle with your other cats, other times it’s in an awkward place or hidden away. And other times, all your cats sleep together. 

Photo Credits: ChariotLee

While it might be cute to see all your cats sleep and cuddle together, as you can see, this user shared the large amount of hair they shed in this one specific corner of their home. Look on the bright side; at least you only have to clean this one spot. 

Don’t Slip

Cats bring us dead animals either as a treat, trophy, or a meal since they think we are dumb kittens who can’t fend for ourselves. After all, they never see you jumping around in the bushes, chasing after a mouse. 

Photo Credits: Stella D

This user showed us a picture of their cat perfectly placing a dead mouse in their shoe, and we can only speculate its because they wear these shoes often, and the cat is smart enough to know their poor unfed owner will definitely see their food waiting for them in their shoe when they put them on. 

Trash Everywhere

Dogs, unfortunately, won’t clean up after themselves — unless they’re extensively trained. And why would they? They don’t understand what a mess is or that we like our homes in order; we just gotta take a deep breath and move on. 

Photo Credits: Mini R

This owner didn’t say exactly what it is her dog ripped up, but it is clear that her dog seems super impressed with his decorating of her clean bedding. Maybe he thought her room needed some more decor and took one for the team. 

I Claim It As Mine

Just like when dogs take over your spot on the couch or push you off your own bed, they are able to steal your blankets and cuddle up when it’s cold. It is not like you were using it anyways, right?

Photo Credits: Animelover14

This cute dog seems very content with his decision to steal a blanket and get curled up in it. He claimed the blanket as his own and now chooses it to keep himself warm. How sweet! We hope their owner has a backup blanket.

Bath Time Again

Dogs don’t clean themselves like cats do, and if you want your home to be free of smelly dogs, then you will need to bathe them regularly. It’s best to start when they are young so they aren’t afraid of the water. 

Photo Credits: Elin Peterson

This parent shared her bathwater after a puppy wash. She shared that she’s training him to understand baths will be regular. But only a dog parent knows how big and messy a deal it can be to bathe any dog puppy or senior.

Don’t Blame It On Me

We’ve all heard the saying or excuse ‘my dog ate my homework,’ but that’s not the only thing that people blame on dogs. Be it a broken vase or a missing slice of cake, our pets are often the perfect scapegoats.

Photo Credits: Me0w

Sometimes it’s the easy way out, but be careful how often you use this excuse. If you cry wolf doo much, when it really is the dog’s fault, no one will believe you. This parent shared a broken item with glass pieces everywhere, and we’re not sure if the poor dog is actually responsible.

I Wanna Play Too 

Pets sometimes don’t get a say in the matter when their owners want them to dress up. Some owners do it on the holidays, others for special occasions, and some just dress up their animals because their fur baby wanted to dress up. 

Photo Credits: Argle Bargle

This cute image shared by this owner shows a doggy who also loves to be dressed up when their owner does so. The dog looks very happy in their costume and seems confident too. How sweet is it that they want to play too?

Fluff Everywhere

We all now know fluff and fur will be everywhere in your home. If you have a furry pet, it’s guaranteed to find itself in odd corners, under furniture. And, no matter how often you vacuum or clean, it’s gonna be around. 

Photo Credits: figure_skating_cat_lady

This owner shared a ball of fluff from their furry animal they gathered. It’s honestly not that much, but it seems like no matter how much we clean, the fur will find its way everywhere. Better do a second vacuum of your floor, then. 

Again? Why?!

Listen, we all know cats love to bring us dead animals as a token of appreciation or to show off their hunting skills. But still, every time you see a dead animal, it’s at the worst time, like when you’re about to leave for a dinner date or school. 

Photo Credits: *Displayname*=idk

This pet owner spotted their ‘little gift’ from their furry friend on their door mat. We hope they aren’t in a hurry to go somewhere. Did you know cats sometimes do this because they think we’re weak kittens who can’t hunt? Yeah, talk about sassy!