Tiny Dachshund Takes The Responsibility Of Guarding A Pub 20 Feet Above The Ground

By Divya G

Tourists and visitors can experience a stunning view from The Three Merry Lads pub. While doing so, some unexpected bouncer will likely meet them at the door. If you’ve ever consumed a little alcohol, you’ll know that your eyes can sometimes be deceiving.

Image Credits: Reddit/Rocketmandan123

However, a person from Yorkshire wsn’t seeing double. While he was walking his dog, he heard barking. But it seemed impossible to point out the source until he looked up.

It took him by surprise when he found a super tiny dog on the roof of the 200-year-old pub. Chester, a miniature dachshund, stood with pride at the roof’s peak. He was peering down at any passerby who caught his sight.

Chester soon became an internet sensation as his picture was uploaded to the Reddit group Casual UK. The four-legged Spiderman luckily received 600+ comments and 31,000 likes. Viewers have appreciated the dog’s lack of fear and confidence in climbing the rooftop.

Many theories swirled the internet before the truth about Chester lingering on the rooftop came out. One user theorized that the tiny dachshund climbed numerous windows to reach the pub’s rooftop. Another said that the little daredevil probably had the powers of Spiderman.

Image Credits: Facebook/The Three Merry Lads

Since Chester has been featured on various social media channels and news, numerous stories have been going around. Slowly, this cute and tiny dachshund is probably gaining the taste of stardom. Moreover, BBC radio has also featured this courageous pupper. This popularity is not bad for someone simply trying to enjoy the serene view.