Kleptomaniac Cat: Family Has To Put Items On Display To Find Rightful Owners

By Divya G

If you can’t stop scrolling down your social media, you’ve probably seen the video of a little cat burglar. It shows that the little cat literally steals toys and brings them to his human mom. It somehow seems that cats and other animals thoroughly enjoy breaking the law.

Image courtesy of @mumine-durmaz-57404458 / Pexels

From combs, toothbrushes, and toys to food packets, nothing is relatively safe when cats are around. Even though these beautiful mittens are very small, they are immensely sneaky. Whether or not you own a cat, they can quietly sneak into your home and take away your favorite belongings.

This sneakily stealing action of theirs suggests what true criminals they are. In fact, one cat has earned the title of “Klepto Cat” for its terrorizing actions. This small creature literally torments the neighborhood and steals whatever random things he finds around the corner.

Image courtesy of @stayhereforu-216201233 / Pexels

Even though Charlie looks innocent, he is the most adorable cat burglar ever to exist. From plastic dinosaurs to glasses, he brings whatever he lays his hands on back home. The neighborhood people are literally struggling to find out how Charlie sneaks in and does all the stealing.

Surprisingly the friendly ‘Klepto Cat’ can go about his day without getting caught. But certain random bits and bobs are always lingering to prove his guilt. So the cat owners Alice and her daughter Martha were determined to make things right. And they set up a shelf where they left bounty for neighbors to identify and reclaim them.