Man Gets Adorably Ambushed By A Litter Of Lone Kittens

By Divya G

Recently, a very adorable video of tiny little kittens has gone viral all across social networking platforms. As the video opens up, it shows a man stopping by the road to rescue a little kitten lingering around.

Further, he gets out of his car, stoops down, and picks up the adorable kitty in his hands.

Image courtesy of @magda-ehlers-pexels / Pexels

As soon as he picks it, he literally gets surprised by the things that follow. Never could he have imagined that he would see the things he saw.

When he picked up the kitten, he turned the camera towards a patch of grass off the road. Next, he finds a bunch of excited kittens running toward him. Posting the video on Instagram, he wrote how he came across the tiny kitten crossing the road.

He further mentioned how his cat always wanted another cat to keep him company. He also said how he stopped to rescue the little kitty and deliberately got ambushed by the mob.

Image courtesy of @dorographie / Unsplash

The man literally shouted out if anybody wanted a kitten! As the video progressed, we could see how the kittens were running and hopping around his legs.

Later, he shared another video where the same kittens were seated inside his car. This is not the first time a cat video on social media melted everyone’s hearts. There are a plethora of cat videos you will find on Instagram. And it’s worth mentioning that his video has garnered a total of 606K views so far.