Digital Artist Creates Cute And Cat-astrophic Feline Mash-Ups

By Jana I

If you are anything like our crew, you love everything related to cats. We are kind of obsessed with them. We are glad to announce: that we are not the only ones. Galina Bugaevskaya from Moscow adores cats just as much, if not more — so much so that she decided to make a whole account dedicated to adding cats’ faces onto other animals and inanimate objects. The project, titled Koty Vezde (Cats Everywhere), has varied results. Some of her pictures are cute while others are downright sinister. She posts her fantastic Photoshop pictures on her Instagram, and her followers can’t get enough of them — including us! We’ve compiled 45 of her concoctions; scroll through to see some of our favorites.

All images in this article are courtesy of koty_vezde on Instagram.

Seal Cat

Seals are cute just as they are. Those enormous black eyes with a distinct, cartoonish glow on their thick and silky bodies just make you want to cuddle them all day long. Now, imagine what happens if you photoshop a cat’s face onto a seal.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This might just be our favorite thing on the internet now. Is it cute, or is it just nightmare fuel, and we are adrenaline addicts? What we do know is that we love the idea. For us, cats + seals equal cuteness overload.

Angry Owl Cat

Owls can be adorable, too. If you’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies, you’ll know nothing of owls, especially Snowy ones. They can be precious and elegant. The artist decided it was an amazing idea to add a cat face to an owl’s body. Here is the result…

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

We love this one! It has so much character. The angry cat was a perfect choice for this one. Galina found the perfect pair for this mash-up. We love it! Although, now, the owl looks somehow even more vicious than before. It’s the fangs…

Chicken Cat

Cats and chickens do not see eye to eye, mostly because one is a predator and the other prey. Sometimes, we can’t say which one is which. Some indoor cats still have their natural hunting instinct, whereas chickens can be tenacious!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Galina made predator and prey meet. Do you like the result? We are loving it! The cat’s and the chick’s color and design complement each other so well. If we were to look at the photo from afar, we wouldn’t be able to tell it is not a chicken.

Koala Cat

Koalas are such cuddly creatures. At least, that’s how they appear. The truth is these animals can be grumpy and aggressive, so you better be careful! The same goes for cats. Their tummies sure look soft and fluffy, but do not tempt them!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Matching these two was the best decision she could’ve made! If we are not mistaken, the cat in question is a British Shorthair, which has the same rounded head and chubby features as the koala. They mesh so well together!

Tiger Cat

How come the big feline species like tigers, lions, and cheetahs look so friendly and cuddly, yet won’t hesitate to bite our heads off if we try and pet them? “If not friend, why friendly shaped” — as they would ask on TikTok. This next picture evokes that need to throw ourselves into the herd of tigers.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

What a cute kitty! We don’t see how our logic is faulty here. Can someone help us? We are serious, stop us if you ever see us at the zoo or in proximity to a big cat. It won’t end well, but we can’t help the need for pets, purrs, and cuddles.

Clownfish Cat

We know cats would love to be near the clownfish for one reason only. Cats love sushi as much as we humans do! As much as cats would love to eat the body of a tiny fish, Galina had other ideas in mind. She decided to merge their bodies.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This anemone lover spin-off is making us feel a bit uneasy, we won’t lie. They just don’t go that well together. Unlike the previous pictures, we can’t fool ourselves into thinking this is natural. Although, we can’t deny it’s cute. It’s a cat, after all.

Penguin Cat

Penguins are fascinating birds. They might not be able to fly, but their swimming skills more than make up for it. Plus, penguins huddling for warmth is just so sweet. Matching and mixing these miracles of nature with a cat seems like a good idea, right?

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This is another one of those that we feel really confused about. Perhaps it’s the wide-open arms situated too close to its head. This is a bit grotesque, in an adorable way. The conflicted feelings don’t stop rising with this one.

Squirrel Cat

Just reading the mash-up animals, you might think, “this is gonna be so cute!” Oh, how wrong you are… We thought the same thing, too. While there is potential, it all depends on the cat’s expression, and this cat is not at all pleased. Take a look…

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This is disturbing! First, the cat’s face seems too big to be morphed onto the squirrel’s little head. Second, the cat is grumpy as heck, or just derpy looking — we don’t know what’s worse. We have no nuts, little squirrel cat. Please let us leave in peace.

Butterfly Cat

When you think of a butterfly cat, do you imagine a cat with butterfly wings, or a butterfly with a cat’s head plastered on? We have to admit, we were thinking about the first option, and we’re kind of surprised, but not mad about it.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This looks so good! It’s tiny, yet ferocious. We wouldn’t want to cross this butterfly’s path. We would, ten times out of ten, keep it as a pet, though. Now we have one serious question: what does it look like in its caterpillar phase?

Goat Cat

These are getting out of hand a bit, don’t you think? At first, it was all flowers and rainbows, and now, we feel like we’ve slipped into another dimension where nothing makes sense. Mom, home help us, we’re freaked out…

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

The horns, the expression, the tiny sharp teeth — all of it makes us uneasy. The only thing we’re glad about here is that it has the cat’s eyes. Could you imagine what it would look like with those bar goat eyes?

Bunny Cat

If Galina didn’t come up with this, we are sure someone else would. Mixing and matching bunnies and kittens is always a great idea. Both are fluffy, soft, and oh so cute. The concoction is so sweet that we just might get insulin resistance.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Although the cat looks like it’s done with everyone’s BS, we still absolutely love everything about this new hybrid animal. If it were to exist, we would adopt it in a heartbeat. Imagine a cat jumping around like a bunny, and that fluffy tail ball — we would be in heaven!

Hedgehog Cat

“Don’t look suspicious, don’t look suspicious…” This kitty seems to be mumbling that over and over as it tries to discreetly blend in with the rest of the group. Poor cute baby just wants to fit in and have friends.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

In our personal opinion, this is a great merge of the two. The cat’s face is long enough to look natural on the hedgehog’s body. The spines on its back looked like hair, the color matched perfectly. We are impressed. Well done, Galina!

Cow Cat

If you don’t know who Doja Cat is, we can’t be friends. Google her right now! Done? Okay. She has a song about being a cow, and we thought it was so fitting since this picture is all about merging a cow with a (Doja) Cat. You see?

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This looks like the most cuddly, wholesome cow we’ve ever seen. Cows themselves have big eyes and long lashes, adding that kitty spice to the mix was all that it needed to become so irresistibly cute. We would take it in as a pet, for sure.

Orca Cat

An orca, or killer whale, is one of the most predatory animals in the dolphin family. It feeds on fish as well as other mammals in the ocean. Galina decided to match up two predators — orcas and cats. What a ferocious combination.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

We can’t say we don’t like it; in fact, our only “complaint” is that this picture isn’t big enough. The kitten’s playful expression matches the killer whale’s jump perfectly! The derpy kitten fact makes the whole thing just too cute.

Rooster Cat

Contrary to the chick we previously saw, this rooster kitty is not as cute. We would dare say it’s a bit disturbing and unpleasant to look at. Persian cats are not the most beautiful breed out there; you can’t fight us on this. It’s just the facts.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This kitty is really Persian. The face is super squished, and combined with rooster features; it just doesn’t sit well with us. This is something straight from Dante’s circles, don’t you think? We hope Galina didn’t mean to make this picture such nightmare fuel.

Alligator Cat

If you weren’t frightened of the rooster cat or the orca cat, we have another quite scary concoction for you. The line between creepy, scary, and cute is extremely faint here. We love it, yet we fear it. Take a look for yourself…

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This cat has big, beautiful eyes and a wide head. We love those features. Yet, it also has an alligator body and looks like it can catch up to you in a matter of seconds. We won’t be swimming in those muddy waters, no, thank you.

Another Squirrel Cat

We know that the previous time the artist photoshopped a cat’s face on a squirrel, it wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as it could have been. Squirrels are, essentially, cute rodents. Combining it with a kitty shouldn’t be too difficult. And Galina corrected her wrongdoing with this:

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

We absolutely love this chunky monster. It also looks almost the most natural of all of those we mentioned so far. It’s not a clear-cut distinction between the cat and the squirrel. We tricked all our friends, who saw nothing wrong with this pic.

Deer Cat

Dear cat, just know that your mom and dad love you so much! You are loved, you are cared for, and so, so appreciated. Hey, where did this deer come from? What is this? We were writing a letter for our cat, we weren’t summoning a deer cat!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Someone call Disney Channel because Bambi is roaming in our backyard and doesn’t want to leave! This creation is something we adore so much. Isn’t it so undeniably cute? It does look a bit quirky and derpy, but that’s what the appeal is all about.

Third Squirrel Cat

Just as we were about to forgive Galina for the first squirrel-cat attempt, she pulled out this one, which might be worse. We don’t know why she is so focused on creating as many squirrel-cats as possible. We don’t like it. It’s too human-like.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

It resembles a sad Ron Wesley when he opened a Christmas present and saw another red sweater handmade by his mother. We can’t shake that feeling now. We know the appeal is too strong — fluffy tails, chubby tummies, cute cheeks — but, dang girl. No more squirrel-cats, we beg you!

Zebra Cat

Now, this is what we’re talking about! This picture and combination is so powerful and we are obsessed with it! Matching a cat yawning with a zebra’s body is something we didn’t know we needed until now. We hope you’ll see what’s the fuss all about!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

If this animal existed in a savanna, lions wouldn’t dare approach it. It looks so majestic and mighty. We were pondering long and hard about the names we would give it; a tigerbra sounds great to us. What do you think?

Hippo Cat

We love what the artist was doing in the last couple of images. Though, please ignore the squirrel rage we ranted about. This next one is something we aspire our cats to be — big, chunky, cute, and cuddly. Take a look:

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

In fact, some cats already look a little like this. We are all aware that that’s not the healthiest shape for a cat and vets should strive to help it lose weight and go on a diet. Although, you can’t deny it looks super adorable!

Orca Calf Cat

If we had to choose between this orca cat at the previous one, which was done better, we would always choose the first one. It just makes more sense. However, we do love that this cat is a kitty. We’re no experts, but that looks like a baby orca jumping by its mom.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

A killer whale and a killer cat are the perfect mash-up. The facial expression of this one, though, is a bit funnier than the previous one. This face says: “I am done with y’all, leave me alone.” Come to think of it, that flipper could be the cat giving us the finger. So rude!

Skunk Cat

As if it’s not bad enough that cats’ poop stinks more than anything in the world, Galina had to create a skunk cat. Girl, do you want us all to suffer? It seems like she loves to torture her audience. Joking! We love this!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Everything is perfect — from the skunk’s pose to the cat’s facial expression, its tail, and the background. It’s all so immaculate and spotless. We wonder what the skunk-cat is doing in this picture. On the other hand, no, we don’t wonder that at all. Better leave us unbeknownst.

Another Lamb Cat

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the first lamb cat, prepare to be surprised. Say hello to another one of those Galina creations that make us want to sleep with the lights on. This one is not as sinister as the first one, yet it is so deeply disturbing in a way.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

The cat’s face is so angry; we wouldn’t want to mess around with it. Though, is it us or does this combo look like a strict professor more than an animal? Come to think of it, we can see a bit of Severus Snape in that face…

Another Tiger Cat

There was a tiger cat we liked, and now, there is a tiger cat we LOVE. This one, somehow, overcomes the first one and casts a shadow on it. Who would’ve thought that combining wild and domestic cats can result in such cuteness?

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This one has prettier eyes, or at least, ones that match the tiger’s color better. It looks so curious and delicate, as if it would let us pet it and take it home. We know it’s all a facade, and we should never attempt to take a tiger’s paw and massage it, but the need is too strong!

Snake Cat

We hate snakes. When we think of it, all reptiles are untrustworthy in our eyes. Lizards and geckos are adorable, yet, we would never want to touch them, let alone have them as a pet. This one is not our cup of tea, dear Galina; sorry to disappoint you.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

We don’t know what’s worse: the snake’s white, slimy body or the cat’s amber eyes. We love cat eyes, don’t get us wrong, yet in this combo, it just looks insidious. It can’t be denied the match works super well.

Lamb Cat

This one is something we would put side to side with the rooster kitty, and the goat kitty. It’s something so dire that it shouldn’t exist. To make matters worse, she used a lamb, which is usually quite an adorable little animal.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

It looks like a cursed animal from a horror movie. It is definitely something to stay away from if you ever see one. The cat’s head she used was mid-yawn or meow, and that, combined with spikey lamb ears, created a monstrosity that bears no name.

Panda Cat

This might be one of the most adorable animal hybrids we’ve ever seen. A panda mixed with a kitten — you can’t go wrong. Galina saw her opportunity and ran with it. Good for you, girl! Finally, something we feel giddy and excited about!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

She picked the perfect panda for this mash-up. The way it’s flopped on the ground looks like a cat that was caught mid-lick. And the cat’s face that pleads for privacy is the perfect fit. This one might just be the best match yet.

T-Rex Cat

We have no idea what the artist was thinking at the moment she thought that this was a great idea to execute. Perhaps she saw the funny Photoshop someone posted on the internet of a cat as the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Maybe this image was her trying out a different genre, rather than just cute fluffy critters. We can’t deny it, it suits her just as well! We love the rainforest, the scenery, and the colors she used. The cat looks witty, yet hungry. The arms are just as we would imagine. Perfection!

Sheep Cat

You’d think that cats mixed with young animals would give the best results, but this sheep-cat proves that wrong. The lambs were creepy, whereas this sheep is downright charming. We do love that the sheep looks sort of bewildered and lost — poor thing.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Though, if we looked like this, we would be confused, too. We are kidding, of course. The first thing we thought to ourselves when we saw it is how it resembles a pan so much. Pan is a mythical creature that’s half-goat, half-human. This is neither goat nor human, but has a similar vibe and aura.

Baby Panda Cat

Remember how much we loved the first panda we saw here? Now, get ready to be distraught and uncomfortable again. Galina decided one panda is not enough and she just had to make another one. We are not fans of this picture.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

As we previously said, making a Persian cat’s face look good on an animal is not an easy task. Persian cats are not the cutest of the bunch, let’s be frank. Yet, somehow, putting its face on a panda makes it look even worse. It looks just like a Persian cat, but bigger and scarier.

Axolotl Cat

This is something we never thought we’ll see. First, if you didn’t know, the axolotl is a species of salamander. They are unique because they look like big tadpoles. Mixing it up with a cat’s face is not something we thought we’ll like…

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Although it’s not the best and most seamless Photoshop in the world, it’s still somehow super entertaining and attention-grabbing. We would love to encounter this in person. Though, we do have one important question: does it breathe with lungs or gills?

Turtle Cat

Save the turtles! Don’t use plastic, opt for glass or metal straws! They look better, too. We think this turtle also looks better with a cat’s face on it. We can’t say this is a popular opinion. It is odd, but adorable, too. What do you think?

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

It’s turtle hatching season! Look how cute and innocent this kitty turtle looks, we are in love. This seems like a Cartesian cat, judging from the amber-colored eyes and grey fur. It is gorgeous. We wonder though, does it drink milk now, too?

Bear Cat

This one is just perfect. You have to believe us this time! We know we say it all willy-nilly, but the next picture takes the cake for the most iconic one of the bunch. It is in the top five, surely.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Look at it! It’s a brown bear cat mash-up. We adore it. The Ragdoll cat’s face goes so well with the bear’s wonderful fur. The facial expression is just a chef’s kiss! It wants to be so vicious and strong, but it’s so fluffy and irresistible!

Another Hedgehog Cat

This one is so much cuter than the previous hedgehog kitty mash-up we showed you earlier! The facial expression is everything we wanted and so much more! The head looks smaller, the eyes are wider and the pupils are huge!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

It looks like this cute hedgehog is ready to attack! It is in a playful mood, that’s for certain. Judging by the looks of it, it spotted prey that it wanted to catch, or an object it planned on tackling. We are dying to know what it saw!

Another Bear Cat

This one is a bit different than the first bear. First of all, it’s a different breed of bear, possibly a black Asian bear, whereas the first one was probably a Grizzly. Secondly, it’s so much bigger and more intimidating than the first one!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Both the bear and the cat’s face are thick and big; chonky, if you will. Though it looks rather dangerous. It’s warning you: “do not cross this line, cause if you do, I just might attack you with my sharp claws and deep meows. Do not tempt me, human!”

Harp Seal Cat

We are sorry that we jumped the gun too fast. We said we’ve found our favorite, but it was too soon. Can we still change our minds? Forgive us. How could we possibly resist a harp seal with a cat’s face? It’s too much!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

We would, undoubtedly, steal this seal and bring it home. We would simply snatch it from its mother and become its new caregiver. It’s so irresistible and everything we ever hoped for. Can someone make this possible for us? We would be over the moon!

Flying Squirrel Cat

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….no, it’s a flying squirrel cat! That’s a sentence we thought we would never say. Alas, you live and you learn. What this topic taught us, is to always think twice, and to expect the unexpected. Galina sure knows how to keep us on our toes.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

This flying squirrel kitty looks majestic! The cat’s face matches the body perfectly. It almost reminds us of a bat’s face, although we are not sure we know what that looks like. We presume it has the same vibe — bat vibe. We like it; 7/10 for this one!

Lemur Cat

If there is an animal with a tail more amazing than the cat, it would be a lemur! These animals have such long, fluffy, soft tails. Before you take a look at the photo, try to imagine what a cat’s face would look like on a lemur’s body. No cheating!

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

We played that imagination game ourselves, and this is not what we pictured at all. Somehow, the picture exceeded our expectations and we liked it a lot! The cat’s face suits the lemur’s head and ears so well! We couldn’t believe it!

Another Owl Cat

This one is not as angry as the earlier one we talked about. Remember the angry owl? No, this one is slightly frightened. At least, that’s the expression the cat has. It looks like it’s seen a furious dog or a scary predator of sorts.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Perhaps it is just judging humans from up above. Looking down upon us and lamenting all the decisions and stupid actions we make. That makes sense for a cat, doesn’t it? The colors were matched nicely. Job well done, Galina!

Bat Cat

Although the flying squirrel merely resembled a bat, here is the real deal. Well, sort of. Here is a bat cat. Maybe this is what the children of Batman and Catwoman would look like. That would be quite awesome if we do say so ourselves.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Though we can’t say we like this photo, but that has nothing to do with Galina’s skills. We are a bit appalled by the way the wings and ears are see-through. We would be scared to the core if we saw this in a cave.

Double Koala Cats

Towards the end of this article, we decided to put something different, something you haven’t seen here before. It’s a picture with a cat head replacement, yes, but not one cat. Two cats! You read that right, two cats, one photo.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Fluffy koalas are perfect to mesh with a wonderful cat’s face. We love this picture by itself, who wouldn’t? Four koalas hugging each other in a line; it’s a perfect family portrait! The cat’s faces are a mere bonus to these shenanigans.

Giraffe Cat

This is not only a picture of a giraffe with a cat’s face. Oh, no-no-no. This is an image of a confused giraffe with a cat’s face. Why the confusion, you might ask yourself. Let us help you: how would you feel if you woke up with a cat’s face one morning?

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Giraffe’s neck is stretched out, and the head is tilted in a way it emulates a confused animal posture from animated movies. We love how Galina matched the cat’s and giraffe’s colors. The cat’s facial expression is winning here. So good!

Japanese Flying Squirrel Cat

We wanted the last couple of pictures to be memorable. This one holds a special place in our hearts. It’s the cutest squirrel and it’s only found in Japan. It’s fat, chubby, white, and adorable. Putting a cat’s face on it is just a bonus, but trust us when we say, it’s beautiful on its own.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

Ragdoll’s face goes really well with the flying squirrel’s body. The colors are so well-matched and the transition is seamless. We really can’t tell where exactly is the line between the two animals. Once again, Galina did an excellent job. Kudos, this is a 10 out of 10!

Another Rabbit Cat

With this last picture, we are sad to depart. But do not fret, it is not over yet. We have one last photo. It might not be the prettiest or the goofiest, but it’s definitely one of the more awkward ones. This rabbit cat looks really uncomfortable and downright embarrassed.

Image Courtesy of koty_vezde / Instagram

It reminds us of that kid that has a presentation in front of the whole class. All it can do is stare, and pray to God it doesn’t faint or start sweating profusely. The teacher is watching, expecting. The classmates are laughing. Poor guy, we will cheer for you! You got this!