40 Memes Of Cats So In Love They Make Our Hearts Catch The Zoomies

By Jana I

Cats, cats, cats! The internet loves them, and we are obsessed with them. How could we pass up the opportunity to write an article about cat memes? Never! We jumped when we saw all these trending memes online, and now we are here to share them with you!

How often have you looked at some animals’ pictures and thought to yourself, “Ah, this is so relatable! They look just like me and my significant other!” Well, grab the tissues and hot chocolate because, today, it’s all about cats and love!

Is there a more lovely thing than cats and love?! We don’t think so! Cats are, by nature, lovable creatures, but you must respect their boundaries and feelings just like your boyfriend or girlfriend. If we want to earn respect in return and create a relationship built on trust, love, and mutual respect, we must show that we care. Oh, did we mention we are talking about cats? If you are interested to see how cats perfectly emulate people’s relationships, keep scrolling!

First Date vs. One Hundredth Date

It’s no joke that couples tend to gain a significant amount of weight when they start getting comfortable in a relationship. It’s only logical: you are constantly going on dates, ordering in, getting to know each other, and sharing delicious food.

Image Courtesy of memzilla.com

Look at this couple of cats. They were so tiny and innocent in the pic on the left. The pic on the right shows us how they progressed over the years. They were mere kittens, now they are serious, big chonks, ready to take over the world (the living room sofa). Cuties!

Well, If This Ain’t Us…

Women are mostly to blame for this next picture. Men are more straightforward or forgettable when it comes to fights and bitter arguments. Women can hold a grudge for a long time. We are guilty of doing it sometimes, too. It’s only normal.

Image Courtesy of Saying Images

This cat is a complete mood, first of all. It looks so done with anyone’s BS. We would kill to have this kitty’s expression, and she’s not afraid to use it! Boys, try and keep it easy-going and carefree unless you want to look like this all day.

Third Wheelin’

There is nothing worse than third wheeling. If you happen to be single in a sea of friends who found their soulmates, it can feel lonely and downright dull. Instead of all of you going out and having fun, now all they want to do is Netflix & Chill.

Image Courtesy of CHEEZburger

This picture is too cute! We’ve got a couple of cats seemingly kissing each other, all lovey-dovey, and a black cat lying down with closed eyes in the right corner. The added titles make it much more entertaining. All the poor third wheel wants is for them to get a room!

The Very First Heartbreak

When one gets in a relationship, they need to keep in mind that it’s either going to be their lifelong partner or another pawn in a bigger chess game. There is no in-between. Therefore, some relationships, unfortunately, come to an end.

Image Courtesy of imgflip

This cat looks like it just realized the time has come to leave this toxic, clingy relationship and partner and find someone new. We know that the scenario isn’t real, but we can’t help but feel bad for the poor baby that’s so blissfully unaware and happy.

Jumping To Conclusions

As we previously said, entering a relationship is like being at crossroads to a better life or a wasteful couple of years. Don’t get us wrong. You learn something new from every relationship in your life, but let’s be honest. No one needs unresolved trauma.

Image Courtesy of joannascheezburger.com

This black kitty is jumping the gun too soon! He is already Googling “cute quadruplets’ kitty names” and picturing his perfect family life in a picket-fence-like home. We can’t blame him. We’ve all done it at one point. Don’t get us started on those Sims families we created back them…


This one is a player, we tell you! It knows exactly what it’s doing posing like that. The photo edit is just *chef’s kiss.* We love this person’s humor, whoever it was that did this. This kitty reminds us of those who admire their partners.

Image Courtesy of Wholesome relationship memes / Facebook

It’s so lovely knowing someone finds you attractive, lovable, and worthwhile. It’s a rewarding feeling, and everyone deserves to know how it can improve their life. Although we are all about wholesome love, this cat might have something more serious in mind…


Loving and being loved is one of the best feelings ever, and we can’t help but repeat it every single day! What would we be without love?! Wait, don’t answer that… This kitty represents how everyone with a boyfriend acts and thinks.

Image Courtesy of summerrooks.tumblr.com

Not only is the kitty thirsty, but girlfriends and boyfriends can get thirsty, too! Get it?! Nevermind… Nonetheless, craving someone’s love and affection is a real thing. You can get hooked on someone’s love, and need it, just like you need air.


Let’s be honest and transparent. Most boyfriends despise having to take a million pictures for their girls. Boys are simply interested in different things, and this is not one of them. Traveling with a lover that’s obsessed with taking pictures everywhere might get annoying.

Image Courtesy of brittbrit96 / Imgur

This boyfriend is, on the other hand, very supportive. Look at the little kitten! We are melting. We remember the first time it went viral, and everyone was losing their minds over how cute it was. We hope it found its forever home.


A stressful day at work can take a toll on your whole mood and ruin it for the day. All you want to do at that moment is just curl up in bed and forget about everything your annoying co-workers did.

Image Courtesy of brittbrit96/Reddit

Look at how blissfully and peacefully this baby is sleeping. It feels so safe and protected in the arms of its wonderful human. All it wanted was to see its favorite person and get comfy. We wish we could feel like that at all times.

The Love Is Unmatched

Cats have a weird love for certain things, and those things include the following: cardboard boxes, bottle caps, and plastic bags not necessarily in that order. Don’t waste your money on pricey cat toys. Just throw them an old shoebox, and they’ll love it for days.

Image Courtesy of AintNobodyGotTime4That / Imgur

We were rolling on the ground when we saw this! How can a cat be so full of expression yet so expressionless at the same time?! We can’t even explain what we’re seeing right now. Our best guess is that the cat is ecstatic, and it will catch the zoomies any second now.

Relationship Goals

Everyone has different ideals in relationships. Someone wants a partner to go on adventures with. Others want a stable, lovely family. And others want a friend or companion, and then there are those that want to share food and cook together.

Image Courtesy of imgflip.com

And maybe, just maybe, you want all of it. That is difficult to find and so very rare. Yet, these kitties seem to have it all. They are snackin’ on some nuts and drinkin’ together on a Thursday night! We call that quality time! Yeehaw!

Expectations Vs. Reality

We all love to think we are tough, even tougher than we actually are. It makes us feel in control, safe, and protected by our own superegos! The truth is a bit different from that. People are ultimately soft, sensitive, and fragile.

Image Courtesy of MrCheapCheap/Reddit

This person ‘memed’ it perfectly! The lion is how we want to believe we loo when we’re angry, yet we are just a house cat with a fake mane around its head, pretending to be strong and daring. Oh, how comforting it is to see we are all imperfect.

Sad Vibes

Sometimes, the person you are with might lead you on. It’s up to you to read the room and the non-verbal signs they give you. Sometimes, they don’t even know what they want, and that’s fine, but staying in a relationship and pulling all the strings isn’t.

Image Courtesy of peoplepets.com

That’s why you need to take matters into your own hands. If you see someone not responding well or refusing to reciprocate your affection and signals of love, it might be the sign to move on. Find another fish in the pond.

I’m Here For You

When someone has your back no matter what, then protect and hold on for dear life. That way, you are limitless. There is nothing that can stop you! Sometimes, that person is not your significant other but your friend, mother, father, or sibling.

Image Courtesy of tracidouglass.net

However, at times, that special someone is a pet. It can be a dog, cat, or lizard for all we care. This connection is so important and super special. If you find it, never let it go. It will draw a smile on your face even on the rainiest of days.

Pun Intended

This next one is something you might hate us for. We know how some of y’all react to puns. We truly apologize if this one was so bad you choked on whatever you were just drinking. Okay, we won’t do it again. Just let us have this one.

Image Courtesy of aroundcat.com

Their love is slow and steady… get it?! Turtles are slow and steady… Okay, you get it. We digress with the silly jokes. We saw the opportunity for a pun moment and had to take it. Now that we got it out of our system, we can continue.


What people rarely do is slow down and reflect. We often take people in our lives for granted. That’s only natural. Everyone does this. So, it’s good to practice journaling or another form of art to help embrace gratitude every day.

Image Courtesy of anlyin / Imgur

Look how appreciative this cat looks. Even though we know it doesn’t appreciate anything the owners do for it, at least it’s good at pretending… We must practice showing and expressing our love more often. It definitely doesn’t hurt.

The Perfect Boyfriend Doesn’t Exis…

Perfect partners don’t exist because perfect people don’t exist. However, you can find someone who knows your love language and understands your emotions, or at least tries their best. We are complex beings, but we all need love.

Image Courtesy of superiorofficerscouncil.org

This tiger cat comforts its cute cuddle buddy when she is sad. It says it tries to make it better. That’s all we need in life: someone that supports us and wants to help us not feel down in the dumps. Thank you, kitty, for putting positive vibes out in the world.

Love Language Unlocked: Physical Touch

If you haven’t heard already, there are five love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, quality time, and physical touch. You can have multiple love languages based on how you like to give and receive love.

Image Courtesy of bens07 / Imgur

By the looks of it, this couple’s love language is physical touch. They can’t help but kick each other whenever they have an opportunity. We are joking, of course. The cat wants attention and to play, but the dog is super focused on something else.

Long Distance Relationships

If you don’t have to travel a long distance, don’t. That’s our opinion of long-distance relationships. We can’t deny that some couples make it work beautifully. However, more often than not, those relationships end up falling apart, especially if you see your partner once in a blue moon.

Image Courtesy of twiends.com

These kitties are obsessed with each other and appear to be in a kind of long-distance companionship. They are adorable, and we can’t deny that. However, going a step further won’t hurt anybody. You can do it, ginger cat. Jump!

Proposal Gone Right!

We have to hand it to the guys. Proposing to your partner might be one of the most nerve-wracking things ever. Guys are the ones that propose 90% of the time, and for the ladies that are breaking the social norms, we admire you!

Image Courtesy of wanna-joke.com

Look at this beautiful cat right here! It looks like a Sacred Birman or Ragdoll cat, which are a couple of the most beautiful breeds out there! It just got proposed to, no big deal, and it said freakin’ YES! What a relief that is!

Love Language Unlocked: Words of Affirmation

As we stated previously, there are five love languages. In this section, we will talk about words of affirmation. These people love when someone tells them sweet nothings, how much they love them, or how they are appreciated and special.

Image Courtesy Saying Images

Black cats are considered to bring bad luck. It’s clear that’s just a dumb superstition. There is nothing cuter than loving a black cat that has abandoned its whole life. This ginger kitty is trying to console and support it. So adorable.

Eyes Never Lie

When they say that eyes never lie, they are right. Your pupils might speak for you if you feel like you can hide the truth or your feelings. Depending on whether you’re lying or telling the truth, your eyes tend to reveal subtle clues.

Image Courtesy of kittenrules.com

This cat looks at its owner like he is the reincarnation of God himself. It would trust this man with its whole life. It loves and adores him so profoundly, and it’s all in the eyes and the way it’s looking at him. We find this so wholesome that we could cry.

Bad Blood Circulation

Women tend to have slower blood circulation than men. We don’t know why that is, but it’s apparent men and women have their differences. There’s no point in denying that. However, that difference is obvious in winter and summer.

Image Courtesy of ThisGalSaidSomething / Imgur

While your boyfriend frantically takes off his shirt and socks during the night, you might find yourself curling up to him and becoming a burrito inside a blanket. Someone loves being super warm, others might think it’s the most stressful thing ever. We just think this cat is to die for.

Grateful Kitty

The grateful kitty visited you. She loves to come around once in a while and fill your heart with feelings of bliss, comfort, and fulfillment. Say, “Hi kitty! Hiii kitty! We are happy to have you here. We hope your stay is long and marvelous.”

Image Courtesy of kitten182/Reddit

All jokes aside, life gets much simpler and easier once you realize you must be grateful for the things you have in order to lead a happy life. If you constantly want more or things that other people have, you will be forever unsatisfied.

Gimme Hugs

If you didn’t know, hugs are proven to relieve stress and the burden of everyday struggles. Hugging someone for longer than a few seconds affects the brain in a really positive way. So, next time you are feeling down, just ask someone for a hug.

Image Courtesy of Saying Images

Look at this kitty. It needs hugs, like, right MEOW! Give it a hug, cuddle it until your arms and legs go numb, then cuddle it some more. It deserves all the love in the world. Hugs might not solve all your issues, but they can solve some…


Some people believe everyone has a soulmate, yet others don’t. Some think that multiple different people can be compatible, not just one. We are hopeless romantics, and we believe in that one true love you’ll always remember and hold on to for life.

Image Courtesy of Ranked by Votes

Well, whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter that much. You will believe in soulmates as soon as you look at these cats. They love one another so much, that their tails are all entangled all. Such sweethearts! Good thing someone took a picture!

Love Is All We Need!

There is so much hatred and tragedy in the world. What we can do to make our lives worthwhile and fulfilled is find people to love and be loved by. Sometimes, that’s not family. Friends or partners can give you the love you need, too!

Image Courtesy of joannasceezburger.com

Well, while we are on the topic of soulmates, let’s stay there. If we’ve ever seen soulmates, these cats are the definition. We love to think we, people, are so special. We tend to forget that animals are very similar to us, too.

Certified Liar

What we hate most are liars. We don’t like when someone is purposefully omitting the truth and being dishonest. There is no room for that in a long-term, committed relationship that should be based on mutual respect and love.

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

Sometimes, we might feel like and look like a piece of fresh doodoo. When that’s the case, our lover makes us feel like the most beautiful princess in the world, whispering sweet nothings. We know that ain’t the truth, but are we denying it? Heck nah!

Sleepy Boy

Is there anything more adorable than a fat, sleepy cat?! We can swear there isn’t. We would put our lives on the line for such a beautiful sight. Today, one of our pictures is exactly that: a slightly overweight kitty in need of some deep sleep and cuddles.

Image Courtesy of wholesumCats / Twitter

The photoshop skills this person possesses are unmatched. Adding a simple blush and a few floating, red hearts here and there are enough to melt our own hearts. The text is adorable, too. Sometimes, all we can do to show love is to be present and cuddle until the person falls asleep.

Say What?!

We know we said lies are unforgivable and unnecessary. However, when it’s just a casual one-night stand in question, who cares if you use one white lie here and there?! No one, precisely. (Shhh, shut up and pretend that’s how it works.)

Image Courtesy of beautygeekuk.com

Who knows what pets have seen in their lifetime? They are there, unable to judge or reprimand you for anything, so you can be as weird or obnoxious as you please. This lady blatantly lied in front of the cat. The cat is shocked, but our lips are sealed. We are not saying a thing…

It’s The Thought That Counts

Sometimes, people don’t know your love language, or they are not comfortable showing love in a way you might be familiar with. Therefore, weird stuff happens. For example, this kitty wanted to show affection and love, but chose a silly way.

Image Courtesy of Sizzle

They say it’s the thought that counts. How do you respond when the thought in question is a dried leaf from the ground? What do you mean, how to respond?! Take it, eat it, and tell that cat how special it is and how much you love it!

I’m All Ears

It’s important to show our attention and listen to someone when they are speaking about something, especially something they are really passionate about. There is nothing better than showing interest in other people’s interests. Take these two cuties, for example.

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

Fellow guys, do you really think girls love to listen about motorcycles, tires, and the cars you saw at the car fair the other day? Or, girls, do you really expect guys to like you ranting and raving about the recent sale in your favorite thrift shop? It’s called love. Google it.

Warning Sign

If you don’t take this advice seriously enough, this cat will come and haunt you in your sleep. So, be warned. Whatever you read in the following picture is important. Proceed with caution, and bring some tissue paper to protect yourself.

Image Courtesy of CHEEZburger

The tissues you’ll need for all the tears of bottled emotions and self-hatred. Let it out, sweetie. We are glad you were visited by the grumpy white cat. It is here to enlighten all of us. We must love ourselves first. It’s the most important relationship.


If there is something we love, it’s binging our favorite shows. Yet, as the years go by, it’s getting more difficult over time. You might have time for this over the weekend, and that’s about it. Falling asleep in front of the TV has become standard.

Image Courtesy of Inspiration Feed

Well, more often than not, bae doesn’t want to admit feeling tired, so they don’t disappoint you. This usually results in frequent naps on the sofa and long overdue snores from their direction. This kitty looks so precious underneath the covers, though.

Love Language Unlocked: Gift Giving

Some cats love to bring their owners gifts. These are usually some dried leaves, as we’ve seen previously, or deceased animals. This is not something humans love, yet, we should try and show appreciation for it…

Image Courtesy of Planet Minecraft

Yes, we know we said no more puns, but you’re in and urine, come on!!! It’s hilarious! The kitty looks so proud, bless her heart, although she has no idea what she did. Yes, a human has to clean it, but he’ll appreciate it for a minute or two.

All Or Nothing

There are certain kinds of people that are all or nothing. They will either commit to a diet 100% or not a diet at all. For example, let’s imagine they were eating clean for two months. Taking a bite of a sneaker’s bar would be an end-all for them, and the whole diet would stop at that moment.

Image Courtesy of Your Tango

This grumpy cat reminds us of that mentality. We’ve seen this cat all over social media at one point. Although the meme is still alive, it has become quiet in the past few months. We love to see a good comeback, although we are not sure that life moto is all that good.

Blinded By Love

They say: love is blind. We agree to a certain extent. With love, there are no rules and boundaries unless it’s illegal. Then, for sure, there are limitations to love. Not all love is pure, and not all love is righteous. But today, we’re only discussing sweet love.

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

We can be blind to our partner’s flaws, yet we can’t completely ignore the red flags, if there are any. If you’re not familiar with the term, a red flag in a partner is something that is a deal-breaker and shouldn’t be ignored but discussed.

Head Bumps

It can get tricky when you start to share your bed with someone. Although you will love all the cuddles and kisses in the morning, figuring out how both of you love to sleep is a struggle. You may find that you would like to have your own space sometimes.

Image Courtesy of Petfinder

These calico cats have figured out what the best way to sleep is. If they put their heads together, they think they’ll have a good, optimal chance of success. There is a good chance their nap will last between 3 and 4 hours. Not bad!

Friends To Lovers Trope

There is nothing more wholesome and adorable than a friends to lovers story. This love is based on a very solid foundation, full of mutual interests and memories. If you grow up with someone and later discover you both have a crush on each other, it’s the cutest thing ever.

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

Sure, it can be awkward at first, but come on! Look at these two lovebirds. They’ve been pals since the very beginning and are growing up together in each other’s paws. We love to see something like that. Sometimes, the cliches actually work the best.

The Real Deal

Sometimes, all we are looking for is an excuse to share cuddles and be intimate with one another. People tend to forget what they crave and often find ways to achieve it without realizing what they were chasing after in the first place.

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

We have to say that this old TV-turned kitty bed is amazing! We love the idea, and we might steal it if you don’t mind. They look so comfortable, and the whole ‘bed’ looks aesthetically pleasing and interesting. It’s definitely a statement piece.