45 Goofy Pets That Surprised Their Humans In The Quiet Hours Before Dawn

By Farah J

If you are a pet owner, you already know that the pranks and shenanigans your pets pull while you’re asleep — in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn — are ten times more creative, hilarious, and truly “what-the-heck” moments than the antics they get up to when you are watching them. Let’s not mention those creepy actions that wake you up in the middle of the night. Those times when you hear a creepy sound coming from downstairs, and you think someone broke in, but it turns out it was just your pet stealing food from your fridge! Every day, we get to witness some new trickery and mischief from our pets, and it makes us love them even more. So, instead of going back to sleep or getting frustrated, these amazing people decided to take pictures of their pets’ cutest and most hilarious moments when they were suddenly woken up by them!

The born model

They say that cats are arrogant, moody, and not as adorable as dogs. Our question is: would anyone still think that after waking up to this adorable view? This cat looks like a born model for advertisement or modeling agencies!

Image Source: Goldenoir/reddit

We are swooning over the picture of this adorable little ball of ginger floof — imagine the level of “swoon” this kitty’s human would have experienced who woke up to this! If there is a modeling agency for cats, this person needs to get this cat enrolled there.


Often, there are times you come back home after a long day, and you barely have the energy to get out of your uncomfortable suit and get into your pajamas. Most of the time, you leave your clothes on the ground, planning to pick them up in the morning.

Image Source: massivebereavement/imgur

However, if you are a cat person, you may not be surprised to wake up to your cat snuggled up in the arm of your suit from last night! This person had their day begin with an adorable yet hilarious sight of their “cat-erpillar” shenanigans. And, of course, a huge laugh.

The Lion King re-enactment

For a short moment, you may feel the hair on your neck standing in horror when you hear a creepy sing-song voice of a non-human coming from across your dark room in the middle of the night. But then the realization hits that you’re a cat person!

Image Source: CaptCash/reddit

And keeping a cat in your house comes at a great cost. The price is seeing them perched on the top of the door, hearing their creepy “meows” as if it is gathering its cult! Well, by the looks of it, the cat seems to be reenacting The Lion King while humans sleep.

Midnight hunger

We’ve all had a few nights when we feel our stomachs grumble with hunger around 2 in the morning. So, we tip-toe to the fridge to grab anything that can calm our roaring snack attacks. But if you are a pet owner, there might already be someone there.

Image Source: comacomacomacomachameleon/imgur

When you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound coming from your kitchen, you expect it to be your sibling or significant other stealing your snacks. But in this case, it’s their gigantic pet tortoise that the person caught red-handed! How did it open the fridge door, though?

Secret meeting 

Pet owners, especially those with multiple dogs or cats, would be able to relate to this. If you’re lucky, you might witness your pets sitting in front of one another, or in a circle, like they are having a secret meeting that doesn’t involve their human.

Image Source: OhManThisIsAwkward/reddit

These dogs are it! They look like they were in some kind of deep midnight conversation. It is super awkward walking in on a pet’s meeting, and when they become quiet after sensing your presence. Take it as a hint for you to leave! 

My hooman is awake

If we ever woke up to this smiley face, the first thing we would feel is blessed. We would feel incredibly special to have this adorable smiley pup as our pet. The face of this little gem says that it is super grateful to have this person as its human, too!

Image Source: dominator3226/imgur

Do you know why they say that pets are good for emotional care? This is why: if you wake up to this face, your whole day is made! How can someone have these adorable, loving pets and still be grumpy and depressed?

Wait, what?

Imagine waking up one morning and seeing your dog with a human arm…wait, what? You’d rub your eyes and wonder at what you’re seeing. Even then, it might take some time to process. We aren’t very clear about our conscious judgments right after waking up.

Image Source: donut_donut/reddit

And this person experienced exactly that! They had to look twice to make sure their eyes were seeing right. Well, the smirk on the dog’s face isn’t very helpful either: it looks like the dog is mocking their human for stealing their partner.

Don’t steal my hooman

If you aren’t a pet owner, but your partner is, the chances are that their pet will give you untrusting and creepy looks from across the room or glare at you while you sleep. And this person gave us the proof of it by capturing the moment.

Image Source: bjohn84/imgur

The glares aren’t because their pet doesn’t like you; they just aren’t willing to share their hooman with you! If you witness them glaring at you like this, you better build trust and let them know that you aren’t stealing their hooman!

Eternal sleep for you

Adulthood is all about sleep being your favorite thing to do. Most of us look forward to sleeping again as soon as we wake up in the morning. And we are guessing that this person’s cat understood what it is human adults really prefer.

Image Source: baguilla/imgur

This is probably why this fluffball decided to help its hooman. The only problem is that this clever kitty mistook its human’s nose for a snooze button. Was she really snoring that loudly? Maybe the cat was trying to shush her to get some more sleep itself.

Your breath stinks!

Most of us don’t let anyone near us until we have had our morning bathroom routine after we wake up. We don’t like someone smelling our stinky morning breath, so we brush our teeth first thing in the morning and use mouthwash, etc.

Image Source: mstrconcept/reddit

But what if you are a pet owner and your pet decides to lie down in your bed beside you, and their nose sniffs you? The first thing this dog must’ve smelled is the morning breath of its human. At least its face says so! But dogs are too loving and precious to mind some stinky breath.

Urgent help needed

Talking “Tom” parrots are always going to be elite! They are fun and hilarious when they learn random words and phrases from us and squawk out loud when trying to communicate with their humans. We’re sure some bird owners have learned to tune out the stray bird call.

Image Source: Detective51/reddit

But this couldn’t be ignored. This smart parrot learned to call for help when in distress or trouble, and it did not go to waste! This cat jumped on the cage when the parrot cried out! Though it’s pretty hilarious that the human decided to take a picture before helping their bird.

Watch you sleep

You can almost sense if someone is staring at you even if you aren’t directly looking at them. It’s the unconfirmed sixth sense most humans have. We’ve heard some people say that if you wake up at night feeling like you’re being watched, chances are, you are!

Image Source: buttermilkgene/reddit

Well, in this person’s case, they were definitely being watched. And their pet lizard wasn’t even trying to hide it. It watched his human sleep as if they were in the movie Titanic. The pose screams, “draw me like one of your French girls.”

Hewwo hooman! 

If “excitement” was a picture of a dog, this would be it! We also want someone, a person or a pet, who is this excited and giddy to see us wake up! This person is so lucky, and this picture is a huge, magical reminder of it!

Image Source: Toonya/reddit

This dog’s full bright smile says a million words, like how glad he is that his hooman is finally awake and they can go play the ball out in the yard. His toothy smile screams a big “Hewwo hooman” without even saying it. This picture made our hearts ten times bigger.

The floor is lava

We aren’t very good at reading eyes, especially a pet’s, but this Irish dog seems scared. Either it is afraid of heights and didn’t realize how high five feet is until he was up there. Or some tiny kittens or rats are running around on the floor!

Image Source: Dms25938/reddit

Poor thing looks tired of standing in a tight space — his head is touching the ceiling! Good thing his human woke up, and now they can help get him down. What a confusing surprise it would be to wake up to your huge dog up on the armoire, though!

A purr-fect nap

You know your nap was good when you woke up with limbs stretched in all directions with no fear of taking too much space on the bed. Well, this cat is having the same perfect snooze, and you can tell that it will be one of the greatest naps of his life!

Image Source: rayagun19/reddit

This cat napping on the legs of his human is adorable as ever, and he looks very comfortable, too. Meanwhile, the human’s day was automatically made when they woke up to this. We hope they didn’t move and wake up the cat from its purr-fect sleep!

A watch dog

Okay, no judgments, but this person’s story is kind of…unusual. To start with, who leaves Skype on while sleeping? We’ll let this one slide since it was a video call between partners that miss each other. Anyways, this story doesn’t sound as creepy with a dog watching them while they sleep.

Image Source: shenuhcide/imgur

Imagine someone with stalker tendencies or weird intentions watching you through Skype…only to find out that the creeper is actually a pet dog! Just look at that cutie watching over both of its humans throughout the night. It’s an adorable sight to wake up to, not going to lie.

Purr-fect replacement

Have you ever seen those goofy cartoons where a cat goes like “hello darling” while peeking up through their batting eyelashes and posing seductively in front of someone? This adorable gray fluff ball is the live-action version of that cat!

Image Source: DoogalHowserMD/reddit

When you sleep with your fiancé, you expect to wake up to their sleeping face or their arm across your torso. However, we won’t complain if this cat secretly slipped into our fiancé’s spot on the bed and smirked at us like that!

Am I trippin’? 

Imagine being half-awake in your sleep and finding long brown hairy legs and a naked butt in your bed. You’d most likely jump out of bed, especially when you don’t remember falling asleep with another person next to you in the first place!

Image Source: A**2MOUTH/imgur

If we were this person, we surely would be questioning our tripping senses for a while before it hits us that it’s not a man but our pet dog! This racked our minds — we didn’t even see the tail, and we took a double-take at this picture.

Lick it clean

This picture of a cat licking its tail reminds us of the cartoon series Tom n’ Jerry. This adorable floof ball looks like Tom when he keeps licking his tail until he realizes it’s not a juicy chicken leg or an ice cream!

Image Source: jemiglio/reddit

That was a silly joke. We all know that cats lick themselves clean. But this cat looks like he’s enjoying the process a lot — look at his eyes and how he’s hugging the tail. It’s almost like it’s giving him the soothing that he needs!

A fluffy lawn mower

First of all, look at the size of the teeny tiny kitten! Its adorable size is making this picture sweeter than ever! The way it’s the exact size of the man’s head is making is purr in delight. Plus, it’s cuddling right beside the man’s ear.

Image Source: pajive/reddit

We’d listen to this tiny fluffy lawn mower all the time. They say kittens are scrappy and don’t like to cuddle. Well, this person proved they are wrong — whoever “they” are. If this is what you wake up to every day, we’d like a kitten, too!

A floof monster

If you call this a cat, a simple cat, you are wrong. This is a grumpy, sweet floof monster who hasn’t had breakfast yet. That’s all! The cat’s pose couldn’t scream, “Human, I have been waiting for you for hours, where’s my food?” any louder!

Image Source: _dope__girl_/instagram

We’d love to pet this fluffy monster, but first, make it less grumpy and more friendly. We don’t fancy being bitten by those sharp teeth. This cat has the upper hand in this house, and you can easily tell by the dominant facial expressions.

Holy Spirit

If you ever find your pet like this, just know that they are communicating directly with the Almighty above. They have this strong natural bond with The Creator, and it’s not very likely to happen in front of you. But you walked in on the rare moment, don’t ruin it.

Image Source: TexJimo/imgur

We wouldn’t be surprised if this were true, because this dog is giving us such Holy Spirit vibes, we can’t ignore them. The peace, serenity, and calmness in the single picture are incredible. We wish to have this level of pure zen in our daily lives!

You’re late, hooman!

Most of the time, our pets are used to being fed early in the morning due to our weekday work schedule. But when the weekend arrives and we sleep in late, these are the irked, grumpy faces that we are most likely to wake up to.

Image Source: kciuq1/reddit

Pets don’t realize humans’ weekday and weekend concept unless you train them for a few months or years till they get it. If not, then you’ll have to deal with the cranky “need-coffee” faces — but like, in cats’ food language.

Laser-eyed monster

It’s already scary enough to wake up to your cat perched up on the top of the door or a cupboard, but when they engage lasers through their eyes, lock you as their target, and prepare to fire while you sleep, well, you bet your fight-or-flight mode would turn on!

Image Source: iteachband/reddit

Well, we aren’t exactly kidding right now: this person gave us proof that their cat was ready to launch lasers at them while “going nuts” on the top of the bedroom door. This is scary as well as hilarious! This cat probably was upset that they weren’t being cuddled in bed.

Hugs and cuddles

This is the kind of picture where there is this one roommate or friend that the dog is the most attached to, even though all of the friends live with it. This is the “one friend” everyone wishes to be, don’t they? And yet, the dog chooses one overall, every time.

Image Source: bjarnum/reddit

This human and pit bull duo has a special place in our hearts. Now all we want is to get a dog, make it like us the most, and cuddle it. We are pretty sure the roommates of this person were a teeny tiny bit envious of him after waking up to this!


If there is the sweetest cat in the world, it’s Echo! Imagine waking up to this face — we want what this human has with Echo. The happiness on the face of the cat is practically dripping. You don’t even have to be there to see the joy; you can feel it.

Image Source: ComicBookGirl10/imgur

And not to mention, what a cute name this person gave their pet cat! The excitement and giddiness is echoing throughout the picture — pun intended — and we are pretty sure that the house is filled with the sweetest meows!

Too lazy to “cat”

This is the face of a cat when they are too lazy to be a cat for a day: the pride, the elegance, the arrogance, the dominance, the purrs, and meows. Everything seems so hard to them that they just sit in the corner of the house and sulk.

Image Source: Seand90/imgur

This cat discovered a great hiding spot: inside the bathroom closet in the corner of the shelf! By the looks of it, the cat found a dark bathroom closet way more appealing than a soft bed. Even the humans relieving themselves couldn’t disturb this exhausted kitty. 


They say that dogs and cats are natural-born nemeses. But we beg to differ: this one picture is followed by hundreds and thousands of other pictures of cats being best friends with dogs, and dogs finding their platonic soulmates in cats.

Image Source: Rakanishu/imgur

Especially when you are a pet owner with both dogs and cats under one roof, you will notice how they become closer each day. When you get to witness their loving bond, it makes your heart explode with pet parent pride.

Safe and comfy

If there’s one thing pets are the best at, it’s finding something comfy if it means they can sleep near their hoomans. This dog is the perfect example of it. While his human was asleep on the couch, he wiggled under his legs and made himself a perfect sleeping spot.

Image Source: npanetta/reddit

We love to see humans and their pets cuddling while asleep. Especially if the cuddling is anywhere but a bed. Snuggling on a couch or the floor means that you’re there for comfort, not just to get your eight hours in alongside your four-pawed BFF.

Double the pretty

Sleeping with your gorgeous human partner is one thing, and sleeping with your beloved pet dog is another. Though, to be honest, both seem pretty desirable to us! Well, imagine this person’s delighted surprise upon seeing those two instances combined.

Image Source: XxKittenMittonsXx/reddit

Waking up every morning and finding this pretty view in front of you doesn’t make waking up all that bad, does it? And well, when the start of the day is beautiful, the rest of the day is sure to be a good one!

Puppy dog eyes

You all probably know about the “puppy dog eyes” and their super manipulative effect on someone (in a good way, most of the time). Do you want to know where it all started from? Well, this picture of a dog says much more than we can say right now.

Image Source: nadrojcote/reddit

This picture didn’t start the concept, but it sure plays a role in it. In case you haven’t ever seen a dog pull “puppy dog eyes” on you to stay home or play ball, well, here’s exactly what it looks like!

Tom n’ Jerry

We can’t tell if the cat and the mouse are friends, and the cat brought the mouse on the bed to play with it. Or is the cat is trying to kill the mouse and the mouse is trying to negotiate with the cat about how its life matters and how it has kids at home.

Image Source: Banjostring82/reddit

Well, whichever one it is, this picture is a depiction of the live-action version of Tom n’ Jerry! We just hope this mouse is a pet, and the cat didn’t bring it straight from the sewer and throw it on the clean sheets.

Get your own pillows

Pet owners can relate to this pretty well. It is very normal for pets to take pillows from the bedroom and make themselves a comfy bed in a nice, warm spot in the house. Especially if the pet is a huge dog, it will take all of your pillows.

Image Source: Remmion/reddit

If you are thinking of getting a dog, you should prepare to find your bed sans pillows! Better yet, you should get ready to see the look on your dog’s face that says, “get your own pillows, these are mine now,” because this is exactly what happens!

Don’t squish the kitty

You must be worried about this tiny kitten who is practically mush-cuddled with her human. At least the person who woke up to this view of his partner sleeping with the cat behind them is! They were probably worried about them rolling over and squishing it.

Image Source: SamuelTarry/imgur

But let us tell you one thing: many people, especially women, have this sixth sense where they can sense the presence of something beside them even when they are sound asleep. So, whether it’s a newborn baby or a tiny kitten. Don’t worry, they’re fine!

Shinigami dog

If you haven’t seen the famous Japanese anime Death Note, well, there is a Shinigami, aka. ‘god of death,’ and the dog here looks exactly like it! The hyperactive and crazy look on the dog’s face reminds us of the Shinigami when it was going through a withdrawal of apples!

Image Source: glasstitan/reddit

This crazy, excited look on your pet’s face is the opposite of the “god of death” because this is the kind of look we’d love to wake up to every day. This dog is loved, has slept well, and is ready to play fetch with its human. 


Sometimes, when you wake up to a weird noise in the kitchen, you expect someone rummaging through the fridge, and well, other times, it’s just your cat being…a cat. They pull these weird shenanigans that make us laugh whenever we think of it!

Image Source: nwsnowbunny/imgur

For example, this cat somehow got her head stuck in the whisker! We are pretty sure her human wasn’t expecting to walk in on this when they heard a weird noise in the kitchen. We hope she didn’t get injured while taking the head out of it.

Rise and shine!

“Hey hooman, get up! Rise and shout; the sun is out!” We can hear this picture of a cat sitting in the fabric blinds loud and clear. We aren’t sure how she got up there, but it looks pretty comfy there, to be honest, and we would hate to disturb it.

Image Source: smithers85/reddit

Plus, this is the cutest “rise and shine” look we have ever witnessed. Being adults, we were never fond of this phrase, but if we ever get lucky enough to wake up to this fluffy and heartwarming “rise and shine” view, we’d melt on the spot. 

Packed and ready

This represents what happens when you enter a house with a pet cat: as soon as you’ve crossed the threshold, be prepared to get robbed of all your stuff. It’s their domain and everything in it is the cat’s property.

Image Source: Cortenax/reddit

And how they use that stuff is up to them — you can’t dictate to them how to use the purse you’ve brought inside the house. Especially after spending the night, you shouldn’t be surprised if you wake up to the cat packed inside your bag!

Meowy Christmas!

It’s another picture that requires a double-take and close inspection. One look, and you’d see a cat with blue deer antlers, or perhaps a blue devil. Upon a second look, you might realize that the cat isn’t Santa’s lost reindeer, either.

Image Source: Hapoobah/reddit

But it was a slight disappointment when we learned that the cat wasn’t here to wish “Meowy Christmas.” It would’ve been a great pun! But still, it’s a lovely view to open your eyes to. All in all, if we were this person, we’d get this cat an antlers’ headband for Christmas.

Don’t mind me

The people who accidentally fall asleep while studying at night, trying to get their assignments done, or doze off while watching Netflix often forget to switch off the lights. That’s when the magic happens: your pets pulling creepy tricks on you.

Image Source: Yoursistersrosebud/reddit

Sometimes, they don’t pull anything, no trickery or mischief in the kitchen, except they just keep staring at you creepily from a weird spot while you sleep. And because naturally, we feel the stares, we wake up to super awkward eye contact with our pet like this!

Gremlin is awake

Midnight thirst is real. Humans probably drink more water at night than they do in the morning. Well, sometimes, waking up in the middle of the night for water doesn’t go as expected: you feel two big eyes staring at you, watching your every move.

Image Source: Rowdydiamond/reddit

Usually, it isn’t scary when your tiny cat looks at you while you sip on water. But if you have a Gremlin-looking, huge, angry furball as your cat, it may give you a little shock to find it sitting on a high shelf judging you in the middle of the night.

Cook me some food

This beautiful doggo wakes up early in the morning and waits on the kitchen counter for their human to wake up and make them breakfast. How adorable is that? Waking up to your pet waiting for you: can there be any better way to start the day?

Image Source: nephilis/imgur

We know it isn’t normal for the pets to be perched up on the countertop as if they are non-verbally ordering their hooman to cook them some good warm morning breakfast, but oh well. We wouldn’t change a thing about this scene.

No unhealthy

When your cat is more of a health freak than you, this is what you should expect to find when you enter the kitchen: your cat kicking out unhealthy cereal boxes and beer bottles from the cabinet. Even the cat’s face says, “stop eating junk!”

Image Source: thrusher/reddit

We all should take notes here. Even though the goldfish cereal and beer combo look nice, we should look at this cat sorting out the healthy snacks for us. That, or maybe the cat wanted real fish but had to settle for the cheesy crackers instead.


Even though the angle of the picture is weird, the smirk on the dog’s face and the evil glint in his eyes is hard to miss! The face of the dog says it all, “this pillow is ours now,” and he knows he’s got the upper hand.

Image Source: maleficmegalodon/imgur

The person who woke up to this must’ve found this evil, yet handsome, smirk on his dog’s face “endearingly frightening.” We can all tell they have a special bond between them. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this list, it’s that there are few things better than waking up next to your pet.


This dog is most likely named “Derpy” — or at least he better be — because he is indeed derpy-looking, and the awkward face is very hard not to laugh at. And when you wake up to this strange interaction with your dog, you can’t help but laugh.

Image Source: Actually_A_Lamp/reddit

Don’t get us wrong; this doggo is adorable. It’s just the derpy look on his face that is making us laugh so hard we’re tearing up. To the person waking up to this adorably weird dog: how are you doing?