This Rescued Indonesian Monkey Has More Friends Than You Do

By Anthony K

How many friends can you claim you have? Introverts recommend that maintaining a small circle of friends helps you avoid unnecessary drama, while extroverts claim that having more friends is good for your health. BiBi, a monkey in an Indonesian Animal Home, proves that making friends is easy, and you can have friends across the entire Animal Kingdom.

1. Welcome to the World

Photo Credits: Animalshome94/Facebook

Who said that the face welcoming young chicks into the world must be the hen’s? BiBi decided to hijack the spotlight and become the first person to welcome innocent chicks into this world. We have questions about whether BiBi brooded or if the mother is taking the photo.

2. Together in Sickness

In a medical emergency, only your friends and family may be willing to ride with you in the ambulance. BiBi and the dog-friend are on their way to the nearest vet for a scheduled check-up or treatment.

Photo Credits: Animalshome94/Facebook

We wish them a quick recovery while hoping that their friendship won’t recede into the Intensive Care Unit as they fight for love, attention, and food.

3. Please don’t steal our friend

How would you react to someone stealing your best friend? We agree that letting your friend go without much of a fight is out of the equation. BiBi seems to have decided on the friend she needs at the time for a lift.

Photo Credits: Animalshome94/Facebook

The dog appears to be in the process of pulling BiBi down from the goat’s back. We hope that BiBi got a ride on the goat’s back and maintained her friendship with the dog.