40 Photos That Prove Life Has A Strange Way Of Making Everything Look Like A Cat

By Precious I

It’s safe to say that the internet is obsessed with cats. They are some of the cutest fur balls around and make for witty memes your friends can’t stop sending you when you’re in the middle of work. To be fair, they are lovely (when they want to be). You may find yourself all-consumed over your cat from time to time. It’s ok. Relax. We’re here today to tell you that you’re so not alone.

Cat lovers out there are sweeping the internet posting photos of their cats in peculiar places, or better yet, finding things in the world that look like cats, and we are almost positive that some of them will make you question how many cats you walked by or skimmed over throughout your life! But don’t worry, we rounded up the funniest photos that the internet has to off, so you don’t miss out.

Hot Chocolate And The Cat 

First things first, that doesn’t look like a happy cat. If you zoom into the part of the coffee rim that looks like a cat is peaking out, you might assume it looks pissed. It’s difficult to tell what made it angry, but it is even more surprising to find it here in the first place.

Image credit: ryobi | Reddit

People say cats work in mysterious ways, and seeing this photo will have you almost believing them. How did the cup of hot chocolate get visited by a cat? That is a question that no one will ever be able to answer. But for now, let’s enjoy the sight.

Mud Splat Cat

One thing we have learned from this list is that you might need to start paying more attention to the mud splats around your home. We have another stain that looks like a cat, but we’re blessed with a leopard this time.

Image credit: Reddit | pdaddy64

Before you tell us that leopards aren’t cats, we want to remind you that we wouldn’t have our furry friends if it weren’t for our cats in the wild animal kingdom. As far as dirt goes, we can’t think of a better way for it to be splattered.

Mufasa in the Clouds

Remember when Mufasa looked down from the sky and told Simba, “Remember who you are, Remember who you are. Remember. Remember”? That iconic scene must have inspired this situation. If you are wondering where this is from, it’s from a movie called The Lion King.

Image credit: Reddit | buckeyespud

For once, it feels like the cat is actually looking at you and isn’t judging. Rather it wants to help you. This is a strange feeling for anyone who has spent a lot of time with cats. If you love cats, you know they have their moods 24/7.

That’s A Crunchy Poppadom Cat

One of the coolest things you will see on the internet today is this poppadom cat silhouette. It must have taken some keen awareness to notice something that is so easy to miss. Wherever you are, we thank you for sharing this.

Image credit: Imgur | TonyEdwards5150

The cat looks like it has some important business to do and barely has time to take another look at anyone else. This is a cat on a mission, and it won’t be bothered by the actions of us mere humans.

The Shadow Of The Food Bag Looks Like A Cat

Anytime we see a shadow that looks like a cat in this series, we have to use the words phantom and ghost to describe it. So yes, this is another ghost cat lurking around and waiting to get into mischief and scare you at three in the morning.

Image credit: Reddit | MarkSputnik

It is essential to ask who let the cat out of the bag, though. Do you think it is a coincidence that the bag of cat food looks like… a cat? We think not. We have seen too many movies to believe anything like this just happens out of the blue.

This Cute Cat’s Back Looks Like A Cat

This has to be one of the best photos you will see on the internet today. In what world does the back of a cat look like another cat? And not just any kind of cat; one that looks like the twin of the cat is actually on. Talk about a mind warp!

Image credit: Reddit | EkamStarr

We are begging you not to do it. We know you feel the urge to shout this at the top of your lungs. We owe it to whoever took this iconic shot to say that’s a pretty CATFISH! There you go.

This Car’s Paint Chip Looks Like A Cat

The photo is a paint chip on a car that makes it look like it’s originally white. Fair enough. We mean, it’s not the strangest thing you will see on the list or anywhere else on the internet. But this photo gets freakier the more you look at the details.

Image credit: Reddit | LetTheSocksComeToMe

Is that a cat hanging on a woman holding a phone and some grocery bags in her other hand? Again, this might not be the strangest thing on this list, but it took a lot of people to figure out. The photo is of a woman trying to take a picture of the paint chip that looks like a cat.

There Is A Grumpy Cat In The Apple

This is probably one of the cutest angry faces you will see today. It is hard to tell which is cuter; the angry-looking cat in the second frame of this photo or the gnarly-looking cat in the apple. Regardless, those are a lot of angry faces in one picture.

Image credits: Reddit | HocusPenis

With that angry expression, maybe you shouldn’t eat the apple. If the cat is angry, we’d say eating the apple is not the best course of action, you know? Maybe do something that will cause the opposite action, like happy face?

The Pattern On The Dog Looks Like A Cat Yawning 

How would it feel to be a dog with the markings of a literal cat? Once you see the yawning cat on the dog, you won’t be able to unsee it. You would almost feel bad for the dog. Or, maybe it was a cat in another life.

Reddit | VintageRice

We feel like the cat is outshining the dog in terms of cuteness – that is another point for team cat right there. That cat looks like it deserves all the treats in the world and should be given all the attention humanly possible for some cuddles.

Wood Cat

If you stare at this picture for a long time, you may find many weird things. The first would be a cat. You might also find a creepy bat that looks like it was made in a lab. Or it looks like a vibrating bunny. See, we’re staring at it for too long.

Image credit: Reddit | Level100Rayquaza

This pattern on the 4×4 also looks like a bird flying towards you, and lastly, it seems a bit like a fox. That is a lot of possible animals on one little hardwood block. Who knows what we’ve missed. If you see something else, do let us know.

Shadows Of Two Cats

Here is another ghostly cat made out of a shadow. These cats love to make their presence known in the form of shadows, right? Maybe it is time you start paying more attention to the shadows of random objects and things in your room.

Image credit: Reddit | snwbrdrmidget15

However, it looks like double trouble on this door. The two cats are begging to be let out of the room. They’re probably running away from something or surrendering after being caught. Whatever the case is, they seem like fantastic door guards.

Bubbles That Look Like A Shocked Cat 

The bubbles from the coffee look like a cat, but not just any type of cat. They form something that looks like a surprised, wide-eyed cat. The cat seems worried, as though it would say, “Don’t drink me!” or “Shoot, I can’t find my tail.”

Image credit: Reddit| HowAboutNo69

We have a feeling that this cat needs a rescue team. If you are looking for a name to call the cat, ‘Bubbles the Cat’ would be a fantastic suggestion. One can easily take this as a cry for help, and any cat lover would love to save this kitty before it drowns.

This Peeled-Off Paint Area Looks Like A Sitting Cat

The peeled-off spot of the garage door looks like a sitting cat. Maybe someone needs to let the cat into the house. You can be sure that the neighbors have a name for this house that is probably something like ‘The cat house,” which also sounds like a Netflix movie.

Image credit: Reddit | OzzerSketch

On another note, it looks like a fat cat, and you can be sure it already has its next meal in place. At least we know that the family is feeding their animals well and not neglecting them. We wish humans were that lucky.

There’s A Chubby Cat On My Scrunchie

This is another sighting of something that looks like a cat, but this is one of the most impressive ones we’ve seen so far. If you don’t pay close attention to the detail in the photo, it might take you a while to notice where the cat is hiding.

Image credit: Imgur | TheProofIsInDePudding

There is a strand of hair on the scrunchie; did you see it yet? Alright. Now, trace your eyes around the hair, and you will notice what seems like a rather fat cat acting like it is looking for its next meal already.

A Giant Napping Grass Cat 

It’s a possibility that seeing this in real life will scare you way more than staring at a picture of it would. That is a big cat right there (more like grass cate). Try not to wake the napping cat, though. The consequences could be colossal.

Image credit: Reddit | xbawgu

If you are one for mythology, the story is that a lonely cat once fell asleep at that spot and never woke up. Since then, the flowers and grass have begun to take the cat’s shape to remind us of what is important – love and companionship.

The Cracks On The Step

Nature has a way of correcting itself, and this next photo is an example of that. The cracked part of that step has taken the shape of a cat, and you would be reluctant to fix it if you saw it, too. The cat shape only makes the steps more famous.

Image credit: Reddit | SpeedyGonzales69

When ascending the steps, our fictional story is that you are not supposed to take too long when you get close to the cat’s silhouette. The cat hates it when you stick around too long, as you may obstruct its view of the surroundings.

The Watch’s Reflection Looks Like The Logo Of A Cat-Themed Superhero 

Sorry, Catwoman. You are no longer the most incredible cat-related superhero. There is a new sheriff in town, and you might just need to take the backseat for now. There are many loved superheroes in action today, and cats would love some inclusivity, too.

Image credit: Reddit | landonschmidt

Regarding logos and signals, the cat signal is the coolest on the internet right now. With one photo, DC’s favorite superhero couple has been ousted as the coolest superheroes. That is even more impressive when you realize this is all from a reflection.

Candy Corn Cat Silhouette

We are saving this spot for the smallest and cutest cat you will find on this list. There is a lot to love about this cat – first, the color (imagine having a fluffy orange kitty in your home) and the size is just perfect.

image credit: Reddit | MisfortuneGaming

As for what to call the cat, we think Corny Cat is our favorite choice, don’t you think? This cat can sit pretty at the very tip of your finger, making it even more adorable. If you get ahold of this, we have a feeling you would have a hard time letting it go.

The Cloud Looks Like A Cat Jumping Over A House 

This is a lot of fur and paws in one photo. It looks like the cat is about to jump over the house. With that amount of fluffy fur, paws, and attitude, you would be happy for the cloud to linger over the house for a couple more hours, too.

Image credit: Reddit | jhvk

It also looks like a dog. The kitty dog cloud looks like a watchdog watching over a house. That is an actual watchdog, right? Garfield would look at this and think, “Oh yeah, that’s me. When did I do that? What are you guys hiding from me?”

The Water Droplets Look Like Cat Eyes

As far as eerie goes, this is probably the weirdest photo you will see on this list. If you are someone that has always felt like you are being watched, this photo might just confirm your paranoia. “They are indeed watching you.” 

Image credit: Reddit | corrikopat

It doesn’t help that the eyes look like cat eyes. Even the biggest cat lover will be creeped out by the number of cat eyes looking at you from various angles. The photo also looks like a work of art, painted by a creepy master of oil painting.

Measure Tape Cat 

When they say everything is a cat, this is what they are talking about. It is incredible how something like the tip of a measuring tape looks like a cat – and you can easily see it at first glance. Its actually kind of cute!

Image credit: Reddit | might_be_Toby

This looks like a playful cat that is searching to play with his master. Rather than judge you with its eyes or lurk around at home, it looks like the type of cat that will rather chill on the couch with you, which is rare.

The Chip In The Window Takes The Shape of A Cat 

Do you know cats have these judge-y eyes that tell you you are doing something wrong with your life? Well, even in glass, those cat eyes will still judge you. If the cat above looked like a superhero, this is giving super-villain.

Image credit: Reddit | andysschlong

If you ever feel like you want a pet but not the responsibility, just chip your window like this. It’s like your cat is staring you down from the window. It is one of the most fabulous photos you will see online. PS, don’t fix the window – the chip is perfect.

There’s A Cat Above The Light Switch

This is another case of a unique accident. As seen here, the cracks make something even better. Looking at how perfect this looks, it deserves a name. Find something endearing, and don’t use peek-a-boo reference because that would be typical.

Image credit: Reddit | spedzop

If you are wondering how cracks above a light switch form something that looks so cute like this, just think of it as one of the world’s overlooked wonders. We would encourage the folks living in that house to take the time to trace it out.

The Dog Becomes A Cat 

The dog lovers and owners would probably have an argument over this one. How do you explain to this dog owner that their dog is actually a cat trapped in a dog’s body? Who could imagine that animals also go through identity crises?

Image credit: Reddit | ctonfromkc

How funny is it that the shadow of a dog looks like a cat? It’s one of the cutest things you will find on the see today. After seeing this, we think all of use will start paying attention to shadows. Who knows what they will look like?

The Little Kitty Has Another Cat On Its Head 

If you are looking for a reminder for the cats you left at home, it is right there staring down at you from your window. It is one of the most fabulous photos we stumbled up. PS, don’t fix the window – the chip is perfect.

Reddit | JimFancyPants

Then you realize there is something that looks like a cat on the forehead of this little kitty – that is just too much cuteness in one photo. Cat on cat cuteness. Copycat. Two Kitties. We can’t get enough of this photo.

Grocery Bag Cat 

If, at first sight, you thought this was a cat, you don’t have to worry about your eyes. They are working perfectly, and that bag on the table indeed looks like a cat. One could even ask how the cat with no legs got on the table.

Image credit: Reddit | ketiqber

We would assume that the cats in the house had imagined that it was an intruder cat too and are planning to pounce. That bag better start floating away if that’s the case. When you finally realize this isn’t a cat, remember that we all had that “ah-ha!” moment.

A Cat Made Out Of Foam 

First, we must admire the effort this person put into making this perfect cat out of bubbles. Apart from being in a cheerful mood to get this done, you might also need some dedication and patience to actually accomplish it.

Image credits: Reddit | 9000Kittens

This looks professional, and we can’t help but try to name him since he looks so majestic. We mean, it is only appropriate that this gets a name. Sir Bubbles or Foam Kitty are our two top options right at the moment. 

A Cheshire Cat Made Out of Leaked Eggs 

The eggs in this next photo took on a personality of their own, forming what looks like a Cheshire Cat’s head. Today is a perfect day for all cat lovers on the internet because it keeps giving the most precious cat photos you will see.

Image credit: Reddit | zyocuh

Also, this looks tasty. We hate to admit it, but the head of that Cheshire has to go as soon as possible. It will take a lot of self-restraint not to take a massive bite out of those gorgeous-looking, delicious, cat-like eggs!

This Can Of Paint Looks Like A Curled Up Cat 

There is something very artsy about this picture, like it has a bigger message or meaning behind it. This is indeed a beautiful likeness of a cat. It looks so good you might think that was the intention behind the painting.

Image credit: Reddit | Sezer079

Also, it looks like other animals. Think of a fox. However, all of us can agree it looks like a cat playing with a fish or flipping a mouse. Interestingly, it’s hard to fake a picture like this, so this man opened the paint can at the perfect moment.

Banana Cat Scratch 

Bananas often come with bruises and scratches – it is almost a given. Who can forget that iconic photo of a banana bruise resembling Bob Marley? This time around, we get a cat. It looks practically intended, given how much it resembles a cat.

Image credit: Reddit | graciemaloo

It would be a real shame to peel this and lose a cat. It would be nice if you could keep this banana around for a while. Sadly, this cat’s days are numbered. The good thing is that a photo of it was taken, and now it lives forever on the internet.

The Threaded Cat

We have just one request for the floor owner – don’t sweep it at all costs! Do everything you can to keep that thread right where it is. Glue it if you have to. We believe some things are better left untouched, and this is one of those things.

Image credit: Reddit | Liversteeg

As far as art goes, this cat is a natural. It doesn’t even matter whether it was intentional, but everything about that photo looks wholesome. This is possibly our favorite on this list of things that look like cats but aren’t cats.

The Wood Post Looks Like A Distressed Cat 

This wood post looks like a cat that has seen a lot of things in his life. It looks traumatized by past events, ready to retreat into a relaxing sanctuary in silence for the rest of its life. This is a photo of a wood post cat that seems genuinely horrified.

Image credit: Reddit | CedricCSCFL

One of the reasons for this feeling may be that the cat’s ears are missing. That is a fair assumption to make as to why he is anxious. Our heart goes out to this cat in these trying times, and we wish it happier days in the future.

The Reflection Cat 

Do you know how they say that cats can see everything happening? Well, they were talking about this cat, right? That right there is a cat that sees all and then some. You can be sure that it is watching everything and everyone in the neighborhood.

Image credit: Reddit | BartholomewBlackwell

It also looks like it has some tiny glasses on. We are guessing he requested them to help keep him in incognito mode as he keeps a watchful eye on the rest of the community. We would call this Captain Kitty or the Cat Sheriff.

Popcorn or Popcat 

How often do you eat popcorn that looks like a cats? Probably more often than you think – you just need to pay more attention to what is sitting right in front of you. In fairness, it is challenging to take a look at every kernal if you are paying attention to a movie.

Reddit | Obsidian_Sunset

You can’t rule anything out seeing what we’ve seen here already today. Although, this particular cat in question seems to have lost its head. Do you think you can make a complete cat from popcorn? That would be something to see.

There Is A Salty Cat In This Parking Lot 

This is one of the most complete cats on this list – this cat even has a tail that curls right to the front of its body. Nature does have its way of making everything become a cat, doesn’t it? Also, most cats are salty, so this feels appropriate.

Reddit | ninethirteen913

If you are a fun person, you will search to find another spot to park in this lot. There should be a sign saying, “Please do not park here. A cat is sitting in this spot. Thank you.” Let others have a good laugh, too.

The Coat On The Table Looks Like A Cat 

Raise your hands if you thought that was a real cat the first time you saw this photo. We won’t judge you if you still don’t believe that what looks like a cat is actually a coat. This has to be the closest thing we’ve seen to an actual cat on this list.

Image credit: Reddit | erebus56

Imagine turning on the lights after a night out and seeing this on your table. Even if you left the coat before going out, you would still most likely be startled for a few seconds. This is how close to an actual cat this photo looks like.

There Is A Cat In The Butter 

On second thought, thiat sounds like a scary headline. But yes, the photo looks like a cat in the butter, looking at you and judging you with those eyes made of butter. If you can’t believe your eyes, you ‘butter’ believe it. 

Image credit: Reddit | Endolithic

If you look at the picture, it seems like one of those cute fluffy cats. If you take a closer look at it, it also looks like an owl. Do you see it, too? A cat made out of butter that also looks like an owl – the internet is winning.

There’s A Giant Cat Turning Its Head To Look At You

This tree ahead looks like a giant cat trying so bad to get a good look at you. It is probably trying to assess if you are friendly or not before going back to what it was doing before the sudden interruption.

Image credit: Imgur | TheMightiestRiver

Ouch. Cats are known to be one of the most nonchalant sets of animals, and we can bet that the cat isn’t even paying attention to you – and just looking at something else entirely. That would be disappointing, though.

A Cat Is Staring At You

You are being gazed at by the void. One would almost think that cats are paranormal beings after seeing this image. How did the water heater get its cat-like appearance? We might never be in a position to respond to that question.

Image credit: Reddit | type-username_here

Perhaps this might be a stretch, but for safety’s sake, if you ever find your kitchenware peering directly into your soul like the image above, we strongly advise an exorcism. Anyway, guys, be careful out there in the real world!

Lotion Cat 

We have seen a lot of kitties made out of skincare products in this list, haven’t we? Think we have to call those types of cats something like “skin care kitties.” Nevertheless, this looks like one of those tiny cats you can’t help but adore.

Image credit: Reddit | vegetabledruggie

There is a common saying amongst cat lovers that “a cat in hand is better than two in the bush.” We just made this up, but you can’t help but agree. Who wouldn’t love this ball (or lotion) of cuteness on their hands?

The Bronzer’s Extra Space Depicts A Cat

Although this is an incomplete depiction, we are sure you also see this pretty obvious fat kitty. A fur friend that chubby would be a fantastic cuddle buddy and, in fact, a remarkably clingy one. Sadly this fur friend would only go on the face of its owner and might even be short-lived.

image credit: Reddit | belf-94

After several considerations, we believe The Bronze Kit is the perfect name for this chubby cat. You would agree that it obviously suits perfectly for cosmetics marketing, or perhaps “half a cosmetic advertisement.” Nevertheless, we hope this cute bronzer kitty isn’t short-lived.

 There Is A Cat Perched Up The Window Frame 

We have many thoughts and questions. How does the shadow of a window frame go on to look like a cat? This is somewhat scary. Imagine waking up at two int he morning, and this is the first thing you see. That would surely startle you.

image credit: Reddit | JimFancyPants

How the cat got to this spot will go under the list of questions better left unanswered. The Phantom Cat is giving all the vibes of a ghost. Maybe there is more to this that we don’t know. Who knows?

What Is This Stain On My Brother’s Carpet?

It would take a while to figure out what is going on in this picture because it appears to be both many different things and nothing at all. However, we are here to troubleshoot this visual code and spare you the worry.

image credit: Reddit | KaeSera

The image up top is a shadow of a strolling cat, not a hand holding a mirror. Given this standard disclosure, we firmly recommend that the owner of this carpet secure it at all costs, preferably from those who might tread on it unintentionally.