Meet Peter, The Founder Of ZenByCat Organization And Designer Of The Perfect House For Their Cats

By Divya G

Every cat owner has once thought of constructing a tiny home for their cat. But they may have never even dreamed of building a house like this! 

Today, we will show you one such dream house for cats built by an amazing human named Peter, the founder of the ZenByCat Organization. 

Image credits: zenbycat / Instagram

He geared at a slow pace but eventually managed to build his life’s dream: a perfect house for all his trim, fluffy, and happy cats. He has over twenty cats residing at the “perfect cat palace.”

So, keep scrolling to witness the cat home; that’s no less than a paradise.

Peter Turned His House Into a Cat Utopia With All Facilities Needed By His Rescue Cats

No one believed that Peter could change his house’s outlook and turn it into a cat utopia. He bought the house in 1998 and designed it to meet all the facilities and amenities his rescue cats need. 

Without compromising the high ground, cats can roam around on the specifically-built platforms in the house. Peter installed many plants and feeding spots to make the cats feel like they lived in a jungle. 

Peter is an intelligent guy as he designed separate feeding spots for all cats so they won’t fight with each other for food. Peter explicitly made spiral stairways at the house that led to floors that only his cats could get into.

Image credits: zenbycat / Instagram

He cares about the needs of the felines and has made a bathroom with a decked-out design that suits their requirements. Even more, Peter designed a cat hamster wheel at the house. He turned some rooms into plant-themed hubs to give them a fantastic outdoor vibe. 

This one-of-a-kind cat paradise has broken the internet and has become an inspirational design for many cat owners who plan to build a home for their cats.