A Pup’s Point Of View: A Playful Look At The Thoughts Of Our Furry Friends

By Aakash M

If dogs could talk and write just like us, what do you think they would say? Short or long sentences? Serious topics or trivial ones? If you’ve ever pondered what might be running through a dog’s head, you ended up in the right place.

The Twitter account @dog_feelings takes dog thoughts seriously. Now, we know what you are thinking. “How in the heck can a dog have a Twitter?” Jokes aside, a dog is not running the show, but if he could, this account flawlessly encapsulates what kind of thoughts dogs might be having. He has around three million followers. This is because he resonates with dog lovers everywhere.

From night walks to human cuddles to stealing food, these tweets help us put into perspective the philosophical nature of our beloved furry friends. We have a feeling you won’t be looking at your canine companion in the same light after reading some of these witty dog thoughts!

Stargazing above everything

Sometimes, dogs don’t listen to you. It can be frustrating, but you have no other option than to deal with the sass. For example, matter how many times you call their name and ask them to come in, they simply won’t listen sometimes!

Image Credits: xenasmuttbutt/Instagram

Here’s the reasoning from the dogs’ perspective. It seems like a pretty innocent point of view. They just want to sit with you, play with you, and gaze at the stars with you! We don’t think that’s too much to ask for!

The real reason

This one is partially true, except for the times when the human forgot the dog’s lunch and is in a rush to head back to the office! Other times, we think this is actually the situation. What do you think?

Image Credits: alextrevelin/Instagram

Missing your dog is understandable. Sometimes, life gets pretty stressful, and through those difficult times, all you can think about is your cute little furball waiting to welcome you with the utmost affection and love when you return home. It is the perfect end to a stressful day.

They need attention, too

A dog is a human’s best friend, but a doggo’s bond with kids is on a whole different level. These two really look like best friends. Also, if you have a baby in the house, your dog’s protection level will likely hit an all-time high!

Image Credits: lifewith_mygoldens/Instagram

So, when the small child, who is your neighbor, who’s also your dog’s buddy, has to go back to school, the dog makes sure he gets all the playtime he can with her! It looks like dogs will find any way to have a good time!

Understanding and considerate

This dog isn’t always tweeting hilarious stuff. Sometimes, he posts tweets that carry loads of wisdom, like this one. Honestly speaking, going to the shelter to spend some time with the dogs is one of the most beneficial acts you can do for them.

Image Credits: jirenthepitsky/Instagram

So, we really appreciate the fact that this doggo regularly does that with its human. And the fact that he thought about the intensity of the fireworks on the 4th of July and how that scares them is even more heartwarming!

Wakey wakey!

For most dog owners, one of the best parts of their days is in the mornings. That’s because your dog happily comes to wake you up out of bed with a lot of love and excitement! It’s charming to see them scurrying around for attention.

Image Credits: gisele_la_teckel/Instagram

But, if you are in a deep sleep and totally unaware of what’s happening, then your dog silently climbing on your face might make you jump from your slumber. Maybe that’s why this dog says it doesn’t take much time for the human to wake up.

The dog and the child

It’s the small human from the neighborhood again. As you know, this dog is pretty good friends with the kid. When you think about it, most dogs have kids as buddies. So when the kid asks the dog for a favor, how can he say no?

Image Credits: kendra_lynnes_cupboard/Instagram

The small kid came over after school to play with the dog and tried to get the dog to eat his homework. However, the dog knows that’s wrong and has a moral obligation! However, the kid is just too cute. So, he complied just this one time.

Squishy wonder

Most dogs love the attention of other humans. Some dogs are so welcoming that they won’t even bark at a complete stranger when they come to the door. Once you open it, they get so excited that their tail wags a mile a minute!

Image Credits: he_due_and_the_doak/Instagram

The squishy wonder dog is on cloud nine. He didn’t know this had been missing from his life. It looks like it has made up its mind, and it’s pretty certain what will happen next if the human doesn’t intervene. Dogs love ear rubs!

Best feeling in the world

We stated before that dogs go crazy when their humans return home, and they know it, too. They may even sense you’re home from the noise of your footsteps or the sound of your car pulling up. This canine knew the second he heard the garage door open!

Image Credits: arlolovesbubbles/Instagram

Look at the way he types. He uses short sentences, and his caps are all over the place. You can feel the excitement through the tweet, that’s for sure! But what’s the most special? He shows this kind of excitement every day!

Reverse psychology

Until now, we have always thought and believed that dogs need to be on leashes so they don’t get lost or end up running off into traffic on a whim! It’s a vast world, and one of their main goals is to explore it!

Image Credits: charliethebulldog312/Instagram

Have you ever thought about it in this way? What if they have been feeling this way the whole time?! We know why dogs need leashes, but they must be thinking that they’re on leashes so that we don’t end up getting lost, too!

Tough love

This, ladies and gents, is the biggest reason why dogs are the most adored creatures in this world. Watching them lose their minds with joy when seeing their human return home is one of the best feelings ever, according to Thoughts of Dog! 

Image Credits: littleteddylupin/Instagram

This tweet explains why they behave this way when you return home. Dogs love the hardest. Their love is unconditional, and they just want to see you happy! There’s no option left other than jumping on you when you get home!

The art of deception

If dogs think that this is true, it’s hilarious because although we let them believe this one, we know that we are just playing along! Who doesn’t want some affection from time to time? Dog lovers, you will probably relate.

Image Credits: first_light_send/Instagram

Sometimes, they do act as if they need something, which makes you lean in, and at that very moment, they start licking you! It’s so cute, and it makes you feel super loved. We are all amazed by this art of deception, even though we’ve figured them out!

The eyes are the window to the soul

We have a strong opinion about this next one. Sometimes, it is okay to spoil the ones you love a bit. Buying presents for your children, giving some extra treats to your pets, or doing simple acts of kindness is what life is worth living for.

Image Credits: staff_luna/Instagram

But this spoiled pup has an entirely different story. The puppy eyes of a dog are a pretty powerful tool. With one look, they have the ability to change your whole plan for the day. Thought about going to the office? Not anymore!

Please have a look

This dog has proudly made a list consisting of all the times it appreciates our attention. We think he speaks for his ancestors and addresses every dog owner out there when he is discussing the topic of love and affection.

Image Credits: Jonath Adato/Photographer

That’s a pretty small, simple, and clear list if you ask us. There’s just one item in it. We can’t deny that it’s convenient. And we know it’s a fact. Dogs always want your attention, and they always value your love.

Why so moody?

Dogs, like humans, get in different moods occasionally. Also, just like how it gets difficult to tolerate a human’s mood swings, bearing a dog’s tantrums is a similar challenge. When they are inside, they want to go outside. When they’re outside, they want inside!

Image Credits: margaritachmykhalova/Instagram

Taking this into consideration, can you think of all the times your dog did this? They act as if they’re done, and they wanna go back inside after two seconds! It can be pretty frustrating. But it’s all worth it!

I’m flying!

It is impressive, yet not surprising, how this dog has an entirely different take on so many things! Also, the way dogs find happiness in the smallest things is really commendable. Take table fans, for instance! This dog loves them.

Image Credits: beatricerumfoord/Instagram

You can see how a table fan right next to his doggy bed makes him feel as if he’s flying every few seconds! From the dog’s perspective, it’s the fan that moves back and forth. The dog believes it can fly and touch the sky!

Different year, same me

We think this next dog thought is quite common among this special species. No matter how old or large they become, they’re all just big babies who need a lot of love, care, and attention. This might be the most important thing to consider when getting a dog.

Image Credits: leahlemoncakes/Instagram

If you adopt one as a small puppy, you can bet your last dollar that he will be standing tall on his hind legs in no time. Either way, you still have to cuddle them like little babies from time to time.

Only good vibes

We request you pause whatever you are doing for one moment and take a good look at what’s happening here. This polite dog would like to interrupt you for a sec, and it’s sorry for doing so, too! But the message is worth the read.

Image Credits: maximusthegoldenboy/Instagram

This is just like every other tweet and thought of this dog – simple, adorable, and meaningful! It’s wishing you good luck and rooting for you. Now that’s what’s called being supportive! See? All they want is to see you happy!

What could it be?

Can anybody help clear up this dog’s confusion? It’s about a small human friend from the neighborhood. It turns out that he keeps playing with this ball that has a monochromatic color. But wait, there is more to this story.

Image Credits: keeping_up_with_kitana/Instagram

When the ball rolls more than a few feet, they hold their arms out and watch as if everybody’s eyes are on them. Well, we think we have deciphered it. It’s soccer! The child is kicking it around, and when it’s near the goalpost, the goalkeeper spreads his arms. Bingo!

Morning cravings

Controlling your food cravings is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in life, especially when you’ve adopted a strict diet. Sometimes, you end up seeing an image of a delicious food item, or you smell something tasty, and all sense of control goes out the door.

Image Credits: beebee_03032009/Instagram

This dog hoped to wake up to the smell of waffles, and now, it can’t get it out of its head. Well, we understand how that feels. It wants a waffle. It deserves one. An occasional waffle wouldn’t do any harm.

Are we clear?

We fully agree with what this dog has to say this time. There’s no doubt, and there’s certainly no arguing his opinion. Cuddling with your dog is perhaps the best thing in the world. Nothing can ever beat that feeling, especially for them!

Image Credits: happy_like_kenji/Instagram

So, it’s evident that no dog lover stands a chance against those cuddles. But here’s the thing. Neither does the human! Even they love cuddling with their furry friends, and even they for sure don’t stand a chance against their cuddles.

Keep life simple

Sports are simple for some people, while for others, they are extremely complicated to understand. If you ask dogs, they’re all complicated, except for that one sport where you have to throw something far away, and they need to fetch it for you!

Image Credits: austrian.pack/Instagram

It looks like dogs like to keep things simple. So, according to this one, they think that sports are complicated, and they’d like to not understand them after looking at the different emotions people feel when watching them in such a short amount of time.

Today’s confession

Firstly, this dog wishes everybody a good morning in its own adorable way. Next, it has expressed what it wants today. It’s pretty straightforward, though. It wants some support. Lots of it. But it’s a pretty general request, according to the dog.

Image Credits: katedorsson/Instagram

Well, we can surely relate to that request because who doesn’t need support? Having company over or receiving some much-needed advice is surely a blessing that everybody desires, but not everybody openly asks for! So, we hope this cutie gets all the support he needs!

I’m in for everything

Unless your dog is a really good boy or girl, it’s gonna follow you into the room or wherever you’re going, whether you like it or not. Some dogs even end up following you to the bathroom. It’s all out of love and protection.

Image Credits: gaston.and.elisa/Instagram

It makes us feel grateful because dogs will always be there for us no matter what the circumstances are. However, we are human, and we note that it can get annoying sometimes. We can’t deny they have the best intentions, though.

A simple invitation

First of all, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Sebastian, this doggo’s stuffed friend who has recently turned two years old. Every dog has that one stuffed toy or animal they’re attached to, and good luck trying to take it away from them!

Image Credits: tibetanterriersofinsta/Instagram

This dog loves his buddy Sebastian. So, on the special occasion of its second birthday, the dog is inviting everybody who’s reading the tweet to show up with their stuffed friends. Well, it looks like it’s going to be a stuffed toy extravaganza!

Some Monday motivation

Well, it was technically a Sunday when he posted this tweet, but in some regions of the world, they would’ve read it on a Monday morning. This cute message has a lot of meaning to it, and we love how it’s full of dog wisdom!

Image Credits: chicashadventures/Instagram

This little guy found a pizza crust on his walk. That’s an amazing feeling for dogs, and it could also be something they dream of. So, the moral of the story is to never give up on your dreams because you don’t know what you may stumble upon.

Constant mood

Some days, it’s imperative to rest. Working all day is tiresome, so leaning back and kicking your feet up is perfectly fine! Watch your favorite TV show, order some tasty food, or lie down like this dog. The options for unwinding are endless!

Image Credits: rkckennelindia/Instagram

It may make a human look really weird if they’re in a public place, but dogs? Nope. That’s something that they do regularly. With their paws in the air and the sunlight shining on their face, it looks like they can teach us a thing or two about relaxing!

Wholesome moments

This time, this dog is headed to the pumpkin patch with its owner. There is a condition, which is that the dog can only bring one pumpkin home. Well, that doesn’t stop the dog from doing other things in the meantime.

Image Credits: hunter.the.good.boy/Instagram

For instance, it doesn’t stop the doggo from greeting everyone and making a lot of friends. As you know, dogs are the best at making new human friends because who doesn’t love petting them? That’s a rhetorical question. Obviously, everybody loves dogs.

Cheese day

There are many foods that dogs like (at least they seem to) but are prohibited from eating them. Chocolate, onions, and a few other food items are considered dangerous for them. However, many dogs go crazy for cheese cubes! No, it’s not healthy. But hey! It’s a treat.

Image Credits: dogsinfoodhats/Instagram

So, sometimes, or in careful moderation, cheese isn’t bad for them. It’s not like they eat it every day, so it’s a rare and special treat for them. It’s also why they understand the importance of cheese time! They’ll never skip it.

Watch me as I go

Waking up to tweets like these must be quite a refreshing feeling. There are some days when we wake up in a bad mood, and during those times, a tweet like this one will surely put a smile on our faces.

Image Credits: poppy_the_dacshund2021/Instagram

As far as this dog is concerned, it woke up in the best mood possible, which is why the day was so beautiful. It’s gonna go on a walk by itself with a leash. We wish that could’ve been possible. But you know how we feel about leashes!

Headache cure

We all can relate to this feeling so well. But let’s not forget the fact that this doggo needs some rest and attention, which it will get when it rests its chin in the palm of its human. It must be feeling so tired!

Image Credits: harry_partipoodle/Instagram

The dog’s head hurts from all the knowledge. We believe the head-hurting part is because of the playing around, but let’s just go with it. We can’t think of any human that would have a problem with a dog resting its chin on their palms.

Note these signs

Dog owners must already be well aware of this sign, but for others, here’s some wisdom for you. Just like this dog says, if you are at your friend’s place who has a dog, and you’re sitting on the floor, chances are that the dog is going to sit on your lap.

Image Credits: all_you_need_is_woof/Instagram

There’s no changing this, and it’s just the way things are. Also, we can’t think of a reason why somebody would want to because a dog randomly coming and sitting on a person’s lap could definitely make them go, “aww!”

What we all needed to hear

It’s sentences like these that drop your stress levels and make you feel relaxed. With this tweet, this dog has won our hearts, and the next thing we’ll be doing is heading over to Twitter to message the cutie to tell him how we feel.

Image Credits: colethedeafdog/Instagram

It’s so true. Pretending that there’s no evil in the world has no point. But living in the moment is what we all need to do! So, go for a walk with your dog. Even temporarily, it will make you forget about the mundane problems in your life!

You need to do better than that

This isn’t the most common thing, but unless they don’t have a problem with it, dogs love it when you pet them with their feet. Many of them will also lick your feet or nose while you’re at it, which is a good thing too!

Image Credits: .wicked.mom.nat/Instagram

But here’s what this doggo thinks about his human petting him with a foot. According to the tweet, it’s just half a pet. You won’t be getting a full point for it, and you need to do better than that. So, consider using your hands.

Flying dog

Now that is what you call a confident dog. It already knows that it can fly. But, the small human from the neighborhood helped confirm the situation with his new toy in the yard, which looks to be a trampoline.

Image Credits: chico_stberdoodle/Instagram

From the looks of it, we think this dog jumped around with the kid on the big toy, the trampoline, and even discovered something called a “double bounce.” Now he knows he can reach heights greater than he ever imagined!

Just putting it out there

To this tweet, we’d reply that we all noticed it. Dogs are really expressive, and by looking at their faces, you can tell that they love you and every other human that shows them even the slightest amount of affection.

Image Credits: protectoraterrassa/Instagram

But, we all must take a moment to appreciate the fact that this dog has decided to state something that is pretty obvious but so genuine and pure-hearted. We hope you love your dog just as much as this one loves us!

Current thoughts

This dog just opened up about its thoughts, and we are really grateful that it did because now we know what most dogs need from us. It’s simple. Love. Lots of it. To be more precise, forehead kisses. Lots of em’.

Image Credits: Jonathan Adato/Photographer

This dog would really appreciate a forehead kiss, and there’s no reason not to give one. This tweet was full of comments filled with love for the dog! They provide us with so much affection, and it’s only fair if we return it equally!

My best friend

We love how much dogs love their stuffed animals. Seeing pictures of dogs as pups and again as adults, posed with the same stuffed animal, just warms our hearts. There’s some wear and tear over the years, but that’s just what they call “character.”

Image Credits: odafin.t.schultz/Instagram

Sebastian showed up again. He’s the dog’s support system because the dog would be lost without Sebastian (aww!). From the description, it looks like the dog has played a lot with him throughout his life, considering that his arm has fallen twice.

Mindset matters

This is exactly the kind of thought process we all need to win our day and do everything we plan to do. It is important to take small steps for success, and discipline always comes from doing small things that matter on a daily basis, whether you like it or not!

Image Credits: martaabaldo/Instagram

The dog said the same thing but in a very adorable way. So, the moral of the story is to face everything without fear and win your day, no matter how difficult things get for you! That’s your daily dose of wisdom.

Peanut butter time

Well, we’re there with you on this one. The right amount of peanut butter could give you the energy to go through the day, and it can also give your taste buds the right amount of satisfaction for you to continue with your day.

Image Credits: .tea.paws/Instagram

So, somebody give this dog some PB, for crying out loud! Many dogs go crazy over this stuff. Peanut butter is safe for them to consume in moderation, but not the ones that have Xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener that’s harmful to dogs.

How did this happen?

As kids, we used to be surprised when we fell asleep on the couch, only to wake up on the bed the next morning. It might have taken some time to figure out how all of this could have happened without us noticing.

Image Credits: darwinleeds/Instagram

But this dog already knows who’s transporting it from one bed to another in the middle of the night. It’s obvious. Its humans! And the reason for that is pretty obvious as well. They all need cuddles! And so does the dog.