Chewbacca From “Star Wars” Is Real! This Dog Went Viral For Looking Just Like Him

By Divya G

In the current events, a dog with a grumpy look and fabulous wild fur went viral over the internet. Social media is going crazy over a canine named Proksha and comparing him to the character Chewbacca from Star Wars and Gizmo from “Gremlins.”

Image credits: griffy.girl / Instagram

The unique looks make Proksha a celebrity on Instagram with a huge following. The audience gets mesmerized by his comic and remarkable features and demands more pictures of the cute pup. This grumpy yet attractive-looking dog online has more than 25K followers, and so do his siblings Penny, Ruby, and Tati.

Say Hi To Proshka, A Grumpy, Cute Dog Who Just Broke The Internet 

Stefani Doherty, the owner of Proshka, shared some exciting details about the cute dog. “We adopted Proksha when he was a little, cute pup. This year he turned 2-years-old. Despite the grumpy and angry appearance, Proshka is a loving, caring, and comical dog.” 

“He was called Chewbacca for the first time when I went on a vacation with him, and a “Star Wars” fan came and told me, “Woah! It’s a baby Chewbacca. Ever since, this has become a common phrase for both of us to hear. Whenever we go on a walk in the park or the street, people ask what breed he is and like his outlook’s resemblance with Chewbacca.”

Image credits: griffy.girl / Instagram

Don’t be deceived if the dog’s grumpy appearance makes him look angry or boring. Proshka, in reality, is a delighted dog. If he looks at you like he’s judging, there’s no doubt that he’s asking for more treats. Although Proshka is not a big fan of bathing, he loves to wear costumes. Well, it’s no coincidence that you find a dog looking just like Chewbacca on a fine day over the internet. So, follow his profile.