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44 Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Dogs That Are Groomed To A Whole New Level

Dog lovers who get it, get it: Dog grooming is an art. Some do it for fun, while others do it out of their competitive spirit. It’s a creative way of grooming your dog while having fun at the same time. You can witness dogs play dress-up and become anything and anyone, from Barbie to Superman.

How does it work? Using razors, dog-safe dyes, and a host of other tools, owners apply colors and all forms of ornaments to transform their dogs into works of art. The results are stunning and, in some cases, quite extreme.

Here are 44 of the best images of extreme dog grooming from all over the internet. Some of these grooming jobs were extremely worth it, while others flopped fantastically; either way, relax and feast your eyes as we take you through these wild arts.

Neon Book Equals Neon Dog 

Remember when neon-everything was a trend? Lisa Frank’s neon notebooks were always so vibrant and colorful, and this dog reminds us of precisely that. Kudos to this dog owner for bringing back the old times. No one would bat an eye if this pup appeared in an ’80s workout tape.

Image courtesy of @stunningmisscolette/Instagram

The creativity is top tier, and we can’t wait to see how shiny and colorful he would look in the dark. If you’re wondering just like we are, just know that it is possible to do. However, you must use nontoxic dyes.

Leopard on the Lawn

Leopards are wild and dangerous animals. Those beautiful cats live in the wild with other ferocious felines like lions and tigers. But what would it feel like to have a beautiful leopard lying and posing on the grass on your lawn?               

Image courtesy of @opawz/Instagram

Well, this person has shown that if you’re a lover of jungle cats and you can’t have (and likely wouldn’t want) a real-life leopard walking around your house, you can simply just paint one. Even the dog is happy in its new skin.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Puppy 

Remember the four talented turtles from the popular animation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The show was one of the best, and it featured our beloved ninjas Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo. But here’s one we didn’t know about: A cute ninja turtle puppy.                                                    

Image courtesy of @tigga_the_colorful_poodle/Instagram

This dog showed up to receive his award, looking like a ninja turtle. His owner must have worked hard to pull this off because it looks adorable. If he ever joins the show, we bet he’ll win the hearts of everyone.

We Found a Unicorn

Unicorns are mythological creatures resembling a horse, with a single spiraling horn on their head. There have been stories and supposed encounters for centuries, but we haven’t been lucky enough to confirm those claims. Well, not until now, because we just found one.                                                    

Image courtesy of @angelizzybeth/Instagram

Although this one appears to be a little shorter and smaller than we expected, it is still a beautiful work of art. The winged horse with its single horn looks impressive, but we just love the rainbow fur and mane. 

A Job Half Done

Giraffes are primarily found in the African savanna region. They are tall herbivores with patterned coats and long necks. This groomer intended to make his dog look like a Giraffe, but for some reason, he stopped painting it halfway. 

Image courtesy of @lushpuppygrooming/Instagram

We don’t think this dog doesn’t look like a dog or a Giraffe; instead, it looks like one of those extinct creatures we’ve only heard about in the tales of Merlin. Maybe it’s just art, and since the best pieces spark curiosity, that might be the dog owner’s intention.


When it comes to colorful and mouth-watering chocolates, M&Ms is at the top of the sugary heap by a fairly wide margin. The industry has accepted their dominance and this dog and its owner seem to be big supporters of the situation.

Image courtesy of @Cindy_olivertn/Instagram

When your owner’s favorite chocolate is M&Ms, there’s every chance you end up in an M&Ms costume. This dog is completely dyed in black and decorated in various M&M-colored chocolates. We wonder how those “fur-colates” would taste. Get it? Fur-chocolate?

Wealthy Barbie 

If a royal family had a dog, we’re guessing it’d look just like this. One look at this pup, and you can immediately tell that she comes from a wealthy home and that her groomer loves the color pink.                                       

Image courtesy of @opawz/Instagram

Whether the concept was The Pink lady or Pink Friday, the groomer killed it. Those huge sets of pearls on the pooch’s neck perfectly add to the incredible color and bows. Her body is also softly painted in light pink. What a cute dog!

Merry Christmas 

It’s not even Christmas yet, but we are already feeling the holiday vibes. It’s raining green and red, and…is that Mariah Carey we hear in the distance? Here comes the festive doggy mascot to get you into the right mood!

Image courtesy of @naturesspecialties/Instagram

His furs are all about festivity. Oh Boy! The groomer did a fantastic job with those legs and their spiral design; even the lights look very realistic. He might just be the reason for the season. Merry Christmas in advance!

Purple Is Royalty 

The groomer could have gone for a different color, but they insisted on purple. Well, if you didn’t know, we’re glad to inform you that the color purple stands for royalty. This poodle’s bold and soft fur is a perfect testament to that.  

Image courtesy of @champagnepoodle/Instagram

This dog looks very regal and aristocratic in this bright purple dye. From the legs to the tail to the hair, it’s indeed a wonderful sight to see. We are unsure if it’s a wig or not, but this pup could pass for a colorful pop star.

Partner in Crime

To have a crazy fashion sense is one thing, but to have someone who will willingly rock the fits with you is quite another. Imagine taking a stroll with a partner-in-crime who shares your humor and crazy fashion sense—all eyes are on you two.                                                            

Image courtesy of @paola.frabboni/Instagram

Well, this baby girl couldn’t find a person to rock her hot pink outfit with, so she chose her dog, covered from head to paw just like her. We think they’re killing it. If this isn’t a show stopper, we don’t know what is.

The Sea Poodle

We never knew dogs could swim into the deepest parts of the ocean to hang with the sea animals and chill in the rare plants. Realistically, it’s impossible, but dog grooming and its creative dressing and costumes can make the impossible possible.                                

Image courtesy of @tigga_the_colorful_poodle/Instagram

80% of the vast underwater realm remains unexplored, so a sea dog may be underwater somewhere. This dog even has a turtle, sea urchin, and an octopus all around it, making it seem like it truly belongs under the sea.

Bragging Rights 

Giraffes have the longest neck in the world. If they could talk, we think they would brag about this fact. They are the tallest land mammal in the animal kingdom. Well, this giraffe also happens to be the cutest of the bunch.

Image courtesy of @opawz/Instagram

Before, we saw a half giraffe featuring a koala bear, which was both amusing and ridiculous. Here’s a complete giraffe to feed your eyes on. The only problem is that its neck is hilariously short, unlike a real giraffe.

Care Bears

Care Bears was a popular cartoon series from the 80s that has been replayed for several decades. Just by looking at this image, we bet you’re having the same nostalgic feeling as we are. You know the one—warm fuzzies.    

Image courtesy of @Cindy_olivertn/Instagram

We have to thank the groomer for running this one all the way back for us. The pink and yellow bears look unique and very realistic. Even the elephant plush on the hind leg is adorable. This is nothing but walking art!

They Smell Like Roses

We all know how terrible doggy doo-doo smells, and no amount of money would get anyone to sniff a dog’s behind. We don’t know how the dogs do it, not least because their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours.                            

Image courtesy of @sa_moixa/Instagram

Well, this poodle is trying to prove us wrong with that rosy behind. We are almost tempted to believe this white lie with the carved flower on its rear. It’s a tempting proposition, but I think we’re going to have to pass.

An ’80s Superstar 

This dog grooming is top-notch, plus he looks like a Dalmatian. Dalmatians are a special hunting dog breed with spotted coats, usually black and white. This particular breed hails from Croatia, and unsurprisingly, Croatia also has a region called Dalmatia.                                                               

Image courtesy of @sa_moixa/Instagram

This dog’s regal look and beautiful white hair make it look like Marylin Monroe. We can’t help but notice the resemblance to the ’80s superstar; it just seems so right. All this pooch needs now is a mic, some lights, and a band.

Rag-n-bone Man

Sometimes, groomers don’t care about how horrifying the outcome might be; they just carve and shape dogs into whatever idea they have. Did you know dogs have far more bones—ranging from 300 to 321—than humans do? Maybe you need some visual proof.

Image courtesy of @inevitable_d0nut/Instagram

Well, this dog is here to show us some of the bones on its back and legs by having its bone structure painted on him. From the ribs to the femur and vertebrae, here’s the actual rag-n-bone man. This dog would do well in a horror movie.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Are Back

We know Dr. Seuss’s book Cat and Rat was a hit, but we won’t easily forget the mischievous twins called Thing 1 and Thing 2. They were dwarf-like, rambunctious creatures with messy blue hair, white skin, and red body suits.

Image courtesy of @Cindy_olivertn/Instagram

Well, they’re back. We remember those twins for being a notorious bunch in the book, from popping out of a box to flying kites all over the house. We are glad this woman has finally caught them and made them behave.

A Desert Dog

This must be a tough one. Now, we are going to ignore the ridiculous mass of hair on this dog’s head and focus more on the grooming. We see a horse and a cactus plant side by side on the pup’s stomach.                                     

Image courtesy of @Cindy_olivertn/Instagram

A quick reminder of what the desert feels like, and this must be a heavy weight on this dog. Imagine walking through the desert with nothing to eat except a spiky cactus plant and a hungry horse on your back; harsh, right?

Rainbow Dog

If you have ever wondered what a rainbow dog looks like, you can now rest easy. This dog is covered from head to paw with several colors, from blue to red to orange and even black. Even the paws are multicolored.

Image courtesy of @opawz/Instagram

We have lost count of how many colors there are on this dog. But then again, the LGBTQ community flag also has many colors that reflect diversity. So the concept of this art might not be the rainbow but rather to pay homage to Pride Month.

Proud Colors 

Who doesn’t love something colorful? Peacocks, for example, boast impressively when they fan out those beautiful and bright feathers. Peacocks aren’t all that cuddly, though, so we would take a colorful dog over a peacock any day of the week.

Image courtesy of @opawz/Instagram

The dog is content with its new look. Several colors are here, from purple to pink, yellow, green, and even blue. We think this grooming job came out great and lends a unique vibe to the doggy canvas. Come on and flaunt those proud furs just like a peacock! 

Domestic Tiger 

Fun fact: The tiger is the largest animal in the cat family and is rivaled only by the lion in terms of strength and ferocity. The tiger can weigh as much as 660 pounds and is mainly found on the Asian continent.                                                                 

Image courtesy of @opawz/Instagram

This person is fortunate to have found one on their kitchen table. This tiger looks harmless and small, but for all we know, we might be wrong. Don’t provoke it! So hey, excellent job, even though the whiskers are missing.

Glow in the Dark

Well, that’s one way to keep track of your dog. This little poodle is having the time of his life with his new glowing hairstyle. We know how everyone is fascinated by glow in the dark; from lights to shoes to shirts and even phone cases.

Image courtesy of @sa_moixa/Instagram

But who would have thought you could own a glow-in-the-dark pet? Look at those ears glowing in the dark. We bet you’re thinking what we are thinking: Turn off the lights and cuddle right next to your pet with glowing ears.

Groomed Tarzan 

Pups are the cutest when properly groomed by experienced hands. We saw the groomed behind of a nice dog beforehand; here’s another one. It certainly works as a blank canvas, as long as you can temporarily forget about the, uh, anatomical functions, shall we say.

Image courtesy of@sa_moixa/Instagram

With the leaves on its behind, he looks like he could swing from tree to tree. With a growing forest occupying more than half of the pup, we expect nothing less. So get ready to take flight while we await those Tarzan moves.

Keep Your Zebra on a Leash

We know zebras are tall herbivores found in Africa that have black and white stripes all over their body. They belong to the same family as donkeys and horses. But they have distinct features that differentiate them from the others.

Image courtesy of @grommerjenniferreira/Instagram

Take a look at those hooves and mane! Are we sure this is not a pony? It looks like a zebra with those black and white stripes on its body. This person must be getting ready to ride this zebra, hence the leash.

Wizard of Oz

We all know Wizard of Oz and how the story played out. The naive Dorothy and her dog Toto were swept away by a tornado and landed in the Land of Oz, where they met Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and the rest of the gang.                                                                    

Image courtesy of @toesnbows/Instagram

This person is clearly a fan of the show, and she groomed the lion and the wizard on her pet’s fur to prove it. It’s incredible how far people will go to show their love for their favorite movie characters. Halloween was probably too far away for them to wait.

Dream Come True

The Smurfs cartoon really had nothing special going for it. At its core, it was just about blue people living in the forest. The cartoon was endearing to kids who loved the show, but that was all there was to it. 

Image courtesy of @Cindy_olivertn/Instagram

The show has so many males, but the one female character was the one who always got the most attention. This groomer decided to finally put the spotlight on one of the male characters in the show by drawing a big picture on this doggie haunch.

Extreme Grooming

Groomers often try to incorporate other animals when they shape and carve their pets. Sometimes the groomers even go so far as to make it look like another creature hopped on the dog’s back, as is the case here. We have seen many examples of this sort of grooming from the previous pictures.     

Image courtesy of @Cindy_olivertn/Instagram

Wild scattered purple hair, dye in multiple colors, and a huge animal of some sort—a turtle has fewer legs, so that can’t be it. All this dog wants is for this creature to get off its back. Groomer, please give it a chance, will you?

Tie Dye Coat

Remember when the tie dye fashion trend made a massive comeback in early 2019? Everyone had a nice-looking tie-dyed T-shirt. Some people took it even further and got matching tie-dye outfits, from T-shirts to pants and even scarves.

Image courtesy of @kaleidokitty/Instagram

Well, this groomer has transferred the tie-dye fashion trend from clothes to her dog. We are impressed with how well she was able to achieve this. A perfect tie-dyed fur coat for your pet; now, all that’s left is the matching human outfit.

Happy Poodles Day

Dogs are deceptively expensive: A poodle costs above $1200, and when you take into account the fact that some households have twenty dogs, you can understand that dog owners end up paying a pretty penny for Fido and all his friends.

Image courtesy of @toesnbows/Instagram  

But there’s another way to have many dogs at a fraction of the cost. It’s a buy one, get five more promo! This poodle is a proud mother of five puppies. Luckily for her, her children aren’t able to run very far from her. Happy Mother’s Day, poodle!

Whatever Makes Her Happy

There are various poodle haircut styles, such as the teddy bear haircut, the Summer cut, the Puppy cut, and the German trim. We are, however, unsure what poodle cut this is in the photo. We’ve certainly never seen it before.         

Image courtesy of @Cindy_olivertn/Instagram

The cartoon characters look like they took a lot of work. If the grin on the owner’s face is any evidence, we think she is happy with how everything came out. So we’re going just to ignore the cotton tail to avoid yucking her yum.

Who Shot Cupid?

Grooming is obviously on another level in Thailand, and this picture clearly confirms our beliefs. If you are a Juice Wrld fan, then you must remember the line, “Cupid hit its target,” from the hit song Who Shot Cupid?                                    

Image courtesy of starwoodcenter.com

Well, we are saddened to inform you that this dog tried to shoot Cupid, failed, and paid the price with an arrow to the behind. Is that love in the air, or is it just pheromones? Sniff and let us know.

Dark Horse

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a horse? If you’ve never had the experience, we suggest you try it out. We even found a horse for you. You don’t even have to go to a ranch or the countryside to live out your dream.                                               

Image courtesy of SmartPetBeds/Pinterest.co.uk

Here’s a lovely horse, black as night, with the bridle and even a comfortable brown saddle for you to sit on. Everything is just on point with this grooming, except for the tail. Probably an oversight from the groomer.

The Clown-Faced Butt

Clowns are comic entertainers and tricksters primarily present in a circus. They make funny faces with huge red noses and maintain a smile that never leaves their faces. They’re always wearing excessive white makeup with a very colorful hairstyle.                                   

Image courtesy of @martha/Pinterest

Although this dog appears to be a sweetheart, he has a huge clown’s face on his butt. We hate to break it to you, but this looks like Pennywise the Dancing Clown. But looks can be deceiving, right? Hopefully, the butt doesn’t grow teeth and try to eat us.

Wonder Dog

Wait, Wonder Woman has a pet? If Diana did own an animal, something tells us it would not be a dog. However, this dog’s groomer doesn’t care about that; she’s just a fan who wants her dog in Wonder Woman’s outfit.                                                           

Image courtesy of Flyingfish

This will not be the first or last time we see a dog in a superhero costume. It’s becoming a habit for dog owners to dress up their dogs in the outfit of their favorite characters. This is dog grooming, after all.

Spider-Man Too

We are delighted to announce to you all that after tirelessly searching the internet, we have finally found the person posing as spiderman. They have been going about town with a black web on their back. Wait, is that fur?   

Image courtesy of sveta

Yeah, it turns out this dog wanted to fight crime. The groomers did a great job painting the webs on the back of the dog. If spider dog did exist, though, we don’t think it’d be all that good at web-slinging since you kind of need opposable thumbs to work the gadget.

The Noble Dog

There are dogs of noble birth, and here is one that emits such nobility. Parents love to play dress-up for their kids, but with extreme dog grooming, they have decided to take it a notch further by dressing their dogs like princesses.                                      

Image courtesy of harpethview.com

They say that heavy is the head that wears the crown; we’re sure all this dress-up and hairdo maintenance must be tiring for this dog. We wonder how many hours of stress she must have gone through just to make her owner happy.

Japanese Grooming

We wonder how true this is, or if it was Photoshopped to look like this. If it is true, then grooming has taken a whole different turn in Japan, with this Japanese groomer shaving his dogs’ fur into cubic shapes.                                       

Image courtesy of themetapicture.com

We can’t deny just how cute this hairstyle makes them look. In fact, close observation of this hairstyle reminds us a lot of the art style of Minecraft. This groomer most definitely is a fan of the game because the resemblance is uncanny.

Scary Halloween Pawmpkin

Slapping paint on your doggie is an excellent idea; sometimes, people get creative with it. Groomers love to stand out, and painting is one way through which they can display their unique skillset. Halloween is a season to wear scary outfits, decorate Jack O’lanterns, and, apparently, paint dogs.                            

Image courtesy of @Courtney/Pinterest

This woman does not need a pumpkin to create unique and decorative lanterns for the Halloween season. She can simply shave and shape her dog into looking like a scary Jack O’lantern with funny-looking ears, a blue tail, and all.

Scorpion or Tarantula?

90 times out of 100, it appears ridiculous when a groomer tries to incorporate the dog’s tail into their grooming creation. They even go as far as disguising it to look like it belongs on whatever creature they are trying to shape into existence.                                                             

Image courtesy of Ren Netherland/Barcroft Media 

The dog just wants to be saved. You can tell from the look in its eyes that someone needs to get that creature off its back. We are at a loss for words—what kind of animal has a scorpion carapace and tarantula legs?

Friendly Lion

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.” This image reminds us of that line from the famous Lion King soundtrack. Grooming competitions can leave you at a loss for words, and this is one of those times.                                             

Image courtesy of Ren Netherland/Barcroft Media

This dog, or rather, make-believe lion, appears very meek, and its timidity is unrivaled, much like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. What is a zebra doing taking a nap without worry on this supposedly ferocious beast’s back? A friendly lion indeed!

Hot Dog!

No matter how hard you try not to, you can’t help laughing at this image. We have seen groomers go to extreme lengths to transform their dogs into something out of this world, but a dog in pantyhose is something we have never seen before.  

Image courtesy of sadanduseless.com

If you don’t have a dog, then it is high time you consider getting one, and if you do have a dog, you should steal this idea. No matter how wrong this is, it just looks so right. Hot dog! 

Broccoli Plant

Ok, ok, we know you’re shouting at the screen right now, “That’s not a dog; that’s a plant!” But…have you ever wondered what a poodle bush would look like? Here is your answer. We must commend this florist’s skills. Just look at how perfect every angle of his carving is from paws to tail. 

Image courtesy of nationalpurebreddogday.com

Yes, he got the tail perfectly this time. It must have taken several days and sessions to complete. This design vaguely reminds us of a broccoli plant or maybe a Christmas tree. All that is left are some Christmas decorations.

Patriotic Groomer

Certain patriotic people take every little opportunity available to them to flaunt the extent to which they would go for their country. They have the president’s picture in all the rooms of their home and the nation’s flag in their cars. 

Image courtesy of No1dogspot.com

Nothing will stop patriotic groomers from showing their love for their country, even if it means painting their country’s flag on their pets, but his dog doesn’t even know what country it represents. With the color combination, our best guess is…Luxembourg or Netherlands?

Where Did Her Ears Go?

We know what you are thinking because we are also feeling the same. How can this be real? Well, some groomers use a razor and their highly developed skills to turn their pets into little girls or Barbie princesses.                         

Image courtesy of dogtime.com

This man has transformed his adorable pup into an heiress, and with the look on her face, we can tell she’s sick of it all. Those chains weigh a ton, and the bow on her head adds insult to injury. By the way, where did her ears go?