These Adorable Samoyed Photos Will Surely Put A Smile On Your Face

By Divya G

People say that your dog will always be your greatest friend. And they were not quite wrong! The fluffy, puffy, snow-white cloud-dogs, Samoyeds, are an excellent breed for family dogs. With their alert and playful temperament, they can rarely become aggressive.

Image courtesy of @tanya-gorelova-2199357 / Pexels

Samoyeds are immensely friendly and harmless. And this has made them earn the nickname of ‘smiley dog.’ They are gifted with soft, dense, double-layered coats that take frequent grooming. The reason behind their dense fur is to protect the Samoyed from the bitter cold of Siberia.

Image courtesy of @chilmars / Pexels

Initially, the Samoyeds were used as reindeer herders for the Samoyedic people of the nomadic tribe. Besides, these adorable pups worked as sled dogs while on the move. Even though these dogs have evolved alongside humans, a little bit of sled dog instinct is still found in them.

The Samoyeds absolutely enjoy and love to pull their masters for a long walk. Having these active, intelligent pups around is a beautiful feeling. Most importantly, these dogs demand a genuinely responsible and dedicated owner. This is because the Samoyeds require lots of physical exercise, especially in their natural environment. 

But they might become destructive if you don’t fancy heading out into the snow with these paw friends. However, their good-natured, fun-loving companionship is worth the extra effort. Best of all, they will deliberately keep you fit.

Fun fact: The Samoyeds are so goofy and fluffy that they look exactly like a polar bear during shower time. It seems like a polar bear has been drenched in ice-cold water.