35+ Dangerously Cute Predators We Can’t Help But Love

By Jana I

If you’re an animal lover and like raising awareness about current global issues, we know a subreddit that you’ll love. Hardcore Aww is an online Reddit group that scours the internet for pictures of potentially lethal animals looking adorable and generally betraying all stereotypes humans know about them. It is all about showing the dangerously cute yet truly dangerous animals and raising awareness about their protection.

When we say “dangerous,” we mean it. One of the community’s rules is that all pictures must be of animals that can kill a human. That being said, it should come as no surprise that there are countless pictures of tigers, bears, lions, cheetahs, etc.

If you are in the mood for some laughter, heart-melting goodness, and a pastime, this article is exactly what you need. Sit back, and enjoy the wild ride!


Remember the era of facepalm? If not, we feel old as heck. Good thing we have this too-cute-to-handle lion to cheer us up. It looks like it’s just heard the dumbest joke or pun ever. Almost like it heard one of our terrible attempts to be funny and did a facepalm.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Besides that, this picture reminds us of how domestic cats sleep. You can really see the pattern in behavior and realize how all felines are much more similar than you might think. Although lions are giant compared to your pet cat, their body language is no different.

Hello Friend

This picture simply melts our animal-loving hearts. It also breaks them into tiny pieces because we know it’s impossible to stumble upon a bear and cuddle it — safely, we must add. That would be the ultimate wish, getting to pet a cuddly, warm bear.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

It looks like Baloo from The Jungle Book. We can even imagine it singing that funky song and relaxing by the river. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a bear seemingly waving at the camera, but that doesn’t make it any less cute. We wonder why they do that…


Kittens love acting tough; it is just in their nature. Well, just look at this lion cub, thinking it’s the toughest thing in the savanna! We love everything about this photo, and we couldn’t bear not sharing it with you all.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Look how it’s practicing its vicious growl at its own reflection. What a cute, adorable, dangerous lion cub. Next time your kitten is hunting you through your apartment, play along. They are just doing what mother nature taught them to do. It’s nothing personal.

I Am Liquid

Cats possess this amazing quality — extreme flexibility. They can sneak into the tiniest, tightest places with ease. Also, if they so desire, they can turn into a liquid-looking blob and take up a lot of space. If you are confused about what we’re referring to, just take a look:

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

It looks like this big kitty had a tiring day and couldn’t help but plop down. Although, we wouldn’t get too comfortable as it could easily pounce into action. However, lucky for us, it’s just a picture, and we are safe from those ferocious claws hiding in the soft mittens.

Cats will be cats

We told you, a cat is a cat, no matter how big, dangerous, strong, lazy, or domesticated it is. It goes both ways! This photoset tells us all we need to know about the feline family. We could scream with joy!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

It is widely known that pet cats love boxes, so much so that they use them as a scratching post, as a bed, a hut to play in, and so much more. The cats in the wild are no different. Look how playful and snuggly this boy is! We are dying of cuteness.

The Invisible Tiger

We love that the majority of animals on Hardcore Aww are cats! We know we’re not being subtle, but we don’t care. These cats are partially responsible for our decision to write this article, to be frank with you. So, get ready for another feline friend.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Firstly, we would love to know what this tiger is doing, and secondly, where in the world is it?! It looks like it’s hiding from some hippos, lying in wait for the right moment to “get dinner.” We thought cats hated water…well, the more you know, right?!

Hey Mom

There is no love like a mother’s love. And, there is no love like the love of a child towards its mother. This is true for all animals. Humans aren’t the only ones that know the strength of that connection.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This wolf cub looks like it’s thanking its mom for buying ice cream. Okay, we know that we’re projecting here, but we love the likeness anyway. But you shouldn’t get too close to the cute pup. That mom will defend it with her life!

Paddington’s Relative?!

The first time we saw this bear cub, we thought: is that Paddington?! Perhaps this bear is what inspired the classic childhood character. Who knows, really…? Take a look at this cub and tell us what you think. Are we the only ones that see the likeness?

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Sure, you could say that every cub looks like Paddington in the right light, but how many have you seen making that oopsie face? It looks like someone made a mess in the den and is trying to “cute” their way out of punishment.

Peeping at Your Neighbor’s Yard Be Like…

We are all a little nosy sometimes. We like to know what is happening in the house next door, especially if it’s some TV drama or soap opera situation. Call it eavesdropping or natural curiosity, but we’re all guilty of doing it…

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Even leopards. This big cat is everything we wanted and more! It is so nosy and curious. We wonder what it saw. What could have been so intriguing that it gave away its hiding spot just for the chance to get a peek?


Even the biggest of predators are scared of something! This lion cub is probably yawning, but to us, it looks like it is screaming its lung out with fear! What do you think lions fear? People? Nah, more like spiders!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

We are just messing around, of course, but it’s funny to think about such strong animals being afraid of a harmless creature such as a house spider. Well, who’s to say that they are not fearful of tarantulas or other poisonous species?

Puppy Dog Eyes

When someone desperately wants something, be it a treat or just a favor, they can use a very powerful tool that will make all their wishes come true: puppy dog eyes. How could anyone resist the adorable, pleading gaze of two big eyes staring up at them?

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This little wolfie is using that technique. It knows the canine ways all too well, and is not afraid to use them! How sweet and irresistible. If he wanted to bite our arms off, we would be more than willing to offer him that! What an endearing baby.

Mom, Whatcha Got There?!

Children are curious; it is only natural that they want to learn more about the world. They are inquisitive, they are gathering all the knowledge they can get, and are so excited about the littlest things! Oh, to be a child again…

Image Courtesy of Daisy Gilardini/National Geographic

This little polar bear cub is maybe a bit too curious about the world around it. What could’ve been so interesting that it needed to cling to mom’s behind? We have no freakin’ idea. Perhaps, it is just playing and annoying its mom. Nonetheless, it’s hella funny!

Say, Cheese!

Some animals just seem like they love cameras and all the attention that comes with them! What is that all about?! They are more photogenic than we are, and that’s simply not fair! They don’t even use Instagram and are not trying to impress their crush…smh.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This cheetah looks like it said “cheese” while taking this photograph. We are super jealous of its naturally good looks. If we made that face, we would delete it in seconds flat. You go, girl! Show off those pearly whites.

DAD, Look What I Can Do!!!

There is a phase where children are obsessed with doing things and want to impress their parents with, well, everything. The funniest part is when they think they’re doing some crazy acrobatics, but in reality, they’re just doing a half-cartwheel.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This baby lion looks like it’s showing off how good it is at bouncing on a trampoline. It’s disturbing its father, waking him up, and expecting to be looked at while doing some failed, basic, hunting move we presume. There are so many similarities between people and animals; it’s insane.

I Love You, Human

Animals are precious beings, and we sometimes feel like we are not deserving of them. They are so pure, so honest, and raw — almost like children. We say “almost” because children have no claws and teeth that could bite through your bones…usually.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This young cheetah might be the cutest thing we’ve seen so far. The wide, glossy eyes are filled with gratitude. We are tearing up! Looking at these pictures makes us question how anyone can ever hurt an animal in any way.

Boop Master

The “boops” are what give us instant serotonin. If you are feeling down, just go to the search engine of your choice and look up: “animal boop” or “dog boop.” It’s the ultimate key to happiness and a better life. It works; try it out!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This is a wild boop — when an animal is so close to the camera, it touches it with its nose. The only thing that makes us bitter about this picture is that we can clearly see that some human was ruining this kitty’s private time and interrupting its personal space. So rude!

Bath Time

Taking a bath can be the best feeling in the world! Legs and arms up in the air, body completely under the warm water and beautifully fragrant soap and bubbles… it’s heaven. And we’re not the only ones. This bear seems to be having the time of its life in that muddy river.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

The bear probably had a very long work week, so when Friday night arrived, it decided it was time for a long, steamy bath and self-pampering! But the look of confusion on its face is just priceless. We are living for it!

Love Ya

Wild animals, or animals in general, are capable of so much love and care. If you ever doubt that, just look how protective they are of their young ones or their packs. In fact, humans are sometimes in their “pack,” and we are so jealous of those people.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This cheetah couple looks so in love, it’s crazy! We can’t help but picture a human couple doing the same. The protector, the masculine one, watching over the shoulder of a vulnerable, more nurturing one. Together, they make a great team. Beautiful!

In a Silly Goofy Mood

Cats are known for being aloof, but they can be just as goofy as dogs. From our experience, cats are more unpredictable and more flexible, so when they get the zoomies, they start doing the craziest things ever! We love to observe it — and encourge if we’re being honest.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This tiger looks like it’s in such a silly, goofy mood. It’s probably just sharpening its murder mittens, but to us, it looks like it’s inviting us to play. We would gladly be your play buddy, dear big cat. Just don’t hurt us.


Let’s be honest; sometimes it seems kids exist to annoy their parents for as long as they live. Kids are cruel, a nuisance, and annoying. Yet, they are also cute, bubbly bundles of joy, and they have adorable laughter and brilliant ideas.

Image Courtesy of Yaron Schmid/National Geographic

If this little lion cub nomnoming on its parent’s tail isn’t peak annoyance, we don’t know what is. In our heads, it’s the equivalent of a child pulling their mother’s hair or earrings. However, baby animals, as well as kids, have that charm that makes them irresistible despite their weird habits.

The Perfect Family

There is no such thing as a perfect family, but there are families that are really close to being perfect. They might not have it all; however, they love each other, protect one another and keep each other safe. That is perfection, isn’t it?

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

If this isn’t one of those perfect, adorable families, we don’t know what is! Look at that gorgeous female cheetah and the tiny kitties. We are screaming! We would steal one, but we know that the mother would simply bite our hand off, so, you know, we can’t…

Pals For Life

Animals make friends with people, but also with other animals. There are countless videos online that show how fond animals can be of each other and how strong their bonds are. We love to watch them at night, when we feel lonely, just so we can cry some more… What?! Who said that?!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

These two pals are just chilling around, hugging, playing, eavesdropping on adult conversations, etc. Who knows what they are up to. No good, we presume; but as long as they are having fun, that’s what matters, right?! We are so grateful for this Reddit page; we are thriving!

Hyena From Another Perspective

Hyenas are not as loved as other mammals in the animal kingdom — mostly because of their portrayal in The Lion King, we presume. Yet, when we saw this picture, we realized we need to give those animals a benefit of the doubt.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

These two look super adorable. The adult hyena is putting its head onto its baby, showing love, safety, and protection. The little cub is just too cute to comprehend. It looks like a puppy and a bear at the same time.

That Feels Good

Now, don’t get this twisted. Really young children loooove when their mothers smother them and love them and hug them. Essentially, they can’t get enough of feeling safe and loved. This lion cub reminds us so much of that. It just goes to show how we aren’t that different from these “wild” animals.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Look how joyful and relaxed this kitty looks. We can’t remember the last time we were this chill and not riddled with that millennial anxiety. All jokes aside, we are making this our new desktop background. It’s just too adorable.

Charming Kitty

Have you noticed how cats get really charming when they want something? Perhaps an extra portion of wet food? Yes, they are real kings and queens of drama. They know exactly what to do and which position to make to make your heart melt.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This silly tiger reminds us of the cats we’ve seen online, at our friends’ houses — and at our houses, too. Domestic cats do this, too, when they want pets or nomnoms. We don’t know what this tiger wants. Our arm, probably, if we reach to pet it…

Sugar Coated Kitty

When we visit the bakery, we love to get sweet pastries with powdered sugar on top. It’s the best thing ever! The doughnuts with apricot jam, and some powdered sugar, are you kidding?! Heck yeah! We will take that loaf of bread over there. The one with sugar? What do you mean there is none, what is that?!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This precious tiger is everything we love, and so much more! If it’s so dangerous, why is it so cuddly, fluffy, and irresistible?! How do you expect us to contain ourselves?! It’s impossible! One boop, and we’d die from a cuteness overload.

The Most Gorgeous Kitten

We are animal lovers — by now, we hope that’s clear. However, we’ve never seen a more gorgeous animal than this. It looks like a bobcat of some sort, but the color of the fur, the eyes, and the ears all make a perfect little bundle of happiness.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

If Angelina Jolie was a cat, she would look like this. It’s the most beautiful kitty ever. What makes it even more pretty than the fur and eyes, are those black lines that resemble eyeliner and contour. It should be illegal to be this beautiful.


Okay, let’s chill out from the feline community, and give some kudos to our canine members! We love dogs and wolves, too! So, we decided to mix it up a bit and include some diversity. That’s why we present to you the most dangerous pup out there!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Our favorite thing is when baby animals pretend like they are big and dangerous when in reality, they are just fluffy and small. Shut up, you tiny cute being, we will crush you in a hug in a matter of seconds.

Cheeky Polar Bear

Children can be cheeky. They might act disrespectfully towards adults or their peers, but this is all a part of growing up. As long as their parents are pointing out their mistakes and inappropriate behavior, it’s fine. It will sort itself out in the end.

Image Courtesy of twistedsifter.com

This little teddy looks like it’s defying mom’s request to eat some vegetables at dinner. We are extremely endeared by the whole scenario. From the goofy polar bear to the unflinching mom, we love it. These baby animals mirror human kids so much; or is it the other way around?

Big Stretch

Stretching after a great night of sleep is arguably the best feeling ever. Pulling the muscles, activating the joints, and then pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee — ahhh, wonderful. The smell of freshly ground coffee reminds us of weekends…and we love weekends.

Image Courtesy of Oleg Bogdanov/Russian Geographical Society

Lucky cats. For them, every day is Saturday. They sleep more than 12 hours a day, and in the remaining time they eat, they cuddle (when they want to), play, climb on top of everything, sunbathe, etc. Essentially, they are living that high life. Ah, to be a cat in this world…

Come Here You Little Cutie!

There is this phenomenon in science called: cuteness aggression. Apparently, sometimes, people have the urge to respond aggressively if overwhelmed with too much cuteness. It’s a weird thing, but supposedly it happens because our brains aren’t able to deal with that amount of positive emotions, which diminishes them with aggression.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

That is what we feel when we look at this photo, with the mother’s love and the baby’s defiance. This picture is so cute, it makes us want to squeeze and smother both of them in a massive hug! We know we wouldn’t get far considering how dangerous polar bears are, but…we can try…

A Fitness Legend

Being dedicated to a fitness lifestyle is not easy. Exercising regularly, eating clean, and sleeping well can seem like a full-time job. Do not worry! There is a new fitness instructor in town. He eats salad, and he is loving it!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

Meet Mr. Brown Bear. He is chubby, yeah, but most of all, he is fluffy and ferocious. He will keep you accountable, and you will be pressured to work on yourself. All he does is show his teeth and claws; that seems to do the trick…

Caring For Significa(n)t Other

Life can be tough, to say the least, and this is true for both humans and animals. We might have jobs, deadlines, and never-ending responsibilities, but “wild” animals have to work hard to survive. What makes things a bit easier is some help from family, friends, and a significant other.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

We were left smiling from ear to ear when we first saw this picture. These two look so sweet cuddling together. The male lion looks like it’s protecting the female, with one paw draped over her body. We pity any creature that disturbs their rest; it won’t end well.

Another Family Portrait

Today, we had so many adorable, amazing pictures. Some were of animal families, some were of siblings, of partners, and of individual beauties. Whatever the case might be, we enjoyed them all so far, and we hope you have, too.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This big polar bear looks so proud of its little cubs, and the cubs are just fabulous. They look so good, almost like they’re posing for this photo for the annual holiday card. We are impressed by these shots of animals going about their lives…and looking effortlessly cute.

Food Coma

Eating too much of your mom’s cooking might seem like a great idea. That is, until you get so full you go into a “food coma.” This state makes your body drowsy, and you get overflown by this need to just nap the lunch off. This buddy knows what we’re talking about.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

This cub looks like it’s in a deep food coma. Look at his protruding belly! Goodness, gracious. What we find funny is the way its legs are positioned, too. Baby boy, you ate too much, and now you can’t go hunting!

Sibling Love

The love people have for their siblings is unmatched. We are speaking from experience. The extent to which we’ll all go out of our way for our brothers and sisters is immeasurable. That is what this picture reminds us of.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

It looks like this tiny, feral kitten is protecting its sibling with all its vicious fangs. The kitty can only do so much, it’s up to you to respect their boundaries, got it?! We don’t want any trespassing of boundaries here, okay?

Cleaning Up

The way this little guy tilted its head for the tiger to groom it is giving us an instant serotonin boost. We are in love with this picture so much! Cats are so smart for learning how to clean themselves. We aren’t saying dogs aren’t smart, but… Sorry, dog people.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

There was this trend on TikTok, where people would dampen their toothbrushes and gently move them across their cat’s heads, emulating the scenario in this picture. In theory, they love it because it reminds them of their mothers. We don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s still wholesome.


Earlier we saw protective siblings, but these two show us the other side of that relationship. Just like kids’ ability to annoy their parents, they have a knack for getting on their brothers’ or sisters’ nerves. Nonetheless, this photo is adorable, and we somehow still refuse to believe these two are dangerous.

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

The one on top is trying to be the alpha in their relationship — something its sibling is clearly used to. That exasperated face says it all. But, when push comes to shove, we’re sure that they make the perfect team.

So Smol

The way tiny creatures fill and melt our hearts at the same time is unmatched! When we saw this picture at first, we didn’t even see the little one hiding below its parent’s body. Take a look, and tell us if you’ve ever seen something cuter!

Image Courtesy of Reddit / hardcoreaww

The smolness of this baby cub that threatens to disappear in the yellowish fur of the big polar bear is overwhelming. The only thing that makes it stand out are its black eyes and nose, as well as its clean white fur. We give up. We’re going in for a hug… Be right back!