40 Hilarious Images That Accurately Show What Cat Owners Deal With Every Day Of Their Lives

By Ekhama O

Cats are some of the most beloved companions all around the world, and there’s a good reason for that. They’re adorable, cuddly, and some of the most majestic animals. What else could anyone ever want in a pet?!

While their fur pattern and their sizes might differ, some of their habits are pretty much universal, and we’re talking about more than just meowing and purring. If you’ve ever wondered what life’s like living with a feline, or you’re already an owner looking for some relatable content, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve combed through the home of the best cat content (also known as the internet) to bring you these 40 photos that show what it’s like having a pet cat.

All images in this article are courtesy of CokedOutCats on Facebook.

The Mad Cat

This one’s pretty unusual because cats aren’t known for showing facial expressions. Showing anger, frustration, and happiness is primarily a human thing, but not for this cat, it seems. Something’s really upset him, and we wonder what it might be.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

An angry cat is not a friendly cat. If they’ve got sharp claws and you try to approach them during one of those moments, you stand a chance of getting yourself some nice scars as memorabilia to remember your unwise actions.

Gotta Call The Claw Enforcement!

Everyone needs some cash, whether it’s for food, water, or other needs like some high-quality catnip. That’s why this kitty’s motivations aren’t wrong. The real problem here is why a cat would even be allowed to have a bank account.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

That isn’t us being discriminatory – far from that! We’re all for equality, and if a cat can handle the paperwork, then they deserve to have an account. But this feline looks pretty shady, and we might just need to call the cops.

Cat-tue (Or Cat Statue)

Cats aren’t the most social animals. Because of the way they behave sometimes, we often assume cats are somewhat prideful, which isn’t exactly the case most times. Take this cat, for example. Any onlooker would assume she is full of pride.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

In reality, she might just like the view from the pedestal. Maybe she was observing something and wanted to get a better angle. The reasons for her actions are unknown, but let’s not be hasty and assume it’s because of her pride. Though she looks so good, she earned the right to be overly confident.

The Original Animal Planet

As pet owners, we have a tendency to go above and beyond for our adorable pets, and that’s because we love them. This man bought an old TV and turned it into a cat bed not only because his cat didn’t have one but to give his cat the unique home it deserves.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

If your cat has always had a passion for acting but never got the chance to land a role or to make it to the big screens, this is one way to cheer them up. It’s an amazing idea, and if this were ever an actual show, we’d binge it for days on end!

The Cat-Street Boys

Cats are known for making just three main sounds: meowing, purring, and hissing every now and then. But what many people may not know is that these cute animals pretty skilled at busting rhymes and spitting some pretty great bars too.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

One cat singing alone is enough to bring in a crowd, but when four team up to make a band, they’ll be able to gather the masses. They’ve got the looks, they’ve got the talent, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these four!

The Long Nap

Taking long naps is an overall therapeutic activity that not only we humans need, but animals too. Cats are already known for their long hours of sleep, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten used to it, just like this one here.

Image courtesy of AHappierDay / Twitter

You’d think someone who spends more than half of their day sleeping would get used to its effects, but just like us, you’re wrong. Just as much as cats, we usually have no idea where we are after a long nap and want nothing but to resume our slumber.

Behold The Cheeseburger In All Its Glory

Cat food can sometimes be boring, especially when you keep getting the same brand with the same old flavor. This can make your cat’s meals unappetizing at times, which probably explains why they resort to asking for different and more exciting foods. And that includes asking for, or even stealing, your food.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

There’s really no reason why you should ever leave a burger unguarded out in the open when you know that your sneaky cat is lurking around. Either you wanted them to eat your food, or you’re genuinely a naive and trusting person.

The Hungry Cat

If you’ve had a pet for a while, you’ll notice that they’ve been conditioned to respond to specific signals in a certain way. For instance, if you always give your cat a treat after they show you their big cute eyes, they’ll keep doing that in hopes you keep giving them treats.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

This cat is employing that very same cunning yet absolutely adorable tactic to get some food from its owner, and we don’t know if they were offered some after this. But we’d be emptying out our pantry if a cat ever looked at us this way!

Who Doesn’t?

We’re bananas for all sorts of meals, but one that really stands out for us is pasta. We absolutely love pasta, and it seems it’s not just us who do. This cat loves spaghetti almost as much as we do, and we can tell.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

While the sauce mustache on their white fur is cute, we do have to call people’s attention to a relevant fact. Some spaghetti sauce can be pretty harmful to cats because they contain spices like onions and garlic. These spices aren’t the best for our kitties, so take note of that!


One trick to sustaining a healthy relationship is to be open to compromise, just like these two were. One partner wanted a cat and the other a cow, so instead of choosing either, they went for an option that was sure to make both of them happy.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

They decided to get a cat that has spots like a cow! While we still think one party got the better end of the deal, it doesn’t matter as long as they both are okay with it. Our question now is, does it meow like a cat, moo like a cow, or “meoo” like cat-tle?

Infinite Litter

Changing the kitty litter can be a huge pain for some owners, and taking care of their doo-doo can even be worse when they’re not yet trained! But what if there were a way you wouldn’t need to take care of that?

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

By moving to the desert, you can have a limitless sandbox at your disposal! No need to clean or worry about your cat messing up your home, and while it isn’t a very feasible idea, it’s still worth the shot.

Judgmental Cats

There’s nothing like having people by your side to support you and make you feel much better about your situation when you’re at a low point in life. When you bounce back, you’ll have those people to thank for keeping you afloat.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

However, when this kitty recovers from its procedure, we don’t think he’ll have any of his brothers to thank. None of them cared to offer him a hug or some encouraging words while his head was in the “comfy cone” that looked very uncomfy.

We Think We’ve Had Enough

Nearly every single pet loves it when you give them a good rub. They haven’t got the features to do it themselves, so when we pat them, we may think they don’t want it to stop because of how good it feels.

Image courtesy of Browtweaten / Twitter

On the contrary, some of our pets are pretty sick and tired of our grubby hands always finding their way through their fur. They may be incredibly adorable and often appear to like it a lot, but we should know when they don’t appreciate it and stop immediately.

The Biggest Mysteries Of The World

As a civilization, we’ve gone to Mars, innovated cutting-edge tech, improved medicine, invented the internet, and canceled Ellen DeGeneres – all of which are feats that seemed impossible. But, one thing we seemed to have trouble overcoming is answering these questions.

Image courtesy of tastefullyoffensive / russianwholesomeness / Tumblr / elinmeat / Twitter

Of course, the clever person attempted to uncover the truths behind these mysteries. While it’s a good answer, we feel it is still inadequate. That’s why we came up with our own. How? Because he’s a cat. Why? Because he can. You’re welcome.

The Yoga Cat

Cats are cute, just like dogs, but the two animals are vastly different. Besides their obvious distinction in looks and in sound, dogs are incredibly active animals, while cats aren’t big fans of physical exercise. It kind of reminds us of active and sedentary humans!

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

They prefer to purr, eat, and, much like the one above, sleep for most of the hours of the day. This means they can be deemed lazy, but if you haven’t got the time to play catch or take long walks with your pet, a cat will make a great companion for you!

Old Habits Never Die

There are loads of fun activities you can do when it’s snowing or even mildly cold outside. Whether it’s going ice skating, snowboarding, making a snowman, or snow angels, the options are literally limitless! If you’re a winter person, you’ll relate to this meme.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

Inhaling and exhaling the winter air is just too much fun. We breathe in some air, wait for it to warm up inside us, and release it into the cold, just to watch our breath leave our mouths. It might sound silly, but gosh, is it fun to do!

Cat On-The-Go

There’s nothing that can cause more of an inconvenience to us than needing something at a particular moment in time and not having it. This can be anything from a feature on our phone to a cute and furry companion to improve our mood.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

We can’t help you with the first, but there might be a solution to gloomy days with this pocket kitten. Don’t ask us where we got the stats from, but scientists have shown that carrying a kitten in your pocket can reduce stress levels by a whopping seven thousand percent! How amazing is that?

Look What You Made Me Do

Every now and then, cats can express behavior that can only be described as attention-seeking. They meow excessively, nibble on you for absolutely no reason, and will even go as far as disrupting your game. How do you explain this to your teammates?

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

Well, that’s what we assumed happened here. The fact that there’s no caption on this image makes it a billion times more hilarious. Maybe the cat was desperate for attention. Maybe they didn’t like that the gamer was wearing a dog shirt. We’ll never know!

The “Meow-fia

Getting something you need taken away from you can be awfully painful and infuriating, but getting your property seized is an entirely different thing. Just imagine how this dog must have felt when he arrived at what used to be his home.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

The notorious cat gang, the meow-fia, has hijacked this poor puppy’s kennel. The dog should have fought back. But seeing as it would be a three-on-one encounter, and the white cat looks particularly menacing, we understand why he’s maintaining his composure.

Catma Gandhi

We compared this cat to Gandhi because their attire resembles what the historical figure wore. Of course, felines are known for being adorable, fluffy, and clever, but when this wise cat dropped this quote, it shocked the whole world for a bit. 

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

The cat seems to be warning the others of the red dot’s deception, and we’ve never been more scared. Are the cats secretly more intelligent than we give them credit for? Does this signal the start of an uprising? Only time will tell, we guess.

The Collector

There are some qualities we may feel can only apply to us as humans due to our superior intellect and whatnot, but these qualities can also apply to animals. Elephants can be vengeful, and cats can enjoy the thrill of collecting.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

Here’s a cat that loves her beautiful array of rocks and enjoys adding more to the stash. Her smile is so adorable, and taking a look at the stones, we have to say, the cat’s got taste. They’re all super unique, and we’d have probably kept them too.

Cat Thief

We’re suckers for paintings. Da Vinci, Picasso, Dali – you name them, we’re probably their biggest fans. We love art, and we love cats, so when you combine the two into one unit, you best believe we’ll be ogling at whatever it is.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

This painting illustrates a cat (probably a feral one) stealing a massive fish from two hardworking fishermen. The humans appear very upset at the fact but seem to be doing nothing to retrieve their lunch. We don’t know the message here, but it’s a pretty brilliant work of art!

The Annoyed Feline

Ever been in such a foul mood that just about anything anyone says gets you riled up? We get that feeling too. And if you’ve ever felt that way before, you’d also know what this chubby cat must be feeling. 

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

The look of disdain on this feline’s face isn’t entirely unwarranted. We totally agree; we’d look at anyone who had said this in the same manner too. The heat can be unbearable sometimes, and anyone who thinks that’s “nice weather” has got something coming their way.

Midnight Groom

Pets groom themselves, and that’s why many owners don’t fancy having their pets on the furniture or in personal spaces like the bedroom. It can be due to health concerns (like worsening allergies) or simply not wanting to hear their loud grooming at night.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

You get home after a hard day’s work, and all you can think about is going to sleep. When you finally get the chance to do so, you can’t because your cat is making all sorts of noises as they groom themselves. We love our pets but nothing comes between us and our sleep!

The Detective

If you’ve ever been caught doing something wrong, your first reaction would be to either deny your actions or plaster a surprised look on your face, acting shocked that you got caught. It seems to us that this cat went for the latter.

Image courtesy of cat_dot_exe / Twitter

From the looks of it, the television wasn’t even fastened somewhere. Maybe the cat isn’t staring at the camera out of guilt. The cat could be judging the fact that this person should have known their TV would have eventually toppled over.

Trust Issues

Before you can adopt a pet, there has to be a deep connection between the two of you because the pet will have a new home and see new faces. And settling in can be difficult if there isn’t a bond. On top of having a connection, building trust is just as important.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

While this is just a hilarious meme, and we can’t tell if this is true or not, that cat looks like they’re on guard against whatever anyone is planning, which is a little understandable. We’d also be vigilant if anyone held us tight in their sleep!


For us, it’s pretty difficult to fall asleep, but once we do, it can be even harder to wake up. That’s not just because we love the comfort our beds provide but also because we don’t want the mess of a dream we have to end.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

Our dreams are either totally insane or rarely centered around something like this. They can be totally insane and have the most absurd scenarios playing out. At times, it can be a bit intriguing. If dreams have meanings, we’re scared to find out what ours mean.

The First Catch

This story is self-explanatory, mostly because this cat’s owner has been so kind to us by explaining what actually happened. Without the caption at the top, a cat presenting a leaf to two other cats would have been pretty random.

Image courtesy of Yvonne_C_Jackson / Instagram

He seems to be looking away, but we hope it isn’t out of shame. It’s clear he really wants to impress his new brothers, poor guy. We wonder what his brothers are thinking, but we hope they cheered him on.

You Made Your Bed, And I Lie In It

Nothing brings greater nighttime comfort than snuggling up to your warm and soft bed. This feeling is so amazing that when your pet gets a taste of it, they might never want to leave your bed, even when you need them to.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

As a cat owner, you must maneuver your way around your bed, trying to make it the best way you can with your cat still on top. Not the easiest task, you might think to yourself, but that’s the small price you have to pay to keep your kitty comfy.


Everyone who loves sweets or chocolate sandwich cookies has definitely heard of or even tried an Oreo. Besides the regular Oreos, there’s a double-stuffed cookie with “twice the cream,” and this guy thought it would be funny if each cat sat in the box accordingly.

Image courtesy of custermustache / Reddit

It turns out that his idea is hilarious and adorable. We can’t help but wonder how much time and patience it took whoever captured this photo to wait for the right timing. It’s an amazing feat, and we applaud their efforts!

The Face Sleeper

When you sleep, you’re basically in an unconscious state of rest. This is exactly why you’ll have little to no control over how you look while you’re catching those ZZZs. To be honest, you shouldn’t even care how you look when you get some well-deserved rest.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

We’ve seen a lot of weird sleeping positions in our lifetime, and this is probably the goofiest. But, hey, if the cat’s comfortable, who are we to judge? It manages to look good all the while, so that’s all that matters.

We Are This Cat And This Cat Is Us

As humans, we’re a pretty diverse species. We have different wants, needs, and likes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t characteristics we share or feelings we can’t relate to. One of the things that is hardly ever mentioned is this next feeling.

Image courtesy of Hirotaka / Reddit

Nearly everyone knows what it’s like to feel bloated. Whether it’s because you’ve had way too much to eat or you’re housing another human being, we’ve felt this way before. We’re not sure if this cat’s full or pregnant, but they embody the feeling.

What It Looks Like When You Accept Defeat 

Some of us want money and fame, and others want stability and good health, with happiness and peace of mind being at the top of their list. In contrast, cats just want food, water, shelter, some care, and a lot of yarn.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

This cat, however, got to find out that what they wanted wasn’t really what they needed to feel better. Although blessed with a ball of yarn, the cat still looks somewhat sober and proves that happiness doesn’t lie in material belongings. Thank you, cat, for your message.

The Angry Cat, Part II!

A cat is a carnivorous animal, and its need for meat is basically essential for them to survive. It’s not like it’s their choice or anything; they just aren’t adapted to purely plant-based food. No wonder this feline looks annoyed at his meal.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

Forget the situation for a second. How impressive is it that this person was able to capture the cat with that expression on its face? We’re amazed at how the cat could contort their face in that manner, and we hope they got a more proper meal after the display.

I am the night” – This Cat, Probably

Taking a great picture of a cat is surprisingly hard. You want to capture them with the right lighting while they’re making a good pose, but this task can be far more difficult if you own a cat whose fur is nearly Vantablack.

Image courtesy of TranslatedCats / Twitter

This cat is one of those cats, and, although you can’t see the features of its face, we’d guess taking a picture of it would be much easier with better lighting. Maybe it’d be easier if they went outside or, even better, to an actual studio!

Proceed At Your Own Peril

Despite how adorable and soft they might look, a cat can become your worst nightmare if you dare cross them. This cat is obviously a celebrity (you can tell by the glasses and the confident facial expression), and while you might want to feel some of their luxurious fur, we’d reckon you won’t even try.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

Cats have feelings, too, and they know how to set boundaries as well. We might not always know when we’re overstepping, but looking out for the signs is good. This clever rhyme in the caption and the cat sending a subtle but clear message is one of these signs.


From what we’ve seen in this post so far, it’s pretty clear cats are multi-faceted beings. They’re not just cuddly and adorable companions; they can be like criminals or like wise men. Apparently, they can even pass as computer hardware.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

This cat is a very functional and necessary piece of equipment for this person’s device. We know what you’re thinking, and we have no idea what function they perform either. All we know is that this setup would be a pile of junk without this cat.

Feline With A cat-itude

From what we’ve seen in this post, it’s pretty clear that cats are capable of having human-like personalities. Their personalities will shine through regardless of who the cats are with. This pet owner decided to take reward her cats in a creative way.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

They evaluate the kittens’ behavior weekly, and the adorable cats get treats based on their personalities for that week. Maisy was the best cat of the week, and Leo was a bit unruly. We hope Leo’s gotten rid of the sass now so he can get that bag of treats!

Compact Playlist

We like to pride ourselves on being music enthusiasts. Whether it’s classical music, rock music, afrobeats, or even heavy metal, we love them all! We are basically gurus when it comes to music, but we must confess, we’re guilty of this too.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

There are close to a billion songs on our playlist, but for some odd reason, we only ever want to listen to a select few. It’s just the same old tracks over and over again, so this meme is pretty spot-on!

Tell Them Something They Don’t Know

Not long ago, there was a social media trend where people would go around stopping random people just to compliment them. The results were super wholesome, and they put a smile on just about anyone’s face. A photographer tried to recreate the trend, but this time with cats.

Image courtesy of CokedOutCats / Facebook

She took a photo of this cat, testing to see how their facial expression would change after she complimented them. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t change at all. It’s a funny meme, but they most likely didn’t understand what the photographer was saying. Or maybe it understood but thought the photographer was just stating the obvious.