Purr-fectly Content: 45 Adorable Pictures Of Cats Caught Snoozing Like Goofballs

By Bruna L

When the internet became popular, cats also grew in popularity. There is a reason for that, of course: they are super cute, easy to get and keep and live long lives. Who wouldn’t want a pet like that? However, that’s not the only reason people became so obsessed with these little guys. They are also super intelligent, sassy, and weird in the best way!

As every cat owner can attest, cats have some pretty strange quirks that not many animals display. Have you seen the way they sleep most of the time? Absolute wackos, if you ask us! Well, if you’re like us and can’t get enough of hilarious cat content online, look no further. Here are 45 photos of cats who were caught sleeping like total doofuses!

Warmth like no other

If you’ve ever had a cat, then you know how much they love to cuddle. No matter how grumpy they are, your bed is always the first place they will go when they feel cold and lonely. Considering how clean and warm cats are, they’re definitely welcome cuddle buddies.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/[deleted]

If you have more than one cat, though, you probably don’t experience this very often. Yes, they love cuddling with us, but they certainly prefer cuddling with their own species even more. Just look at these three cuties, for example. More fur equals more warmth, after all! Who wouldn’t want that?

Living mattress

No matter who you are or where you come from, when it comes to bedtime, no one enjoys sleeping on a stiff mattress. Everybody likes comfort, naturally, and no one should settle for anything but perfection when it comes to their bedroom accommodations.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/RegEvrydayNormlFungi

Wanting to make their fur babies comfy, the owner of the cats above decided to buy a bed for each one of them. What she didn’t expect, though, is that they would find only one bed to be comfortable enough. Unfortunately for the white one, it was the perfect mattress for everyone else!

If I fit…

One well-known fact about cats is that they love tiny, confined spaces. No matter how tight it may be, if they fit in it, you can bet they will sit in it! Empty boxes, drawers, laundry baskets, under random furniture—it doesn’t really matter.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/redonculous

There’s nothing cats love more than their cardboard boxes, though. Just look at this two! There’s no way that is as comfortable as they make it look! If you ask us, the bigger the bed, the more comfortable it is. However, that’s just a human notion because, in kittyland, less is clearly more!

Comfy pals

Until they’re about a year old, cats are usually pretty active, especially at night when you’re trying to catch a snooze! It can be very annoying at first but as usual, they can be very cute even when they’re annoying so you get used to it. Luckily, after a while, it’s nighty-night all day long.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/prakaz

One interesting thing to know about this beloved habit of theirs is that it is possible to know just how much they love you by observing them while they’re asleep. Bellies up means they trust you implicitly not to harm them.

Cutesy babies

People have different preferences when it comes to pets. When it comes to kittens and puppies, though, everyone agrees they are absolutely the cutest. There is something about looking at babies, no matter the species, that makes our hearts flutter and our brains go numb!

Image Courtesy of Imgur/spydiddley404

These two kittens here, for example — we know nothing about them except that they are the most adorable cats in the world right now. Look at their fluffy little bellies and their deliciously tiny paws! No wonder they’re making a heart with this posture.

Three’s a crowd

Have you ever heard the idiom “Two’s company, three’s a crowd”? It is usually used to point to a situation where the inclusion of a third person would cause discomfort to the other two. Such as a date, for example!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@wanekohonpo

Apparently, this idiom doesn’t only apply to humans. If you take a look at the picture above, we’re pretty sure you can figure out who the odd one out is! We wonder what he did to deserve that — and hopefully, the two lovebirds can forgive him before it’s too late.

OUR bed

One thing about cats is that they don’t really care about inconveniencing their owners. They will choose the worst hour of the day to get the zoomies and destroy half your house. Also, if you don’t serve dinner in time, they will meow at the top of their lungs without a care in the world!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/epilis

These two didn’t mind claiming their owner’s bed as their own, that’s for sure! And they couldn’t even consider staying in a small spot, either. They wanted to be close to each other while still taking over most of the mattress!


Another well-known fact about cats is that they love eating. They will eat all day long if you let them, which can be super cute if you’re giving them a nice treat every once in a while. However, you have to be careful because too much can also lead to obesity.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/sleepygamer92

The owners of the tabby cat above probably only feed him twice a day to avoid him getting too fat. So, we see why he looks like he wants to take a bite of his friend! A sad situation, really, but what could he do? He was hungry!


Have you ever heard the idiom “afraid of your own shadow”? It’s used to describe someone who is very timid and easily scared. Well, if your shadow was to suddenly detach itself and lay down on top of you while you were resting, you’d probably be afraid too!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/snoweagle831

We’re joking, of course. What’s really happening in the image above is a reunion between two brothers who got separated after one of them ran away. The black one, Charlie, somehow managed to escape from home once. Now that he is back, all he wants is to sleep with his brother, Max. How sweet!

Happy together

Some people think cats are cold, selfish creatures that never show love to their owners. That, of course, is so far from the truth. It may take a while, but if a cat trusts you, it will always find a way to show its love no matter what.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/sibuscalaverdad

That is true not only for their humans but also for other pets around the house. They may need some time to get used to their new friends, but once they warm up to them, your home will never be the same again. You will ran into them cuddled up like this all the time.

Symmetrical buddies

For some reason, our brains love symmetry. It’s everywhere, really; just take a look at your cell phone or your computer monitor. Even your kitchen cabinets look better when everything is symmetrical! But looking at man-made objects is not the only way to find it!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/claytonchancegraham

Symmetry also exists in nature. Mother nature is a chaotic creature, that’s for sure, but even she enjoys a bit of symmetry every now and then. Some tree species, some animal patterns, and even the way these two cats are sleeping! How cool is that?


When we enjoy someone’s company, like our friends or a romantic partner, we always want to keep them around. That’s normal human behavior that goes back to when we lived in caves. The fact that it helped people survive those days was just a big bonus.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@rNJ25JQKk8WpGbP

Some animals also create bonds like that. Cats are usually not that sociable, but they can also bond with other cats and animals in general, just like the picture above shows. These two cats love each other so much; their tails are actually entwined!

Is this a Naruto reference?

If you don’t know anything about Naruto or anime in general, the cats below will appear to be sleeping in a weird position, and that’s it. However, if you’re a Naruto fan, you know exactly what this particular shape means!

Image Courtesy of Imgur/lifonaut

It’s the “Mangekyō Sharingan,” of course! Basically, it’s an eye ability that grants super cool moves and powers to its user. The little kitties pictured here are sleeping in a pattern that looks exactly like the symbol of that ability. Coincidence?

A tail about love

Love is one of the most essential things in the world. It is the air beneath humanity’s wings, and the world would never exist without it. Many people say that the ability to feel love is what separates us from other animals, but we’re not so sure about that!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Vtscott

Those people probably never had a pet in their lives, or they’ve never seen two friendly animals interact with each other. The love is obviously there; they just show it differently. We even dare to say that it could be purer. These two cats, for example, love each other so much, even their tails know it!

The new sequel to CatDog

There is nothing funnier than a TV show about a cat and a dog living together. Except, of course, if they were conjoined twins connected at the hip. That was the premise of CatDog. But did you know an exciting sequel is in production? Its name is CatCat!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@fuji_ayako

That is obviously not true, but we feel like these cats definitely have what it takes to star in such a show. They’re already practicing for their roles. Method acting at its finest! In all seriousness, though, why are cats so silly?

Roommates since the womb

It’s so sad that memories only start to develop when we are a bit older. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to remember the time we spent in the womb? It must have felt so safe and warm in there. That’s not something solely exclusive to humans, though.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@HorneKidwell

Just look at these two furballs. The way kittens sleep when they are very young, for example, is very similar to the position they adopt inside the womb. These two are probably used to sleeping like that since before they were born!


Looking at the picture below, one may wonder why cats are so weird. They’re always jumping on stuff, lying around in the most uncomfortable positions, meowing at walls…and that’s not even the whole list of quirks these peculiar creatures possess.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/punk_a**

These two greet their owner like this every day when he comes home from work. On one hand, exposing their bellies like this is a sign that they trust him. On the other, we can’t understand why they chose this particular place! The machine is not even warm; it is broken!

Long boi

If you like felines in general, you’re probably of the opinion that the bigger the cat, the better. Tigers, jaguars, cheetahs—if they’re fluffy, we want to pet them! Unfortunately, we can’t really keep them at home (unless you’re Mike Tyson!), but this owner found the perfect solution for that.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/NerdyConspiracyChick

What’s better than one average-sized, domesticated cat? A super long one, of course! Just plop it inside this machine, and it will come out all stretched, just like spaghetti! We’re just joking, though; that’s actually two cats, which is almost as good as one super long one.

Yogi cats

Some people think yoga is a mom’s pastime, but in reality, it has numerous benefits that are great for everyone. You become more flexible and stronger, and it also improves your balance. Your breathing and circulatory health also benefit greatly! Who wouldn’t want that?

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@nyannyan_ta_mi_

Even cats are getting into yoga now, apparently! They’re flexible and strong enough; we all know that, so perhaps what these two were seeking is the connection and mindfulness yoga brings. They got so relaxed while practicing, they actually fell asleep!

Late for work

It’s impossible to get any work done if you have cats in the house and they decide they want your full attention. You probably see it online all the time — cats jumping on keyboards, standing in front of the TV, and running through your legs while you try to sweep the floor!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@SAKU02326

Sometimes, they’ll jump on your lap and beg to be petted like these two rascals. The problem is, once they do that, it’s really hard to remove them. You can’t find it in your heart to disturb their nap, and before you know it, you’re running late! Good luck explaining that to your boss!

Sweet kisses

For some reason, some people don’t believe animals can show affection. We think these people most likely never had pets in their lives; otherwise, they’d know better. Cats and dogs can and will show their love for you in the most adorable ways.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/pongpingtaybell

They’ll also show their love to other pets you may have, even if they’re from the same species. Take these two cats here, for example. They certainly care for each other and have no problem showing it because what shows just how much you love someone better than a kiss?

Too much fluff

We all know animals aren’t as affected by the weather as we are, but this is just ridiculous! There is simply too much fluff here, and our human brains cannot comprehend how these two aren’t baking in all the heat being generated!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/renley_eli

Don’t think that’s warm? Then put on the thickest coat you have and go cuddle with someone who’s also wearing winter clothes. We guarantee you won’t last five minutes before craving a cold shower to cool off! These cats are absolute champs.

Tonk trio

Looking at the picture below, we are reminded of “Aunt Sarah’s” evil Siamese cats on Disney’s Lady and The Tramp. However, though the two kitties on the right may resemble those felines, they are not Siamese. They are actually Tonkinese!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/trio_of_tonks

Both breeds look very similar if you don’t know what to look for, but Bailey, Biscuit, and Brodie here — those are their names, by the way—are very much Tonkinese! The breed is a mix of Siamese and Burmese cats, and evidently, it takes the best parts of each one!

Man’s actual best friend

For a long time, people have said that dogs are a man’s best friend, but, for some reason, things have started to change recently. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find men with cats as pets instead of dogs, even if it’s been considered “girly” for a long time.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/yoyoadrienne

Just take a look at the picture above. If the phrase snooze fest had a literal meaning, this scene here would be the perfect definition. Apparently, this guy and his wife were foster parents to these cuties. We doubt they were able to give them away when the time came.

Cat soup

While online, you’ll see plenty of pictures, videos, and comments pointing out that cats are, in fact, made of liquid. Not only do they fit anywhere they want to, but they also assume the shape of whatever it is they’re trying to fit inside, just like water. They’re the perfect disciples of Bruce Lee.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@midorimushi8969

As you can see above, these two cats got inside the bowl-shaped part of their cat tree and became the bowl itself. Unfortunately for them, two cats were a bit too much, so they started to spill out of their cozy little spot. Someone bring us a spoon!

Feline headgear

For many decades, hats were the epitome of fashion. Everyone, no matter how poor they were, had at least a pair of hats—one for everyday wear and one for formal occasions. However, things changed around the ’50s, and today, very few people still wear them.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@kobonona

This cat here doesn’t really care about that. He loves hats and won’t be caught without one, no matter what. Sometimes they’re a bit unconventional, like the one he’s wearing above, but he says those are just fashion statements. Quite the clotheshorse, this one.

Caught in the act

Dogs are notoriously bad liars, as many, many YouTube videos can attest. If they’re ever caught doing something wrong around the house, they will look and act incredibly guilty. “Innocent till proven guilty” simply doesn’t exist for the poor things!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@GREENDEVIL8578

Cats, on the other hand, are much better at lying. They’ll do something wrong while looking directly at you and walk away with not even a smidge of shame! That’s why we wonder just what exactly these two were caught doing!

Valuable lessons

If you think about it, human babies and kittens are quite similar. Both are basically useless and helpless when they are born. The difference is the human body is pretty harmless in general, while cats have vicious claws and teeth to protect their offspring.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/MissyK81

Kittens need plenty of attention to learn the ropes of life. It’s not rare to see a mum teaching her children how to hunt, for example. This cat here, though, is used to a more cozy life. All she’s teaching her baby is how to nap on the couch!

Gamer cats

If you don’t know what “teabagging” is, congratulations; you’re not a gamer! If you do know what that is, shame on you! Anyway, one of these cats is clearly better at FPS than the other and has no problem showing his superiority.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/sylvaGemDriver

He could have kept his taunting for their in-game sessions, though. The world definitely didn’t have to see this image. His poor brother will be laughed at every time he leaves the house to go play outside! Now, excuse us; we need to go bleach our eyes.

True friends

People say that when you spend a lot of time with someone, you end up absorbing some of their kinks and quirks. We can observe that among a group of friends, for example. After a while, everyone starts speaking and acting similarly to one another.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@hakobiyatoritin

Animals don’t really have that. At least not, as far as we know. Unless, of course, they are the cat above! He is so used to being around his friend that he’s even getting a bit of ginger complexion transferred onto him!

Purrfect friendship

Humans are social animals, and as such, we take great joy in being surrounded by our friends. There is nothing better than getting together every now and then to just hang out, have a couple of our favorite drinks, and talk our problems away.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Knob-Poob-Peelb

We are not the only social animals out there, though! Cats also love having a friend or two around, and if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon scenes like the one above. We could definitely learn some things from our furry buddies.

The fluffiest optical illusion

Optical illusions are images meant to trick our brains. Man-made illusions have been around for hundreds of years, but there are accidental, natural ones as well. Either way, they will mess with your mind! Case in point, the picture below.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/j3ffr33d0m

At first, we thought the upper head belonged to the cat on the right, but the more we look at it, the less certain we become! We’re pretty sure the upper head belongs to the cat on the left now, but maybe we’re wrong again!

Siblings everywhere

If you think having older or younger siblings is bad, imagine what your life would be if all of you were born at the same time. You wouldn’t have a single day of peace in your life! Sure, your childhood adventures would be much cooler, but still.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/NARWHAL_POTATO

That’s precisely what cats go through! Female cats can have up to twelve kittens in a single litter. Now, imagine you were born into this family. No, thank you! We like our alone time. However, if all naps look like this, maybe it’s not so bad.


Children love their little games, no matter how simple or dull they seem. For example, when we were younger, we could spend hours playing patty-cake and not get bored. Who would have thought that slapping our hands together to the rhythm of a catchy song could be so fun?

Image Courtesy of Imgur

Apparently, not even cats are immune to the simple distractions in life! And we all know how much they love to play. These two spent so long playing patty-cake they actually fell asleep! Also, what is it with cats and love hearts?

Fluffy pile-up

Some humans do not mind sharing beds with other people, while others do. Additionally, not everyone likes to cuddle. It is sad but true. For cats, though, cuddling is not only absolutely necessary; it is basically a way of life.

Image Courtesy of Facebook/FakerLOL

Like us, they cuddle because they enjoy the sensation of being close together with another cat. Not only that, but it also helps to keep them warm when the weather isn’t particularly friendly. That’s why an adorable pile-up like this one is common in houses with many kitties.

World Wrestling Cats

If you like sports or enjoy a good, cheesy drama show, you’ve probably heard of the world of wrestling. People usually have pretty strong opinions about it since some people absolutely love it while others can’t stand it. But the truth is, it’s pretty fun!

Image Courtesy of Facebook/Katzenfan Seite

With that in mind, it looks like someone decided to launch the WWC or World Wrestling Cats! What’s better than good old wrestling? Exactly the same thing, but with cats instead of humans! The internet would go crazy! These two look like they’re already training for their international debut.

X marks the spot

If you think about it, cats are pretty similar to us. They have complex personalities, can be stubborn and opinionated, and even have different likes and dislikes. Some would say they’re actually better than us because they have the additional cute factor, but that’s up for debate.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@arbredebleu

When it comes to likes and dislikes, they’re not at all subtle about their preferences. If they like something, they love it with a passion, and if they don’t, they absolutely hate it! Apparently, both of these cats love this spot so much that they just had to mark it with their bodies!

Brotherly love

Showing love to your siblings is a concept not many humans are familiar with, especially when we’re younger and almost the same age as them. But it’s never that serious. We are just used to playing and bickering with them, which doesn’t leave much space for cuddles.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Ms_CIoverR

Cats don’t really care about that. Showing affection comes easily to them. If they are used to each other, you can bet they’re going to do everything together, from eating to sleeping. Even when things get a little bit suffocating, like in the picture above.

Artsy Kitties

It doesn’t matter if you recognize it or not; art is all around us all the time. It’s plastered all over the indoor spaces, on the walls outside, or pouring from our radios and TVs and cellphones. Even animals can make art sometimes!

Image Courtesy of Reddit/yangsta05

Sure, they’re not very good at it, but who cares? They’re cute! And, if creating art without opposable thumbs ends up being too much trouble, they certainly have no problem acting out their favorite masterpieces. These two here, for example, clearly love Michelangelo.

And the winner is…

If there was a prize for the weirdest cat in the world, these two certainly would be at the top of the list. They’re probably pretty normal during the day, but when night comes around, you’ll see their true nature. Who even sleeps like that?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/mmaireenehc

Cats love to smell each other’s butts, but that’s just how they greet each other, not how they fall asleep! You don’t fall asleep while shaking someone else’s hand, do you? That’s why we’re so confused about what’s really going on here.

Location, location

There are two things cats absolutely love: cuddling with each other and annoying each other. Add a cat bed to this equation, and both these things can be achieved at the same time. Sure, there might be enough beds for everyone, but where is the fun in that?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Annrose18

The only bed these cats really like is the one in front of the window, and neither of them will budge, so they share. Maybe they both enjoy the view; who could blame them? We just wonder how they decide who’s going to sit on top each time.


If you are a kid of the 1990s and early 2000s, you are probably very familiar with Dragon Ball. The show was about the adventures of “Son Goku,” his family, and friends fighting against dangers both from this world and many others.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/joblo14

These cats are obviously super fans of that anime. It looks like they spent a whole day trying to do the Fusion technique but unfortunately for them, they fell asleep before achieving the task. Either way, they look absolutely adorable.

Absolute units

Unfortunately, cats aren’t really supposed to be chubby. The reason for that is that their joints are quite fragile since they are meant to be nimble hunters in nature. If they get a bit overweight, though, make sure to take a couple of cute pictures before putting them on a diet!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/laikafela_

These two, for example, are two super chunky boys. Imagine hugging these fluff balls every day. The way they’re sleeping here just adds to their charm! Hopefully, they’ll go on a diet soon enough so they can live longer, healthier lives!

A mass of cats

As we all know, cats have really big personalities. They may be tiny but they sure know how to stand their ground. Also, some of them can be pretty jealous and possessive creatures when it comes to your love and affection.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/chi_6

As we’ve mentioned, when they like someone, they absolutely love them! It doesn’t matter if it is you or another cat. They’ll even let their friends sleep on top of them if they want. The white one was probably there first, but he didn’t mind the gray’s intrusion at all.

Ballet cats

There are plenty of kids out there, both male and female, who dream of nothing but becoming ballet dancers when they grow up. It takes years of practice and hard work to achieve that, though. So, if you love ballet, you’d better start learning early.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@kaokazutatu80

Of course, this rule doesn’t really apply to cats. They’re naturally agile and graceful, after all. They can also do stunts we humans can only dream of. These two, for example, look like they could have quite the dance moves judging by this strange sleeping posture.