This Pretty, Majestic Bird Would Make An Excellent Pixar Movie Character

By Divya G

Better known as Sagitarrius Serpentarius, this enormous African bird probably descends from the eagles and hawks group. The quill-like crests behind its head resemble the 18th-century clerks who tucked pens inside their wigs.

The most distinctive feature of this predatory bird is its pretty, long, curly eyelashes. Makeup enthusiasts and models would do anything to get such naturally pretty eyelashes. No false lashes here!

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Nature photographer, Brian Connolly, was absolutely mesmerized at the sight of the secretary bird. He apprehends that he has never seen a bird so unique in his entire life. Connolly reveals that these birds prey on snakes with their dinosaur-like talons.

There is no doubt that the secretary birds are diurnal carnivorous raptors. They can kill snakes in African grasslands and feed on numerous prey. They’re highly terrestrial as they can hunt their prey on foot. 

Secretary birds are best known for traveling more than 30 km daily only in search of prey. Surprisingly, it can also feed upon cobras, adders, rodents, amphibians, lizards, bird eggs, etc. And before it can feed on its prey, it ensures to stomp it on the ground with its wide toe.

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The majestic birds prefer dotting open grasslands and savannas, as hunting becomes much easier. Before the dark sets in, all of them return to their nests to roost overnight after they’re done with hunting.

This magnificent African secretary bird made its way to becoming an emblem of South Africa and Sudan.