Snap Puppies: 50+Dogs That Made Us Giggle

By Aileen D

There is an infinite list of reasons why we love dogs. Now, we could try to list them all, or we can just show you why. Rest assured, you will feel a whole lot better after going through these pictures. All of them have been freshly delivered by fur parents. There are pictures that will shock you, humor you, and then thaw your icy heart. Just as these parents had reacted with a burst of emotions, you might find yourself responding the same way. But user beware! After going through this list, you might want to adopt a dog or add a new member to the family. So put yourselves on a leash! You’ve only got a limited supply of treats.

Pretended It Was a Duck

Called by the MI6, this doggo eagerly reported for duty. We couldn’t understand a thing. They were barking orders to each other. In a couple of minutes, he ran an obstacle course and detonated a bomb. Then he was ushered into a room where he was briefed on his new identity. Codename Big Black Duckie.

Image courtesy: user: Nora Charles

His first week had been the roughest. Since he had walked all his life on his fours, he walked awkwardly on two hind legs. He had to extrude his butt while keeping his head held high. He felt safest in the water. He wouldn’t have to worry about how he walked; that allowed him to gather more intel. So far, this doggo is doing a great job.

Filled With Cotton

Who doesn’t love plush toys? You can hug them tightly without having to worry about breaking them. Plus, you get to cuddle them all night. This woman’s bed is lined with them. She only remembers having bought three. Where did the fourth one come from?

Image courtesy: Imgur dog snapchats/Pinterest

Oddly, this woman found that something on her bed was moving. It was like the sheets were breathing. She would poke at the bed, and it wouldn’t budge. But just as she leaves, she would see a kick or a ruffle from the corner of her eye. She can’t put her finger on it. But it’s like one of these plush toys is alive.

Does My Butt Look Big?

Even dogs worry about their weight. When they heard that mommy was going to take a picture, they took their time to find the right pose. One sat atop grandpa’s lap, while the other took the best view. Say, does my butt look big on this? Be honest, Karen.

Image courtesy: fallinpets

I know I’m a size 8 Karen, but I want to make me look like I’m a size 6. Take as many shots as you need. I’ll be looking at them. Meanwhile, grandpa patiently pets the other doggo. They’re only able to visit him every couple of days. So he chooses to enjoy their company whatever way they can give it.

I Forgeth To Useth My Legths, Hooman

Like toddlers, dogs have a fear of stairs. Just one wrong move and you can topple right over to the bottom of the staircase. What floor are we on again? Sensing that it was many floors up, it sprung to Daddy for carriage. You can let me down once we’re at the bottom. Do me this single favor!

Image courtesy: fallinpets

Daddy could only laugh at the length of this furball against him. Every time he feels her slip, he hugs her tighter, whereas she claws her hind legs against his thighs. Gotta find an anchor. He peers now and then at the steps as he puts a foot down. Just a couple more, and we’re home free!

Which Count Is It Again

There was a new member added to the family. Mommy thought it would be perfect to have a photo taken of everyone. She gave the dogs some treats then called them outside on the porch. Sit, and almost all of the pupperoos sat down. One had some trouble deciphering what it meant. It looked to the others for support.

Image courtesy :

The next few seconds were absolute mayhem. No one sat still. Mommy promised more treats, and almost everyone got in sync. On the count of three, say beef shanks! And almost everyone could savor the taste of it rolling off their tongue. Not to worry, every picture is divine!

Look Who’s All Grown Up

With much time on their hands, this couple decided to adopt a Golden Retriever. Their hearts turned to mush the moment they brought it home. It was golden brown with eyes glazed with innocence. They took her almost everywhere with them. Look at them having a field day!

Image courtesy: News INI

When she grew up, mum and dad wanted to recreate the picture. They brought her to the same field and then calmly instructed her to sit on daddy’s chest. She couldn’t lay still. She had gotten way too big that her whole weight was crushing his chest. He burst out laughing and that got her wagging her tail. Can we play fetch now, daddy?

Prepped For This

Temperatures during winter can be harsh. You would have to stock up on layers of clothing. Get the winter coat out of the closet, and then drape it over you casually. This furball prepared for the season her own way. She munched on food dishes one after another. As they say, fat is a good heat insulator.

Image courtesy:

He hadn’t wanted to stay indoors. That’s too tiresome. You have nothing to stare at but the faces of your owners, whom you’ve got the next year to spend time with. So this furball crept outside and sat on top of the snow covered lawn. The cold ain’t got nothing on me!

Just A Friendly Reminder To Return Items

This fur-mom has a hotdog for a kid. It’s longer than it is tall. To make fun of his size, she wraps him up in linen-like a burrito, then nurses him to sleep. But its cute size can also be a disadvantage. He has trouble climbing up steep steps. Sometimes, she carries him up the stairs. He can’t even get on the couch if he wanted to. So she made this customized item for him.

Image courtesy: ifunny

Just look at those eyes. Why, hooman why? What have I done to deserve this? Fur-mom made an innocent mistake, that’s all. She had forgotten to return this item back by the side of the couch. We hope you hadn’t waited that long. The view is pretty much the same on these steps as it is on the couch. Promise! It won’t happen again.

Where Bad Boys Go

Just as humans love to care for their furballs, furballs love to care about their toys. Try observing one. They’re pretty protective of those stuffed animals, especially if it resembles them. Take, for example, this doggo. He dislikes baths, but he hates having his plushie laundered. Look at those big round eyes.

Image courtesy:

They will guard their plushies as these undergo a full laundry cycle. Their tails will wag slowly once water and soap flow in the small space, then they’ll bark at the machine as it spins its contents. If you want to teach them a lesson, tell them their friend will have to go to the laundry because that’s where bad boys go.

The Stages of Motherhood

You may not know it, but animals undergo different stages of motherhood too! They’re just as excited as we are at the growing bulge of their tummies and the kicks of their children within. This dog had certainly been happy that she had delivered a litter of healthy puppies. But that changed when the rigors of motherhood kicked in.

Image courtesy:

At this rate, she’s close to disowning them. Give them to someone else. Have someone nurse them just for a day…just for a meal. You can see how sore and tired this mom is. She has got her back pressed against the wall, and she’s relying on sheer willpower to keep herself up. How long until they can be weaned?

Has The Same Specs Too

If you have money to spend, then you’d probably sport a luxury ride such as this. The cheapest Jaguar on the market costs nearly $50,000. Depending on specs, it can go much higher. But why buy that when you can pimp your ride with a few customizations…say, your dog!

Image courtesy:

If you didn’t know that that chrome hood “leaper” was a jaguar, then this canine will pass. After all, dogs are as sleek in hunting as their feline counterparts. Neither will you have to honk the horn. Your dog will do that for you. You have got a living, breathing car security alarm in place. But would anyone bother to steal that car?

Meet My Fwends

Owing to their tender-hearted nature, dogs make friends easily. They will boop the heads of squirrels, sniff cats, greet goldfish and stare at butterflies resting atop their noses. Their pack is pretty inclusive, which would explain why this doggo had slept on the porch with these wild creatures. Must have been a wild party, huh.

Image courtesy: DabneyFarmer

Just what in the world was this dog thinking when he invited these critters home? It must have gone along the lines of, Let’s bring the party to my house! We have only got dog chow. Guests like these want cat food, acorns, or apples. Needless to say, cats have a bad temperament. There’s no way we’re letting that one in.

Playtime is Over

To save your dog from boredom, give him a few toys. Play with him. Throw the ball and have him bring it back. This is if you don’t want him munching on your furniture, shoes, or clothes. While your dog is growing up, he will want to sweat out that energy. You can also take him to the park, just to add a little variety, as this fur mom did.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

He won’t be happy that you’ll have to go home, though. You can’t spend the night in the park. So before you tell him playtime is over, make sure that you hold onto his collar and secure it with a leash. That will make things easier for you, just before you bring him back to the car. You wouldn’t want to spend the next 30 minutes playing Tag.

Fixed It For You

Remember when we told you to play with your dog? That’ll help put his youthful energy to use. Otherwise, you might come home to torn sneakers, ripped linen, or cotton all over the living room. In this case, it had been a hole in a blanket. This pupperoo proudly announced that he had fixed it for you!

Image courtesy: aww/Reddit

To be fair, it fits him. It probably fits him better than it fits us. He had probably chosen this blanket because it’s water-resistant and smooth to touch. This doggo has good taste. It’s perfect for sleeping on or to hide in when mommy is angry…as she is right now.

Cute Snout

There are days you wake up with clear, radiant skin. It’s on these days that you should take a selfie with your fur pet. After all, they’re always photogenic. It’s you they’ll do the adjusting for. Now, open that front camera and make sure to use natural light!

Image courtesy:

This photo looks perfect! Can you imagine what they would have looked like if it hadn’t been for this dog’s timing? Booooooring! It would have been like any other picture online. So that’s where this dog gets his snout from. That’s quite a cute nose this fur mom has. But maybe she should trim her whiskers.

In Order of Invisibility

The dogs in these neighborhoods play a big part in keeping crime rates low. The minute they see someone being harassed, they pounce on the assailant. They get a lot of credit for it. When they’re not saving the day, they’re sunbathing in the street. It’s hard not to miss them.

Image courtesy:

They have a peculiar way of arranging themselves. It’s probably because we don’t have names to call them by. We have learned to identify them by linear color gradient. With a little tweak in saturation and hue, you will know which super dog is escorting you down the street.

Keep Off the Cabbage Hooman

This might have happened to you if you’re a pet owner. You might have been watching a television show when your pet sits beside you on the couch. You might scruff their neck until they fall asleep. Then you will switch the channel to keep yourself entertained, even though the program you intended to watch had finished. You can’t bear to wake your fur pet up. Nah, he’ll do that himself.

Image courtesy:

Why are you looking at us like that? We hadn’t done it, you did! This dog looks incredulously at you as if to say, don’t you think I would have known if that were my gas? To keep things fair, maybe you should both keep off the cabbage. Add a little variety to the menu, just to keep yourselves from breaking wind.

Meeeeooow, I Mean Woof Woof

It had been a regular day when a concerned citizen rang the local authorities. He just saw a Bengal Tiger on the prowl. It slinked its way past the fence and then sat itself down on the ramp. How could this wild beast escape the zoo? There must have been an electrical glitch of sorts.

Image courtesy:

Or maybe it had simply been a trick of the eye. The caller had noticed that the tiger’s stripes moved as it heaved. He looked again. He closed the distance between him and the wild beast with some risk, only to find out that it was an overweight Shiba Inu having a stroll at the park. Its stripes were merely shadows cast by the border metal fencing. What a relief!

Bae, I’m Fabulous

We’re not believers in fate. But pictures like this make us think twice. What are the odds that you would take a picture of a dog with a glossy mane of tail? This one had its fur standing on ends. How had that been possible? Another dog’s tail had photobombed it.

Image courtesy:

Both happened to have white fur with nearly the same smooth texture. In case you’re wondering, each dog belonged to a separate owner. If this picture isn’t fated to happen, we don’t know what is. Have you come across perfectly timed photobombs?

Every Collection on Fashion Week

This doggo is a fashionista. You would know from the looks of it. It’s a pretty high-maintenance dog, what with its white, fringed hair and immaculately trimmed nails. We haven’t even begun on its wardrobe. Sometimes it dresses up in cardigan sweaters and pants, and on other days it wears Chanel boots!

Image courtesy:

It can rock every single clothing item you put on it. To make matters worse, those Chanel boots probably cost more than our entire wardrobe put together. Watch it slink by. You might not admit the sour gunk of envy creeping within, but we know it’s there. With every step, this pupperroo oozes with confidence and leaves behind its signature trail. Wish we were like it.

But I’m Not Due Until Next Month!

It sounds like our dream job. This woman is paid to groom and handle pets. She gets to scruff their necks, rub their bellies, give them treats, and be paid for it. She cares for them briefly and deals with their tantrums as these happen. But she doesn’t have to walk, bathe or feed them every day as fur parents do. So this woman told a very interesting story about one of her clients.

Image courtesy:

Look at those bulging eyes. You could see their depths filled with terror and surprise. But I’m not due for a haircut until next month! Now look, Karen, I appreciate all that you do for me, but we, canines, dislike water. Let’s pretend we hadn’t run into each other, and I’ll meet you at the shop at the usual time next month. Have a great day! And with that, this dog turned its snout and walked away.

You Roll Over!

If you must know, dogs have a self-defunct button installed in them. These are not written in the dog owner manuals. You will discover it for yourself. Signs include purring, sleeping in odd positions, and licking solid ice. Some dogs are more inclined to malfunction than others. Those are Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds.

Image courtesy:

We don’t know how this one managed to climb the shelves. It’s like an exorcism gone wrong. One minute it was rubbing its fur coat against the hardwood floor as if to polish it. The next, it was looking down on its owner. Who’s the boss now? *woof We’re going to renegotiate the amount of food you give me. From now on, it will be two dishes per serving. I won’t go down until you agree to my terms. *woof

Just A Little Scruff On The Neck

To keep your home safe, you could secure and care for a guard dog. The best ones are German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Danes, and Dobermans. These are hardy dogs that deliver a merciless bite. You could make guard dogs of other breeds, too, as this pet owner did.

Image courtesy:

Users beware; they can befriend strangers instead of keeping a wary distance from them. Not to worry, dogs are usually good judges of character. That’s probably why this one lies on his back and pushes himself through the narrow space beneath the fence. Gimme a scruff on the neck, Mister!

The Thin Gray Line

If this dog had been born a human, we could imagine her working as a lawyer. She has a shrewd sense of judgment. When her owner told her that she couldn’t play outside, she found a way to enjoy the backdoor sitting without breaking house rules. There’s always a thin gray line. All you have got to do is to sniff for it!

Image courtesy:

One other reason why she would make a great lawyer is those disarming eyes. Those are the type that will make you want to ‘fess up or cave in. Anything just to satisfy this cute pupperroo. Now, how can you stay angry at her? She isn’t doing anything wrong. She just wants some fresh air. A couple of minutes tops!

I Liketh Them Crunchy

How do you like your pasta – undercooked, overcooked, or just plain mushy? Yes, there are levels of firmness. If you like it slightly crunchy to the tooth, you like them Al Dente. That’s cooked to Italian perfection. There are benefits to this. Your body gets to digest those carbs over a couple of hours, so you won’t experience sugar crashes much. No frequent hunger pangs and overeating! But others like them on either end of the spectrum, like this dog who loves pasta undercooked.

Image courtesy:

We understand. We like our chips crunch, not soggy. With this type of firmness, this dog will have sugar stores for a lengthier amount of time. That’s pretty important if it does rough activities- such as run around the house or if you play catch with him. Not to mention, that teeth crunch help clean their teeth and remove dental plaque.

Why Isn’t The Rug On The Floor

These homeowners had just gone to the local furniture store. They needed a new living room set. Their old one had been an eyesore. Not to mention, it had dog fur lining it. That’s tough to clean. While they were at the store, mom also decided to buy a rug. When they got home, she saw dad draping the rug all over him.

Image courtesy: Buzzfeed

It’s meant for the floor, Mister. That way, there’s a good heat insulator for this cold weather! We could also rub our feet against it. So stop playing around, and put that floor runner down. We didn’t spend a couple of hundred dollars so that you could drape it over yourself.

Do I Get A Lollipop For This?

It had been an eventful week for this doggo. He had been to the vet’s office a couple of times this month. If you have ever been to the doctor’s office frequently, you would know how anxiety-provoking that had been. Now, imagine mashing them within an even smaller timeframe. The only important question left to be answered is, did he get a lollipop for this?

Image courtesy:

You whath hooman? Whath ith thath thuppothed to mean – neuthered? Well if his owner were to explain it to him, he wouldn’t understand it. The anesthesia hadn’t fully worn off, judging by the loll of that tongue. We’ll explain it to you when you get home, buddy. We will give you a treat for it too! This big boy deserves it.

Loyal Stead

There are times we hear pet owners tell us how their dogs are made of mush, love, and fairy goodness. It’s like we don’t deserve them. Take this pet owner who had adopted a blind dog. It had taken some getting used to for this doggo to navigate the house. But once he did, he made a habit of greeting grandma by the door!

Image courtesy:

Sometimes, he needs a little help. But you can’t doubt his intentions or his initiative. Nothing makes him happier than greeting his favorite hooman at the door. He will even help grandma with the groceries she had bought. He will follow her into the kitchen, where he will resume guard duty until dinner.

We’re Going To Need Some Dye

We feel absolutely guilty for doing this, but almost everyone does it. When looking for a new pet to adopt, we spend a few seconds gauging their temperament and the color of their coat. We might hear an interesting story from the animal officer, which could change our mind – kind of like how we had been told that the printer ran out of ink when it spat this puppy out.

Image courtesy:

What a cute mix, don’t you think? Its mom had been all white while his dad had splotches of black over its body. The result had been this! You might have trouble figuring where it’s looking at – what with its black, moon eyes, but at least you’ll know where it’s heading. Just watch where that body is off to.

Why Didn’t You Ask Sooner

We love the privacy our home affords us, but we also need a change of space from time to time. Dogs feel that way too. So when you ask it if it wants to go for a walk, you will be eagerly met with a whipping tail, a wide-set grin, and padded thumps against the carpeted floor.

Image courtesy:

You could fuel the entire neighborhood with that level of excitement. This dog hurriedly ran off to get her leash. We mustn’t waste time. We must hit the road as soon as possible. That way, we can enjoy the vast expanse of the field and the fresh air that engulfs our senses as we run through it.

Too Shabby

This has got to be one of the funniest personalities we have come across in dogs. Call to mind your judgmental self. It lurks in the corner and judges every person who passes by. Too thin, too shabby, dress is cut too high, those pumps are sooo last season, can only deadlift 100 kg? Yuck. This dog pretty much behaves the same. Just look at him.

Image courtesy:

He doesn’t have to tell us. In fact, it’s better that he can’t. Yes, we know dinner is late, but momma has just come home from work. She will have those Kibbles poured into your dish. Just give her a minute. While you’re waiting, how about getting off that high fence. It’s not like looking at her like that will help you get the dish prepped faster.

You The Boss Of Us?

Some dogs and cats fight tooth and nail, but some duos have a solid partnership. This cat will groom herself and her brother, while the other will protect the entire household. It sounds like a good relationship…if they weren’t so heavily invested in each other.

Image courtesy:

What? You the boss of us now hooman? They stare at us like that for a few minutes – their gazes fixed and stoic. You feel awkward. Your fingers tingle, and pretty much that discomfort spreads throughout your entire body. You stand up and motion for the kitchen. I’mma go get myself a glass of water. As you open the tap, you hear a soft growl as the two continue to play with each other.

In, Way Too Deep

We have friends who have no idea what personal space means. They will nudge your arm, sit too close, or even help themselves to a beer in the fridge after they invited themselves over. You would need to practice a great deal of restraint. They will test your patience.

Image courtesy of:

Oh don’t mind me. I’m just sniffing the chambers of your mouth to see if you’ve got tooth decay. Ooh, it smells like Kibbles in here. Do you have some? Can I have some. Without waiting for a reply, this doggo will help himself to some Kibbles on your dinner plate. Yum, this is so good! You have to try it!

This Dog Purrs

Remember when our parents would tell us to be careful with whom we associate ourselves with? That’s because we tend to adopt the habits and temperament of the people around us. It had been that way for this dog who grew up as the sole canine in the family. Who had he grown up with, you ask?

Image courtesy:

A bunch of cats. If it weren’t for his bark, we would have mistaken him for a cat too. He slinks his way across the living room and attempts to climb cupboards and shelves. His pet owner has even bought him his own scratching post. But we’re glad he doesn’t cough up furballs. Imagine how big those would be.

All Mine?

This doggo’s birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. Mommy wanted to surprise her. She had the perfect plan. She would have someone bake a customized cake complete with this dog’s favorite toppings. And she will even have a bone decorating it on the top. What a great way to celebrate this doggo’s coming-of-age!

Image courtesy: greenlemon

That’s all for me, Karen? *loud gulp. This dog couldn’t believe her eyes. In all the time she has known Karen, she would have to beg for a treat. And now, right before her was the most scrumptious cake she had ever seen in all of her dog years! Mommy lit a candle, and daddy blew it out for her. Eat up, Lucy! We’re so blessed to have you as part of the family!

Conducting Experiments

Scientists in this household are trying to come up with a potion for invisibility. Imagine what you can do and where you can go. Take a sip of it in the office, leave the cubicle for a much-deserved meal, and then come back without anyone knowing you had gone. Their test subjects? Dogs. They’re nearing completion.

Image courtesy:

Almost. Just a couple more tweaks, and they’ll be able to get it. The puppy at the bottom is proof that this project holds promise. Until then, they can play with this litter of pups. There are no known side effects. All of these doggos are in perfect health.

Does It Go Woof?

Dad has a knack for assembling Legos. He can make robots out of them or fashion them after something or someone. His latest model was inspired by his fur pet. When he had presented it to the latter, he was met with this candid reaction.

Image courtesy:

His child stared at it for a couple of minutes, then sniffed at its butt. He sneezed then cocked his head at dad. Apparently, it doesn’t bark. What kind of toy is this if I can’t chew it or play with it? It attempted to bite off the Lego model’s head, but dad stopped him. Even if I bit it’s head off, it wouldn’t be any fun. All the pieces fall apart!

That Isn’t My Paw, Swear

Hello officer, we would like to report an incident. Yes. We had just witnessed a thief pickpocket our mom. He sat on the couch directly in front of our mum’s bag. Then he slipped his hand inside it. That’s when we stood up to rebuke him! Our address is 74 Dog Street, Woofvillage, Kentucky. Oh, don’t worry, the doors are locked. There’s no way he’ll be getting out of this place. Please bring cuffs and muzzles.

Image courtesy:, kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Swear, Karen, I was just stretching my arm. I hadn’t meant to reach into your mum’s purse and paw out that biscuit. It’s an honest mistake! Karen cocks her head to the side, refusing to believe what this dog was telling her. Its eyes were pleading – no time out for me, Karen! What do you think we should do with this unruly pickpocket?

You Are A Beast

Even dogs have moments of self-doubt. You will hear their barks waver, see their tails drop, and just before retreating into the corner, they will give out a soft whimper. That’s when they start believing they’ve been a bad dog. Just as we shouldn’t be too harsh on them, we shouldn’t coddle them either. They will find ways to cope!

Image courtesy:

Self-affirmations are just as effective for us as they are for dogs. In the morning, this one goes into the bathroom and steadies himself before the mirror. He will growl softly, as if to say you are a beast, over and over again. Then he’ll be his usual cheery self, pawing at the bed, begging to go for a walk today!

Omphft pft pft

We know! Dogs need much-deserved sleep. But we can’t help fluffing this one’s fur up or rubbing its stomach. How can it look this adorable? Its cheeks are mashed up against the couch’s upholstery. Its neck is bent and from time to time, drool forms by the corner of its mouth. How many bones has this dog dug up in his dreams?

Image courtesy: BrightSide

There’s never a dull moment with dogs, even when they’re fast asleep. We could watch this dog breathe all night long, its snout sniffing the air. Another thing we love about them is that they will sleep near you. It doesn’t matter if they’re uncomfortable, so long as they are a few meters away from you, ready to spring abound and keep you safe from harm.

Cue* The Leaves Are Alive With The Sound of Music

This fur mom has an eleven-year-old German Shepherd. He loves to play outside. Now that it’s Fall, he spends nearly all his time in the backyard. He looks up at trees and then waits for the leaves to drop. Every now and then, he will attempt to catch them with his mouth. He even goes more berserk when she pulls out the rake.

Image courtesy:

He will chase his tail and then tap the grass alternately with his paws. Mom knows he wants to be buried in those leaves. She doesn’t know why. But she can’t resist his request. She starts at the farthest areas of the lawn, compiles them at the center, and then throws confetti leaves over her doggo’s head. Yippiiiie!

Daddy Helped Create This

This dog is a wanderer. If anything catches his attention, he will walk towards it. He makes friends easily, given his curious nature. The more you entertain him, the more likely he is to stay. Mom often scoots him away from a room or from someone’s arms. Once, she caught him in the company of other similar-looking pups. Although he didn’t have a collar, Mom was able to pick her kid from the litter.

Image courtesy:

All because of that pawprint dad left on his nose. There is no mistaking that this is her dog. Even if he didn’t have this permanent boop, she could make him out from his behavior. As we said, he wanders often. And given that short attention span, he’ll be on the move again, away from the litter of similar-looking pups.

You Working Out At the Gym VS Your Dog

Some people are blessed with good genes. All they have to do is maintain them. It could be a good physique, a strong jawline, a towering height, or long legs. Who wouldn’t seethe with envy? To make matters worse, these people don’t know how well off they are with those assets.

Image courtesy:

We wish it were this way for everyone. Sadly, some of us have to work for it. You have to join triathlons, do squats, lunges, deadlifts and stretch every now and then, whereas this dog has the audacity to stretch his naturally toned legs in front of you. We got it! You look smoking hot. Now, stop it already.

Appeal To Emotion

Dogs may be natural charmers, but they get tired of begging for a treat or two. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, they appeal to emotion! Poor me, sulking at the corner. I think my ribs are showing from the back. Could you get me a dish of Kibbles, pretty please? And he flops on the floor like this.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Just look at those pitiful eyes. You could drown in them. He sniffles a bit, now that you’ve come closer. He knows he has got your attention. Then he licks his nose and then whimpers. Give me some Kibbles, please! A fresh plate! We will let him sweat for a couple more minutes.

Say Bones Everyone

Thank heavens for dog care. We don’t know how we’ll be able to juggle work, maintaining the house, and then looking after our fur children. We don’t want to leave them at home. Goodness gracious, who knows what could happen to them? We wouldn’t be able to forgive ourselves. At least, at the daycare, they have friends to roll in the muck with.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

One thing we love about this daycare camp is that they send us updates throughout the day. Here, they’ve rounded all the pets and told them they would have their picture taken. It must have taken a great deal of persuading. We know we wouldn’t have been able to get our child to sit for that long.

Saved You A Seat

We don’t know what we had done to deserve this. But when we had hitched a ride, we were able to find a seat on this daycare bus. It’s like we were being rewarded for all the good that we had done in this lifetime. Would you believe your eyes if you were met with this band of pups?

Image courtesy:

Anyone having a bad day will instantly cheer up. Just look at the dog in the front row. Look at his innocent smile. It’s as if he is telling you I’ve saved you a seat! Glad you could make it! Bet he will even scoot over if you motioned to sit beside him. The best part is that you get to be cuddled the whole length of the trip!

This Color Suits Me Better

After a week, your dog smells like, well, a wet dog. You dupe them into taking a bath, but not without you getting wet. Now that you have bathed them, you take the time to towel them dry. After, you brush their fur coat. All that ick is stuck to your fingers. When you’re done, we suggest you lock the doors. If you don’t, your child will find a way to even the odds.

Image courtesy: greenlemon

All that effort has gone to waste! And for what? That’s because he wants to mask his scent. After you had bathed him, he smelled of unicorns and fairy tales. That just isn’t his thing. He may have also rolled on the freshly mowed grass because he wants to loosen up shampoo muck that had stuck to his fur coat. All that friction will help brush away the clumps.

No Cutting In Line

Daddy wanted to play a trick on this dog. He went inside his kid’s room, gathered all the plush toys, and then lined them across the living room. When he called his dog in, he motioned that he get in line. That’s if you want some treats!

Image courtesy: Imgflip

And so he sat. He had been sitting like this for thirty minutes now. That’s a pretty good trick to keep someone behaved. Of course, daddy has to remove stuffed toys every couple of minutes. He wouldn’t want his dog to suspect anything. When it had been his fur child’s turn, daddy gave him a bowl of liver treats!

No One’s Petting My Babies

A mother’s natural instinct is to protect her babies. She will shield them from anyone she thinks could do her children harm. That includes you. So when this Labrador gave birth to a litter of pups, she kept them away from her hooman.

Image courtesy:

It didn’t matter that her pups were strewn about the bed. She crept up over them and then sat down. Some who had woken suckled from her. Others slept soundly. This Kraken of a mother will terrorize strangers and destroy them with ease. She possesses great endurance to protect her children at whatever cost!

Comfier This Way

When purchasing a dog make sure to read the instructions. They should come with six separate units – four for the limbs, the body, and the head. Use a wrench of love to piece the parts together. We have heard several complaints that their dogs came out looking like this.

Image courtesy:

Depending on the seller, you may have a valid warranty for half a year. This warranty covers any hidden defects. We suggest that you call your local supplier now. They may help you troubleshoot your dog. In case that fails, shake the entire unit. If it works for remote controls, it might just work for your dog too.

His Way Of Helping Out

After seeing you pull all-nighters, your dog knows the amount of effort you put into studying. He sees that you mark your calendar and that you plan a set of goals to achieve each day. It’s difficult – managing a class of students. You may not know it, but he has his own way of helping you out.


There hooman! Now you won’t have to work! You can hardly believe your eyes. All of your students worked hard for papers. They had worked their rears off for nearly three months. And it only took your dog seconds to tear it all apart. You look at him with disbelief. His eyes shine with hope. You get to play all day with me. Now, how does Tug-of-War sound like?

Stahp Tickling Meeeee

This is another special case of a dog-gone-defunct. Its owner took him for a walk. Midway through the park, he noticed that there was something wrong. His dog was walking slower, its chest was heaving. It sat itself down and then rolled on its back. He did a system check.

Image courtesy:

He ruffled its fur and then patted it down. His dog shook side to side and even lifted its head a couple of times. When he stopped the system check, his dog curled sideways. Daddy tugged at its leash. It shook its head no and then showed its tummy. Me tired. carry me hooman!

Trigger Warning for Women

If you are a woman, you wouldn’t want to see this picture. We are certain you have spent hundreds of dollars to flaunt immaculately-groomed hair. Conditioners, hairsprays, and curlers line your bathroom sink. But all it took this doggo was a drop of dog shampoo and a windy day.

Image courtesy:

It’s like a billboard advertisement for Tresemme, professional, affordable. The wind was so strong you could see the effort she put into walking. She had to put her weight on her front foot; otherwise, she would have been carried away. With mom holding the camera, we don’t know who would have caught her.

Her Best Smile

We don’t know why scientists say that symmetrical faces are beautiful. This lopsided grin is one of the most adorable faces we have ever seen. It might even beat the looks of dimpled Ariana Grande. Take a look for yourself! Bet you’d stare at her for more than a couple of seconds.

Image courtesy:

With her tongue lolling to the side and her eyes cast to the side, we can’t help but want to meet her gaze. Isn’t she the cutest? You can’t help but wonder just what this beauty is looking at. Then again, with the breathtaking view all around her, you would want to explore the hilltops.

Needs A Change In Diet Too

Something is amiss. Could it be the shampoo bottles or the pool of water lying on the floor? Whatever it is, it has stirred this polar bear restless. It stands on its hind legs and looks around the room. After wading the Arctic waters, it must have been hungry and in need of food.

Image courtesy:

Where is my bucket of fish, hooman? You promised! Not to worry doggo, it’s in the freezer. He doesn’t look pleased now that he’s drenching wet. But how else can we play with him? Our cold heart thaws at the sight of this cute polar bear!

Do We Fit?

In this household, these musketeers are almost always up to no good. Sure, they have well-meaning intentions of saving the day. But not without a few scratches on the floor, broken plates, and toys strewn over the place. These valiant heroes love getting attention. Here they are, posing before us commoners.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Worried that they might not fit the frame, they scrunched in close and hugged the biggest musketeer. They had been eagerly awaiting this moment. Lightbulbs flashed, and people crowded around them. How can we ever repay you? Upon hearing this, their ears sprung up, and their tails wagged. An unlimited supply of treats will do!

Melts In Your Mouth

You might not know it, but there are places in America which have never seen snow. Bruno had grown up in one of them – Everglades City, Florida, to be exact. So when he and his mom moved elsewhere, he got his first taste of MnMs falling from the sky. Why MnMs you ask? Because these snowballs melt in his mouth.

Image courtesy:

When he saw the snowfall, he cocked his head and looked at mom. He placed his paw at the screen as if to point what it was he was dumbfounded over. Mom let him loose and told him the white gunk is called snow. Then she motioned that they play catch with snowballs.

What Powers Does This Creature Wield

These creatures lived off Thessaly Region in Greece. The townsfolk feared them. Their arrival is met with the ground shaking and hooves kicking the dust. There would be loud, raucous laughter and even cruder jokes. They follow the Greek god Dionysus who wanted festivals, women, and wine. So you would often see these beings drunk and occasionally violent.

Image courtesy:

In the last millennia, no one saw them causing trouble anymore. Naturally, everyone wondered what had become of these Centaurs. People assumed that they had gone extinct. But this picture disproves that. We should probably ask this Centauress where the last of her folk are.

Should’ve Asked Me Before Getting Them

Mum and Dad felt like their only child was missing out on life. At the park, he would keep to himself and bark at other kids. And when left at home, he wouldn’t have anyone to play with. So for his birthday, mum and dad gave him this gift of sorts. Wonder how he felt about it?

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Well, he certainly looks unhappy. If anything, his aloofness has gotten worse. He refuses to look at his brothers, and he keeps a meter-radius away from them. Once, he had even snorted before his youngest brother. Guess mom and dad hadn’t thought about this well through.

Quick, The Pump!

If you find yourselves visiting Alaska, then we suggest that you take an hour-long helicopter tour. You’ll get to see the sights from a bird’s eye view. If you want to roam the land, you can splurge on an Alaskan dog sledding. With the amazing scenery and the tour guides to steer you in the direction, you’re bound to have a great time!

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Occasionally, the tour guides self-destruct. They get tired from the travel or tourists fail to give them much-deserved attention. Wind leaks from the side. Their knees buckle, and the next thing you know, you’ll see them deflated like this. Just a rub on the belly and a few encouraging words will do. If that fails, promise them a treat! That will get them up and running. Now, where to next?

The Look of Love Is In Your Eyes

Our beauty standards demand that we have flawless skin. We would do anything to rid ourselves of freckles and birthmarks. If only we could embrace these discolorations as we do on this doggo. As you can see, they are quite beautiful.

Image courtesy: snapchats/Pinterest

Not to mention, it makes him unique. You won’t find any other dog in the park sporting the same shades. With or without a dog collar, you will know it’s him. We don’t know how his feelings for you can be more obvious. He looks at you with utter devotion. You’re his favorite hooman.

Guess What His Favorite Pasttime Is

Have you ever wondered why dogs love to turn their backs towards you or sniff your butt? Scientists claim that it’s a sign of trust. They know that they won’t have to guard their rears around you. They’ll face the other way to arm themselves against danger. That’s also a welcome invitation for you to smell their butts.

Image courtesy:

Say what? Dogs distinguish friends from foes by sniffing butts. That’s why you see dogs sniffing each other on the street. They may sneeze right after or bare their teeth. This dog loves this survival tactic so much that he sits right below this metal bench. That way, he can smell the people sitting on the bench all day.

Might As Well Give Yourselves Up Now

After working a full shift, this fur mom came home to find this. She knows the look on their faces. Judging from the hunch of their backs, it must have been a big mess. She calmly places the groceries atop the table, but inside she can feel hissing lava. She manages to tell them, might as well give yourselves up now.

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

You could make it easy on yourselves and simply point it out to me. Go on. But they won’t budge. I don’t see why you to make it harder for everyone. With a heavy sigh and a great deal of resentment, she heads to the living room. Nothing there. She checks all the other rooms of the house until finally, she finds the mess they made in the bathroom. No treats for two weeks!

Baiting Pennywise

Stephen King’s It was a huge hit in the cinema. This family watched it with their fur dog. He fixedly stared at the TV screen and barked a couple of times. The loudest had been when Georgie reached for his boat. Determined to bring justice to the slain boy, this Labrador baited Pennywise.

Image courtesy of meme cheezburgers

Believe us; his parents have been hosing him for the past couple of hours. Every time they tell him to go inside, he whimpers. He pleads just a couple more minutes! With his size, he will need a great deluge to bring him to the sewers. There he can finally Labrado what Labradogs should have done to the fizzy-haired Pennywise.

Where’s The Crown

If there’s one misconception about dogs, it is that they aren’t vain. So many pet owners will tell you that they’re inwardly conceited. Cats are honest about it. Dogs aren’t. This fur mom wanted to play a trick on her dog. She sees him staring out the window. She creeps up behind him and then drapes a plush towel over his back. She smooths it down, and then she stares at him funnily.

Image courtesy:

Told you, they’re inwardly conceited. This doggo knew that it was time. He will be succeeding the thrown as the Crown Prince of Fur-via. When his chambermaid draped his cloak over him, he motioned for her to get the crown. It was laden with the bones of their enemies. Long live the King, long live the king!

But I’m Going In For Another Round

As much as dogs love being cuddled, they love rolling in the muck and dirt more. This dog had a field day when mom let him out. The rain had been pouring the previous day and by the next morning, the ground was soggy and wet. You can only guess what was racing through this dog’s mind.

Image courtesy:

Mum turned the faucets and adjusted the temperature of the bath. Within a couple of minutes, she would be calling this happy pup in. He hadn’t been too happy that the sun had set. That meant that it was time for the ritual cleansing. Well, this doggo can always roll around the grass next week.

Skills: Knows How To Make The Bed

There are some pet owners who teach their doggos tricks. It makes for a great show for guests. But this fur mom doesn’t need to. Wonder what her kid’s talent is? Making the bed! She had come home to this pup snoozing on the living room couch.

Image courtesy:

She knew she had to take a snapshot of this doggo. In a few minutes, the picture had been uploaded online. Relatives and strangers found it amusing. What a cool trick this dog can pull! Reckon she can make our bed for us too? We could ask her to tuck us in every night.

Just Get Us There Safely

This fur boy has a great love for the wild outdoors. His dad takes him camping and surfing. To add a little variety, he even helps dad paddle the canoe. He can only steer them a couple of feet then his dad takes over. We think he’s better off as a navigator.

Image courtesy:

He can hardly believe his eyes. Who knew that there’s this much water outdoors? The largest body of water he has swum in is his dad’s bathtub. While he dislikes baths, he loves floating on them. That’s how his dad knew this was the perfect vacation escapade.

Where Are You Off To

Like humans, dogs are naturally curious. Leave them by themselves, and they will come home bearing sticks, other wild creatures, or even pinecones. It hadn’t been an hour when this dog came across this turtle. He bowed low and booped the latter’s head. Where are you off to Mister?

Image courtesy:

What’s wrong with your legs? He pats the turtle’s back gingerly and cocks his head to the side. You walk so slowly. I could help you get there. The turtle ignores him. In spite of that, you won’t find a trace of discouragement on this fur boy. He trailed behind Mister Turtle to guarantee safe passage.

Upping Your Game

This is one cruel trick this fur boy pulled on Mommy. She had just ordered pizza and left the box on the counter. Despite his barks, she ignored him. Besides, it was too hot for either one of them to eat. The gears of his canine mind were turning. He ran for the door and conjured a mailman out of thin air.

Image courtesy: Imgflip

You’re a sly one, aren’t you? Well, that’s the first and last slice you’ll get. Mom rests her weight on one foot and then puts her hand on her waist. You won’t get to pull this trick on me again. She heads to the kitchen and fixes herself a plate of pepperoni pizza. She hears her dog bark again and absentmindedly heads for the door. Darn it!

Ultrasonic Hearing

If Dumbo had a dog for a brother, he would have had this fur girl. However, if Dumbo had been gifted with the power of flight, this dog had been blessed with the gift of ultrasonic hearing. She can pick up sounds none of us can hear. She can hear the earthworms move right beneath the ground we walk on and the paperboy throwing the paper ten kilometers away.

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes

Of course, she had some trouble adjusting to it. She would bark at the door without mom understanding what it was she was trying to convey. Over time, however, mom learned that her fur-child had been given this amazing gift. It almost seems like a narrative for a Marvel comic.

Looks Like Vienna Sausage, Must Be Vienna Sausage

This fur mom had been playing with her kid; she cupped her dog’s face with her hand. This eager beaver smelt it and then bit on it…hard. Looks like Vienna Sausage, must be Vienna Sausage. Mum yelped out loud, but the fur boy wouldn’t let go.

Image courtesy: greenlemon

This dog must have been really hungry that he had mistaken mum for food. They hadn’t seen the next part coming. Mom wanted to even the odds, so she took a paw and nibbled on it. Oh, the sheer terror on his face. We don’t think he will ever bite mommy’s finger again.

Made After Him

This pup sure knows how to dazzle a crowd. When he had seen this gigantic Humpback Lego Whale, he barked at mom to stop. He turned to her, stood on his hind legs, and then mimicked it. The cue had arrived. Water splashes all around him to applaud this feat. What a showstopper!

Image courtesy:

You bet there were people who applauded him. Of course, they didn’t want to ruin the picture, so they stood by the sides. They yelled, more more! So he did a couple more tricks. By the end of the show, his heart was thumping wildly. He humbly took a bow.

Only Good For A Pillow

Fur moms take their children seriously. They don’t want their kids to starve, neither do they want them sleeping uncomfortably on the floor. This one had ordered a 100 dollar dog bed online. It had been made with memory foam. She couldn’t wait for her fur child to use it. Wonder how he took it?

Image courtesy: awww/Reddit

Dogs have very little understanding of money. But they have a good understanding of temperature. This doggo likes the floor better because it’s warm to sleep on during the day. To him, the bed is only good for a pillow—tough luck, mom. At least, your dog is low-maintenance, right?

At 15%

Dogs have their bad days too. On these days, they will lie atop their beds and snooze the whole afternoon off. They will leave their post when the doorbell rings. Understand that they just need their space. It’s like a phone with its battery nearing 5%.

Image courtesy;

You can always play with them after their much-deserved rest. By tomorrow they’ll be brimming with hope and tearing the place apart. They might even attempt to harass the mailman. That is when you know their batteries are charged at 100%.

Pretty In Pink

What would you do if you came back home after a long day to find your three munchkins like this? Well, let’s just say that would be the end of your plan to collapse on the bed for a few minutes. Dogs are sometimes so similar to toddlers in how infuriating they can be.

Image courtesy: Lennychi/Reddit

Apparently, someone was supposed to be babysitting them, but they forgot (like we sometimes do) to lock the bedroom door. The little rascals saw that as their opportunity to find out just how they would look if they tried their hand at makeup, and these were the results.