Zebra Is Adopted By Rhino Sanctuary And Gets An Unlikely Best Friend

By Divya G

After spotting an abandoned zebra, an orphan rhino sanctuary took the little foal under its care. Further, they decided to keep it with a baby rhino. This unlikely pair of a baby zebra and rhino literally found a best friend inside each other.

Image courtesy of @magda-ehlers-pexels / Pexels

Since they found each other in times of need, they offered the companionship and comfort that they both desperately desired. The real reason behind their friendship is sure to pull at the heartstrings. Seeing a silver lining shine this brightly is absolutely adorable.

After extreme storms and heavy rain, Modjadji, the zebra, was found abandoned and motionless. The little zebra was spotted by the animal caregivers of a rhino care center. Even though they specialize in rhino care, they couldn’t afford to leave the helpless animal behind.

Image courtesy of @magda-ehlers-pexels / Pexels

Since she was frail, she was rescued and admitted to the ICU of the sanctuary. During her stay in the ICU, the little foal came across a baby rhino, Aquazi. United by their terrifically drenched past, they commenced forming a friendship. Their bonding became so strong that nothing on earth could separate them.

Another baby rhino, Daisy, was spotted during a horrific week of poaching, where several other rhinos lost their precious lives. Even though it was unconscious, it was alive. While Aquazi got better, he left the ICU, and Daisy took its place. Without even wasting a second, Modjadji made another new friend.

Their bond cannot be understated as each of the babies offered a shoulder to each other. This friendship was actually required after whatever they’d been through.