Meet The Rescued Pit Bull That Now Saves Others As A K-9 Officer

By Anthony K

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to discover someone mistreating their pets. Mostly, you can’t help but wonder what issues an individual might be going through to direct their wrath on another being under their care. As a pet lover, one can only hope for the day when people will be kinder and gentler to animals. Here is the story of Hansel, a pit bull whose life changed for the better.

Photo Credits: arsonk9hansel/Instagram

Hansel was rehabilitated from a fighting ring. Alongside thirty other dogs, this pretty beast was to face euthanasia following Ontario’s sanction on pit bulls. Thankfully, a sympathizer was willing to advocate for all the dogs and persuade the court to review their decision. After tests, all viable dogs were sent to a secure place. While in the shelter, Hansel was lucky to be adopted by K-9 trainers.

Photo Credits: arsonk9hansel/Instagram

After about one year of training, the dog found a home at Millville Fire Department, securing a chance to be an arson detection K-9 officer. After surviving euthanasia, this dog has become a lifesaver and gallant officer.

Photo Credits: arsonk9hansel/Instagram

After proving himself, Hansel continues to be a trustworthy companion to fellow officers. Looking back, no one could have believed the dog was once written off as an unfortunate loss.

As the first of his kind to become an arson detection K-9 officer, Hansel has already made a record for himself and continues to win prestigious awards. His expertise includes detecting flammable fluids, including gasoline and diesel products. As a result, other departments are considering breeding pit bulls as arson prevention dogs.