Elevate Your Pet’s Life: Innovative Products That Will Make You a Better And More Fun Pet Parent

By Phillipa G

We all love our pets, and we go above and beyond to make them happy and comfortable We make sure they have plenty of toys, eat healthy food, sleep in comfy beds, and have plenty of room to play. However, some owners have gone to the extreme for their pets and have come up with some very creative inventions to spoil their fur children and make their lives easier.

If you have a pet that you want to treat, are thinking of getting a pet, or just have an interest in wacky inventions, scroll on for the newest products in pet care. From pet-centric bathrooms to stick libraries, we guarantee you will find at least a few products for your furry friends that you didn’t know existed. You may even come up with your own invention with inspiration from these creative owners!


Animals, especially cats, love to warm up by laying in the sun. But this can be very difficult when you live in a place without a backyard, a safe open space for the animal to roam, or you often draw the shades.

Image source: bbjackson/Reddit

This bed solved that problem, with sturdy suction cups, so the animal can climb on and catch all of the sun it wants. The only drawback is that this only works for lightweight animals like cats, otherwise it would definitely fall down. 

Hidey hole

Pets are family members. They’re our children just as much as human kids are. So it is only fair that it also gets its own bedroom! These owners have cut out a little hidey hole for their family dog underneath the stairs.

Image source: KempGriffeyJr4024/Reddit

Okay, so this isn’t really an “invention” in the strictest sense, but it’s still something unique that a pet owner constructed for their fur friend. We don’t encourage everyone to make structural changes in their house, but we can appreciate those who do.

Gallery view

Cats love to watch the world around them, but this cat had some problems. His favorite window was inaccessible and had nothing underneath it for him to stand on. Luckily for him, the humans in the house knew what to do.

Image source: soup_sammich_/Reddit

They have fitted a thin balcony/gallery viewing platform leading up to the window. Now their kitty can sit on his custom ledge and feel like the king of the world. Again, we aren’t saying everyone needs this, but if you want to it is a great idea.

Tent kennel

Architects and engineers have studied for years to know how to make gorgeous and functional homes for people to live in, so why can’t animals have the same level of luxury? This kennel has done exactly that and made a unique shape for pets’ homes. 

Image source: ford.com

It looks a bit like the Sydney Opera House crossed with a tent, but it still seems perfectly functional. There’s a comfy bed, plenty of access to sunlight, and a built-in light so you can check on your pets when it’s dark.

Pet furniture 

We all love getting into our beds after a long day, and we’re sure pets have the same desire, even if their days aren’t as stressful as ours. Although pets will plop down wherever they want, there’s no replacement for a good bed.

Image source: julcarls/Reddit

This cat has a human-styled bed along with a matching side table, all miniaturized to fit his small body. It’s really cute, and sort of reminds us of a doll house. This one might just be for the human appeal, but the cat seems content, so who cares?


We’re all trying to minimize our environmental impact, and that includes using eco-friendly pet products. This pet company invented something incredible; they produce fully-recyclable cat playhouses. Since they’re made from cardboard, they can go right into the recycling bin if your cat scratches them up too much.

Image source: samsung.com

They’re sturdy and easy to build — just piece them together like Legos! This is an eco-friendly cat owner’s dream. Cats can play with it and not cause any real damage to the furniture or the environment. What’s not to love?

Cubby house

Animals love to play outside and explore their surroundings. From just roaming around to digging and scratching at the plants, they will scour every interesting inch of their backyard. Of course, that can be pretty exhausting, so this pet-sized cubby house is the perfect way to end their day.

Image source: gnarly-skull/Reddit

It’s ideal for small pets and gives them a place to call a “home base.” It’s almost like a pet version of a treehouse. They can nap or just watch the scenery while still getting some fresh air. This one seems off-limits, though.


When you have more than a few pets, taking them outside can be very overwhelming. It’s important to let them spend time outdoors, but making sure they’re all safe is a struggle. This stroller is the perfect solution because it means you only have to deal with one item.

Image source: mooboomooM/Reddit

Instead of holding four leashes, this cat owner only has to push a single cart. Plus, there’s no need to deal with crossing leashes. This is perfect if you have a particularly lazy pet who refuses to go on walks.

Water fountain

It’s vital for both dogs and humans to get enough water; additionally, it’s also important not to waste any water. This water fountain is perfect for both of these problems, as it saves the runoff water from the humans’ drinks and funnels it into a doggy dish.

Image source: ThePitOfTheArm/Reddit

With this invention, dogs can get plenty of fresh water without wasting a single drop from sloppy humans trying to get a drink. Plus, you don’t need to find a disposable plastic dish if you forgot to bring a doggy bowl.

Fence porthole

We hate to leave our pets at home, but sometimes it’s necessary. When we go to work or the grocery store, that doesn’t mean that our pets just sleep all day. This nifty invention is a great way to keep [outdoor] pets stimulated while they’re alone.

Image source: Derpazor1/Reddit

The porthole in this fence allows dogs to see what’s going on just outside their yard. Depending on the dog, this might even stop them from barking when they hear something unknown. Now, they can just look through the fence to see what’s going on.

Viewing platform

We all know that animals love to be involved with everything that’s going on around them. This can be really difficult, though, if they spend all their time in a public place. This shop figured out a clever way to keep their kitties satisfied without disrupting the customers.

Image source: SCMcrocodile/Twitter

The shop owner made a cat-friendly viewing platform by installing clear tiles. Now, the cats can stalk around on the second floor and peer down whenever they’re curious about the humans going about their day. And, as a bonus, they look hilarious from below.

Custom bowls

When you have more than one pet, feeding time can be difficult. Even if they’re well-fed, some pets are greedy and try to snag food from someone else’s dish. These special bowls are just the thing to make sure everyone gets a healthy portion.

Image source: AFinalFantasyMom/Reddit

The feeders are structured so that other cats can’t sneak in through the sides and steal food. But, the really cool part is that it’s unlocked through a microchip reader, so that slow eaters can be sure that their food will be there if they check back in later.

Floating bed

Floating bookshelves have gone viral all over social media as the stylish new home trend. As it turns out, that doesn’t just work for books; someone invented a curved cat bed that’s structured the same as those floating bookshelves — albeit a more comfy version.

Image source: tjasper1225/Reddit

Is that a memory foam mattress? We can almost hear the purs through this picture! It’s not only comfy, but it’s practical as it won’t take up valuable floor space. Best of all, it’s high up, just where cats like to hang out and loom over people.

Bark Bar

Most cafes will allow their customers to bring their dogs in with them, and some even bring out a water dish once they see a doggo sitting down with their owner. This cafe doesn’t just provide water for customers’ dogs; they have dishes set up for passersby, too.

Image source: sandtear/Reddit

Not only that, but they have several water bowls, all at different heights. Now anyone taking their dog for a walk, no matter how big or small, can find refreshments for their beloved pet while they take a moment’s rest on the bench.

Built-in water bowl

Pet owners are always aware of their fur friends’ needs; this includes making sure their water bowls are always full. But outdoor bowls can get knocked over and are annoying to bring inside every time to fill them up. Having a built-in water bowl like this one is a game-changer. 

Image source: frecklefart80/Reddit

There is even a tap attached to the bowl, which makes refilling it even easier. And since it’s set in the ground, pets can’t knock it over, and you won’t lose it in the bushes. Plus, it’s close enough to the grass that splashed water will just water your lawn.

Cat-friendly shelving

To be completely honest, it’s not clear if these are made for the cat or are just the floating shelves we mentioned earlier. Then again, it doesn’t matter. The only thing important here is that the cat enjoys sitting on them…and it clearly loves it.

Image source: citadelinn/Reddit

With so many shelves, the cat has plenty of options for where to take its cat nap. Underneath the stained glass window, it’s sure to easily soak up some sun. And the quirky shapes make it aesthetically pleasing to humans, too.

Rain visor

Some dogs are like kids and love splashing in every puddle, but there are plenty who are the exact opposite. They can’t stand to get a drop on them! Fortunately, there are doggy raincoats to keep those puppers dry when they need to go do their business.

Image source: DamnItCasey/Reddit

This dog is fully kit out in a raincoat and booties, so pouring rain won’t stop him from getting fresh air and emptying his tanks. The built-in visor will make sure that it’s eyes aren’t irritated by the rain and it will be able to see where it is walking. 


Just like some humans, pets might need to go on a diet for any number of health reasons. However, since they can’t understand human, it can be difficult to regulate their food intake. This feeder is the perfect solution, as it portion-controls how much food your pet is getting. 

Image source: FedEx_Potatoes/Reddit

The feeder also has a timer so the food will only come out at a certain time, and in the required amount, so you don’t even have to think about how much you are giving your pet and when. It takes all the complications out of it and keeps the pet healthy. 

Glow up

When you work long hours, sometimes the only time you can find to walk your dog is when the sun has set. This can be problematic, especially if you live in the suburbs. For starters, it can increase your chance of losing your dog.

Image source: Brideshead/Reddit

This collar is lit up so that you will always be able to see where your dog is, not to mention that it looks super cool. It would also double as a great feature for your next house party — who can say no to something both functional and fun?


Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity that many people enjoy, but it is very hard to do with a pet in tow. We’ve all seen those videos of surfing dogs, but when you’re sharing a boat, they’re bound to make it unstable. This pet sized kayak makes it so much easier. 

Image source: dippylovesmayo/Reddit

The kayak does need to be towed by a human one, but it will keep them upright and included in the activity. It almost looks like a little spaceship, perfectly sized for a pet. Even better, the pet will be kept nice and dry so you won’t have much to clean up. 

Parking spots

When your dog is accompanying you when you go on errands, it can be a bit of a pain to tie them up outside each shop and make them comfortable. This shop has resolved this situation and has welcomed any and all furry friends to the store. 

Image source: ikea.com and GarethJeffJones/Twitter

They’ve put fake grass spots next to each leash loop and included a water dish at every spot. It looks like a doggy parking lot! It’s perfect for pet owners who are ducking in to pick something up; they know their dog(s) will be comfy and safe.

Work buddy

Working from home can be lonely for humans, but our pets all love having us home for the whole day. However, they can get in the way of work sometimes — cats in particular are known for curling up on top of a keyboard. 

Image source: M4Kill/Reddit

This tray is a perfect solution as it allows the cat to sit right on top of you, but you can still type away on your keyboard. This way, you get work done and have your pet to keep you company. 

Cat cart

Mini dogs in handbags are such a thing of the past; we’ve moved on to cats in baskets! This adapted bike basket allows owners to take their cats out and about without the risk of them falling or jumping out. 

Image source: mikeabikea/Reddit

The mesh keeps them in the basket but still lets them breathe and see out into the world rushing past as their owner pedals away. And we’re sure the gentle breeze as you bike is extra pleasant for your fur friend.

Cardboard bed

Earlier, we saw a cardboard cat home, but another company tried to one-up them with a cardboard cat bed. As we said, cardboard can be a more environmentally friendly alternative as it can be recycled once it’s been torn up.

Image source: katris_cat/Instagram and Thyphan69/Reddit

The dome shape is perfect for cats to lay in, and the edge of the cardboard is a great material for them to scratch. On top of that, the density of the cardboard means that it’s structurally very strong and won’t collapse. 

Dog-friendly sun beds

Who doesn’t love relaxing on an outdoor bed and getting some sun in the summertime? Well, now your dog can join you on this outdoor day bed for dogs. It even includes a tent to protect them from the sun on sweltering summer days.

Image source: latoyag18/Reddit

It’s a great way to keep them healthy when if there’s no available shade around. Look at this beautiful pup having a great time outside on the bed. What a great life — don’t mind us just searching for human-sized ones for ourselves…

Winter warmer

In the cold winter months, we all try to keep ourselves as warm as possible, often by layering up and dragging blankets around. We love our electric blankets, but they’re too big for pets. Fortunately, one company made mini-versions. Introducing the electric pillow!

Image source: Wrekizm/Reddit

Just plug it in, wait for it to heat up, and your pet can nap and keep warm during the cold months. Alternatively, you can put the pillow on your lap and cuddle up with your pet, so you can both keep warm!

Cooler kennels

Coolers are convenient ways to keep your drinks cold at outdoor events like barbecues and picnics, but, eventually, they’ll wear down. Instead of throwing them out, this smart owner revamped some old coolers to make kennels for stray cats in his neighborhood.

Image source: Waifer2016/Reddit

This easy DIY project gives pets an instant home that won’t overheat in the summer and will stay insulated in the winter. Such a great idea and a perfect way of using what you already have to make something new. 

Brush glove

You know that feeling when you give your pet some good scritches but you are left with hair all over your hands? If that sounds familiar, then you are not alone. That is why tools like the brush glove exist.

Image source: FrenchWenchOnaBench/Reddit

This glove makes grooming your pet just as easy as patting them. The bristles will collect the loose hair as you stroke, and your pet will get a deep tissue massage in the process. This is certainly more comfortable than a normal hand-held pet brush.

Hidden obstacle course

Okay, we admit that many items on this list are really only applicable to homeowners with ample space, which isn’t the case for many of us. That’s why we love this homeowner who has a space-saving play area that doesn’t take up any extra room!

Image source: catlife.co

This obstacle course for small pets is actually built into a bed base, so your pet can play for hours without taking up any room. Just remember that your bed has a hidden compartment, otherwise you’re in for a real scare at 3 am when you hear random scratches.

Easy Catio

Catios are all the rage. Just do a quick search online, and you’ll see some of the most beautiful extensions people have constructed to give their cats a safe place to play outside. However, one cat owner showed us that you don’t need fancy tools to build a catio.

Image source: IncomprehensibleHare/Reddit

Just get a pop-up tent and tunnel and secure them together. Although they’re made to fit children, they’re also the perfect size for cats to climb in. Now they can get fresh air whenever they feel the need, and you don’t need to worry about their safety.

Home decor

Even the most Spartan of homes have some paintings strewn about. They make our homes feel more, well, homey. Sadly, they’re usually too high for our pets to enjoy. This owner has rectified this by giving their cat a mini gallery.

Image source: slingblade1315/Reddit

Hung right above the litterbox, this cat gets a dose of culture every day. The abstract canvas painting seems to be its favorite. If you’re thinking of making a pet-centric art installation, you can use some paw paintings that they made themselves!

Business class passenger

We know that driving with pets can be very difficult or even dangerous, especially when you need to drive long distances. This owner has completely redone the passenger seat in their car to make this process so much easier, and now the cat is traveling in serious style. 

Image source: ggbuttstead/Reddit

Complete with a split-level space — the top for playing and eating and the bottom for sleeping — we wish we could travel like this! This cat most definitely will not be getting bored this trip, which is good because then they won’t distract the driver. 

First-class passenger

If the cat in the picture above was traveling in style, this dog has just seriously shown it up. Riding in its own pod attached to the back of the car, the dog is speeding down the highway and is loving it. 

Image source: billypmacdonald/Reddit

It definitely needs those goggles to protect its eyes. This is the ultimate head-out-of-the-window experience, which every dog loves to do. It looks to be strapped in tight, so it can just sit back and enjoy the ride. What a life!

Pretend human

First, we had boyfriend pillows — pillows shaped like a man with a face drawn on — for those feeling a little lonely, and now we have owner pillows, for the pets out there that want some extra love and affection from their humans. 

Image source: DMLorance/Reddit

This pillow is shaped like two human legs, so pets can curl up on them and feel like they’re getting a cuddle when in reality you’re elsewhere in the house. It is perfect for owners who don’t have as much time on their hands for cuddles as they would like. 

Mini house

We’ve seen a few cool dog homes on this list, but they all still look very much like kennels. This one, however, is just a mini house for this person’s dog. It’s even complete with pipes and electrical wiring (we’re unsure if it actually works)!

Image source: chopperj1/Reddit

The roof is tiled, and the outside is rendered so you literally couldn’t make it more like a real house. It must feel like a luxury for the dog who gets to live in it, and it most definitely brags about it at the dog park. 

Free offcuts

Rabbits, hamsters, etc., don’t need as fancy foods as cats seem to demand. Leafy greens are more their style. This supermarket has started to give away the green leaf offcuts of fresh produce for people to take home to their pets. What a great idea!

Image source: Lord_Stahlregen/Reddit

This way, the store is cutting down on the amount of food waste that is going to landfills, and people get the leafy nutritious food for their pets that they would otherwise have to spend money on. That’s a win for the store, the owners, and the environment. 


The elements can be really hard on our eyes; just think of how uncomfortable it can be to have the wind whipping into your eyes or rain falling into them and blocking your vision. And let’s not even get into the itchy eye feeling of hay fever!

Image source: WildBill-/Reddit

Our pets can feel the same awful feelings in their eyes, but up until now, there was no equivalent of sunglasses for animals. But fear no more! This brand has made goggles for dogs so that blind dogs can protect their precious eyes while enjoying their time outside.


Dogs love to find, run with, and chew on sticks. It is a classic pastime for them, and they will often have a favorite stick that is just the right size that they will refuse to let go of. This smart owner has collected these faves and kept them in a library. 

Image source: spiffturk/Reddit and Peter Fawcett/Facebook

This way, the dog can pick one each day, and they never get distracted along the walk trying to find that “perfect stick.” Titled the Doggie Stick Library, we’re sure it is hugely popular with the neighborhood dogs, and there will be no barking because of a lack of toys. 

Bread and butter

Sometimes pet beds can be ugly, and won’t match the vibe of your home that you’ve spent so long creating. Obviously, they also have to be comfortable for your pet and functional, but why should they have to ruin your aesthetic?

Image source: uncredible_source/Reddit

Made in all sorts of designs to match your home’s vibe and furniture, like this one that looks like a slice of bread with butter on top, these beds won’t ruin the look of your home. By the look of this dog’s face, they’re pretty comfortable, too. 

Candy store for dogs

The shopping center has provided the best water fountain/dog treat stop that we’ve ever seen. It has different-height water fountains for pets of different sizes, a fountain for the owner, and a container full of dog treats for the pets that accompany their owners to the shops. 

Image source: verasgunn/Reddit

It is even decorated in a super fun way, so we’re sure the dog tails start wagging at a million miles an hour when they see this setup. It is so practical and functional as well, so whoever designed this needs a raise.

Free pet waste bags and tennis balls

It is a sinking feeling when you’re out and about with your pet, they do their business, and you go to get a poop bag but come up empty-handed. What do you do? Hide the waste in leaves? Walk away quickly so they don’t know it was you? 

Image source: Rogue_Mongoose/Reddit

This local park has solved this problem by providing free bags, so if you forget yours you can still do the right thing and clean it up. And a local pet-lover added a bag of tennis balls there, so you can have a game of fetch after the business is done.

Treatment hammock

It can be hard to keep animals sitting or standing for any length of time, which is a massive problem for vets who need to keep them still in order to treat the animal properly. And that’s where this hammock comes into play.

Image source: Samwise912/Reddit

With four holes for the doggo’s limbs and comfortable yet sturdy fabric, this hammock is perfectly engineered to keep animals suspended in the air at the vet. Now the vet won’t have a hard time with injections or trimming nails. Sure, he doesn’t look happy, but it’s for his own good.

Built-in bed

We all know that pets love to be close to their owners, and vice versa, but this can lead to their hair being all over the owner’s furniture and clothing. This clever piece of furniture fixes that issue with a built-in doggy bed.

Image source: designboom.com

This is perfect for owners who struggle to keep their pets off of the sofa. Now they have their own mini couch. And, better yet, owners don’t lose valuable couch space with the pet bed since there’s an armrest on top of it!

Dog-friendly bathroom

We’ve all seen the classic cartoons of dogs taking a leak on a fire hydrant, and we know that they like to mark their territory on anything they can — think light posts, bins, trees — the list really goes on and on. 

Image source: twotea/Reddit

One dedicated owner has fully renovated a bathroom to make it completely dog-centric. It’s complete with fake grass so it mimics the outdoors, a fire hydrant, and a tall grass beam for them to lift a leg on. It’s a full-on project, but we bet the dog loves it!

Care for dogs that need it

This vending machine in Istanbul, Turkey dispenses food for stray and homeless dogs whenever people recycle plastic bottles in it — talk about a win-win situation. It both incentivizes recycling and helps dogs in need. Although this one is in Turkey, we’ve spotted a few elsewhere in the world.

Image source: pugedon.com

This means that no dogs are going hungry when they don’t need to be, and the plastic from bottles is getting recycled and not going into landfill or the ocean to hurt more animals and the environment. Such a great idea!