45 Cat Meows That Are So Loud We Can Hear Them Through Still Images

By Anni K

When cats emit big meow energy, it basically means they are extremely sassy, demanding, or angry. They showcase these emotions by means of a very demanding and loud meow. Of course, these are just pictures that these cats’ owners took at the correct time, but with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can see that these cats definitely omit big meow energy and demand or comment on the situation they seemingly found themselves in. It makes sense why this group has over 590k members, the images are too cute, funny, or perfectly timed to not appreciate and join the group. Let’s have some fun and decipher what these fluffy felines are thinking and feeling in these big meow images.

Hungry Guy

This little guy’s parents posted his photo online saying he is meowing for food, and we 100% understand why he’s yelling. If you’re hungry, and you’re a cat, yelling for food is completely normal and not rude like it is in human speak.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/amdesh

This cat’s meow energy is actually quite gentle in comparison to the others, and we appreciate that he’s not being overdramatic just for the sake of it. He is deliberate and firm in his meow energy; we give it a 10/10. 

Why Won’t You Share?

If you look at this cat’s circumstances, you completely understand why his meowing is completely justified. You see, his human has a small amount of food leftover on their plate, perfectly portioned for him, yet they refuse to share. How rude. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/marythenoodle

We are just as upset as him. Why won’t this human share their delicious food with this precious cat? He’s not being obnoxious or greedy; he is simply having a normal debate with his parent. His meow energy is justified by all means. 

Stop Kissing Me

This cat clearly does not want to be kissed by his human, and yet his human just won’t stop kissing him. All he can do is meow since scratching would be rude, so we actually appreciate the meow energy in this photo. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/noodleiscat

The owner says this cat loves getting kissed, and that’s fine. But clearly, he is upset that his owner is kissing him in front of people, or rather, strangers. Of course, his meow energy is a bit erratic and loud. He’s embarrassed, dad!

Tiny Bit Upset

Now, this meow energy might seem smol to you, but that’s because if you can read this, you’re probably human and much, much bigger than this little kitten. But to him, his meow energy is gigantic in comparison to his tiny body.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/peonyprincesses

See, he is a rescue kitten, and he is still very unsure about his surroundings. It is very normal and justified that he has a bit of angry meow energy about him. After all, he needs to protect himself. Soon he will become used to his new lavish lifestyle and have a kind meow energy. 

Majestic Meow

This majestic cat just celebrated her 11th birthday, according to her owner, thus rendering any and all meows from her as simply majestic. As you can see in the photo, she handles her meow energy in style and with class. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/bigmysterious

11 years is quite old for a cat, and so this owner is blessed to still have her feline friend around and actively, sassily meowing away. It seems like she is guarding her owner’s property in this photo by giving a warning meow to whoever wants to trespass.

Prime Shipping is Great

Cats are known to have a strange affection for boxes, and they are often more attracted to the box itself rather than its contents, even if they’re cat supplies. This cat’s meow energy is a bit less aggressive and a bit more surprising.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Pig_peee

It seems like this cat’s love for boxes is like no other, and when they ran out of boxes their owner needed to order something online asap to secure some new boxes. The cat’s meow energy is that of awe and amazement as they couldn’t believe how quickly they got a brand new box. 

Yes, All is Going According to Plan

This photo had us rolling on the floor with laughter. The perfectly timed snapshot by the person who passed this cat must have just as big of a laugh when they saw that they snapped a photo just as the cat started to sneeze. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/goldenlionlocks

But when you ignore the fact that this photo was taken mid-sneeze, it looks like this cat is planning a very ominous and evil plan and they are smiling with satisfaction as everything is going according to plan. We love their evil mastermind meow energy. 

Stop Right There

This is another great example of a perfectly timed snapshot of a cat mid-meow. This cat was trying to grab at their owner or what was in their hands, but instead, they gave off some major meow energy that stopped us in our tracks. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/CommericalRooster1

It looks like this little cat is demanding you to stop what you are doing by showing you a clear stop notion with its paw, and of course, with a firm meow to go along with it. The end result has to be you feeding it some delicious treats and showing it affection. 

Let Me Out

Kittens are cute little animals, though it’s not uncommon to see them confused and baffled. And can you blame them? They’re brand new in this world, and now they’re surrounded by giants called humans that put them in cages so they don’t hurt themselves. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/skirtinthedirt

This little cutie is giving us mega-upset meow energy and what looks to be like a very big ‘noooo’ meow. He clearly doesn’t want to be in his little carrier, but we wish there was a way to set him at ease and assure him everything will be okay. 

Jurassic Meow

This snapshot of a cat’s silhouette while meowing is undoubtedly rare and remarkable to look at. Since we cannot see the expression on the cat’s face, we can only assume the meow is a feline call of wrath and anger. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/htttp-aige

This cat’s owner took a photo mid-yawn, and the result is one angry-looking cat that looks like a giant dinosaur about to eat the characters on screen. The meow energy is dangerous, furious, and super adorable when you realize he’s completely harmless. 

Wise Meow

This beautiful cat is emitting a meow of pure wisdom. Why, you ask? Because this cat recently celebrated its 14th birthday, which is a very high achievement for this furry feline to have under its belt, or should we say, paws.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/smitten988

Naturally, any meow energy this cat has will be that of truth and wisdom. Being a cat in an ever-changing world is a difficult task already, and we can’t fathom the memories this cat must have made! We salute you, wise old kitty. May you have a lovely birthday. 

They’re Out of Stock

We don’t know why this cat is on the shelves of a store — it seems rather unhygienic. But maybe the store has a cat-friendly policy, allowing the furry felines to roam as long as they don’t cause damage in the store. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/[deleted]

This cat has some serious meow energy, and he seems heavily upset that his favorite product is out of stock and demands to speak to the manager. It is comical that he is in the cat food aisle showing off that he is distraught. 

“Get Me Out”

Cats are very sensitive to the vibe you give off, and well, when you visit a vet, there are probably all sorts of different energies from both humans and other animals that visit the premises. Therefore, it is already a stressful experience to step foot in there for any cat. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/beachgoer1661

This cat also had the misfortune of needing to go see the vet and have a procedure done that requires him to wear a cone. He is very clearly omitting some seriously angry meow energy, almost as if threatening the owner to take the cone off. Poor guy, we hope he heals soon. 

We Wash Ourselves

Cats have specialized tongues with unique textures, which enables them to thoroughly clean themselves on a regular basis. And they do clean themselves relatively often, so there is no need for humans to bathe them as you would with a dog.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/DressedNoTomatoes

But sometimes situations arise where you simply have to clean your cat by bathing them. And if this is the case for you, we wish you good luck. Cats love fresh water, but only to drink. Dunk them in water, and you’ll get one like this cat that’s giving off some stressful meow energy. 

“Gimme Space”

This photo was taken at the right time for this cat to give off a very unique facial expression. You can clearly see the annoying meow energy this cat is giving off due to its owner simply not respecting their personal space. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/SomeKindOfOnionMummy

Of course, this is probably the owner’s space to start with, but that rule doesn’t apply when you own cats. Everywhere is their personal space! Maybe this meow energy is that of nausea from smelling their owner’s stinky, sweaty feet.

Guardian Cat

At first glance, anyone will be shocked to see a cat resting on top of a door. Clearly, this cat was giving off some serious guardian meow energy when they attempted to move away from their spot on the stairs.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/usernameunavailable

Cats love perching on high spaces; it makes them feel safe to be able to observe a large field instead of being down low where their field of vision is often limited. This little cat, of course, was upset when their owner told them they couldn’t lie on top of the banister.

Funny One, Dad

This cat is giving us two different meow energies; both are extremely adorable. The first meow energy we interpret this image as is that of a small kitten not yet knowing its boundaries and profusely meowing at their owner to feed them. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/jjlet

The second meow energy is laughing meow energy since it looks like this kitten was sitting around the table enjoying the conversations of the family when all of a sudden a funny joke was told and of course, he responded with some laughter.

Meeting Time

There is an age-old belief that cats and dogs fight profusely, but if you raise these animals together there is a very good chance of them getting along well, both the cat and dog respect each other and become friends.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Emptydata_Enzo

However, it seems like in this photo, the dogs and cat are not just getting along. The cat is giving some major authority meow energy to the two massive dogs and they are being led by the cat in a meeting. Impressive. 

Garden Envy

This passerby snapped a shot of this cute cat giving off some garden gnome meow energy, since it seems like the cat is guarding the beautiful garden behind him, how very cute! We would like to order 10 more of these cat gnomes, please. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/skirtinthedirt

Of course, this cat more than likely just gave off a friendly meow to the passerby, or maybe even a gentle warning not to come too close to him. But it is simply too cute to ignore the expression of this cat and we prefer to interpret it as him guarding the yard.

“It Wasn’t Me”

We often see photos of dogs ruining everyday household things, while cats carefully push things off shelfs or accidentally bumping something causing it to break. But it is very rare that you see a naughty cat acting like a rambunctious dog. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/T-Roxanasaurus

Cats don’t look for attention nearly as often as dogs, so this cat must be innocent and not have been the reason the wallpaper their owner was putting up was shredded to pieces. You can tell this is clearly an “it wasn’t me!” meow.

Speak Up, Son

Street cats are usually full of scars and blemishes as they often fight with other cats. Which is a shame, really. But if you lighten up a bit, you might find some humor in this photo a pedestrian snapped of a street cat. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/ilovemangotrees

You can see the cat has some damage to its ear, which looks superficial — we hope. But its expression is that of an old man going “speak up son, I can’t hear you!” and that is giving us some very cute meow energy! Be safe out there, little guy. 

Whatcha Lookin’ At?

This cat is giving us some naughty meow energy. You can just see the guilt on its little face, and its owner confirmed that it kept walking in front of their field of vision turning around and meowing as if to say “whatcha lookin’ at?”

Image Credit: reddit.com u/georgethesmiler

Maybe this cat is trying to grab the attention of their owner to show them something that is worrying them. But cats have odd ways of interacting with humans and they often just sit in front of you, blocking your view, so this seems very normal. 

How’s My Singing?

The determination meow energy in this photo is very clearly given off by this cute cat. It was asking its owner to hurry up with their food since it was feeding time and he was hungry, and the owner snapped this cute photo just in time. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Abbeyzeroultra

It looks like this cat is a small child singing to their parents and wanting some feedback by continuously asking if their singing is okay and if they want to hear another version of the song right after they sing some more. Precious meow energy for sure. 

What Do You Mean

So this cat definitely has some upset meow energy. You can see its owner just explained something to him, and therefore he is visibly upset and loudly exclaiming how upset he is. Maybe something like “what do you mean no catnip tonight?!”

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Happinessisafallacy

This photo was snapped mid-yawn, which leads to this cat looking very upset. When cats yawn, their mouths typically stretch much wider than just a meow would, resulting in some seriously intense expressions from the cat. Just make sure you have your camera handy. 

Shark Cat

Role-playing and dressing up is not limited to human children. Feline youngsters are also allowed to role play if their imaginations lead them there. This cat here is seen in his shark-shaped bed and obviously upset that someone interrupted his playtime. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/stefanielaine

This cat is giving us some annoying meow energy since their owner interrupted them mid-scene when they were trying to re-enact a shark scene from a famous movie, clearly. How dare you stop the art of role-playing, owner. Not cool, dude!

Portal Cat

The ominous meow energy emitting from this cat is giving us a severe case of goosebumps, he is clearly sitting on top of a normal-looking mirror, but the expression he is giving us is oddly calm. He is staring right into your soul. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/ealtland

Cats often sit on surfaces they should not sit on, such as laptops, on door tops, or even mirrors, just like this cat did. The determination in his eyes along with the perfectly timed photo of the cat meowing results in a creepy, but cool photo to keep forever. 

Shh, Be Quiet

When you’re at the library, it is a well-known rule that you should keep quiet, or else the librarian might come running and force you to shut your yap. This library needed some extra help and they decided this cat would be ideal for the position.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/CornerSpade

When this person enjoying the selection of books spoke up a bit too loudly, they were greeted by a very strict meow from this cat guarding the books and overall levels of noise in the room. Well done to this cat for enforcing the rules. 

This Is My Spot

This cat is giving not the person who is taking the photo some ‘get out of here’ meow energy, but rather its fellow cat friend. The other cat clearly has intruded on his personal space and got some heat from them.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Seatonks

If you look closely you will not only see one upset cat meowing at the other cat to leave the spot, but the other cat is visibly upset that this cat has scolded him. After all, you should share nice sunny spots!

Psst! Up Here!

This passerby was minding their own business when they heard the meows from a cat, but couldn’t figure out where the meow came from. But when they looked up, they got a snapshot of this determined kitty just in time. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Stagefakename

The cat meowing at this passerby is giving us some determination meow energy, almost as if it’s trying to ask you a question or maybe even a favor. It’s rather unusual for cats to draw the attention of strangers. What was so important?

“I’m Upset”

When cats yawn, it goes from cute to extreme really quick. They don’t get taught human manners such as covering their mouth when you yawn or sneeze, so when they do it, you see everything in their mouths and how big it stretches.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/luckyjulia

This owner happened to snap a photo of their cat yawning quite big but if you think of it as meow energy, this cat would be in the top 10 of the biggest meow energies we have ever seen. It is so large that it seems like the cat’s little face is smushed.

No Running

Pool safety is something you should always take seriously and never push the boundaries of the rules. And with cats being not too happy about ever getting wet, we understand why a cat would be giving off some serious rule enforcement meow energy.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/iallaisi

This ginger cat looks like he is meowing dismissively at someone off camera to either calm down around the pool or stop running since it is both unsafe and could result in injury. Not to mention that might mean he would receive a big unwanted splash of water.

“Who Are You Calling A Cotton Ball?”

Usually, street cats are short hair tabby breeds that scurry away when approached and they don’t get near humans or appreciate humans approaching them. However, this cat spotted on the street has something to say when this human with a camera tried to walk up to it.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/shaw231

Whether or not this is a stray cat, it seems like it is giving off some strict meow energy. It looks like it approached this human who took the photo and was about to give them some piece of its mind, telling them off for calling the cat a cute cotton ball.

“Feed Me, Now”

Cats can be quite intimidating when they meow as fiercely as this cat, or when they bare their teeth and give a hiss. However, this cat is not trying to intimidate its human into running away, but rather to hurry up. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/itsremeron

It clearly loves its tuna and cats love sticking to a schedule, so when this owner took a bit too long to give the cat its beloved tuna, it started profusely meowing and telling the human to give it its food already.

“I Demand Attention”

“Look at me and give me attention” is exactly what it looks like this cat is trying to yell at its humans. You may only give cats attention when they ask for it, not when you feel like it — it is against the rules of cats. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/horny4corn

This cat’s humans were overwhelmed by the intense and frequent meows from this cat to demand some sort of attention. Maybe he really loves belly rubs and demands them right now, and that the humans don’t stup until he is satisfied and the humans may continue with what they were busy with.

Say What

The utter shock and disgust on this cat’s face when it realized its human loves to take showers! That means they get wet — willingly — on a daily basis. It looks like the cat simply can’t believe that humans do this out of their own free will. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/verythickdip

Cats don’t like getting wet. As we mentioned before, they have special tongues that enable them to groom themselves if they need to clean themselves so that’s the reason why they hate water so much. It’s uncomfortable and unnecessary and of course, they think it should apply to humans, too. 

Sleepy Time

Just like human children, kitties get tired and need naps frequently in order to avoid them misbehaving or simply overworking their tiny growing bodies. It seems like this little guy has had enough for the day and can’t keep his exhaustion contained.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/EitherDelay3491

The kitten is giving off some tired meow energy. And rightfully so — being a kitten is difficult work, and when you need your nap, you need to have it now. So it seemingly is yelling at its owner to tuck him in. So cute!

Why is There Water Everywhere?

The expression on the face of this cat is exactly what we would expect when a cat goes out on a large body of water — complete and utter shock. Cats despise water, so being on a boat surrounded by water, justifies him being upset.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/A09Guy

This cat’s concerned meow energy is to be expected when you take him out against his will onto the water. How would he have known the boat is completely safe and he will likely not get wet? We’d be upset, too. 


We wish we could see a little bit more of this photo and exactly what was this cat looking at that caused it to show us his wow-meow energy. It looks like it is either horrified or in awe of what he is seeing. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Saphiron86

The photo is hilariously framed to highlight the wow energy coming from this black cat, with its mouth open slightly and eyes locked on whatever it is he is looking at. We are convinced he must have seen something amazing. 

Why Are You Yelling?

We love it when two cats in one household have completely opposite personalities. They are always funny and never leave you needing any more entertainment than what the dynamics of their relationship can bring. Why watch cat videos on YouTube when you can just watch your own pets?

Image Credit: reddit.com u/saintpaulina93

There are two meow energies in this photo, one clearly being upset meow energy, from the cat on the right-hand side, and one annoyed energy, from the cat on the left side, as if the left cat is asking the right cat, “why are you being so loud?”

Double Trouble

This must have been an overwhelming situation for the owner of these two cats, as both of them are seemingly upset at something in the photo their owner happened to take. We can’t help but wonder why they had to stop and take a picture. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/RedPandaFTW

It looks like one cat is spilling the beans about what the other cat did, and of course, they had to defend themselves. The situation is no different than two siblings having an argument and requiring an adult to resolve the situation.

Where’s The Milk

Cats get into weird places. They are very agile little beings with an amazing ability to jump onto high places, but we’re often left confused as to why cats seem to want to go into the fridge as soon as it is opened. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/TurbulentCourse3334

Maybe this photo was taken somewhere where the summer heat got the better of this cat and it decided to get into the cool fridge. But the photo makes it seem like he is looking for something and is upset that he can’t find it.

Road Works Ahead

It is very rare that cats like riding in cars. This owner noted that their cat meowed from being upset about having to drive somewhere, but when you apply some imagination to the photo, you will have a laugh at what it looks like…

Image Credit: reddit.com u/xxxFading

To us, it seems like this cat is being a grumpy person, yelling at other motorists to obey the rules of the road. And while everyone should obey the rules of the road, this cat’s expression as it meows just makes it super adorable.

“Pet Me”

When cats lie in calm positions asleep, you either have to gently pet them so they start purring, or you should never ever touch them to avoid getting scratched or hissed at. They are very sensitive little animals with very strict personal boundaries.

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Chapsticklesbean

So this photo proves what happens if you don’t pet the cat when it wants some scritches, but how would you know if it wanted to be petted? Well, that’s something only you can tell. This cat clearly is upset and in dire need of some cuddles. 

“I Want It”

Cats can sometimes be just as bratty as children. They seemingly throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want — from being fed a certain type or brand of food, or not being able to catch a bird they’ve been eyeing. 

Image Credit: reddit.com u/Avanur

This cat confuses us thoroughly, though. We can’t quite figure out why this cat’s upset meow energy is so intense at the fact that it can’t get to some sort of fruit which he will probably sniff and walk away from anyway. 

Gremlin Baby

Beware of kittens, for if you feed them after dark, they might turn into tiny gremlins, which is exactly how this little kitten comes across, with its large ears and a larger amount of fluff. We can’t help but giggle at its attempt to be scary. 

Image Credit: reddit.comu/Stormreach19

Kittens aren’t very clever, since they still have to learn the ropes, so they do the only thing they’re good at. And, at that stage, that means meowing and eating. This cat is trying to intimidate its owner into giving it more food.