The Never-Ending Comedy Of Cats: Funny Feline Moments Caught On Camera

By Phillipa G

It is a monumental challenge to find anything to say about the potential of cats to get involved in hilarious hijinks that hasn’t already been said. It’s as if our fur babies have a built-in humor prediction algorithm; they always know exactly what to do to cause the utmost chaos. And our phone storage pays the price. Every cat owner knows the feeling of having their SD card cluttered with gigabytes upon gigabytes of pictures of their pet being goofballs.

Of course, the internet (that’s us!) doesn’t mind. On the contrary, we eat it up. Please give us all the funny cat pictures! We will “aww” at every single one. Smell that? No, not the cat litter, the comedy! These pictures are sure to meow-gically brighten your day.

Hands up

Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care! This cat, named Keys, just can’t stop putting her hands in the air. Looking like she’s at a rave or being held up by police, Keys is constantly raising the roof.

Image: AdanEvin / imgur

Strangers to Keys may think she looks like she’s about to pounce, especially in the bottom picture, but she’s just comfortable like that. It must be so much easier for her to reach things like this, so maybe the pose has function as well. Whatever floats your boat, Keys!

What a yawn

We all know that yawning is contagious. If you see someone yawning (or sometimes just hear someone yawn), you’ll probably yawn too. Heck, we yawned from simply reading that last sentence! We’re not exactly sure about the science behind this, but these feline friends have surely put it to the test.

Image: kuherrm / Reddit

Sitting in a line, each cat yawns one after the other, which makes for one cute photo opportunity of the three cats. It also shows that yawns really are contagious, so we’re sorry if this picture made you yawn as well.


Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, everyone can agree that cats can be absolutely adorable sometimes. This cat is exhibit A. Just take a look at its huge eyes and little freckles — who could say no to that face?

Image: FunnyBrownie12 / Reddit

If you look closely, you can see the cat’s little tongue poking out of its mouth in the first picture. With that facial expression and the tongue poke, our hearts might explode from the cuteness. This kitty should come with a health warning because it might cause heart palpitations.

Musical talent

Cats are known to lounge around their owners’ houses lazily. They’re not really a pet that you need to walk or keep entertained for long periods of time. However, this cat clearly has extraordinary energy levels, judging by this hilarious pose.

Image: shirophine / Reddit

Maybe it’s break-dancing, practicing some boxing, or performing a hip-hop show; we can’t tell. We do know that this cat has a serious attitude and the star factor to go far. Its poor owners must not have realized what they got themselves into. 

Breath of fire

Who doesn’t love a perfectly timed photo? The owner of this cat lined up a perfect picture with a biiiiig yawn and a sunset. The result looks like the owner has a pet cat-dragon breathing a line of fire across the sky. 

Image: The Crazy Cat Lady / Facebook

It is too cute. The cat seems so adorable, not one bit like a scary attacking dragon that could actually breathe fire. It really doesn’t seem like anyone could ever be scared of this cute cat. Props to the owner for timing this funny picture!


This cat’s owner clearly has a lot of very affectionate friends. The poor thing looks so overwhelmed! Although it is all love, the cat looks like its social batteries have been drained, and it just wants to be alone. We’ve all been there!

Image: Laurie Gasper / Facebook

Maybe the feline has just become too accustomed to social distancing and isn’t used to close contact with people. Hopefully, in time, the cat will loosen up and accept all of the love and affection it is being given. Let us love you!

Attention, please!

Lola, this gorgeous girl, would like some of your attention, please. Needy pets are the cutest, and who can resist giving them a pat and a hug when they look at you like this? Lola knows exactly what she’s doing to get the pats she wants.

Image: Lilly Kühl / Facebook

Even though cats have a reputation for being cold and independent, this picture proves that’s not always true. We’re positive that Lola loved the cuddles she got after giving this look to her owner, and we’re glad that they took this picture first so that we can all enjoy it. 

Escaping kitten

Oh, for goodness sake, we just bought those blinds! Whether it was trying to escape, got a fright and jumped, or was playing around and went a bit too far, this cat has gotten itself into a bit of a pickle.

Image: Cat lovers / Facebook

The look of pleading on its face is both funny and adorable. The cat must have learned its lesson about heights the hard way and would have been very grateful to its owner for helping it get down. Too bad it can’t pay for the new set of blinds, the dang freeloader.

Nature lover

We’ve all been in a situation where we have something on our faces but haven’t realized it, and this kitten has experienced the same after playing in the grass. As kids, playing in the grass is so much fun that you never realize how dirty you get.

Image: Michelle Ducharme / Facebook

This little girl has been stuck with grass on her face for over half an hour and didn’t ever think to check! Luckily her owner snapped this cute picture of her (while, of course, having a little giggle at the kitten’s expense).

Now a funny one

This fun-loving cat has a strong selfie game, and we all know that at least one of the pics taken needs a tongue sticking out. The beauty queen, named Biscuit, has well and truly received the memo! She is too cute, and she knows it.

Image: Alyson Luckett / Facebook

We think that the camera roll on Biscuit’s owner’s phone is full of cute pics like this one, but how could you resist taking snaps when your pet is this cute? Biscuit will definitely be practicing her poses for her future shoots!


Have you ever had a meal so good you can’t help but get it all over your face because you had to devour it? Well, this little kitten has been in the same boat, too. No one can resist a yummy chocolate milkshake!

Image: Emily Blair / Facebook

The kitten clearly hasn’t learned proper table etiquette yet, but we can give it a pass, given it is so small and so adorable. It looks like it has seriously enjoyed whatever meal it has been given and probably was in a mega food coma after!


This cat is ready for the dentist and has mastered its biggest smile to show the doc all the (hopefully) healthy teeth. These chompers were ready and waiting for their Kodak moment, and the owner took full advantage to take this funny picture.

Image: Laurie Gasper / Facebook

This cat has not only show-stopping teeth but also gorgeous big blue eyes! They downright steal the show, and for a good reason. Although the poor thing looks a bit frightened, we are sure it is just a case of feline overdramatization.

Happy dreams

Dreams are sometimes bizarre and inexplicable, but other times they are amazing and make you wake up in a great mood. This cat, Pancake, is clearly having a great dream in this picture, judging by the colossal grin it’s got going on.

Image: Nikki Ardizzone / Facebook

Pancake is mimicking the Cheshire cat here, smiling from ear to ear. We would love to know what he is dreaming about because it seems so lovely. Next time someone tells you to say cheese for a picture, just think of Pancake’s big smile.

Post-surgery giggles

This cutie, Hapten, has just woken up from his neuter surgery, and like all good parents, his owners had their camera ready and on hand to capture all of the funny things that people and animals do when they’ve taken enough painkillers to sedate a hippopotamus.

Image: Cindy Engel / Facebook

Hapten seems to be all smiles and giggles in this picture. We are sure that once the painkillers wear off, though, this cat is going to be hurting something mean, so we hope that the owners are prepared for one insufferable kitty!

Mum, look!

This snow-colored cat looks like a kid who has just cleaned their room and rushed to their mother in order to get praise for a job well done. This cat looks so proud of itself; maybe we should give it what it wants.

Image: Narthaniel James Jiskra / Facebook

A lousy reaction would absolutely break its heart, given the enormous eyes it is looking up with. With its ears pinned back, it looks almost human. It looks so nervous about getting a good reaction and some praise. What a good little kitty.

Not today

Looking like all of us when our alarm goes off on a Monday morning, this gorgeous girl, Bella, is clearly not in the mood to get up today. You can almost hear the groan through the picture as she begrudgingly opens her eyes to the light.

Image: Caitlyn Cunningham / Facebook

It’s an absolute mood, and the fluffy hair around her face just makes this ten times cuter and ten times funnier. Hopefully, she wasn’t woken up in the middle of a great dream. Someone bring her 100 CCs of kitty coffee, stat!

Social distancing!

Social distancing is not a thing of the past for this little guy; he looks so frightened at the thought of being touched by this human. Luckily the cat has some moral support behind it, with another cat there to help out.

Image: Isaac Farm / Facebook

Cats are renowned for not always being the most friendly or affectionate animals, so it is no surprise that at least one picture on this list is of a cat that is repulsed by human touch. It certainly makes for a cute picture, though!

Nuggets for life

How good are McDonald’s chicken nuggets? Whether it’s after a night out, on a road trip, or just as comfort food, we all indulge in them occasionally. This cutie also agrees. Just look at the happiness in her eyes from this nugget!

Image: Laurie Gasper / Facebook

Though obviously not something to have on the daily, nuggets can cheer anyone up, and this cat is having the time of its life eating this yummy treat. The owner has timed this picture perfectly, showing the cat as it savors every minute of the eating experience.

Not happy

A universal childlike insult is to stick your tongue out at someone, and this cat has learned how to use it to a T. Unhappy after probably being told that it couldn’t have any more food, it retaliated in the most perfect way.

Image: Misty Richardson / Facebook

The owners snapped this shot at the perfect time, and you can really see in its eyes that it was trying to offend with its little tongue. It isn’t the least bit threatening, though — just too cute to ever be mean. 

Let me out!

This poor little cat has gotten itself stuck in a box, or maybe it is trying to be in its makeshift panic room on its own. Named Tupelo, this gorgeous cat is apparently not a huge fan of human affection.

Image: Laurie Gasper / Facebook

Tupelo likes to spend time alone in this box and is warning its owners not to try getting him out. It is kind of cute in a way, and also hilarious that he is so passionate about his alone time in such a barren spot. 


It’s obviously a hard knock life being a house cat, and one really needs to make sure they take their rest to be fully alert for their day ahead. This cat is having their main character moment; just look at the dramatic pose!

Image: Mona Reinvik / Facebook

The arm to the head looks like it’s reenacting Snow White when she faints. This cat is clearly taking a full-on sleep, not just a quick power nap. You can hear the snores and purrs through the screen! That’s how we would sleep, too, if we didn’t have bills to pay.

A troubled cat

This strange boy, named Rutabaga, makes some questionable facial expressions and sits and lies in some uncomfortable-looking positions. His owner, who has many cats in their home, has captured a number of pictures of Rutabaga in all his weird glory.

Image: Mya Coach / Facebook

Rutabaga likes to stick his feet out at strange angles and makes a face that looks like the poor thing is incredibly troubled. Despite his daydreaming, the cat must have incredibly flexible hips to be able to sit like that.

Wedding star

The star of the wedding is always the bride (and occasionally the groom as well). This cat wasn’t having any of this — it needed to be front and center of the photo shoot. The poor bride can’t even be seen in the background.

Image: The Cat Butler / Facebook

Weddings are also supposed to be fun — a huge party with your nearest and dearest to celebrate the love between two people. This cat, however, wanted to steal the show while looking as bored as ever. It looks like it just wants to be at home — definitely not up for a party.

Yawning or attacking?

This ginger cat has a very flexible jaw; just take a look at the size of its mouth! It is quite unclear if the cat is supposed to be yawning or is about to viciously attack the person taking this picture. 

Image: Ashton Harber / Facebook

Either way, it looks like the picture has been distorted, and the cat stretched out to make its mouth that wide. Given that the picture was taken, it seems like no one was injured, which was obviously a serious risk.

A big yawn!

This gorgeous black sphynx cat must have been completely done with everything on this day. The wrinkled skin makes this picture so much cuter than it already is, with the spiky ears and the poked-out tongue. It is the personification of the ‘:p’ emoji.

Image: Becki Price / Facebook

All pets are at their cutest when they yawn, but it is especially funny when they do it so loudly and dramatically, as if they have had a really long day at work. It makes for humorous and adorable pictures, though!

Hey, that’s me

For this orange furball, the rough sketch of a cat might as well be a reflection from a mirror. The shock on its face is too funny, and we can only imagine how confused it was. “Wait, I look like that?”

Image: Laurie Gasper / Facebook

Someone should tell Mr. Mittens that it’s just a drawing, or else he might start to become territorial. Starting a fight with a picture isn’t going to end well for the cat or the picture. That’s one fight we’d like to see on paw-per-view.

Going up

The grimace on this cat’s face shows the genuine exertion it had put out for this big stretch to the top of the couch. It is clearly a significant reach for the tiny animal, so well done to it for reaching up that high.

Image: Elizabeth Soriano / Facebook

The cat’s back will be knot-free after that, and it surely had an excellent sleep after being so relaxed. It also looks a little bit like it has launched itself up and toward the person taking the picture, making it even funnier.


Pets can be very needy for attention and don’t always like it when their owners are busy doing other things and aren’t playing with them or giving them pats. Take this cat, for example. It is purposely putting itself in the way so it can get some attention.

Image: Stephanie Clark Box / Facebook

Never mind that the person was unpacking boxes; the cat needs some love and attention! The cute cat is like a kid asking, “What are you doing, mom? Come and play with me!” Who could say no to a face like that?

Incredible mustaches

This cat looks like he has the facial hair of a very old and very wise man with his long whiskers and long eyebrows. The cat looks like it has lived a thousand lives instead of nine. Please, sir, lend us some wisdom!

Image: Barbie Heydweiller / Facebook

Maybe it uses its tongue to test the air and tell fortunes, the way it is sitting there like a statue and looking very deep in thought. If it had hands, it would most certainly be twirling the end of the mustache before speaking, just like in the movies.


Cats clean themselves by licking themselves or each other where they have an itch or somewhere that they feel needs a bit of care. This is all a completely natural process and is done by lots of other animals as well.

Image: Caitlyn Davis / Facebook

However, some cats have their own unique way of doing it. Take this cat, for example, whose tongue is nowhere near licking its body. It is too funny, and the owner must have been having such a laugh when taking this picture. Can’t blame a cat for trying.

Caught red-handed

Pets worldwide have one thing in common: They try every possible workaround to get some extra food. This cat has been caught red-handed in pursuit of some extra food on the kitchen counter and knows it has nowhere to hide.

Image: Vanessa Provencal / Facebook

Sitting right on top of the takeaway bag, this cat knew that the jig was up and that it had been caught. The teeth are out, and the eyes are wide in a complete state of shock that it hasn’t gotten away with its plan. 

The biggest yawn

Several yawning cats have appeared on this list, and for a good reason. These animals sure know how to make a big scene by letting everyone know they’re tired. It is like they are trying to convince us that they do actually have busy lives.

Image: Jennifer Debo Daerborn / Facebook

This cat, called Catfish, knows precisely how to put on a show. Ears are standing right up, the face is scrunched completely, and the tongue is as far out as possible. Even though it is as dramatic as can be, who wouldn’t snap this silly picture?

Front camera jump-scares

We’ve all done it before — you accidentally opened your camera on your phone, and it is facing you instead of toward the thing you wanted to capture. The worst is when it happens in the morning before we’ve had a chance to get dolled up!

Image: Amy Ketchum / Facebook

This poor kitten seems to have just experienced this for the first time. Don’t mind us; we’re just here for a healthy dose of schadenfreude. We’re sure the cat has some other more flattering pictures out there, but for now, the shock on its face can bring us all a little joy.

The good shock

The look on your face when that bank notification finally comes through! This gorgeous cat is probably just yawning, but this moment that its owner caught makes it look like it is happily surprised, and we completely understand the expression.

Image: Laurie Gasper / Facebook

To be completely honest, we have the same look on our faces when we realize our paycheck has come through or when we realize our wishlisted product is now on sale, and really for any small win in our day.

I’m onto you

This sleek-looking cat can smell something fishy, and it’s not cat food. This cat is super suspicious in this picture. Whatever the owner said to this cat before snapping this image, the cat does not believe even a word of it.

Image: Kayla Diane / Facebook

There is no way you could get away with lying or embellishing a story to this cat because it will see right through you. It is quite charming to see such a sassy and smug look on this cat. We can’t help but giggle at it.

Did someone order a cat?

Surprise! We got a new kitten! This little friend has gotten itself into an Amazon box and looks like it is an exciting new delivery. The big eyes on the little head poking out of the lid is adorable; it is understandable why this pic was taken.

Image: Eric Hammje / Facebook

The kitten looks very content, and the timing to make it look like a delivery is perfect. We just hope it was delivered with prime same-day delivery, so the poor kitten didn’t have too long to wait in the box.


This cat has just had the best meal of its life. Savoring every last drop by licking its lips and looking so deep in thought — like it is contemplating the fact that it’s never had such good food before and is probably going to go into a food coma.

Image: Ilona Baliunate / Bored Panda

We’ve all been there. Sometimes a meal that good can just send you into a trance! It is such a silly look to have captured in a picture and is perfectly timed to get the lick of the lips as well as the thoughtful eyes.

Shrieking or yawning

Another yawn makes this list, although it could also be a shriek at being awoken from a peaceful nap. The cat in the background definitely looks like it has just woken up from a long nap, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the cat in the front had been too.

Image: Ilona Baliunate / Bored Panda

We would be shrieking if someone rudely interrupted a long nap as well, so this reaction seems justified to us. Waking up from a long nap when it was only supposed to be a quick power nap also triggers such a strong yawn, so we get it!

Toot toot

This cat looks absolutely horrified while having a cuddle with a friend. One can only imagine that a questionable noise has been let off, and now there is a strange smell in the air. This is why you shouldn’t nap with your buddy’s butt in your face.

Image: Laura Hammond / Facebook

It is so precious to see the cats cuddling, but the perfect timing of this shot, which allows you really to see the shock in the huge eyes of this cat, is what makes this picture such a funny one.

Just hanging

Everyone has a favorite place to sit or lay down when they just want to chill out, and that looks different for each person. This cat, however, seems to have a very unusual place to do this: On top of a bed frame. 

Image: Olivia OG / Facebook

The cat looks like it is hanging on for dear life but is also laying its head down to try to sleep, which seems like it would be a bit of a struggle in this position. To each their own, though, and if this is the cat’s happy place, then good for them!