40+ Cats That Are Actually Reincarnated Birds

By Bruna L

For some reason, cats love trees! It doesn’t matter if they’re majestic lions in the savanna, big tigers and jaguars of the jungle, or even your average house cat. Their desire to look at the world from above is because of the way they hunt in the wild. As we all know, the higher you are, the better your chance of getting food.

Domesticated cats still love trees, in part to satisfy their hunter nature, but also because they actually enjoy the freedom of being up high. There is nothing better than napping all cozy and comfortable on some tree branches, after all. In fact, some cats love it so much that we can’t help but compare them to birds. If you want to see some cute cats having some crazy adventures on top of trees, step right in. Here are 40 funny cats that think they are birds.

Sneaky hunter

It is only when we stop our everyday human shenanigans and start to watch nature closely that we can truly appreciate just how lucky we are to survive in this world. There are so many animals that are better than us in many different aspects of life.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This cat, for example, has mastered hunting in a way we would never be able to without our tools. Sitting inside a bird feeder, motionless, using its white fur as camouflage on a snowy winter day to catch unaware birds? Simply genius!

Let it go

If you think about it, it’s funny how different we humans can be from one another, even though we’re the same animal. Depending on where you’re from or are currently living, you can be more or less capable of withstanding the cold or the heat.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Kiloueka

Looking at the cats above, it’s obvious which one of them is used to the cold and which one isn’t. After all, if you’re used to warmer, tropical weather, it doesn’t matter how much fur you have, you’ll always be miserable in the snow.

Cat tree, literally

Trees are one of the coolest things we have on this Earth, if you think about it. They can filter both air and water, they provide shade and shelter for plants and animals alike, and, selfishly, they give us some really good shady spots for our picnics.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/BillyGoat956961

And, apparently, they make great homes for our beloved felines. Who knew that cats grew on trees? That’s right. You plant them, you water them and after a few months, your cats are all in bloom! The orange one on the left looks pretty ripe already.

Head in the clouds

No matter what species they are, babies will always be super cute. When it comes to kittens, though, they are a whole new level of adorable. Like human babies, they sleep all the time — sometimes, in the most unbelievable places.

Image Courtesy of Paws Planet

This one, somehow, got away from his momma and managed to climb up a tree. We guess he got so bored of waiting to be rescued, that he actually fell asleep on the branches. Hopefully he’s not a sleepwalker; that would be disastrous!

Healthy habit

Just like humans, your indoor cat also needs sunlight and exercise. Instead of letting them roam free around the neighborhood — which can be super dangerous for both the local fauna and your furry baby — why don’t you take them out for a walk?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Watch_The_Karma_Burn

Choose a leash of the appropriate size and make sure to acclimate them with the outside with short walks first, though. Soon enough, your pet will be just as relaxed and happy as the cat above, whose picture was taken during a walk in the local park.

“Hear me roar”

Not many people know this, but cats are just as territorial as dogs. Sure, they usually won’t pee all over your house, but that doesn’t mean they don’t consider it theirs. Things get even worse when it comes to public spaces.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/mugs_p2

See that beautiful cherry tree over there? Yeah, it belongs to that cat. If you try to approach him while he is hanging out in his favorite spot, you’re probably going to get a reaction similar to the one in this picture. Don’t trespass, human!

Good morning

It must feel amazing to be able to take naps on top of trees. The cool breeze blowing past you, the sun shining high, nature’s sweet smells all around you — literally one of the best feelings in the world. Maybe that’s why cats love trees so much.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/trepmal

Of course, it’s hard for them to climb down and many times they need help from humans, but it’s all worth it in the end. Look at this fluffy boy here, for example. Doesn’t he look relaxed and ready for the day? Who wouldn’t want to feel that way?

Free real state

One of the biggest things people look for when they’re moving houses is the view. No one wants to live looking out into boring concrete walls for the rest of their lives, after all. A great view not only is pleasing, but it also amps up the cost of a house.

Image Courtesy of Paws Planet

That’s why this particular group of cats is so intent on looking at whatever is happening behind the camera. They’re all going to live together soon and are checking out the landscape behind their favorite tree. We’d sure love to have them as neighbors!

The floor is lava

Cat paws are super sensitive — even moreso than a dog’s paw! That’s why they usually don’t like anything too cold or too hot. If it feels off to you, you can bet it feels a thousand times worse for your cat.

Image Courtesy of Facebook

That’s why pictures like the one above are so common. Cats don’t like snow because it’s cold and wet, so they prefer to climb up on trees. They also stay close together for heat, because no matter how much fur you have, you still feel cold, apparently.

Millionaire cat

When you have money to burn, no place in the world is too expensive or too exclusive for you. Fancy clubs, horse races, super modern yachts, you have access to everything and anything you may want. But even if the world is your backyard, you still need a place to call home.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/nkeavy

This millionaire cat here knows this all too well and that’s why he decided to use the inheritance his owner left him to buy a whole country club just for himself. Now he can roam free and climb trees whenever he wants.

Why are the trees meowing?

Anyone who has ever interacted with a feline can tell you that these babies know how to hold a grudge! Step on their tails once by accident and you’re their enemy for life. Switched their treats? You can be sure they’ll meow all night long.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Veloreyn

This one here, though, went a little bit too far if you ask us. Apparently, the neighbor’s dogs are the most annoying creatures in the world, their food sucks and their backyard is definitely not shady enough. Buddy, please, get out of that tree!

Fantasy cat

This may seem like an obvious statement, but cats are literally everywhere! Every city, state, and country has a bunch of them around and even fictional stories can’t escape their furry little butts and sharp little claws. Even if sometimes all we get is a fantastical version of them.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Yoshi_Yoshisaur

The Chronicles of Narnia, for example, have the mighty Aslan representing all the felines in our boring, real-life Earth. Cats love him, of course, and that’s why this one here is cosplaying as him for this photoshoot. You can even see the famous lamppost in the background.


Because we are humans, sometimes we make choices in life that we tend to regret later. This is totally normal and to be expected. After all, how could we grow as people if we never make mistakes? That would be impossible!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/dusty_studiocat

Sometimes, though, other animals go through the same process and it’s always hilarious to witness. This cat, for example, climbed this tree expecting to find a nice little branch to sleep on. Except, this tree is not built like that. Guess who’s stuck now?

Not quite a koala

It’s a known fact that Australia has some of the weirdest animals in the world. Koalas, for example – these super cute marsupials can sleep for about eighteen hours a day and eat nothing but eucalyptus leaves! No wonder people confuse them for teddy bears.

Image Courtesy of Facebook/Anime-i

They love climbing up trees and their well-developed paws evolved just for that. Super cool, right? Take a look at the koala above and you’ll… wait a minute. That’s not a koala at all! That’s your average house cat, he’s just sleeping weirdly. Dang, bamboozled again!

Ca-caw? More like meow!

It’s incredible how ridiculously creative our brains can be sometimes. We see the simplest shapes with little to no information, and boom — there goes our brains filling in the gaps. In the image below, for example, what do you see?

Image Courtesy of Twitter/SisBHq4N9PuKz4G

If you said a bunch of crows sitting on top of a tree, you’re wrong. Those are actually cats. The fact we can’t really see their colors, only their basic shapes against the branches, is what makes our brains go haywire and fools our eyes!


No matter how big or small a cat is, they’ll always act like their bigger savanna cousins when they’re relaxed at home. Seriously, look up any lion video online and then pay attention to how your cat behaves around the house — it’s exactly the same vibe.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/lekkerlah

This big fluff here, though, got his lion vibes from watching too much The Lion King when he was just a kitten. Now he goes around climbing trees, pretending he’s the king of the entire neighborhood. He certainly owns all of our hearts, that’s for sure.

The cutest little panther

When you get used to our modern urban life, you usually stop thinking about the dangers that lurk around the countryside. If you live in a tropical country, for example, you forget about the huge snakes and the crocodiles and the big, ferocious cats!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/rosetacuca

If you’re the owner of the cutie above, though, you won’t have the time to forget about the jaguars and leopards. Apparently, this one thinks he’s a black panther himself, stalking his prey — you — from the top of the trees. Watch out!

New York, New York

Not many people know about this, but cats have a pretty strong artistic vein underneath all of their fur! Some of them are singers and love giving late night concerts atop their neighbors’ houses, while others prefer to model for photographs.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/earthmoonsun

This particular group here, for example, loves recreating historical photos. Their most recent work, as we can see above, was an almost-perfect shot of the famous Lunch atop a Skyscraper, taken by Charles C. Ebbets in 1932. Pretty good recreation, considering they’re just cats!

Tree guardian

There are many benefits to having a big property. Fresh air, a closer connection to nature, the possibility of having your own small garden or orchard… The only problem is sometimes you don’t have much control over people who simply wander in.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Chippersaurus99

You can always get yourself a dog, but they are loud and if you want to catch the pesky kid that keeps stealing your apples, you need something stealthier. Like the cat above, for example. If you can see him, then it’s already too late.


If you think about it, it must be amazing to be a cat. All the freedom in the world to roam around and the powerful and dexterous body to do so. Hungry? Just go and hunt something. Thirsty? There’s a puddle right over there.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/JustTheBigBaby

Amazing, right? Unfortunately, no matter how much freedom you have, every action has a consequence. Sure, you can take your nap on top of a tree, but how do you come down? You don’t, of course, and that’s exactly what happened to our crying buddy here.

That’s my spot

For some reason, people tend to navigate towards some particular spots no matter where they’re sitting. Sure, the whole couch is the same, but we all have our favorite spot. Some of us can sit anywhere and some of us can only sit there. That’s normal… right?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/keryder

Looking at the picture above, we know quite well who prefers to sit where and who’s invading the other cat’s space. The orange boy here seems super relaxed, but look at the gray boy in the background. We’re pretty sure someone is about to get pushed over.

Tangled up

No matter how graceful we may think cats are, sometimes they can’t help but be little balls of goofiness. Chasing their own tails around, fixating on nothing at all, jumping for no reason whatsoever. The list goes on and on.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/DKIsmarani

This one here is no exception. He was so full of energy and got so excited while playing in his owner’s backyard, that he ended up climbing a tree. The problem is, he is not really sure how to come down now. Don’t worry, babe, the firemen are on the way!

Tuxedo gentlemen

There are many varieties of cats out there. Big, small, full of fur, or completely bald. Some people prefer certain breeds over others, but all of them are as full of love as the next. If they’re cat-shaped and can purr, then they’re perfect for you!

Image Courtesy of successlifelounge.com

Tuxedo cats, like the ones shown here, are also beloved by pretty much everyone! They may not be part of a specific breed of cat and rather get their names from their two-toned coats, but they’re as good as any other feline.

Straight to the Olympics

If you think about it, every single cat out there could become a successful athlete one day! They’re fast, strong, graceful, and smart. No matter what sport or category it may be, there would probably be gold medals all around for them.

Image Courtesy of Facebook/cats.english.alliance

This one here, for example, may be a bit on the chonkier side, but he’s just as graceful as anyone else. Point in case, his gymnastic routine on top of these thin tree branches. Tens, tens, tens across the board!

A matter of height

For cats, being up high on trees is not only just a matter of having fun but also a matter of survival. Up there, they can see any predators that might be lurking around and also stalk their prey even if they’re far away!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/frosteeorange

That’s probably why Polly here is so intent on reaching the highest branches possible, even if they’re thin little things that may or may not support her weight. Cats do love their trees, though, and we’re pretty sure we couldn’t stop her from climbing even if we wanted to!

Overripe cats

We’ve talked about cat trees before, and mentioned how important it is to pick the cat fruit when it is ripe. No one wants an underripe or overripe cat. They’re much too bitter and almost impossible to handle in these situations!

Image Courtesy of Twitter/wayvvard

What we haven’t shown yet is how a cat tree looks if you let the fruit sit out for too long. As with other fruits, they’ll go black and won’t be good anymore, but sometimes they’ll become white. These ones are tougher to remove.

Japanese cat-tree

When we think about Japan, we usually think about the delicious food, the incredible technology, and the rich culture. Anime, sushi, neon lights and video game consoles everywhere! But did you know those aren’t the only things Japan is known for?

Image Courtesy of Reddit/RealLizurd

They also have trees that sprout cute, fluffy cats when they are in bloom, just like the one pictured above. That’s a joke, of course, but how cute are these little boys sitting on their amazingly beautiful plum tree? Perfection!

Who spies on the spy?

When you’re a world-famous spy, it is important to always stay a step ahead of your opponents. You need to be quick of body and mind and versatile enough to fit in whatever situation. It is not only your job on the line, but your life as well.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/Moonhalf

This cat here knew the risks all too well, but still decided to infiltrate the crow’s embassy. What he didn’t expect was to be greeted by a fellow cat spy. Or is he just a crow spy dressed up as a cat? We’ll never know.

Ain’t no tree high enough

For some reason, cats love climbing stuff. No matter how tall or how dangerous the ascent is, they’ll always find a way to be at the top, no matter what! The problem is, once they’re up there, they don’t always have the courage to come down.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Bastianator

Like this cute boy here, for example. He loves climbing up the trees around his neighborhood, but more often than not he needs help getting back on the ground. Why does he keep doing this to himself? It makes no sense.

Say cheese

Cats are very much like people — all of them have their own beauty, but only some would make good models. After all, this job is not only about being beautiful and majestic, it’s also about discipline, resilience, and mental fortitude.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/cosmo_and_bowie

We don’t know about you, but we feel this cat here is one of the very few who could be a great model. He is gorgeous, of course, but he also doesn’t shy away from the camera and can actually hold a pose for more than three seconds.

Solitary hunter

You may not believe it, but your average house cat is as much of a predator as their bigger, more dangerous cousins. As solitary hunters, they will kill and probably eat anything smaller than them, no matter how good their industrialized cat food is.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/treyeverettcreates

As any seasoned hunter can tell you, the best way to catch prey is to both be well-camouflaged and have the high ground against them — sometimes literally. This cat is doing exactly that. Hopefully, no bird will fall for his deadly trap.

Ninja cats’ reunion

Believe it or not, ninjas aren’t just fictional characters. They actually existed in the real world. They were basically super-spies in feudal Japan and were well-versed in all sorts of covert actions. They were quick, smart, and dexterous — pretty much like cats.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/50pets

It’s no wonder the techniques required for this particular line of work were easily absorbed by house cats. Here we can even see them having a reunion to decide the future of their organization. They’re still used to Japan’s time zone, though. Won’t someone turn off the lights?

Bird feeding

If you’re an experienced cat owner, you’re probably well aware of this little fact already, but cats are super stubborn. If they set their minds to something, you can bet they’ll get it no matter what! Milo here is no different.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/plumecat

He watched the birds on the birdfeeder and decided he wanted to get as close as possible, for… reasons. So, very graciously, he climbed on the tiny little tree right beside it and waited. Stealth is not really his forte, but we got to applaud his obstinacy.


Committees can be found pretty much anywhere power is accumulated, especially in governments, businesses, and all sorts of other organizations. They’re there to make sure everything is running smoothly and no one is taking more than what they are due.

Image Courtesy of Paws Planet

With that in mind, we wonder what is it exactly the cat government is up to these days, considering the creation of the committee above. We would never gossip about other animals’ governments, but we’ve heard cat president is taking sardines under the table!

Baby hunter

Cats are majestic creatures, everybody knows that. From their long, powerful bodies, to their sharp claws and teeth. No matter how big or small, a cat on the hunt is one of the most impressive and scary images one can see.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/jasper_and_tauri

Especially if you’re the one being hunted! This is a huge problem if you’re in the jungle or the savanna, but is way less scary — and much cuter, we must admit — if you’re playing in your backyard. Who’s mommy’s fierce hunter? It’s you!

Orange tree

Not many people know this, but the kind of orange you get in your supermarket is not the only one around. In reality, there are about four hundred to six hundred varieties of oranges in the world! How cool is that?

Image Courtesy of successlifelounge.com

What you also didn’t know, is that there is a new kind being produced at the moment. They’re a mix of kiwi with your average orange, which makes them a bit fuzzy on the outside and kind of sour on the inside. You can see some of them growing above.

Loving couple

Every couple out there can tell you that the secret to a strong, long-lasting marriage is communication, honesty, and excitement. Always be honest and always talk to your partner, but also make sure you two have things to do besides sit by each other every day.

Image Courtesy of Facebook/Cats Gallery

These two here, for example, decided to drop the kids at their grandma’s house and went on a week-long vacation together. Just the two of them, the tallest tree in the yard, and the beautiful, romantic snow falling all around them. Dreamy!

Foolproof plan

We all know cats are super smart. Sometimes, too smart for their own good. They’ll find ways to escape their own houses if they feel like it, they’ll climb up to places they can’t really come down from on their own. The list goes on and on.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Hauge

This guy here noticed that birds tended to flock together on this little birdfeeder and he, being the hungry boy that he is, figured that the best way to catch one of them was to hide inside it. Birds aren’t as stupid as their tiny brain make them seem, though.

Arr, matey!

Even though we’re the most intelligent species on the planet, we still don’t know exactly what happens when we die. There are many versions out there to choose from, but if we have to bet, reincarnation is still on the table considering this cat’s abilities.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/jasper_kitty_gram

It is clear for all to see that in a past life he was a sailor. Looking at him climbing the tree like that, it is obvious he had to climb the main mast many times before to either unfurl the sails or get to the crow’s nest. Land ahoy!

Fake birds

If you have ever visited an orchard, you probably noticed some decoys on the trees to keep birds away from their fruit. If you’re using fake bird decoys, though, you may want to watch out for another critter stalking around your trees…

Image Courtesy of Reddit/satsumanightmare

Cats! As we all know, cats love hunting birds and if they see a fake one hanging from a tree, they will try to catch it. It is not much of a problem for your fruit, because cats don’t really like them, but it certainly will be for your decoys — they’ll get destroyed!