Mistakes Were Made: 45 Times Animals Learned The Hard Way That The World Isn’t Their Playground

By Ekhama O

Animals. We love them and can’t live without them. We go on safaris, travel incredible distances and go to dangerous environments just to experience their presence in their natural habitat. We love them so much. We don’t just get them as pets; we make them integral members of our society! Despite how much we adore them, we gotta admit that they might not be the sharpest tools in the shed.

There’s always a chance that they’re going to do something silly and get themselves in a fix, sometimes literally, and we can’t help but get our cameras out to document those moments. On that note, here are the top times animals have goofed around and needed our help to get them out of their silly predicaments.

A goat in dog’s clothing

There’s a reason homeowners with pets love to secure their fences. It’s because their furry companions can be a bit naughty and go for a little stroll or adventure when they aren’t being attended to. Just like this silly doggy here…

Image source: regio15/Twitter

They climbed out the window of their owner’s apartment probably to either get some air, look at the view, or just out of plain canine curiosity. Whatever the reason, they certainly look very pleased with themselves. Then again, don’t all dogs?

Sticky Situation

All animals can be silly, but smaller animals are harder to deal with because they can fit in places you can’t reach. If they happen to get stuck in those places, then it can be quite difficult to get them out.

Image source: not-a-pretzel/Reddit

Luckily for this cat, they got their face stuck somewhere they could easily be rescued from. We’re not sure whether the feline thought it was some sort of portal or what they were even hoping to achieve, but we’re glad it wasn’t something dangerous.

Hang in there, bud

Some of the most sold pet accessories are toys. For canines, it’s chew toys; for felines, it’s balls of yarn, cat scratchers, and cat trees. Although these things are specifically made for them, out four-legged friends might require our supervision sometimes.

Image source: duchess_luna_/Instagram

Here’s a cat that can’t be trusted with their cat tree. They seem to have fallen between one of its tiers and the wall in a manner that’s very unlikely. We’re tempted to call them silly for this, but those eyes! Cuteness overload.

Baaaaaad luck

Goats are not regarded highly on the non-human IQ scale, so much so that the animal’s name is usually used in a derogatory sense. But contrary to popular belief, these animals are way smarter than they are given credit for.

Image source: AnotherRTFan/Reddit

And this isn’t based on any speculation, even research has proven they are. If that’s the case, where do all the negative stereotypes come from? Well, from cute ones like this silly guy. When you see one goofy enough to get their head stuck in a bucket, you kinda assume that all are as ridiculous.

Puss in boots?

Okay, we all know about the famous feline Puss in Boots. He’s existed for hundreds of years, but Shrek gets credit for bringing our attention to the suave, swash-buckling cat in the 21st century. While he does have boots, they’re cat-sized — something no one told this kitty.

Image source: Accurate_Treat_7446/Reddit

On a serious note, the cat probably misjudged the depth of those boots. We don’t know what they were searching for there in the first place, but we’re sure they didn’t get whatever they were hoping to find. Poor cat.

What’re you up to, bud?

We love all sorts of dog breeds. From Rottweilers to pugs, labradors to corgis, they all hold a special place in our hearts. Their differences often mean that some of them might have a hard time doing things others wouldn’t.

Image source: Red_FiveStandingBy/Reddit

Take this corgi, for instance. We assume he hopped from his owner’s bed, onto their nightstand and can’t turn around to get off. For a dog like this, the ground is a long way down, so he’s essentially stuck now.

“I fought the roll and the roll won”

Some of the most unlikely furry companions are ferrets, but oddly enough, they do make great pets if you’ve got the time to bond with them. They’re incredibly inquisitive and active, which means they can get themselves into trouble if left unsupervised.

Image source: anewvogue/Reddit

Ferrets are like mammalian noodles, so that means they can fit into small cylindrical-like spaces, just like an empty roll of toilet paper. We don’t know what this ferret was trying to achieve, but we’re glad their owner spotted them in distress and helped out.

Pet Belt

While some people tend to gravitate towards animals like cats, dogs, mice, hedgehogs, parrots, fish, and birds, others tend to favor much wilder and more exotic animals like crocs, lions, wolves, and even snakes. The practicality of keeping some of these pets is a discussion for another day.

Image source: lux.lovely/Instagram

They may not be “traditional” pets, but that doesn’t exclude them from being just as silly. Here’s a ball python who’s gotten themself wrapped up in the belt hooks of this person’s pants. One thing about this species of snake is that they have poor vision — that explains how this happened…sort of.

One too many drinks

As a kid, you might have wanted to do a few things the grown-ups did. You wanted your own car, your own phone, or your own money so you could get whatever your heart desired. Not just kids and teenagers though, our pets can have a similar longing, too. 

Image source: RocketPuff/Reddit

Here was a cat who so desperately wanted to fit in with the humans. They were determined and decided to ditch their bowl and get a drink from a cup, like a regular human. Unfortunately, the experience did not end well for him.

“The cat made me do it”

Peer pressure is a real, and oftentimes terrible, thing. It happens mostly between friends but it can also occur between siblings and even house pets! The influence of peers can lead other people astray and they end up doing terrible things — just ask this dog.

Image source: CallMePancake/Reddit

This dog opened the screen door and followed the family’s naughty feline to the roof. The poor thing got stuck there, and they needed a quick counseling sesh as well as some comforting words before they could get down from there. Must have been a traumatizing experience. #saynotobadfriends

It’s always the orange cats

Imagine leaving your well-furnished, well-organized home only to come back to find it in shambles. Well, this owner didn’t have that exact experience, at least not this time. But with their cat almost ruining their side table, they had a somewhat similar situation.

Image source: stormingstormer/Reddit

Remember Puss in Boots? Seems like his brethren are following in his line of mischief. We just looked it up and it turns out he’s a breed called the British Shorthair. Good; we’re going to have to keep a closer eye on the troublemakers in our society.

Boob-y trapped

Have you ever walked to a store, and admired an article of clothing so much you’d love to wear it, but you know deep down inside you that it just won’t fit? It probably wasn’t ideal for your body type or something but this cat, this cat just didn’t care.

Image source: dogismywitness/Reddit

They saw a bra and decided to put it on. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit, and they ended up getting themselves tangled in the web of the straps. The cat may be stuck, but they have given us the motivation to always go for what we want, even though there’s a chance things might not end well.

A log of snake

One problem about getting an exotic animal as a pet is the fact they’re going to do things that are just unfamiliar to you. While getting their pet unstuck is something every owner will do. When the pet is rare, though, it’s a different game altogether.

Image source: seit_isetsoh/Instagram

This pretty python seems to have been exploring the insides of a wood log, maybe looking for prey or just getting up to regular snake shenanigans, but got herself stuck there. And, as is with all pets, her owner had to come to the rescue.

She didn’t yelp for help

Puppies are just the cutest. Really, is there any other living being in the world more adorable? While these cute little furballs excel in the cuteness department, they are lacking in many others. This black pup had been stuck here for quite a while before their owner found them.

Image source: A_Pseudonym/Reddit

The cutest part of this photo, besides those big round eyes, is the fact the sticker on the pack says, “This is a set, do not separate.” If a cute little puppy came with a product, we don’t care what they’re selling, we’ll take it.

A collar substitute

Dogs aren’t necessarily known for being mischievous, but everyone’s prone to breaking the rule every now and then, even those little angels. This dog was caught white-necked and we can’t help but wonder what they were up to in the first place.

Image source: dirtyfacedkid/Reddit

The little dog has a face that says, “please, don’t ask, just help me get it off.” Unfortunately for the pooch, their owner thought it would be a memorable moment worth documenting and took this photo, sharing it online for the world to see before, they finally took it off.

The dog ain’t slick

Canines are known for sniffing around and getting themselves into sticky situations, and just being plain goofy. And every time they do, it’s usually nothing short of wholesome! What else can an owner do, but take a photo to remember those moments forever?

Image source: KCBizzle/Reddit

This older dog has gotten his unlucky self stuck in a bush for over two hours, and can we just say, how cute that is? Imagine not knowing your way out of a bush. Luckily, they aren’t green. If they were, those two hours could have turned into two days.

Stuck in between

Cats are known to be keen, quick, and especially flexible animals. The two aforementioned qualities may not have played a role in this scenario, but the last one pretty much explains how the cat managed to have gotten stuck here.

Image source: vylen/imgur

What we fail to wrap our heads around is how the cat ended up in that position in the first place. We’re not sure if cats actually have nine lives, but this feline would have lost one if it wasn’t for the help of this kind gentleman.


Pets like to get up to things we humans would consider shenanigans, but in their little fur brains, it is just regular animal stuff. This owner was replanting his agave when he spotted his cat in this very questionable position.

Image source: VQ37HR911/Reddit

We would ask how the cat managed to get themselves stuck between the window’s glass and blinds, but knowing cats, we do not need to. What we do know, though, is despite, their pose, this cat is certainly no saint.

What goes up can get scared of coming down

A lot of people have phobias. Whether it’s the fear of the dark, getting spooked by spiders or just having the tendency to wet your pants at any slight elevation, they’re all very common. Animals can also have these fears.

Image source: htownmark/Twitter

Saint Bernards are known be child-friendly, loving and gentle, but this one can add “being a scaredy cat” to that list because he’s afraid of getting down from the table every time he climbs up of it. Placing a sausage under the table might do the trick.

An udderly devastating scene

We think the people who have to deal with getting animals out of their mess most often are likely those who work closest with said animals. And while some owners have seen crazy stuff, we’re sure it doesn’t compare to what vets and ranchers have to deal with.

Image source: ChrisTaliaferro/Reddit

A poor cow has gotten her head stuck in a tire. Maybe as she was trying to feed on some scrumptious grass or hay; we’re not entirely sure. She seems a bit embarrassed and is even refusing to look into the camera.

If the cat can do it, I can too

In cartoons, live action films, and even some real life cats, felines are often portrayed as having a fascination with fish. Or, more specifically, having a taste for them. We’ve seen it just about everywhere, so it’s no longer a stereotype or trope, it’s their instinct in action.

Image source: brainphillips/Reddit

Dogs, too, can act in a similar manner. This dog was either preying upon the fish in the tank or just wanted to hang out with them and experience what life was like in a glass container. They seem to be stuck now and turning their head away in shame.

Caught in the act

No one likes an intruder. Whether it’s a burglar in the middle of the night, a bug in your house, a rodent or any other critter you don’t own — they’re all terrible. Usually, they enter through preexisting passageways like the doors, windows or small holes. But when those aren’t an option, they make their own.

Image source: officialscanimalshelter/Instagram

This racoon, who was obviously up to no good, chewed (or smashed?) through the roof of this unsuspecting owner’s house, making a hole that clearly wasn’t big enough and got himself stuck. Although it serves them right, we hope they got them out safely.

Ninja Cat

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time on the internet, scrolling through and watching tons of the cat content there is available, knows that cats are some of the most flexible pets to have. They fit just about anywhere and assume the weirdest of positions.

Image source: MissNicolicious/Reddit

Here’s a black cat who has managed to position themself optimally, in order to enjoy whatever the outdoor view is from inside their home. Just like us, you might be wondering how they managed to get themselves up there in the first place. The answer? It’s a cat.

A dog’s life

Cats hold the title and are given the honor of being regarded as one of the most curious beings, but we believe dogs are worthy contenders for that spot. They too can do some really crazy things if their curiosity is piqued.

Image source: mrriaa/Reddit

This dog couldn’t get his rear to fit past a pet door, but why were they using it in the first place? Maybe they sensed there was someone there or were just curious about what lies on the other side of the door. Will we ever know? Don’t think so.


Some select groups of animals have the unique ability to blend into their surroundings. Octopi, sea horses and chameleons are just a few of those animals who can change their color and even dermis texture just to fit their environment.

Image source: GriddyD/Reddit

This feature is usually used to hide from predators or catch prey, so why does this domestic dog have this unique attribute? The poor dog has probably been stuck there for a while, and we’re glad their owner finally came across them. It must feel relieved!

If only he got the gig for the Volvo truck commercial

Raccoons are some of the cutest critters. Yeah, they get a nasty reputation for being destructive and intrusive and they get pretty vicious if you approach them. But if you happened to ever see one in need of assistance, you can’t help but, well, help them.

Image source: sam_pura_vida/Reddit

Either this racoon has got himself stuck between those two trees or is a martial artist in disguise. Based on their record, we’re going to have to go with the latter. Also, Jean Claude Van who? This racoon is out here killing it!

Partners in crime

One reason why animals and pets get themselves stuck in places they shouldn’t be in is that they’re getting up to no good. They are usually doing something their owners wouldn’t approve of or snooping around where they shouldn’t be.

Image source: Gooeyoutcome/Reddit

This cat probably stuck his head in the bag, hoping he’d find a couple of treats to snack on. We’re very sure his brother was in on the whole thing, even though there’s no tangible evidence. Either that or he was there for emotional support.

Tied up

Pet toys are great at keeping your furry companions busy, especially when you’re away or just want some space from them. Some pets, though, become interested in regular household items or your even personal belongings — more than their play things.

Image source: lebrunjemz/Reddit

This cat is one of those pets. He prefers playing with his owner’s sandals, and they have to get him out of his entanglement every time he winds up getting stuck like this. That owner’s probably going to need a new sandal or just get different footwear.

Any-fin is possible

Fishes in bowls don’t have much going for them. They’re already confined in spaces thousands of times smaller than their natural habitat. So to make life more enjoyable for them in those bowls, they’re given decorations. Think of it as fishy enrichment.

Image source: Thefenixshoppe/Reddit

These decorations, we believe, are to simulate that natural habitat feel for the fishes, but sometimes they aren’t the most ideal. This fish had gotten stuck in one of the decorations. The owner got them out but also had to take away the decoration to prevent this from happening again.

Just breathe

Getting stuck somewhere can be a pretty stressful experience, not only just for people but for animals as well. Often, you’ll hear their calls of cry for help and you rush to the scene to help them. But what if they don’t whine?

Image source: Jasdoee/Reddit

What if you never hear them cry? Well, that can be the case if their situations aren’t so bad, like this cat. Breathing in a paper bag helps with hyperventilation, and we’re not saying they didn’t meow for help, but their situation just isn’t that bad as long as they just breath in, and breathe out.

She just wanted to fit in

Dogs are regarded as the most loyal of companions, some people even trust them more than they would other humans. But besides loyalty, some dogs can have other innate qualities, like having the longing to do what the humans do.

Image source: winter21p/Reddit

This dog was most likely trying to imitate the actions of someone she had seen earlier. We’re guessing a much bigger dog wouldn’t have much of a problem getting out, but since this one is small, she seems to have gotten herself stuck on the swing.

Dog-Couch sandwich

What can be even more funny than these animals ending up getting stuck in the most absurd places in the most absurd ways are the positions they assume when they are in a predicament. Just take a look at this dog stuck in the sofa, for instance.

Image source: scoby_2000/Reddit

It almost looks as though they’re striking a pose! It’s not a big issue, though, and they should be out in no time. Still, we’re grateful to the owner for taking their sweet time to snap a shot and share it with the world.

How’s the view from up there?

The level of agility cats have can be a blessing and a curse at times. Blessing because they’re able to evade danger and it helps them get themselves out of harms way, but curse because they can end up doing goofy stuff like this.

Image source: ari_meow_/Instagram

How does a cat manage to get themself stuck at the top of a shower? What were they hoping to find there and how did they think they’d get down? These are the many questions the cat should have asked before attempting this stunt.

Dog in distress

About ninety-nine per cent of the time animals have gotten themselves stuck in the oddest of places in the most bewildering of ways, it could have been avoided — if only they knew better. But unfortunately, they don’t; just like this doggo here.

Image source: ilikebigmutts05/Reddit

Chewing through the furniture is pretty commonplace for dogs, but this one decided to take things a slight step further. She tore a hole right through the couch cover and began to whine upon realising she was stuck in it.

How humili-eight-ing

When we said we make animals integral members of our society and even family, we meant it. Besides police dogs who are obvious examples, guard dogs, for instance, are like furry vigilantes. They ought to be keen and intelligent, but they can also be silly at times.

Image source: slippybear/Reddit

This guard dog has gotten his nose stuck in his figure 8 toy. Apparently, this isn’t the first time it’s happened — and probably won’t be the last. We won’t blame him too much; after all, when you work hard, you’ve gotta play hard.

Another dog, but in sloth’s clothing

Dogs aren’t considered the best climbers. Their bodies aren’t necessarily built to ascend trees and other narrow straight structures. It’s more of a cat’s thing. This, however, doesn’t mean we can’t get one or to instances of dogs defying the laws of biology.

Image source: mynameisjacky/Reddit

Here we see a cute little pup who’s perched on a tree, in a position akin to that a koala or even a sloth rests in. As always, how the pup got up there bewilders us. Could this have been staged?

Hedgehog roll

While some wild animals can only be found on one continent, hedgehogs are pretty widespread across the globe. They occupy a vast variety of landscapes, and even some homes — as pets. And, one in particular, has taken up residence in a roll of toilet paper…

Image source: UnclePringlePak/Reddit

Gerald (yes, that’s the cute little critter’s name) got himself stuck in a tube. With his feet raised to the skies, he’s a bit helpless. Though, it’s weird considering he should have been used to fitting into tight spaces with ease by now.

Sniffing for treats

One very peculiar trait of a dog is their noses. It can range from being as long as that of a Russian Wolfhound to those of Boston Terriers. And, more often than not, the longer the snout is, the more likely they are to get stuck in places.

Image source: DNeosphere1/Reddit

And by “places,” we mean thin and narrow spaces, just like cups. This dog was going through some strawberry yogurt, trying to salvage whatever was left dripping in the walls of the cup when he got his snout stuck there. Moral lesson: next time, be a pug.

Warming up

The cold can be very difficult to deal with, but snug and comfy outfits make it easier to get through a chilly day. Since animals have fur, we don’t think to cover them up when we bundle up, but our furry friends can still be in desperate need of some extra warmth.

Image source: 999monkeys/Reddit

This cat decided to take matters into their own hands by snuggling into their owner’s sweater. Whether they did this to get warm or just out of curiosity, they must be feeling pretty warm under all that nice and soft cotton.

There’s someone on the roof

Call us crazy, but we think animals have many more qualities than we give them credit for, especially cats. We may have managed to domesticate dogs, but evidence suggests that cats domesticated themselves. Perhaps that’s why they always act so superior. Still, there’s no predicting what they can possibly get themselves in.

Image source: RSkyeD/Reddit

This cat for example, found a hole in the ceiling of their house and decided to make it just a wee bit bigger. She hopped in to explore what wonders were held there but got herself stuck in the process. Getting the cat down is one thing, but it must have also been a pain getting that cleaned up.

Superhero Cat

If you’re the lucky owner of a pet, you might have wondered what they might be up to while you’re away. While you might have not, lots of other owners have and have even gone to the extent of installing cameras just to quell their curiosity.

Image source: chillygecko/Reddit

Other homeowners, though, get to find out all the details when they come home, like this cat’s human did. The feline was either testing a parachute or is actually a superhero in disguise. Just look at that cute and cunning mustache.

Birdwatching gone wrong

There are some certain things that pique a bird’s interest more than anything else. For instance, yarn is an object they’re notorious for playing with, while fish and birds are some living things they take particular interest in. The reason for the latter is that cats view them as prey.

Image source: marley2012/Reddit

This cat was in the mood to monitor the activities of a couple of our winged friends and wanted to have a closer look. They jumped onto the window and got tangled up in the blinds. We hope the view is better from up there and all this wasn’t just for nothing.

Stuck in the closet

Did you know cats are, by far, one of the most common pets in the world? That’s right, felines even outnumber pooches (as pets) by a decent margin. Since they’re basically everywhere, it won’t be hard to find one or two instances of them getting stuck in the most absurd places.

Image source: pbd.maki_olh.nori/Instagram

This one was goofing around their owner’s wardrobe, critiquing their style (we believe) and somehow ended up getting stuck in one of the iron bars their hangers go on. We wonder how long it took their owner to find them and what their reaction was.

And it wasn’t even Halloween

One big problem with pets, and even other animals, is that they struggle to handle what we would otherwise think is no problem at all. And for obvious reasons. They have no hands so they can’t open doors, make their food or, apparently, find their way out of the curtains.

Image source: emergencytower/Reddit

Here’s a dog that got stuck in the curtains. And, instead of looking for a way to get themselves out, decided the best course of action was to try to intimidate the curtains to move out of his way. This is probably the most hilarious thing we’ve seen today.

The look of regret

Cats are… well, we’ve officially run out of words to describe these animals. They’re sneaky, and naughty, and sometimes they tend to do the stupidest of things. With the help of their claws (we assume), this cat was able to climb to the top of their owner’s wardrobe door and didn’t know how to get down.

Image source: FransiscoEverywhere/Reddit

Again, how in the world did the cat manage to get to the top of a door? Why would they even want to go there? If we had a penny for every time a cat somewhere did something this egregious, we’d probably have enough to buy the moon.