Meet Quoi, The Siberian Husky That Travels With His Human Mom

By Anthony K

When you think “huskies,” their coat color and beautiful, expressive blue eyes are what come to mind, right? We love all dogs, but huskies are definitely in our top 10 favorite breeds. They’re incredible, fluffy, active doggos that we just can’t get enough of. And, neither can the mother of this cute husky:

Photo credits: The Husky Post

Meet Quoi, a playful brown husky. His full name is actually SeQuoi Tenko; Tenko means “heavenly fox” in Japanese. And one look in those eyes, we can understand why his human mom, Nikki Spahn, gave him that name. Together, Nikki and Quoi have been traveling across the United States looking for their new home. So far, they’ve been all over the Lower 48, exploring the country in search of a place to make their den.

Photo credits:

In March 2020, Quoi made his debut on Instagram, where he had thousands and thousands of followers because of his unique chocolate-like color and his gorgeous blue eyes. Everywhere they went, Nikki made sure he could capture photos of Quoi. And oh boy! The pup knows how to pose like they had eons of modeling training!

The dog’s photos look so good they make even a lackluster background look fabulous! Yes, he’s a husky, but looking at some of these photos, we’d think he’s more wolf than dog.

Photo Credits: The Epoch Times

Huskies are sociable and intelligent, although they may be stubborn and independent. They thrive in human company, and they require robust and compassionate training from the time they are puppies. One look at this pupper and we believe that fact!