He Came, He Saw, And He Was Grumpy: A Hommage To The Cat That Launched A Meme

By Hans A

No matter if you’re a veteran or newbie user of the internet, we’re sure you’ve come across a ton of memes spanning from yesteryear right till today that you thought was worthy of being buried in the sand inside the time capsule.

Some of these are just too iconic to shake off, and one of these will forever be remembered. We’re talking, of course, about Grumpy Cat, who became an internet sensation overnight. It’s been ten years since the appearance of our favorite cat, and it’s been three years since we, unfortunately, lost her.

However, her iconic grumpy face will always be remembered by those who have lived during her time and those in the future. To honor her fully, we’ve explored the entire internet for the best memes of her we could find, so let’s take a look!

I Guess It’s Fine Here

To get to all the happy memes that will give you some good laughs, we guess we should start off with the sad stuff and get all that out of the way. So let’s take a look at what Grumpy Cat would’ve probably said when she arrived in cat heaven.

Photo credits: Swatercolour / Twitter

Yeah, that’s definitely in character for our feline legend. All jokes aside, we hope she’s chilling up there, eating the best kibble she’s ever had in the universe. And we all hope that one day, we’ll be able to see her for ourselves.

Still The OG

A ton of memes have come and gone on the internet. We have that old Leroy Jenkins meme, surprised young Keanu, Good Guy Greg, and so many more. We could say that these were the original memes that made the internet what it is now.

Photo credits: seebangnow / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

So when she was being escorted to the cat afterlife, we’re all sure that her escort gave her some nice treats and reassured her that she deserved every moment at the paradise place she was going. And that’s where she is now: resting where the best rest.

The Cold Bothers Me Anyway

The streets are filled with glee when the winter season rolls around, and it’s about to roll around sooner than you probably expected. From holiday lights outside the houses in your neighborhood to the children playing in the snow outside, winter is all about having a happy time.

Photo credits: The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

For Grumpy Cat, this season is just a bother, however. In hindsight, though, this is very accurate. If you’re not a kid or don’t think like one, then snow is just another reason to add five more layers to your clothes and have a harder time running your errands.

The New Year Is Close!

Okay, okay, it’s not that close, we know. We still got around a few months before it arrives, and Christmas comes before that, but whatever! For us, it’s close, and that’s all that matters, okay? Just look at the meme already instead of judging us!

Photo credits: We Heart It / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Everyone else makes pretty drastic resolutions for the new year: work out more, get more money, learn more stuff from school, stop drinking that energy drink that tastes like medicine, etc. But for Grumpy Cat, the only resolution you need is just to sit back and relax.

Haven’t Left Yet?

We’ve all had that one day where we want to stay at home, turn off our social battery, let it charge up for the next day, and maybe watch some television with a bowl of buttered noodles on our laps. But things don’t always go as planned.

Photo credits: Live About / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

The worst possibility happens and you get some surprise guests. Friends, maybe cousins, maybe your parents, and suddenly your whole rest day is ruined. It’s not that you don’t like them, it’s just that you don’t like it when you’re supposed to be chilling but they’re stopping you from doing that.

Nice Nursery Rhyme

Children absolutely love nursery rhymes! Of course, they are made for children, so if you’re an adult and you still listen to a nursery rhyme playlist on your Spotify during your morning commute unironically, then you should really get that checked.

Photo credits: Mandatory / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Though Grumpy Cat has her own renditions of these children’s songs, they’re not exactly what you would think. They’ve mostly been changed for the worse or better, depending on what side you’re on, to be honest. But hey, to each their own, right?

Wasn’t That Enjoyable

We all have fun, right? Even if it’s the most boring thing in the world, you’ll still find something in this world that you enjoy. For us, that thing is sitting down on a park bench, eating a grilled cheese sandwich while reading that one John Green book about Katherines.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

So, what is fun for Grumpy Cat, you ask? Nothing. She is the only exception to the concept of fun because even fun isn’t fun for her. Yeah, we just said the word ‘fun’ three times in one sentence. Cool, right?

Home Is Too Comfy

There are three types of people in this world: we have introverts, those who don’t like socializing; we got extroverts, who are the opposite; and then we have the mixture of the two, ambiverts. From the flow of that sentence, you’d think we’d be talking about the third one.

Photo credits: @bestgrumpycatmeh / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Well, we aren’t. We’ll be subverting your expectations with this meme. That’s all for the introverts out there! Why do you have to go outside your front door when you can just stay at home and binge the entire second season of Breaking Bad?

Get Away From Me

Oh, don’t mind her. This is just another picture of Tardar Sauce being her same old self, trying to get as far away from all the fun. So how about you take that toy away from her and just give it to another cat who’ll appreciate it?

Photo credits: Pinterest / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

It’s not that we’re extremely mean just because she doesn’t like toys; it’s just that she would probably prefer for another cat to have fun in her stead. See, isn’t Grumpy Cat such a thoughtful and sweet cat? She’d rather give her toys to other cats!


Uh, maybe you shouldn’t be looking at this one if you’re thinking of something remotely related to doing something rash. If you’re not, though, then you’re pretty much golden! And honestly, this quote is kind of motivating if it comes from our feline friend.

Photo credits: Mandatory / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

In hindsight, though, this saying is true – in a brutally morbid but truthful way. If it hasn’t gotten you the first time, then there’s a high chance it’ll try to do it again. So maybe the next time you go outside, perhaps you should watch your back.

Keep The Flies Out!

Ah, we love classic Disney romance. Just look at Anna and Hans from the movie with the name that is the opposite of the word ‘melted.’ They are such a cute couple! Love really is an open door, and you should let all that love in!

Photo credits: imgflip.com / Walt Disney Studios / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Oh, Grumpy Cat, you’re way too negative and bitter! Don’t you think that their duet is super cute? Ah, they don’t get together in the end, and Hans was the villain all along? Well, then, that took a dark turn. Alright, let’s just close that door.

Working Out? No.

Exercising is one of the best ways to get healthy. It’s not just about sweating; it’s all about your form and the other factors that go into it. Okay, it’s a good method but it might not be the best if you’re a beginner.

Photo credits: Pinterest / imgflip / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Yeah, making effective routines and trying to cook healthy food is just way too much for Tardar Sauce, so she’s probably going to wait for her owners to dial up the nearest pizza place and have a pizza delivered to their front doorstep.

I’d Rather Have Coal

We all know the legend of Santa Claus: if you’ve been good the whole year, you get on the ‘nice’ list and receive a gift that reflects your deepest desire. However, if you’re the opposite, you should expect a few coals inside your Christmas sock.

Photo credits: Mandatory / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

So, how about the legend of Santa Grumpy Cat or Grumpy Cat Claus if you’re particular with the whole ‘swapping names’ thing, you ask? Well, instead of two lists, there’s only one, and instead of putting gifts in big socks, you get them inside her litter box. Maybe don’t smell it.

Who Cares Anyway?

Social media is a cornerstone of society nowadays, and we would know since we study it closely here. The concept of ‘friends’ online has changed, and anyone can pretty much add you on social media and be listed as a friend now.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Seeing a notification like this on their feed is quite sad for some people. But then, you realize that the people who unfriended you were the people that you haven’t even talked to or seen for the past ten years. And suddenly, you’re all good.

The Sound of Silence

Grumpy Cat is a fan of old rock bands, and she loves one song in particular: ‘The Sound of Silence.’ Of course, we’re kidding about the music part, but we are being honest with her loving the sound of people being quiet.

Photo credits: Your Tango / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Honestly, we love it too. There’s nothing better than working in an environment that’s quiet and sacred to your needs. It makes us wonder how we were able to solve math problems in school with all the noisy kids inside the class. Weird.

Happy Single Awareness Day!

Romantic holidays are simply the worst for some people. You walk down the street; there are flowers everywhere, along with heart decorations that just make you want to vomit down the nearest manhole. But at least Tardar has some encouraging words for you!

Photo credits: Your Tango / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

If you thought you were going to get an actual good piece of advice from Grumpy Cat herself, then you are sorely mistaken. Sadly, you should just go ahead and admit to yourself that the only people who are going to tell you the famous three words are your family members.

Is That How It Works?

Genuine friends or even acquaintances are too tricky to find these days. In this age of information, which pretty much means gossip and rumors, having an actual person by your side is hard to attain. Too many people these days want you for whatever you give, then backstab you when you’re not looking!

Photo credits: Pinterest / imgflip.com / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Although you definitely aren’t going to be considered her friend, it’s assuring to know that at least Grumpy Cat shares the same disdain for two-faced people with you. Maybe don’t go towards the radical act of slapping both sides of their face, though.

Truth Isn’t Body Shaming

Now, before you go ahead and grab your pitchforks and torches, we just want to preface this by saying that you shouldn’t shoot the messenger just because you don’t like the message. But yes, we do agree that it’s very seldom a person looks fat because of their clothes.

Photo credits: Pinterest / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Before going ham on someone who just said that you look like you gained a few pounds since the last time that they saw you, you should go ahead and look at yourself in the mirror first and see if you need to hit the gym. Heck, a one-kilometer run would probably be enough.

That’s A New Starbucks Flavor

Man, do we love coffee! We love sipping it from a warm mug on a cold or even hot morning. Nothing beats the feeling of that warmth relaxing your soul but immediately giving you the boost to start your day and carry that energy over to the end of it!

Photo credits: memegenerator.net / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

We’re not sure if Grumpy Cat is fond of any generic flavors of coffee, though, because her preferred blend is definitely not something you’d find in your local coffee store, nor can it be brewed in a coffee maker. No, this one is brewed inside your heart, if anything else!

Grumpy Cat’s Lovelife

As with other beings, animals are also very interested in their own private lives, albeit not having any actual form of regular dating, but still possessing the capacity to love! So, doesn’t that just make you curious about how our feline friend would be in a relationship?

Photo credits: We Heart It / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Okay, there’s definitely a word that can describe this perfectly: horrible. We don’t have any news of Grumpy Cat passing away with a significant other by her side, so it’s safe to say that she probably wasn’t big on the whole dating thing.


This next one is for all those who went to school and excelled at science or those who just went to a school solely focused on learning science and mathematics. If you’re the second one, then we salute you for your time studying in hell.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

If you already get it, this one doesn’t even need much explanation. If you didn’t, but you managed to graduate high school, we’d just like to ask you: how? This is literally the easiest chemistry joke one can think of, for Pete’s sake!

Belly of the Beast

Now, if you love cats, whether you’re a cat owner or you just really like the concept of having one, then this meme goes out to you, future crazy cat person. We all know that cats love getting their butts pat and their heads rubbed, but have you tried tickling one?

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Yeah, to be honest, they probably wouldn’t mind if you did that to them unless they have no idea who you are. But since Grumpy Cat is built differently, she’s the type who’d suddenly channel her inner predatory instincts and go after you if you tried tickling her.

We Get It… Yikes

Since Grumpy Cat doesn’t like tickling, then she’d certainly still like being complimented and spoiled, right? Right? Well, we actually have some bad news here for you, and it’s just better to tell you now, especially if you don’t have any experience.

Photo credits: We Heart It / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Now, yes, we’re talking about the magnificent Tardar Sauce here in all her angry glory, but one thing that cats hate more than annoying mice going inside your walls is the act of waking them up from their nap. That’s just a recipe for disaster right there.

Get Me Out

Grumpy Cat definitely isn’t the type you’d think that would dabble in the world of technology, but honestly, if you hate everything in this world, then you’d probably resort to extreme means like her. Let’s just say it didn’t work out well when she tried typing.

Photo credits: We Heart It / quickrr / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

First off, it would be amazing if she tried pressing the ‘escape’ key multiple times. As far as we know, cats don’t know how to read any human languages, especially a specific one like English. But hey, plus points for trying, we guess.

She Expected Different

We bet that all of us have had that awful moment where our parents tell us that we’re going somewhere fun, but then go home crying and missing five teeth. The five teeth part is not an exaggeration; that actually happened to us.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

So, since fur parents treat their pets like actual children, there are surefire situations where Grumpy Cat was taken to the veterinarian under the pretext of her going to the local paw park to slap the lights out of another cat trying to sit next to her.

The Grump

Christmas is just around the corner! Yeah, we know that we mentioned earlier that it is still a long way to go, but by the time you’ve reached this part of this article, you’ll be a few minutes closer to the future. Let’s take a look at what Grumpy Cat has to say.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Well, that’s going to be a problem. It looks like our furry friend isn’t fond of the holiday season. And it seems that she wants to fulfill the Grinch’s original plan, which is to ruin Christmas for anybody and everybody all around. Yikes!

Just A Bit Of Anarchy

If Christmas wasn’t enough to ruin, our resident Grumpy Cat over here also decided to ruin your plans of having a really cute garden by setting it on fire and singing the tune of a popular children’s rhyme with the biggest frown ever.

Photo credits: We Heart It / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Now, we just want to go ahead and say that if a cat does it, it’s legal. But if you ever think about doing it yourself, then you’re going to end up in some big trouble for arson. So just appreciate the meme and don’t take it to heart.

Mondays… Are we right?

Ah, the days of the week, some of the best and worst concepts ever. On the one hand, it’s super nice because we managed to arrange the sun and moon cycles into something more tangible. On the other hand, it’s bad because Mondays exist.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Not only is it the start of a potentially bad week for you, full of obstacles and pain, but you for sure have that one person in your circle, from work or school, who knows nothing else but to complain about their horrible day. Like, who cares?


Intelligence is something that is quite hard to measure. We try to measure it in school, but we all know that grades are just numbers. We try to measure it by having tests for work and other stuff, but that doesn’t work out that well either.

Photo credits: We Heart It / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

One thing is for certain, though. It’s the fact that a stupid person can always be beaten by another stupid person. The smartest person in the world is closer to the average person’s intelligence than the stupidest person is, that’s for sure.

That’s Another Way To Put It

Anger is just one of those feelings that don’t escape from the confines of a person’s psyche, no matter how much they try to have it go the other way. An example is the cat to whom we’re dedicating a whole article.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

Of course, Tardar Sauce would probably never admit this, seeing as though she’s a cat. And if she could speak the human language, then she’d probably just say that she’s not angry. She’s just a tad bit angry and happiness-challenged. Yeah, right!

The Circle of Life

Nature is such a wonderful thing. If we look at the bright side, it’s literally all just flowers, rainbows, and majestic animals roaming across the fields. But then the dark side comes, and the food chain is introduced to your system.

Photo credits: generatormeme.com / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

For any butterflies out there, we know that your whole thing is looking pretty and being the sign of a beautiful day. But maybe you should stray away from doing that for cats because, well, they’re one of your natural predators.

Know Your Place

Nosy neighbors are simply one of the worst things ever. You’re just trying to mind your own business, picking up your delivery from Amazon on your front porch, and next thing you know, Roger, the tattletale, is right next door asking you what it is.

Photo credits: The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

First off, Roger, you don’t have any business in our affairs. Secondly, what do you care about this new KitchenAid Stand Mixer that we bought? Absolutely nothing, that’s what! Because of that, you’re not getting any free cookies anytime soon.

Speaking Facts

The classic phrase like “when life gives you a lemon, you make a lemonade” is just an iconic phrase that everyone, even young kids, knows by heart. But let’s be real for a second; it’s wildly inaccurate for a few different reasons.

Photo credits: quickmeme.com / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

You can’t make lemonade out of just lemons, and with that many, you’ll need a ton of water and sugar to make some good lemonade, unless you like drinking raw lemon juice squeezed with your hands. Good luck choking on the seeds.

Too Boring

Have you ever talked to someone, and they’ve been going on for around an hour with their story, and yet you literally have no idea what is happening, nor do you even care anymore? Well, don’t blame yourself for that, because Grumpy Cat has some news for you!

Photo credits: The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

You read it right. You don’t have a short attention span; the person you’re talking to is just super boring and probably doesn’t have any social skills aside from walking up to a person and straight up telling their life story to them! Hooray!

One Word: Mood.

Since we already talked about how horrible Mondays are, let’s just go one step further and admit that everyday sucks. You wake up, do your responsibilities, get tired, and go to sleep with little to no time to yourself – just like a robot.

Photo credits: Cat Time / The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

We’re just happy that Grumpy Cat shares the same sentiment as us because it’s true that everything in between waking up and going to sleep again is just horrible and full of stuff that’ll get you tired. Not even energy drinks can take away the boredom running through your veins!