Photos Of Adorable Kittens Caught In The Act Of Pouncing

By Anthony K

Summer is here, and as cats are natural hunters and foragers, they love to investigate attractive scents, tastes, and anything else that piques their attention. Like the big kitties found in the wild, they still exhibit behavior that would usually be seen when they go hunting. This includes stalking and pouncing, among other traits.

Below are some rare moments when photographers captured kittens in mid-air. These shots are one of a kind! You won’t believe what we found…

Shutterstock /Rita Kochmarjova

If you are a cat owner, you likely are not a stranger to seeing your cat drag in dead birds and rodents as gifts. The pounce here is necessary when they have finished stalking their prey and are ready to go in for the kill.

Sukhothaiboy /Shutterstock

Today, if you see domestic cats out and about hunting, it is predominantly a form of recreation. Your cat’s hunting instinct is hardwired into their minds and is triggered by the scent, view, and sound of their target. Simply put, your cat is helpless against a bird’s flapping wings or the scent of a tiny mouse in the field.

Nils Jacobi /Shutterstock

Next time you come across a kitten playing and bouncing around, be sure to have your camera ready. You will have the opportunity to take a breathtaking photo of a kitty pounce that will definitely get you a few likes on Instagram.

You can also get your cat or kitten to pounce around by playing with toys. Keep in mind that the concentration span of a kitty is low, so it will love a variety of different playthings.