The Kind Butcher Who Gives Treats To Strays

By Kanyi M

Stray cats have a habit of visiting butcher shops, and in most cases, they are chased away. Often, the butcher shop owners do not feed the stray cats because they are afraid of them messing up the shop. However, Ikram Korkmazer, owner of the Yesim Meat Gallery in Turkey, is one butcher who has a different approach to dealing with these animals.

Source: @aleksandr-nadyojin-2954845 / Pexels

Korkmazer’s policy is that any stray animals that visit his store receive food. But when a ginger-haired stray cat walked into the store, he was in for a surprise when the cat stood up on its hind legs as if it were ordering some meat.

The cat was obviously a regular visitor because it was very well-behaved, and Korkmazer did not have any problems feeding it right away.

After posting a video of the incident on social media, everyone loved how friendly Korkmazer is with the animals, and many are now wishing that Korkmazer had opened a pet store instead of a butcher shop.
For some reason, the video was viewed over 3,000,000 times, and many people were impressed with Korkmazer’s great policy toward stray animals.

The lamb statue that was in the butcher’s shop seems to be the cat’s usual choice of appetizer, and it was fascinating to see that even though the cat is a stray, it has never messed up the shop and it is very neatly groomed.

A lot of people are now even encouraged to support Korkmazer’s business by buying more meat from his store. This story is definitely an interesting one, and it certainly made a lot of people happy when they saw how kind Korkmazer was to the animals that visited his store.

Source: @matreding / Pexels

And judging from the reaction on social media, no one will mind him staying in business for a very long time.