Dad Uplifts His Pup’s Spirits After Surgery By Wearing An E Collar

By Divya G

Although surgery is always crucial, it is never fun. The consequences of not having surgery can create more problems than expected. However, post-surgery recovery is an essential process too. At times, post-surgery healing takes months or weeks in a plastic cone. No matter how challenging or long the recovery, it’s good to have someone’s back. 

Image credits: good.boy.ollie / Instagram

This man’s bond and connection with the family dog are proof of that. He decided to support his pup by wearing an e-collar that he made on his own. All he wanted to do was to make his dog cheered up and happy. Let’s dig more into this story to see what happened next.

The good, cute little pup Ollie has become a Tiktok sensation; however, the kind and sweet-natured pup underwent surgery recently. 

Ollie has become the most delightful, good, and charming TikTok star, surpassing a whopping 2.8M followers in just a year. 

Ollie is a super-cool, dark brown labrador who steals hearts over the internet by balancing random things up on his booty, playing with his owners, baking, picking activities from a jar, and more. You should know that Ollie is titled the “Booty Balance King” of TikTok.

Recently, Ollie had a little bump in his eye, and his owner decided to remove it in his best interest. After surgery, Ollie wore a lampshade for the stitches to heal. However, his facial expression implied he wasn’t so “lit up” about it. 

Image credits: good.boy.ollie / Instagram

When he was e-collar, people started saying he was wearing the cone of shame and became concerned. However, Alex saw something amazing down the living room. He was shocked and pleased to see his dad wearing a cone and supporting the little pup. 

His dad wasn’t allowing Alex to bring in a pup at home first, but now, the tables have turned, and he cannot live without Ollie.