The Insta-Famous Fluffy Dog With Mickey Mouse Ears!

By Anthony K June 20, 2022

It is a no-brainer in this day and era; everything we do is about the gram or a step closer to becoming a social media influencer. If you do not have Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter, you must really not be in touch with society. Many people love to share their animals on social media and we are living for it. Here is one cutie, in particular, we would like you to meet!

Photo credits: marupgoma_c /Instagram

Without further ado, let us learn more about Goma, the cute little pup with fluffy Mickey mouse-like ears. This little cutie has gone viral on the internet for its adorable ears. Others even say it looks like a  koala bear. Let’s be honest, we have seen so many different kinds of cute animals, but Goma is just top-notch on another level!

Photo credits: marupgoma_c /Instagram

Goma’s ears have a unique form because she is a mix of Maltese and Papillon breeds. Maltese dogs have fluffy ears, but Papillon dogs have butterfly erect ears. We could all agree the result of the interbreed was magnificent. If you want a dog with Mickey mouse-like ears, you know what dog to get.

Photo credits: marupgoma_c /Instagram

We have seen this fluffy cutie gain more followers than most of us. Some of you may be wondering if she has superpowers! Let it be known that as much as Goma is a cutie, she still behaves and acts like any other dog. If you watch her videos, you can see how she loves treats and walks, and she is even scared of the vacuum.

If you are thinking of seeing Goma in real life, book your tickets to Tokyo tickets! That’s where she lives!